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so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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Once upon a time in the hidden heart of France, a handsome young prince lived in a beautiful castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the Prince was selfish and unkind.  He taxed the village to fill his castle with the most beautiful objects. And his parties with the most beautiful people.

The Guardian of Dreams

Dean would never admit it out loud but since he was sleeping next to Cas, he had less and less nightmares. The one time he dared mention it to Cas, the angel only smiled back fondly, glad his human could, at last, get some rest.

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You Get What You Give (Capri and the Sun)

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Summary: Where Harry’s just begun his solo career and performing is everything that he’s ever dreamed of; he can’t help but feel so alone sometimes though. Feeling as though everyone has someone, and he’s so out of the loop with his love life that it brings an imbalance. However, you can’t take everything and expect to give nothing in return or for everything to be ok for forever.

Word Count: 881

Pairing: Harry Styles x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Insomnia, Cursing

A/N: This is just one of the many deleted scenes that I’ve had in my drafts for awhile and I thought that I would just share it. This scene happens between Communication & Long Distance! Hope you like it :) 

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Do you think that Peter has ADHD? Cuze I do.

I totally headcanon this, and I try to portray it in all my fics even though it is never outrightly stated in them. 

  • I figure that Peter was never diagnosed with it because if it doesn’t affect your grades than adults don’t seem to care whether it is diagnosed or not, but I feel Peter is the type of person to research it and be like ‘yeah I have this.’ 
  • So I imagine this is part of the reason that he stutters and trips over his words. We know he is super smart and so I think that coupled with the hyperness that is ADHD his brain is just going too fast for his mouth to keep up with. 
  • In my fics I always show him moving, whether he is tapping a beat on his knee or bobbing his head, I think that this is one of the ways he gets out his energy and need to multitask at all times (even if Peter doesn’t really think about it pertaining to his ADHD) but I am sure other people notice it and figure out why he is always moving. 
  • I picture Peter needing to stim at times, in order to get his brain to slow down and for him to think things through more logically. (And I think that the fact that he is constantly allowed to move as Spider-Man might be part of the reason that he doesn’t stutter while in the mask) 
  • Honestly, I always picture Peter stimming in some way (much like myself) in the lab I can see him throwing things around and in the end getting in trouble, and I picture him listening to repetitive music while studying and in the end rocking and bobbing around in his chair like a made man, before needing to burn off energy on Patrol. 
  • I’m not sure how much Peter would acknowledge it though. I don’t think he would blame his ADHD for some of the things it causes. Most people just look at it as being hyper and nothing else. And I think that might be the extent of Peter’s knowledge on the subject. 
  • So when it comes to his trouble remembering certain things he doesn’t find interesting, or having trouble paying attention, or getting distracted, or his brain floating off and him thinking about other things when he shouldn’t be, I don’t think Peter would make the connection that that was related to the ADHD. I think he would just blame himself for that sort of thing. (Like a lot of people do)
  • I think that it probably got worse once he hit puberty, and no one (other than Aunt May and closer friends) paid it much mind because his school work was staying pretty consistent. 
  • And I feel that for a while there, it was really hard on Peter, he was flying through most his school work, while some subjects (like English) he couldn’t seem to pay attention, and he didn’t know why. And that left him bored in some classes and lost in others. 
  • And for a time there, even his speech was getting a bit worse (which usually only happened when he was under a lot of stress) and it took a while for the teenager to figure out what helped him. 
  • Becoming Spider-Man helped, being able to burn off that energy and work through things while web-slinging (a repetitive and smooth motion) became something that helped his mind slow down. 
  • And he figured out a routine, doing certain things at certain times and giving himself breaks or jumping from subject to subject. And in class, if he was allowed to tap his foot (or sneak in his headphones and listen to music) that helped as well, it seemed like his mind needed more than one thing to focus on.
  • And hey, once he graduates and gets his own lab and space to work, he can come up with his own system and way of doing things, he can pound music as loudly as he pleases, or work on the ceiling, whatever he wants. 
when ya walk inside the store and everything is for back to school

one of us

One Of Us


Ọ̫͉̝̭̫͉̰̓ͧ̀̆ͣͩ̃͐̾̍̓Ṋ͓̤͚̟͍̥̠ͧͦͫ̾̽ͫͪ̉̇̒͐͋̏̈ͦͫ̃̆Ḙ̣̩͉͉̯̝̹̣̻ͧ̈́͗̈́̉ͫ ͕͇͖̹̺̣̇͌ͨ̽ͦ̓O̪͚̗̟̘̫͉̤͇̱͙̭̘̠̪̘̫̼ͩ͊ͯ́͗̃ͦ̐ͧͦ͂̃̑͑ͅF͉̩̣̹͇͔̦̊̉̏̏̆̈́̇̽ͩ͗ͩ̓ͪͅ ̠͔͉̖̤͍̗̹̜ͪ͛ͤͬU̞͙͈̍ͮ͒̓͋ͧ̌̇̒͛̃͛̋͂̚S͖̹̭͈ͪ̍͆ͯ̊

Skeleton War

P r e p a r e   t o    f i g h t    o n c e    m o r e   i n   t h e    s k e l e t o n    w a r

B l o o d   w i l l   b e   s h e d   t h e   f l e s h   s u i t s    w i  l l    p e r i s h    a n d    w e   w i l l  a l l   b e   f r e e   o n c e    m o r e 

w e   w i l l   d o   o u r   l e a d e r    j a c k   s k e l l i n g t o n   p r o u d  

w e   w i l l   s c r e a m    t h e    w o r d s   t o    o u r    a n t h e m    s p o o k y   s c a r y    s k e l e t o n s    l o u d

L e t   t h e   t i m e    o f   t h e   g r e a t    s k e l e t o n   w a r    b e g i n 

Yo not to get all doom and gloom but about 7 years ago, I made multiple honest attempts at trying to kill myself. 2 years later, I started dating Charlie, and 5 years later, we’re still going strong. Tomorrow, we’re hanging out and playing video games and I’m taking him to a local Korean bakery. We do this almost once a week now.

I’m still mentally ill, of course, it’s who I am, but he loves me regardless and we support each other through thick and thin.

If I’d killed myself 7 years ago, I never ever would have met him.

Life gets better. Miracles come when and where you least expect them.

Stay strong. I promise things get better.

‪object show host: ur eliminated‬

‪object athlete: Eliminated?? 😳the ONLY 😤😤thing here 👏Eliminated 😏are my Obstacles🙌. My GRIND 💪‬💯never STOPS 🚫❌ 😂😂 Yall will be taking Ls while ill be taking 😏WINS 👏👏

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