think im insane

In the choregraphy of YOI!!! (longpost!)

We see Yuuri K and Yuri P, each of them facing a straight direction when they do the program, not looking at eachother

But when Victor comes

He just looks at Yuuri the hole time, till the very end …

I don’t know if Im imaging things, but boi, thats gay and i love it


there’s this group of MtFs on here who make 300+ notes posts claiming that biologically female trans people should always clarify that they are biologically female, so transwomen don’t mistake them for biologically male and (gasp!) accidentally respect them! and they like… go on and on about how female people calling themselves trans without clarifying that they’re FtM and not MtF is “appropiation” and “manipulation” and that “they only do it so people can mistake them for transwomen so they can succesfully gain authority and gain popularity and speak on trans issues as if transmisogyny affected them” and just…. these are actual things that these men think. imagine hating women so much that you see yourself as the victim because females LITERALLY HAVE TO BE MISTAKEN FOR MALES IN ORDER TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY

Naruto definitely talked Sasuke into wearing that shirt.

Because @it-started-over-sasunaru said something super cool in this post and honestly I have too many ideas over here. ;A;

I want you to need me the way I need you. As if I am the air you breathe and you could not continue life without my presence. As if I am the only water to drink in the midst of the desert. As if I am the source of fire in the kernel of winter. As if I am the pen you need to ink your words. As if I am the silence you needed the calm your clamorous thoughts.

I want you to want me the way I want you. The thought of a day without me in your life, your heart gets crumpled like a paper. The thought of me leaving you will make a vast difference in your life because you are so used to my presence you forgot I can leave whenever I felt scared, lost or empty. The thought of me being happy with somebody else will broke your heart into tiny microscopic bits and you would want to win me back because you need me, you love me.

I want you to love me the way I love you. When you are sad, all you could ever want is talk to me because I am the source of your euphoria. When things got worse, you will want to hug me because I am your refuge in this chaotic world. When things get screwed up and messed up, all you want to do is to remind me that you love me and that I will be your one and only. When you become scared that I might leave you, you would utter things you did not think you could be able to speak. You would cross mountains of fear, swim oceans of doubts, walk a whole continent of dilemmas and yet, you would still want me to stay. In times of weakness, you will want to hold my hand tight because you want us to conquer anything that will stumble in the road we are taking.

I want to be a necessity— your necessity. I want you to think that I will be the only girl in the world for you and that you deserve me so much you would not want any man to interfere us. I want you to think that I am made for the best and best I am pertaining to, is you. I want you to think that no other man can love me the way you do because you are the only man capable of loving me so much more than himself. I want you to think that I will be the last lady you will love because we want that reality, we just have to vanquish all the catastrophes we are about to encounter.

*highkey screaming in the distance*

Because the mixtape is pure genius???? I CAN. NOT. CONTAIN. MYSELF. I REPEAT. TEARS ARE REAL. FRIENDS. FAMILY. CAT. ALL. THINK. IM. INSANE. HAMILTON. MIXTAPE. DROPPED. SO. MANY. FEELS. HELP. (and just in time for the holiday season?!?)

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notes from a casual cashier; december 4th

• i started my shift opening my usual register, i checked one customer out and moved on to the next person in line. the barcode scanner straight-up stopped cooperating and the guy whose things i was trying to scan got really mad at my incompetence. lovely way to begin a sunday

• the placement of the price tags on the ferrero chocolates display led everyone to believe the 30 box of ferrero rochers costed €2.99, and i had to break many hearts with the news that that was actually the price of the 16 box of mon chéri which nobody likes

• middle-aged balding customer: “nice hair! id dye mine like that too!”
me: “well why dont you? it would look great”
customer: “but people would think im insane”
me: “so what!”
customer [clearly endeared]: “youre RIGHT!”

• a customer: [buys three bottles of wine and eight boxes of coffee pods for the fancy coffee makers]
me: “that would be €45.87 please”
customer: “why so much!!! the bottles were €7 each!!!”
me: “um yea but you got all that coffee, and its €2.99 a box”
customer: “eight times two is sixteen!!!!”
me: “but 2.99 is pretty much three, and eight times three is twenty four”
customer: [flees the scene]

• an old man came back to the store after having paid, claiming i had given him too much money back.
to prove it, he showed me the (surprise! correct) change i had given to him and promptly dropped a coin in the unreachable depths of my register

• a girl bought 12 eggplants and i have questions

• people keep trying to stuff too many things in a bag, and ive gotten pretty good at eyeballing how many bags are needed.
i told a lady that there was no way her shopping would fit in a single bag, she proved me wrong and i apologised for not having faith in her.
she cracked the fuck up

• i had a weird interaction with a pretty dude who i guessed was a university students but turned out to have graduated like three years ago, and when he left i caught myself staring into nothingness and droning out a flat ‘wow kill me’

• a young child, approximately aged four: “why is your hair red?”
me: “i like it,,, don’t you?”
the childs dad: “oh she likes it, she was talking about it just now!”
child [now done with discussing my looks, but still eager to talk to me]: “did you know……… im very hungry………”

• an elementary school aged kid politely asked me for one of the avenger toys we hand out with certain purchases, so i complied.
he was very excited to have received a black widow figurine, if his exclamations were anything to go by

• old lady: “is your hair real? is it a wig?”
me: “its real but dyed!”
old lady, scoffing: “well obviously!!! its precious. how old are you anyway?”
me: “im twenty-one”
old lady: “u…h….. i thought you were sixteen……”

• when i walked back to my register after the break, i got asked by a new employee to help her with a machine that had ran out of receipt paper.
it was all haphazardly taped together and i didnt feel like taking the responsibility of opening it, so i asked her if there was anyone more experienced we could call over. she said there was no one.

i started stating something like “we are neck-deep in shit then”, but i spotted a child looking at us so i heroically changed it to “we are…… in a bit of a pickle :)”

• i left my register to go grab an item for a customer, and when i got back i noticed that the access to my seat was blocked by a stack of shopping baskets that reached to my waist.
i asked the customer how had i left my seat in the first place, and she claimed i swung “very athletically” over the obstacle. it sounds extremely ooc.

• despite my attempt to reach it in time, a package of pasta fell off the register with my high-pitched “nooOooOoo…” as a soundtrack

• an old lady who was clearly a zombie stole some lettuce under my horrified watch

• i interacted with a child who looked about seven and acted about fifty-four

i gave him a couple avengers figurines in hope of showing him how much his politeness and eagerness to help were appreciated, and he looked at them like they were a strange offering from a friendly but ultimately clueless alien.
i think he just wanted to go home, help his mom put the groceries away and then read papers about economics and finance.

Im ruined... 😂

The sherlock fandom has completley ruined me. I had maths first lesson yesterday morning and we were doing constructing triangles and loci….i was half asleep still and read the title as “consulting triangles and loki” …ok thats two fandoms but then i ended up making my self laugh out loud and others thinking im insane because i decided to imagine a triangle with a deerstalker and sherlocks face …and loki in the background confused af….😂

I spend too much time on this website 😂