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Night Vale Presents podcasts as kids

Welcome to Night Vale is the oldest and the one that everyone dotes on and loves Alice isn’t Dead is the middle child that fades out in the family pictures Within the Wires is Alice’s weird twin sister that everyone ignores The Orbiting Human Circus is the newborn that everyone is obsessed with

i can’t wait for this teamup… !!! (*Φ∇Φ*) !!!, also… BLUE LAVA. i’m imagining this to be a pivotal moment at some important ancient force location where they team up for the first time under an epic night sky. I NEED IT

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: uh julia and kady didn't even smoke in epi 4 because they don't need the nicotine to ease off their stress...I'm so happy... by just being near each other they feel more relaxed and even helped them smile a little bit :') also none of my faves are dying of lung cancer!!!

It’s time for some more dotpict things! (New –> Old)

This is a compiled list of every fanfiction I’ve ever posted in this website. Please note that some of this works are rated NSFW, contains violence, sex, mentions of sexual assault and mental illness. If you’re under 18, do not read  All works have warnings included, which you should consider before reading. You are open to send requests (which I cannot guarantee it will be done) and send me what you think about my fics!


Bucky Barnes:

One shots


Touch Faith Series (priest!Bucky AU) (ongoing)

Steve Rogers:

One shots:

Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes:


James Wesley:

Tension (hiatus)

Tony Stark:


If you like any of those fics you can always request me more (I love having scenarios thrown at me but I can’t guarantee it will become a fic) and send me feedback! Happy reading!

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Regarding the Malec sex scene i think sometimes writers and showrunners confuse what is written with what is shown on tv, because maybe they discussed it with the actors on rehearsals and maybe it's written but it that doesn't reach the screen the viewers will have a different interpretation, the consent needed to be shown better in my opinion, i think the writers just want us to rely on what went behind the scenes like yes we wrote it consentual

Agreed. It could have been shown better/made clearer. But the fact remains, imo, Magnus wanted it. He was merely voicing concerns in regards to Alec’s feelings. He wanted to be sure Alec was ready. And once Alec said “I want this” all you have to do is see the way in which Magnus devours Alec’s mouth to know that Magnus was 100% ok with everything that was happening. Could it have been better? Yes. Could it have been made clearer? Yes. Will it ever be? Probably not. You just have to do as Matt said and notice the little things. Because it’s there. It was never meant to be non consensual. Because it’s not. Consent was expressed by both parties.

i can’t stop thinking about jesper reading to wylan headcanons. not even just him reading the important, work related documents. 

  • but late night when the work is done, jesper reading the stories wylan always wanted to read growing up, the stories his peers raved about but he would lie about being too swamped by his music lessons to read them too. 
  • jesper’s soothing tone replacing the bad memories of jan van eck reading to wylan in that same impatient tone he used when he called wylan a useless disappointment
  • i’m picturing wylan sleepily smiling, laughing softly every time jesper changes his voice for the female character. 
  • wylan’s relief when he realizes where certain popular references have come from. 
  • wylan closing his eyes bc jesper’s voice makes the words come to life and wylan can see the scenes like a movie. 
  • wylan hogging the blanket they’ve been sharing as he gets more and more sleepy
  • jesper finding a smile on wylan’s sleeping face and feeling so pleased with himself
  • and sometimes jesper falling asleep sometimes with the book on his face and wylan uncontrollably laughing when he finds him that way in the morning

Finally another bookmark done. I’m so busy at the moment, I don’t find the time to draw the remaining stuff. But have Marik for now, the rest will follow soon, I think. I just have to skipp some more nights hahahaha..ha…

I scrapped two of the sketches and will replace them with an Anzu and Mai themed bookmark to get the ladies in.

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ummm. or u all are thinking WAY TOO MUCH about the moon tweet. lol. Maybe Lauren is just sitting outside staring at the moon ,enjoying the night. Lauren doesn't care if we relate it to Camren...hahaha. But it does keep us occupied for

Keyword: “Lauren doesn’t care if we relate it to camren” 😂

Dream Girl

Pairing: NaruHina

Rating: M

Words: 5,000+

<<Part 3

AN: I didn’t forget about this. ♡

The springs of Naruto’s tattered old mattress let out a squeal as he attempts to shift into a more comfortable position. His eyes, heavy with exhaustion, continue to stare at the ceiling of his bedroom. Although utterly tired, the feelings of embarrassment and uneasiness in the pit of his stomach still linger from last night’s outing.

Since then, he’s received exactly ten missed calls, four voicemails, and 14 text messages. Naruto does not respond to any of them. Instead, he listens to the constant vibrations of his cellphone and anxiously waits for them to pass. When they do, he continues to silently berate himself for his foolishness.

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