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The lions and their paladins in season 2:
  • Keith: *is mildly uncomfortable*
  • Black: I'm with Shiro now, get over it
  • Zarkon: I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love
  • Black: ... Anyway, Shiro, wanna see my cool wings?
  • Lance: What do I do?!
  • Blue: Do you think being a Primarina will help?
  • Hunk: Uh oh
  • Yellow: Time to bring out the Muscle™
  • Pidge: idk I just think tech is better than nature
  • Green: *destroys Galra tech by making roots burst out of it* Really? Are you sure?

Except for the heart-shaped hole where the hope runs out

Wanna know what I want to see more of?


*robots having to spray silicone sealant on their joints so they don’t have to worry about anything important rusting over (if Ratch catches you skipping this crucial step he will weld you to a med bay and do it himself. It’s not pleasant)

*Robots pitching a fit when they get sand in their unmentionables and having to take a 45 minute shower just to get half of the damned grit out of their grilles.

*Robots playing in the water!! Dunking each other and having splash fights and all that cute shite!!

*“Hey guys the ocean is full of free dogs!!”, “SIDESWIPE, THAT IS NOT A DOG PUT IT BACK!”, *Great White: :D*

*“WHAAAAAAAAALES!!!”, “Wheeljack you cannot just rush up to them they are classified as endangered by the humans-Wheeljack? WHEELJACK NO!”

*“What is this nonsense?”, “I believe it’s called ‘seaweed’”, “…I don’t like it”

*Big ass beach umbrellas for taking nice long naps under.

*Could you imagine the sand castles though?!
“It’s a bit excessive don’t you think?”, “I don’t understand why you would say that. It looks perfectly fine to me!”, “…how many sand castles do you know have foyers, Hoist?”


*“Didn’t we have more people with us?”, “idk, man I’m still trying to get over that horde of jellyfish”, *back at the beach, Ratchet slumbers underneath six feet of sand only to awaken and emerge like some eldritch horror. People are screaming, he scratches himself at growls irritably at them before transforming and moving on.*




jimon week day 6   //   favourite scene

jace and simon… being nice? to each other? this episode was such a blessing for so many reasons (and it looked so bright and pretty i just)


The Avengers as music albums.

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Okay so I've always been into Jikook- or Jeikook now xD (god I love Jimin XD)- but I was quite unsure if they were 'Real'. But after all of this stuff Jimin is posting and Kookie is doing, I am 100% sure they are real and I'm screaming (Well I'm sick so it's more of a silent scream)

First of all, I hope you will get better <3, being sick sucks. And second, I totally understand you. I wasn’t sure too. It was just shipping them because I liked how cute they looked together. But after “backhug scene”  (I’m sure every jikook shipper knows this backhug) I was like: WOW THEY HAVE SOME STRONG FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER.

And now seeing them posting all those videos and photos where they look so comfortable with each other makes me think that they are real. Idk but these days they look so boyfriend. Maybe we can’t see it sometimes at first on camera but when we look closer we all can see how subtle they can be. All those stolen glances, “accidental”skinship etc. Also Jimin with that tag:  Jeikook. Very nice ^^

I think that this is how they are in real life. I mean look at them

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 They are so in love. Now we can see it even in their eyes. <3 
And in the last gif where in original video we can hear a kiss sound.
I can talk about jikook for hours but I don’t want it bo that long :D  

but he loves youuu

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Gear @underloadhell

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Do you think Annie will get redemption if (when) she's freed, especially if her Ymir's curse timer was paused while she was crystallized? Maybe the time skip is setting up for her, Eren, and Armin to have time on their side in a future Marley v. SC fight whereas the Marley have better weapons (idk, but I don't think four years is enough for the Walls to catch up to the rest of the world...)

I’ve always had plenty of feeling for the titan trio. Learning that as children they were brainwashed into believing that the people within the walls were out to destroy all of Marley put my sympathy on steroids.

But there’s this to consider:

While I’d love for Annie to find compassion, kindness and redemption, why would they ever trust her? Why would they ever take that risk? Even if they were able to explain the situation to her, why should she believe them?

I don’t think the Shingeki world can afford to be that kind. I remember Hange telling Armin and the rest of the 104th that Reiner and Bert had to die. They was no room for compassion. I don’t see why they’d treat Annie any differently.

Annie will get a chance at redemption if for some reason they need her, if she’s absolutely essential to them. Otherwise I hate to say this, but I feel like she’s being save as a snack.

Happy Trans Day of Visibility! Here’s a shoutout to all the trans people losing their invisibility today!
The trans people who:

-disappeared years ago to their family and friends and will have to talk to them today

-drive their cars into drive-thrus and scare the people working there

-pretend to be ghosts, walk around haunted houses, and chuck shit around

-put tiny lizards down the back of people’s shirts while walking through the street

-have to be the special effects people for their cis friends’ harry potter stageplays

-sneak into the white house and graffiti penises on trump’s desk while he isn’t looking

-have been invisible for so long that they’ve forgotten what they look like, and like it that way

-whose idea of fun is harassing swans and geese in the lake, making them angry, and then directing them to transphobes

-give sad stangers hugs so they feel better, or terrified. it varies

-stand behind people in long flowy dresses and wave them around so it looks even better

remember, you are valid! tomorrow you will be invisible again!

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can we talk about how finn is pretty much at the center of all of the legitimate discussion about potential romance in tlj? like in a way it's kinda framed as in "who is finn going to choose?" It is nice for a change to have the black man be the one common thing in the conversations about romance. sure certain people will say that it's actually rey at the center of it all but lbr no one outside of tumblr truly believes rey would pick ya-kno-who over finn ffs. idk i hope i'm making sense.

dw it makes a lot of sense and i do get it! it is nice not to have a love triangle with a white girl at the center deliberating over white boys #1 and #2. anyway it’s better to gauge audience reaction from what the casual viewers think (theres way more casual viewers than hardcore fans). if i ask my friends who arent that into star wars but saw tfa they all say that finn/rey had a romantic set-up and none of them knows who hux is. that’s what puts me at ease


Look, how happy those two are. Yeah, they are. In a few days, Veer and Ishita are getting married too. You’ll miss Ishita a lot. Very. Actually, you can come to our house to see Ishita. If you want, I can pick you up everyday, and you can have dinner with us. I’m a pretty good cook nowadays. Really? Really. So, taxi, catering…escort service, all in one. Wow…but all that daily drop, pick-up, drop, pick-up, drop… No? [shakes head] I’ll just have to find other ways to see Ishita. Actually, I think I have another way. What? Can you give me five minutes tomorrow? 


I am having so much fun, you don’t even know

So! As requested, here are a few Cardcaptor Sakura-themed cover plates for the new 3ds. They look better when you refurbish them onto the 3ds, I swear.

Since I’ll now be making cases like this, here’s the tag on my blog!

Other QRs by me

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could you do a headcanon when sister!reader is having a really bad down period and sam or dean walk in on her crying and soothe her(idk man i'm really sad at the moment)

Hope you feel better nonnie <3

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- Being a hunter is hard. Heck, being human is hard.

- Down periods. You and your brothers all have had them, and you were having another one right now.

- And it’s just so hard to find motivation. To get out of bed. To smile and to laugh. To be around other people sometimes. To do everything you usually do as if nothing’s wrong. 

- You just need to let it all out, so when you think you’re alone in the bunker and you finally relax, you can’t stop yourself and you start crying.

- The sobs well out of you. The tears roll down your cheeks, and they don’t stop.

- And then there’s a knock and the door to your room opens immediately.

- “Y/N-” Dean stops himself mid-sentence when he sees you crying.

- He calls for Sam, and you kinda didn’t want him to, because you don’t want to make a bigger thing of this than it already is. It’s not really a ‘all hands on deck’ situation, you’re just sad.

- Although, you know that that’s not true. You’re not just sad. 

- Dean walks up to you, where you’re sitting on your bed. He instantly wraps his arms around you, kissing the top of your head.

- You hide your face in his plaid shirt, as you cling onto him for dear life, crying even harder.

- Sam enters the room, worry in his eyes that is soon joined by sadness. He hates seeing you like this, it tears his heart apart.

- He sits next to you and Dean, just being there for you. Whispering things like, ‘We’re here.’ and ‘It’ll be okay.’ 

- And then Dean starts humming Hey Jude. You think it’s silly that it does but it’s really works.

- Soon, you heart feels just a little bit less heavy. And you’re so thankful for you amazing brothers. 

Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

😩😩😩 Ruffwear has new summer gear, guys.

Now there are three different cooling… things! Which one do I get?!

I think I am probably still getting the Swamp Cooler, but…? I dunno?

ruffwear y tho