think it turned out okay...


atla | zuko | wait for it

Sadly, this is as HD as the ATLA episodes get, but I hope you give the video a shot anyway and maybe experience some of the emotions I had making it.  Big thanks to @worddevourer for having this idea and my twin sister @splickedylit for consulting with me during its creation!

Song: Wait For It from Hamilton
Show: Avatar - The Last Airbender

Don’t be fooled by his peaceful appearance- he’s probably playing the spongebob campfire song™ on repeat

170610 - 171008


A summertime banner for @nanigma​; if Intelligent Systems doesn’t want to give the Hoshidans any summer fun, then dangit, I’ll do it myself!

If there’s enough demand, I’ll post the sprites separately for you guys to use~!


lup & lucretia

“lucretia, dear, i’ve already forgotten about the whole thing. oh, uh! sorry, bad choice of words.”

im uploading this at like. the last possible second but. my @lucretiaweek day 2 piece!!!!! this is my first time making a gif so its. very rough and bad but i actually really like how it turned out! must be hard seeing your friends again when they dont remember you but you remember them


[ …Why didn’t you wait just a bit longer?! ]

Something went wrong and Chuuya was terribly wounded, he is in so much pain that he asks Kouyou to kill him. Kouyou couldn’t stand seeing him in so much pain, she accepts. Dazai arrives with help, but he is late by a few seconds.

Wonder Woman is proud of you! 

*EDIT* I made the image brighter because it was too dark and miserable.

I loved the film so much it’s unbelievable! Still can’t get over No Man’s land. And the Amazons at the beach. And everything to be honest. 

Unfortunately I didn’t make it for pride month but I still wanted to finish this! I will be doing other flag variations in the upcoming week, any requests? Definitely want to do bisexual (I looove purple!) next! 

I was worried about painting the flag, this is definitely the most colours I ever had to combine, but I think it turned out okay. Also I gave her a skirt for a more goddess look:) That and I’m crap at drawing legs…

It’s on Redbubble and Society6, dianulala on both. Also feel free to follow me on Instagram @dianulad, I post more updates of paintings there. 

Also if you guys are into Dragon Age then please check out the Arcana Dragon Age zine on indiegogo, it’ll mean a lot! 


I got this idea after I saw @nekophy ’s comic about Goth being used to dark humor that I wanted to explore the time when he wasn’t so used to it XD. I based the dialogue from a comic I saw a while ago. It seemed too perfect for me to use Geno and Goth for the characters! Based on this comic:

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Geno belongs to @loverofpiggies


Me drawing this scene was going to happen eventually I mean let’s be honest

(I’m not taking anymore angst expression meme requests! Thanks for sending in so many :)