think i'll make this a weekly thing

  • Me: alright Fairy Tail, how're you gonna dissappoint me this week?
  • FT: well, remember that thing where Natsu was gonna die? The one we've been building up for like a month? Yeah, it's not happening.
  • Me: it's gonna be a bullshit save isn't it?
  • FT: not at all! He just had to realize he's neither dragon nor demon but a human and he'd be free from what's killing him!
  • Me: gotcha. Bullshit save as always. Carry on.

so im thinking of doing these daily/weekly blog posts about my life since i’d like you guys to know a little bit more about me/my life (besides phan) so idk if you guys would be interested since my life is a lil boring but i’ll try it out and see how it goes! they’ll all be tagged under “just sydney things” which is my “personal” tag! (or maybe we can all make a tag and all share our blog posts on there? idk)