think i might submit my art now

toamonster submitted:

Oh geez! I’m so sorry, I had to go to bed! But I’m awake NOW!! So here it it’s!

‘Nothing too fancy, but it does have my heart and soul in it (so keep it away from satan. I love him but, I think I might need those two) I don’t know why but I just thought it was really funny how GR/Johnny’s collar always changed, so of course I had to make a comic about it :Y Anyway, I really love your GR-R, and your art and YOU! So just- JUST HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

(Even if it maybe in the middle of the night where you are, sorry :P)


GR ain’t just cool.  He’s POPPED LEATHER COLLAR cool.


I felt like it’s been so long since I posted anything traditional here! Anyway, this is a WIP of my original story/manga, Genesis Vampire. I created the plot of GV almost 10 years ago and now, I’m reliving it as my project for my major subject, Storyboarding.

This post only includes the Overall Look, a Moodboard, Character Sheets & Different Facial Expressions!

If I’m still in the mood to draw GV after submitting it as my Storyboarding project, I might continue it as a proper manga series! What do you think about it/them?

Book of thanks for Jensen

I know I’ll get hate for doing this now with everything centered on getting Jared through a tough time but one little book thanking Jensen for all he’s doing for fans despite his worry and concern, being away from his family and without Jared as his wingman at conventions isn’t going to take anything away that’s happening for Jared.

Jensen has talked about the toll the show has on him and the loss of a recent close friend, how hard it is to spend time away from his family. He is more relaxed and comfortable at conventions now but its still got to be a strain for him especially now. He might not show vulnerability and we might think he’s a rock but the guy isn’t Superman, he’s human and right now I think he’s doing an amazing job supporting and entertaining fans and deserves a little appreciation in return.

I haven’t worked out any details yet but please spread the word, if you’ve been to jibcon or are going to AHBL, if you’re a fan who Jensen has helped in some way or you simply want to send gratitude for what he does for the show and fans, please send your thank you messages to my ask/submit or email to

Include photos, art, letters long or short doesn’t matter. The theme is gratitude.