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ChikaRiko doing waltz, with Chika in a suit and Riko in a waltz dress.

Hi! Here you are ChikaRiko in Waltz!

The last request but not least! Hope you like it ; w ;

Had some difficulties while drawing this piece awawawa… but glad finally I could finish it well ; w ;
here I overdid it again, what supposed to be a doodle

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

Can we talk about Mumen for a second

Can we talk about the fact that, C-Class heroes have to keep up a quota of heroic acts in order to stay on the list, and most end up getting discouraged and quitting the hero gig altogether, but Mumen has been on the C list at least long enough to steadily work his way to the very top spot of C-Class and even be offered to move up to the next level.

Can we talk about the fact that, although some C-Class heroes do have powers, Mumen has no powers whatsoever. He’s just a guy with a bicycle who goes out every single day and does his best to make a difference, however small it is.  There are so many heroes who much stronger than Mumen, who don’t put in a fraction of the time and effort that he does, who don’t always bother to show up when they’re needed.

Can we talk about the fact that Mumen probably takes a lot of jobs that nobody else even wants? Little tiny tasks that barely get him any of the heroic ‘glory’ that other heroes want, if any recognition at all? He’s the hero who helps little old ladies cross the street, and gets cats out of trees for little girls. He’s the hero who helps a little kid with their homework, or stop to tie their shoes for them. He’s the hero who helps a woman look for her lost husband, even though she’s asked for the 5th time this month - it’s Mrs. Lee and her husband passed away eight years ago, but Mumen goes inside and makes her a cup of tea and lets her get out the photo album until she’s smiling and forgotten why she called him inside and asks if she made his tea the way he likes it - it’s perfect, thank you.

Can we talk about the fact that Mumen probably does several of these little heroic deeds a day, probably far more than he gets compensated for, but he’s always ready to drop what he’s doing at a moment’s notice when someone needs his help.

Can we talk about the fact that even when the threat is hopelessly out of his league, Mumen doesn’t hesitate to put himself in harm’s way to keep others safe - even if they are only safer for one more second. Even when he’s terrified.

Can we talk about how brave and selfless Mumen Rider is, despite the fact that he has no powers, little reward to match his efforts, and no obligation. He’s the hero we need and don’t deserve and also I am crying.

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hi there! im asking my fave batfam blogs for blog recs and why you like them? i want to find more batfam blogs to follow, if it's not too much to ask? if not it's totally okay!

Hey! Thanks for asking, and thanks for saying I’m a fav <3 I always love to talk up the blogs I enjoy seeing on my dash. They are for the most part 100% gen blogs and all great to follow:

@audreycritter- Audrey is the greatest. She’s an incredible writer and an all around great person. She’s great to talk to and so nice. Her blog is always uplifting and fun.

@whore4batfam Stell is amazing. She produces some of the best batfam content you can find, and is really funny. 

@oh-mother-of-darkness - I have been following her since before I started a batblog. She’s so sweet and writes some of the funniest/heart wrenching stories you’ll find about the batfam.

@ autumnhobbit - Produces some just really really great stories. Like make you cry then want to read them again stories. Also lots of other great batfam content. : )

@komadoriwonder- Super fun, super nice, and has shared some really really great stories. I always love seeing Koma on my dash.

@fuyunoakegata- When I need some quality batfam content or am missing some Dick Grayson on my blog I always find my way to her blog.  

@kaylabeemarie- Literally creates the greatest Batfam art on the planet. I stare at their work for HOURS after I find it.

@unpretty- She makes great Batfam content and is so funny. I love seeing her on my dash

Some other Blogs I love to see, but don’t know very well are:

Blogs who reblog/post great stuff include: @litnerdhood,@redhoodie, @bamboozledimagines, @batdad, @holyheadcanonsbatman, @arabian-batboy

Writers who I don’t know well yet but I love their stuff: @dove-among-bats, @lysical, @tantalum-cobalt

i feel like vilde is going to be that girl who like, knows she’s into girls when she graduates high school but then she gets to uni and takes her first women’s studies class and spends the whole term having a Revelation and that revelation is literally just holy shit i love women???? and not always in a sexual or romantic sense, but just reading all these incredible women writers and theorists, learning about all the amazing women who have broken ground in every field, rethinking all she’s ever known about history once she realizes the ways women and their contributions have been systematically erased and feeling all the pain and indignation for them, as well as all the pain and indignation she feels for herself that it took her this long to find out about it. just vilde finding a whole world of writing and of thought about women, written by women, focused entirely on women and their relationships with each other and the power contained there. and the more she learns, the more comfortable she starts to feel with expressing that she’s drawn to women, that she’s fascinated by them, that she thinks most everything they do is fantastic. and a lot of that is intellectual, but a lot of it also starts to loop back into what she’s still discovering about her sexuality and how much she loves like, the way women dress and how they smell and the sounds of their laughs and the shapes of their bodies and what they can do with them, and it’s all just like !! holy shit!! she loves women!!! more than she ever thought was possible, but every day she finds something new, and it’s amazing. women are amazing. w ow.

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Hi hi, I just wanted to say that your art of Keith made me fall in love and I haven't even seen Voltron yet but just your rendition of him and the way you draw him and portray him made him my favourite, so thank you :) Stay awesome! ♥

Platonic Steve & Nancy

so eventually Nancy and Steve have an amicable breakup and after some time she starts dating Jonathan because literally everyone saw that coming. things may be a bit strange but the three of them still spend all their time together, and the monster hunting trio is as strong  as ever

one day Tommy tries to start some shit with Nancy, calling her a cheating slut and all of these terrible names and she’s trying not to get roped into a fight but Steve’s there in an instant and just decks his old friend across the face because there’s no way he’s gonna listen to him talk about Nancy that way and when Tommy tries to retaliate, Nancy steps in between them with a Look that that makes even Tommy back off.

and when Steve gets angry about his parents and college and his future, he’ll find Nancy and she’ll patiently let him yell about everything for as long as he needs and then they’ll get drunk together until they forget about everything else

and when Nancy seems stressed or worried during school, that night Steve will always sneak into her room like old times because he knows she needs to talk to someone, and he’ll just lie in bed with her and listen to her about everything.

basically my point is Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler supporting and defending and loving each other as friends.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I ashamedly present to you what I did instead of the art I’m actually being paid to do (*europeanly shoves this at @forovnix*)

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.


I watch it all fall apart
Heaven, help me