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New Beginnings

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Written for @sanjariti‘s Game of Prompts. Based on the song Good Times by All Time Low

Word Count:1,602

Warnings: Language, Angst, Underage Drinking 

A/N: Caro, I’m so so sorry it took me so long to write this. Congrats on your milestone! You’re awesome!

Sitting under the lights of the basketball court, you nursed a bottle of beer that you had been sharing with three other people. Sam sat on the orange ball, sweat dripping down his forehead. Steve’s cheeks were red from running, his blond hair sticking to his forehead. And while Bucky was wearing his basketball shorts, he had spent the entire evening with you.

“I gave Rogers a proper thrashing,” Sam announced proudly.

Steve rolled his eyes. “You wish.”

Normally you would have been laughing and cheering, but not tonight. It was your last night with your three best friends and you were feeling pretty nostalgic.

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hudbamedved  asked:

Fic where Lance was abused by family n the teams finds out? (Only if youre willing!)

After posting earlier this morning, I still couldn’t get to sleep so here’s another story. Obviously, it does have mentions of child abuse, so if that bothers you in any way, please don’t read it. I hope you enjoy!

“Is everyone ready?” Allura asked from the control room above them. Everyone nodded their heads and started concentrating. Earlier that day, Coran realized that the paladins hadn’t gone through the mind-meld exercise since Pidge stormed off the last time. Obviously, they were close teammates but you could never be too close to your friends.

“Now I want you to think about the people around you,” she stated. Immediately she could see the happy memories of them training and spending time together in the lounge appear on their screens. The paladin’s felt warmth travel through their bond as they shared the memories they had of each other. Shiro chuckled when Lance brought up their first ride in the blue lion.

“What will you be returning to on Earth?” They heard Allura ask. Shiro was about to share the image of his short, little mom but flinched when he felt Lance’s connection to them splintering. Before he could ask him what was wrong, the flickering image of a man appeared in front of them. He was staring down at a small skinny boy with a glare on his face. It didn’t take long for them to realize that the little boy was Lance. When they looked over at him, he was staring blankly ahead at the memory.

“Are you okay buddy?” Hunk asked hesitantly. Right after he asked, the sound of a loud slap and thud echoed through the room. They looked back to the memory and saw Lance lying on the floor, his cheeks covered in tears and his jaw beginning to swell and bruise. There was no yelling from the man, even though they could see his mouth moving rapidly, they could only hear Lance’s painful sobbing. He must not have been listening at that point. Not that they could blame him, they wouldn’t have been either. They relaxed as the memory began to fade away but couldn’t do anything when the next started.

They heard muffled yelling come from inside a moderate looking house. They could already tell that it revolved around Lance like the other one had. The door at the back of the house burst open and again, a smaller version of Lance was thrown down into the dirt of the backyard. Before he could get to his feet, the door slammed shut and they heard a lock click. He staggered to his feet and walked up to the door, he tried wiggling the doorknob but didn’t dare try knocking or the doorbell.

“Papá I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break the rules,” he said through the door. “Please let me back in, I’m sorry,”

When he received no response, he turned from the door and plopped down on the grass. He absentmindedly plucked at the grass, pulling it out and throwing it above his head like confetti. For the first time that they saw in his memories, they saw Lance smile, and for the simplest thing. That simple happiness was quickly swept away when a crack of thunder startled Lance. He looked up as the first few droplets of rain came down from the sky. He scrambled up and sat under a grubby, old umbrella that was sitting in a dirt-stained patio table set. Soon enough, they could see him shaking from the cold and his composure was quickly crumbling with the rain. Ignoring the rain, Lance ran back to the back stoop and just barely knocked on the door.

“Papá please, I’m sorry,” he cried again. “I’m so cold,” he sobbed, and from the memory, they could tell. His clothes were soaking wet and he was visibly trembling on the spot. Even his lips began to show a bit of a blue tinge. His cries were muffled when the door opened for a split second and a blanket was shoved in his face with enough force to send him toppling down the few steps and into the mud. He didn’t stay long enough to think about what happened, only hopped up and wrapped the now partially soaked blanket around his shoulders. He quickly curled up under the umbrella again and stared out around him. He didn’t make a sound as tears rolled down his cheeks and the mud on his clothes chilled him to the bone.

“That’s his dad?” Keith asked horrified. None of them could answer him. Pidge had her hand pressed against her mouth in absolute shock. Hunk was already crying for his best friend and wanted nothing more than to reach over and pull him into a hug. However, Lance was still stuck in his memories and until he pulled himself or they were able to pull him from his memories, they were trapped. All Shiro wanted to do at the moment was go to Earth and punch this man in the face. Lance was one of the kindest, caring, and selfless person he had ever known; and to think that this is what he had to look forward to when he went to Earth was unacceptable and unfair.

“If you can’t follow my rules correctly, then I guess you don’t deserve to eat today,” they heard a voice growl. They snapped from their musings and looked back, to, unfortunately, see that Lance had fallen into another memory. It took a moment for what he said to click but when it did they were shocked.

“B-but papá, I didn’t eat yesterday either, or the day before,” he admitted quietly. This Lance was a bit older than the other memories that they were already shown. He looked more like the Lance that they knew now.

“Well, then, maybe you should have followed the rules than huh?” the man grinned sadistically at Lance. “Now go to your room,” he growled turning away from his son. Lance knew that he should just listen to him and go to his room but he could feel how empty his stomach was and could feel the crippling cramps ready to rise up.

“Please papá,” he whispered almost inaudibly. The man whirled around, backhanding Lance sending him into the fridge. He whimpered, clutching cheek in pain and hesitantly looked at his father.

“GO!” He yelled. Lance yelped and flew down the hallway away from him. He carefully closed his door behind him, slamming it was against the rules. He groaned and grabbed his stomach before sliding down his door to land on the floor. He leaned back against it and looked at the ceiling. His stomach let out a loud growl and he let himself curl in on himself. He let out a small sob as his stomach clenched in pain. Shiro squeezed his eyes shut against the tears that wanted to escape. It suddenly made too much sense why Lance was as skinny as he was and why he ate as much as he did at meal times. He looked over at their Lance and saw that he too, was resting his hand on his stomach like it was in just as much pain. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the memory begin to flicker and he reluctantly turned, prepared to witness more of Lance’s painful memories. He was surprised and excited when instead he saw Hunk placing a tray of cookies in front of Lance.

“That was at the Garrison,” Hunk spoke up with a smile on his face. Hunk said that he wanted to bake his mom some cookies for her birthday and send them to her. Lance had been able to talk the Garrison cooks into letting him use it after hours as long as they would clean everything us before they left. Lance was able to gain just about anybody’s trust, they could see what a good kid he was. They watched with wide smiles as the two of them cooked and danced around the kitchen. This was the Lance that they knew. The one with a constant smile on his face and wasn’t afraid to be as loud as he wanted. This was the Lance that he deserved to be, a carefree kid.

“That was at the Garrison too,” Pidge pointed out when the memory changed to him and Pidge dancing around one of the student lounges. When she went to the Garrison; she knew that she was just there to get enough intel to find her dad and matt but there was something so calming and trustworthy about Lance, that she couldn’t help but become friends with him. They had been studying and Lance had turned on his music for background noise but soon enough they were forgetting about their books and just enjoyed the beat of the music around them.

“Hey, that’s the Space Mall,” Keith said as it changed to him and Lance wandering through stores. They were able to go back after they settled everything out with Varkon and were freely able to look around. Almost immediately Lance went to the Earth store with Keith following him. They laughed when Lance plopped a cowboy hat on Keith’s head and he instantly started talking in a southern drawl and started walking around with his hands resting where a belt buckle would be. Lance lost it and collapsed on the ground from laughing too hard. He stood over top of him and continued, ignoring the fact that Lance told him he was going to pee himself if he kept going.

“The pool, of course,” Shiro snorted. They had figured out the pool a while ago and this was the first time that Shiro had been in. He wasn’t sure how his prosthetic would react to the water. Pidge said it would be fine, but he was still wary. Earlier, Hunk had installed a rope swing to the side wall. Which seemed to be one of Lance’s favourite things at the pool.

“Hey, Shiro!” He called. His eyes widened when he looked behind him and only saw Lance flying towards him on the rope. Lance grabbed him around the chest with his legs and dragged him into the pool with him. Lance shot to the surface with a smile and a cheer of joy. He looked around him, trying to find his leader. He gulped when Shiro rose slowly out of the depths like some sort of Disney villain. The image was ruined only by the white fringe that was flopped over his face, completely covering his eyes. Lance let out a snort and covered his grinning mouth. He let out a shriek when Shiro picked him up over his head by his arm and leg.

“Yeet!” Shiro shouted, launching him across the pool to land in the deeper water. It took a few moments for him to surface but he came up laughing so hard, that Shiro was afraid he would drown himself accidentally. They watched these memories with smiles so bug that their jaws started to hurt. They can’t change the past and what happened to Lance but they sure as hell could change his future.

“I’m sorry you guys had to see that,” Lance said quietly after they pulled their headbands off. They turned to face him and could see the hesitation and shame on his face. They moved to side around him and wrapped around him in comfort.

“You don’t have anything to apologize for,” Shiro insisted grabbing his hands. Lance looked at them for a moment before curling slightly and resting his head on top of them.

“I’m scared to go back to Earth, I don’t know what he’ll do to me,” Lance whimpered. Shiro’s eyes widened and he pulled Lance to his chest.

“You’re not going back to that house,” Shiro promised him. “You can live with me and Keith if you have to but I will never let that man near you ever again,”

“Really?” Lance’s quiet, wobbly voice asked. Shiro looked down to lock eyes with Lance’s teary blues.

“Of course,” he nodded. Lance’s chin trembled and he let out a whine as he bumped his head against Shiro’s chest. He gripped the material of his shirt in his hand and let out a choked sob. With relief, the others crowded around him in a warm hug. They were not going to let anyone hurt Lance ever again. Not if they had anything to say about it.

SNK Audio Drama Transcript: “Survey Corps’ Special Appreciation Party Squad - Operation: Hospitality”

調査兵団特別打ち上げ班~作戦名O・MO・TE・NA・SHI -

Survey Corps’ Special Appreciation Party Squad - Operation: Hospitality

[translation: yusenki | editing: thirstylevi​]

Scene: The 104th cadets are hosting the SC’s post-expedition appreciation party for the soliders, and Captain Levi is the guest of honor. Erwin convinces Levi to go.

Characters: Armin, Eren, Mikasa, Jean, Erwin, Levi, Sasha

Intro: Survey Corps is the organization of man-kind’s last hope and their specialty in eliminating titans made them the man-kind’s strongest military force.

Armin: [flipping page] So then we, the Survey Corps’ special appreciation party squad, took care of the preparation for the appreciation party held after the 84th expedition outside the wall. As of right now, the appreciation party after the expedition is just an empty shell; in the past many people attended this party, but due to cost cutting, we have reached the point where we can only serve water and raw potatoes, so the number of attendees are declining. After the cuts, the special appreciation party is continuously afraid that no guests will attend. But tonight, the appreciation party will be different. [flipping page] Tonight for the first time after 21 parties in the past, there will be a special guest. That guest of honor is the strongest soldier among mankind, Captain Levi!

Eren: Thank you, Foreman (supervisor) Armin, and all of you. You heard it, tonight there will be a big job for us, which is the special appreciation party, and just for this party we need to make it successful no matter what.

Jean: Tch, that’s obvious, we don’t need you to tell us such simple things.

Mikasa: Food Provision Head Jean, please listen to Chief Eren until he finishes.

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my ideas on a solarpunk future

Food towers in cities would be a great start; reduced ground space, cycling water and rainwater collection for water needs, aquaponics allowing for fish to be harvested as well, solar panel glass windows allowing in light for the plants while powering the complex, multiple organic crops with no chance of weeds or pests, with low to zero transportation costs to cities residents. Initial cost would be high and it would need to be maintained and harvested, but that’s a set of jobs for farmers that are currently looking at the barrel end of obsoleteness or full corporate control. Or it can be a series of coop opportunities, so people can take part in the means of production while getting a discount on the eventual product.

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This Weird Feeling

Prompt ~ #15 “I’ve never felt this way before…and it scares the shit out of me.”

Extra ~ Teen!Damian Wayne x Reader

Papers were strewn around the desk and floor of Damian’s room, he was trying to do his homework but his feelings had began to eat him up, confusing him dearly. The reaction to this feeling was havoc on his poor once organized desk. He sat in the middle of the pile, holding his head in his hands as he desperately tried to collect his thoughts. It was silly really, he had looked at the picture on his desk, a picture of you and him at the beach and immediately a weird warmth spread through his body.

How blind could he be?

He should have seen it coming, yet he dived right in with no thought. In those few minutes he now understood, every single thing you did he found beautiful. The way you laughed, how you talked in your sleep, and how you always proclaimed your love for his eyes. It all felt right, everything seemed to click in that moment. Everything had finally become clear to him, he was desperately in love with his best friend and he didn’t even know it.

Damian stood up from the pile of papers, he slipped on his jacket and ran out the door of his room. He quickly slid down the railing of the stairs not carrying how foolish it probably looked. He quickly turned the nob of the front door and slammed it as he ran out. It was raining, but he didn’t care that the rain was pelting him, he pulled the keys out of his pocket and put them in the ignition of his motorcycle. He rode out through the manor’s gates and into the gloomy streets of Gotham. He speed through countless yellow lights in order to arrive faster. Damian took the final left turn and arrived to your street he parked his motorcycle in your drive way. He stuffed the keys into his pockets and brought his hand up to knock the door. The door swung open, you stood there in front of him with your hair in a bun in your pajamas.You immediately pulled him and shut the door.

“Damian? Did you ride your motorcycle here? What were you thinking, you can get sick! You could have gotten in an accident.” You pestered him as he took of his wet shoes and left them near the mat.

“Don’t worry, I am perfectly fine.” He grabbed  both your hands, your warm hands spreading warmth to his cold ones. Damian kept his eyes trained on yours while you gave him a confused look.


“Ive never felt this way before…and it scares the shit out of me.” He finally broke the long silence, you tilted your head trying to signal to him that you had no idea what he meant.

“I never thought it was possible for me to feel this, it’s new. It feels weird, but it also feels right to me.”

“I don’t understand?”

“Don’t you see? I Damian Wayne am desperately in love with you.” When he spoke those words it seemed as if a barrier had been broken. You locked his lips with yours in a matter of seconds, not caring that his hair was dripping wet or that his clothes were soaked.

“It took you some time.” You smirked as you pulled back.

“Does this mean you recuperate the same feelings?” He asked sheepishly.

“Yes! I mean- oh what ever just kiss me.” He pulled you into another sweet kiss, lips moving against each other in a heated dance.

“I love you my beloved.”

“I love you too.”

Marth/Michalis C-A support

Written by  bluesojourner

Disclaimer: Both Marth and Michalis are from a post-New Mystery of the Emblem world.


Marth: Good day, Michalis!

Michalis: That’s ‘King Michalis of Macedon’, whelp.

Marth: … If I’d greeted you like that, you would have said I was mocking you, seeing as your sister gave me the throne.

Michalis: Then refrain from greeting me.

[Michalis leaves.]

Marth: Michalis! You can’t run from me! 

Marth: (I didn’t want to do this…) Michalis! People are going to think you’re afraid of me!

[Michalis returns.]

Michalis: What do you want?

Marth: I’d like it if you would teach me how to ride a wyvern.

Michalis: What?! What in the worlds brought on such a request? Your skill with a sword will be rendered obsolete.

Marth: I’d like to be able to fly with Caeda, but I’m not a pure-hearted maiden, making a pegasus off limits.

Michalis: … So you’re coming to me for help with your love life? Ha! Ahahaha!

Marth: I’m serious, Michalis.

Michalis: Then you deserve a serious answer - no. I have no desire to teach you anything.

[Michalis leaves.]

Marth: *sigh* Heh. Time for the fall-back plan.

[Marth and Michalis have reached support rank C.]


Marth: Hold still. N-no! Ahhhhh!! Oof!

Michalis: What are you doing, Altean whelp? Besides spreading lies about me.

Marth: I’m trying to learn how to successfully dismount from a wyvern. I accidentally selected a hungry one and it ran for the feeding trough as soon as we landed. But what’s this about me spreading lies? You know I don’t do that.

Michalis: Everyone thinks that I’m teaching you to ride a wyvern! Add to that your disgraceful showing in the skies today, and my reputation as a trainer is ruined!

Marth: My apologies. I’d told my friends that I was going to ask you to train me, but I neglected to tell them of your refusal. I didn’t think they’d automatically assume you had agreed.

Michalis: I don’t imagine they assumed anything until you started your ascent from the stables. Upside-down.

Marth: Haha. Yes, well… I’m not sure how that happened.

Michalis: Caeda was extremely worried.

Marth: Oh dear. Well, perhaps you could show me how to hold the reins? I didn’t feel that I had much control.

Michalis: …

Marth: …

Michalis: You’re not going to give this up, are you?

Marth: Of course not.

Michalis: *sigh* Then I suppose I’ll have to teach you. I can’t let you tarnish my reputation any more than you already have.

Marth: You have my thanks!

[Marth and Michalis have reached support rank B.]


Marth: There you are, girl. Rest now.

Michalis: I must admit, you take excellent care of your mount.

Marth: Thank you. But what of my flying? Under your tutelage these past weeks, my performance has improved from what it was that first day, has it not?

Michalis: Anything would be an improvement from your first display. That does not necessarily imply something praiseworthy.

Marth: I see. Then I must work even harder!

Michalis: Marth, what is your goal?

Marth: To become an excellent wyvern rider, of course. So that I may fly with Caeda, and be a more well-rounded ruler.

Michalis: No, Marth. What is your purpose behind having me as your teacher? I’m not an idiot, and neither are you. At least not completely. We both know that you could have asked Minerva, Cherche, Camilla, or a number of others. All would have, no doubt, been pleased to train you, and with a good deal more gentleness and patience than I care to dispense. What is your goal? Why are you so determined to pester me with this nonsense?

Marth: Ah, that goal. I’d hoped that we might forge a bond of friendship. Too often we have been in opposition to one another.

Michalis: Hmph.

Marth: When you did fight with me, it was never done with pleasure. Even here we have been forced together in this war against Veronica. But I admire your skill and courage and your leader’s soul.

Michalis: …

Marth: My dream is that someday you might again ascend the throne of Macedon. Your people love you. And I am certain that if we work together, we can ensure that the curse of war is kept from our lands. What do you say? Have you perhaps warmed to me over these past weeks of flying?

Michalis: I don’t think that we will ever understand each other.

Marth: Michalis…

Michalis: How could you have so much power, yet be willing to give some of it up to a man you admit has been predominantly your adversary? Perhaps that is the secret to your success as a king.

Marth: …?

Michalis: You are serious, aren’t you? Then you deserve a serious answer. I have long admired your skill as ruler, and as I have given you these ‘lessons’ I have come to… trust you. I trust that you will never strive to subjugate another nation. You have respected and cared for the people of Macedon. I trust that you would never try to subjugate me. You have treated me as an equal. It would be my… pleasure to be your fellow ruler and work… with you for the peace and prosperity of our peoples.

Marth: That is good to hear. I hope to soon address you as King Michalis of Macedon!

Michalis: Ha! Although, just ‘Michalis’ is acceptable as well. We’re partners, after all.

[Marth and Michalis have reached support rank A.]


Eighth Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Part One      Part Two        Part Three        Part Four       Part Five

Part Six     Part Seven     Part Nine

Elijah’s face stayed unreadable as you glowered at him, unlike the rest of your family members he stayed calm and collected, not matter what attempt to escape his newest lesson you made.

“This is stupid I know how to fight.” You huffed childishly, your bottom lip pouting a little as you refused to partake in Elijah’s newest lesson.

“You know how to kill there is a vast difference.” Elijah sighed, shrugging off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves.

“I hit them they stop… not really a difference.” You huffed preparing to defend yourself.


“Hit me.” Elijah said quickly.

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Breakdown of all the Sizzy scenes from Season 2 Episode 17, "A Dark Reflection."

I first want to bring up this moment from episode 14 of Season 2. Izzy (to Clary): “Maybe you should give Simon some time.” Simon (to Clary later in the same episode): “I’m gonna need some time.” Isabelle knows Simon pretty well even though they don’t have many scenes together.

Here’s the link to the my reaction to their scenes from Episode 12 and it also contains another link to my breakdown from episode 7 of Season 2: 

Here’s a video link to all the Sizzy scenes from this episode:

So we have Simon playing a game of Hide-and-Seek with Max. You can seriously tell that Izzy is struggling with the fact that Max is growing up. And is it just me or does it seem like Isabelle and Simon seem like they are being parents to Max at Simon’s place in this particular scene? Simon allowing Max to do as he pleases because Max isn’t doing anything wrong and Izzy being super protective over Max. I think this is the closest you will get to see how Sizzy operate together as parents in the show at this point in time with this scene to back it up. Isabelle doesn’t want Max to die and Kaelie was so close to killing him in episode 13 (of Season 2.) 

Simon: “Izzy, we’ve been at this for hours. I think it’s time that we take a break.” Izzy: “Max is fine. Okay?” Simon (puts his right hand on Isabelle’s left shoulder): “It’s not Max that I’m worried about.” Just to be clear, you can see that Simon puts his hand on Isabelle’s right shoulder because from our perspective it’s from our right but from Izzy’s perspective, it’s definitely her left shoulder that Simon touches. I think that Simon allowing Isabelle to push Max so much for hours shows that he wants Isabelle to be happy. Frankly, I couldn’t do that for hours without stopping because I would get tired eventually and I would eventually need a break at some point. It also shows that Simon wants Max to get better as a shadowhunter and Simon wants to be the one to help Max do that. Simon also seems to be worried about Isabelle’s well-being and that shows that he really cares about her so he tries to cheer her up by taking her and Max to the Jade Wolf for some Chinese food.

Meanwhile at the Jade Wolf…

Simon: “Yeah. I definitely think that’s nuts that the Clave has little kids fighting demons, but you’re shadowhunters right? It’s not anything new.” Isabelle: “I’m still worried, you know? He’s my little brother-” Simon (interrupts): “I get it. But Izzy, when it’s all said and done. Isn’t this what Max was born to do? Like you?” First of all, I just want to say that Simon knows what it’s like to be the youngest sibling who is protected all the time because he has an older sister who has treated him in the past like how Isabelle is treating Max right now. Izzy is basically staring at Simon with her head in the palm of her hand with her elbow leaning up against the table when Simon is giving her advice on how he thinks she should handle Max like she admires Simon for the advice he’s giving her and we find out later that she does. Then, Simon brings up Star Wars which he’s really passionate about and Simon questions Izzy’s ability to train Max by teasing her that she doesn’t know anything about Star Wars and neither does Max. 

Then Simon accidentally runs into Maia…

Izzy (to Maia): “I don’t think we’ve actually met. I’m Isabelle Lightwood.” Maia (to Simon): “Are you taking her on a boat ride?” Simon: “What? No. No. Of course not. Izzy and I are friends. We’re helping her brother Max train and then we stopped to get a bite to eat.” Isabelle (to Simon while she flips her hair back): “Stop talking.” Simon (nervous): “That’s it.” Maia (awkwardly): “I will see you later.” Simon: “Yeah. See you later." 

This is the second time that Simon and Isabelle have been mistaken for a romantic couple. Maia thinks Simon was taking Izzy on a boat ride but he wasn’t. It’s no doubt that Maia like Rosa sees that Simon could be in a romantic relationship with Isabelle. Rosa ships them whereas Maia I don’t think hates the idea of Sizzy, I think she is focusing on her feelings for Simon instead of Simon’s feelings for Izzy because Maia has been hurting lately so she wants her pain to stop but Maia also knows that Simon just went through a really tough break up with Clary. The first time Sizzy was accidentally being mistaken for a romantic couple was in Episode 12 of Season 2 when Raphael’s sister Rosa Santiago thinks that they have already been married for a while. The writers are definitely dropping subtle hints on what’s in store for Sizzy later on in the series. Simon gets scared of Isabelle when she tells him to stop talking. Obviously, Simon trusts Maia but Isabelle doesn’t because she just met Maia. There is enough evidence on the show that Izzy with out a doubt trusts Simon 100%.  I think a boy needs a girl to scare him in order to keep him in check. Simon has NEVER once been scared of Clary because they have been best friends in like forever and because of Clary’s personality that anyone could see from a mile away and how she acts around him. Maia treats Simon similar to how Clary does except when it comes to the physical affection. Izzy treats Simon a whole lot different than the other two girls treat Simon. I won’t go into the details because that’s for another post. Isabelle doesn’t seem so shocked about her and Simon being mistakenly pointed out as a couple this time. She just steps back and looks at Simon while Simon says they are "just friends.” Izzy looks back at Maia and then at Simon and Izzy knows for sure that there is something unresolved between them.

Jade Wolf scene taken place outside…

Isabelle: “What was that?” Simon: “What?” Izzy: “That… in there. You and Maia.” Simon: “There is no me and Maia.” Izzy: “Okay, Simon you can’t possibly be that clueless. Okay. She likes you, it’s obvious.” Simon: “She doesn’t like me. When a girl likes you and you ask her out, most of the time she doesn’t say no.” Isabelle: “She didn’t tell you why?” Simon: “She just told me that she had a lot going on.” Isabelle: “There’s your problem. There’s obviously something going on that she’s not telling you.” Simon: “After the whole Seelie Court business, I’m done chasing girls who only want to be my friend.” Izzy (sighs): “I didn’t take you for a quitter.” Simon (teases): “Easy for you to say. When was the last time you got shot down?” Isabelle (teases back): “You’d be surprised.” There goes Simon flirting with Isabelle again and Izzy flirts back. I honestly think they don’t know that they are flirting but flirting comes so natural to them! Isabelle doesn’t think Simon is a quitter and she’s right! Simon is very persistent. This shows her understanding of Simon’s character which Isabelle adds so much texture to. We also get an indirect mention of Raphael because he shot Isabelle down when Isabelle wanted to continue their relationship in episode 14 of Season 2. Simon then tells Isabelle that he’s going to lay low and stick to the things that he’s good at. If it wasn’t obvious in episode 7 of Season 2 that Isabelle wants Simon to take a chance with Maia, well, it certainly is now. Isabelle is definitely interested in Simon’s love life, like she was in episode 7 of Season 2. Isabelle wants Simon to be happy and if getting him to admit his feelings to Maia and going out with Maia is going to make him happy, Isabelle is going to take that chance even though she doesn’t understand or even know that her motives are that she has genuine romantic feelings for Simon which means that she’s in love with him. So because Simon doesn’t take the initiative to tell Maia how he feels, Isabelle is going to play matchmaker again but this time, giving Maia the necessary push to ask Simon out for herself. 

I just want to bring out that couples who are pushed externally don’t last long. Studies have proven that couples that come together by themselves have a MUCH higher chance working out in the long run than a couple who is forcefully put together. 

Back in the Jade Wolf… (Even though there isn’t any direct interactions of Sizzy in this upcoming scene, Simon is the main focus of this particular conversation.)

Izzy (to Maia): “…This is about Simon.” Maia: “What about him?” Isabelle: “I want to know if you’re really not interested in him or just playing hard to get.” Maia: “Okay. I’m not playing anything and I’m sorry but how is this any of your business?” Izzy: “Simon’s my friend. He’s been there for me when I needed him.” Maia: “That’s awesome! If you don’t mind, I’m learning about Phytoplankton.” Isabelle: “Who was he?” Maia: “Hmm?” Izzy: “The guy who broke your heart? Who was he?” Maia: “Well he’s not Jace if that’s what you’re asking.” Isabelle: “Wait. You and Jace?” Maia: “True story. It was fun, nothing more.” Izzy: “But someone hurt you, someone who meant a lot. We’ve all been there. Me. Simon. It doesn’t mean you should stop trying.” Maia: “Who do you think you are coming in here and talking to me about heartbreak? You don’t know anything about me.” Isabelle: “You’re right but I know Simon. And he’s smart, sweet, caring-” Maia (annoyed and interrupts): “You think I don’t know that? Maybe you have it all figured out but I lost control once and I’m not going to do it again.” Izzy: “Losing control sucks. I know that better than anyone but it’s a hell of a lot better than not taking a chance at all. Nice to meet you, Maia." 

Like I said earlier Isabelle wants Simon to be happy because she really cares about him. I think that she’s aware that she cares about Simon and that she has feelings for Simon but I don’t think she knows yet that she has romantic feelings for Simon and that she’s in love with him. I totally see Izzy falling for Simon first before Simon falls for Izzy and this scene has convinced me of such reasoning! Look at Isabelle’s face when she mentions all the things she likes about Simon. That folks right there is confirmation to me that Isabelle is in love with Simon and if you can’t see it or choose not to see it or because you just don’t like Sizzy, well, I don’t know how else I can convince you. I mean she mentioned that Simon is smart, sweet and caring but she mentioned something else that wasn’t directly mentioned. Do you know what it was? I’ll let Izzy answer that question. Izzy: "Simon’s my friend. He’s been there for me when I needed him.” Loyalty was the answer. I think Isabelle admires how loyal Simon is and that is what she admires the most about him as a person. Even Jace said that Simon is loyal in episode 14 of Season 2. Isabelle knows what losing control can bring (i.e. Yin Fen) but I think she is happy that she at least tried to fight for love with Raphael even though he completely turned her down. Isabelle also knows that the pain of losing something can make you stronger. I mean seriously! Izzy looked like crap in episode 10 and 11 of Season 2 but now she’s better than ever and has made a speedy recovery with much progress. So sure, even though Maia won’t be in a romantic relationship forever with Simon, I think the mistakes that they learn in their relationship now and the ones that they made in their previous relationships before will help prepare them for the relationships that are worthwhile in the end (for Simon it will be Izzy and with Maia, it will be with whoever she dates after she dates Simon.)

Iida a TodoDeku shipper?

Ok. So now that I’m riding the TodoDeku train, what if Iida was to find out about their feelings for each other?
When I saw in the latest manga that he was sitting in between them, it got me thinking that Iida somehow catches on to their thing and ships it. There’d be times when he’d leave them alone to do whatever he does just so they could have a moment with each other?

How about that, ey?

masha-russia  asked:

Do you have headcanons about Tom Riddle? About his childhood and early years at Hogwarts?

I admit that I’ve never thought about this before, but I’m thinking (very eagerly) about it now, and here are some ideas:

  • Not unlike Hermione Granger decades later, he consumed his school textbooks the moment he got them. He read them late into the night and scribbled down what he found most interesting and useful (later he started transcribing the notes into his diary). He already knew a lot of spells and magical history by the time his first train ride to Hogwarts came around.
  • On the train rides he often bought chocolate frogs from the cart to see if he could cast spells on the frog (some of which were brutal). He also liked how they tasted.
  • Tom didn’t just charm the pants off his professors. Girls would whisper fiercely and giggle behind his back, and he knew this. He would seduce them for information, like when he wanted to know the ins and outs of the girls lavatory for when he had to access the Chamber of Secrets. 
  • Tom detested having to rely on the stipend Dumbledore gave him to purchase school supplies. He was embarrassed by having to wear second-hand robes. He started doing extra tasks for professors around the school (mostly Slughorn) so that he had some money of his own and could afford the finest robes.
  • His diary included notes on his family lineage. In a moment of uncontrolled rage, when discovering his father was unquestionably a Muggle, he ripped out every page that mentioned his father.
  • When he found out Hogwarts was closing and that he was responsible, he locked himself away in a bathroom stall and sobbed, detesting his mistakes, detesting the orphanage he would be forced to return to. In fact, he cried a lot whenever he failed at something (he made sure no one was around to see him, of course).
  • He forged the signature of his orphanage caretakers for permission to go to Hogsmeade.
  • Helena Ravenclaw first met him when he was reading in a hallway and was impressed by his extensive knowledge on nearly everything. She thought he would make a good Ravenclaw. He turned out to be her greatest riddle, one that she got gravely wrong.
  • He would make her laugh by making up flirtatious riddles that suggested he was fond of her (he wasn’t).
  • He would use his authority as prefect/Head Boy to punish those who wronged him. One time a fellow Slytherin beat him at wizarding chess and Tom made sure the boy got ten days of detention by making it look like he cheated on a test. 
  • During the summers spent at the orphanage, he would desperately look for signs of other wizards, especially ones his age. 
  • He detested when the other orphans did Muggle “magic” tricks.
  • He was indifferent about Quidditch but came to the games “to show school spirit”. He also used it to his advantage, noticing the most skilled players and considering them for his future army.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

You’re Cute || Minghao || Oneshot

Originally posted by softsnuper

GENRE: fluff, minghao!au, trains, late-night-rubbish-writes, oneshot, request

WORDS: 1224

REQUEST: Could you do either 18 or 22 pls. And if I can ask for Minghao pls or not whatever you decide c:” + “For the aus that we never asked for. Number 22 please, because that situation’s extremely embarrassing but cute 😂”

#22: “we go on the same train every day and i complain about how hot you are to my friend thinking that you don’t speak english except once you were like ‘honestly you’re pretty damn fine yourself’ oh my fucking GO D” au

“Dude. Dude dude!”


“Dude look!”

“What, where?”


“WHAT!” your friend roared, pulling her arm away. You didn’t realize you had been shaking her shoulder this whole time. You pointedly excitedly into the train.

“Look! It’s him!”


You rolled your eyes. “The same guy I’ve been telling you about! Train boy! The really hot one!”

Her gaze followed yours into the train and you both watched as the guy put on his headphones, scrolling through songs on his phone. In those few seconds before the doors opened, you noticed everything about him.

His side-swept brown hair. The doe-like eyes. His casual sitting posture; leaned back and legs opened wide. There was a slight smirk on his lips.

The doors opened and you hurried inside, dragging your friend to stand right in front of him.

“Dude what are you doing?” your friend scolded. “I know you – you’re going to be fangirling over him the whole ride. Why are we standing here!”

You noticed she had switched to speaking in Mandarin. “You don’t have to do that you know. He’s wearing headphones.”


“So that means we can speak about him freely and he won’t hear us, duh.”

In front of you the boy laughed at something on his phone. You liked the way he laughed; it was more like a giggle and he would throw his head back happily each time. It made you smile yourself.

“Yah, stop looking at him like that,” your friend snapped her fingers in front you. “That’s creepy!”

“I can’t help it, he’s so cute.”


“Would you look at his arms! Look at those veins. Do you think he works out?”

She shrugged.  “I don’t know maybe he breaks.”

“Like break dance?” you gasped. “That’s so cool! That would explain why he’s always in those dance clothes. He’s always sweaty in on Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays.”

“You are a stalker.”

“Just observant.”

Your eyes flit back to the boy. Today he had on a little silver earring on his right ear – usually he wore earrings on both but you figured he looked better with just the one. “Dude he looks so badass today.”


“Look at the earring! He looks so good like that holy crap.” Almost like he heard you, the boy touched his ear. “He usually wears both but he looks really good with just one. It makes him look like a gang leader.”

“Again, you’re a creep.”

“Is it weird that I want to run my hand through his hair?”



“Y/N shut up!” your friend clamped her hand over your mouth. “You were squealing. Squealing!

“I can’t help it he’s so cute.”

“People are STARING!”

“Why are they staring at me? They should stare at this beautiful that’s right in front of me.”

Admittedly your fangirling today was really bad, especially since you didn’t have to struggle to use Mandarin so he wouldn’t understand what you were saying. On other days you would usually just throw some compliments about how hot he was – he was really hot – but right now, the boy in front of you was giving you too many reasons to appreciate his beauty.

He kept pushing his hair back with his hands and grinning right on cue. And that little dimple over his lip kept making an appearance…

As the train travelled on, more people started leaving than entering. You got a seat directly opposite the boy right after your friend left and spent the rest of your time shooting subtle looks his way. Since you lived at the very end of the line the train was practically empty a few stations before your stop.

You waited for the boy to get off: His station was five stops before yours. The train doors opened and closed but he didn’t leave.

You looked up curiously.

…And found him staring back at you.

Your eyes widened.

There was a half-smirk on his lips and a playful glint in his eyes. He stood up and took off his headphones, crossing the width of the train and sitting down in the empty spot next to you. His gaze didn’t leave yours.

Nǐ jīntiān hǎo ma? How are you today?”

You blushed furiously. “Wǒ hěn hǎo, xièxiè nǐ.”

“Do you know what these are?” he asked, continuing to speak in Mandarin. He pointed to his headphones.


“Do you know what they’re good for?”

“Listening to music?”

“Ah,” he held up a finger, grinning devilishly. “You’re half-right. But they’re especially good for pretending to listen to music.”

Your blush deepened. “What exactly are you saying here?”

“I think you know exactly what I’m saying.” He leaned forward, eyes dancing. You refused to meet his gaze, choosing instead to focus on the up-turned curve of his lips.

He moved back, crossing his arms casually.

“You probably don’t know this – or do you? – but I’m a student here from China. Chinese national through and through.” He turned back to you. “In other words, you need to brush up on your pronunciation my friend or you’ll never be understood by a native.”

“Don’t wanna be understood by a native,” you pouted.

“You’re cute when you pout.”

“Don’t say that!”

“If I recall, you’re the one who said that, about me.” He was grinning widely.

“You’re enjoying this!”

“Of course! I can’t help it that you look really cute today.”

“Stop it!”

“Stop what?” he asked innocently.

“You know what.”


“This!” you waved your arms wildly. He laughed, copying your actions. “What? What is this?”

“This teasing! You’re flirting! I can tell; you’re definitely flirting.”

“You like it.”

“No, I don’t!”

“You do. You’re so red,” he reached out and pinched your cheek. “Look, your ears are turning red!”

“Oh my god stop it!”

“Ahhh you’re really cute!” he dodged as you tried to swipe him. “I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. You’re like a little puppy!”

“You weren’t actually laughing at your phone just now, were you? You were laughing at me freaking out about you.”

“Pretty much,” he smirked.

You groaned, embarrassed. You tried to hide your face in your hands but he wouldn’t let you. He kept using your hair to tickle your ears so you would have to look up and stop him, then he’d be pinching your cheeks again. He wouldn’t stop saying how cute you were.

“What even is your name!” you complained.

He chuckled. “Minghao. And yours?”


He grinned, throwing his arm over your shoulder. “Y/N I think this is the start of a very beautiful friendship.”

You groaned. “This sucks. I didn’t know you were this annoying. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.”

“And deny me of your adorable thoughts? Never!”

“I can’t believe I said all those things! And you could hear and understand them! This whole time!”

“They made my day.”

“Hoo-ray,” you said miserably.

The train finally pulled into your stop; the last station. It had been the longest three-station ride of your life.

“Y/N, I think to commemorate the start of this friendship, you should treat me to some food.”

“Are you serious?”

“My favourite is anything that reminds me of home.”

“You’re serious.”

He beamed down at you. “We have a long time ahead of us Y/N. Let’s get to it.”


Still typing up all my spoiler-y thoughts about Murder on the Orient Express from like 10 pages of notes taken yesterday after the premiere, but I just wanted to talk about one funny scene today, and it’s about Poirot and CAKE:

(Putting this under the cut, sorry cuts don’t work on mobile, just scroll past if you don’t wanna read!)

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hey look i wrote something for once

so i mentioned awhile back that i’d started writing a hogwarts au. it’s currently one of my favorite things to work on right now, so i figured i’d post the first chapter to see how you guys like it. there’s probably some minor errors, but my laptop’s been acting up when i try to transfer writing here and i’m really, really tired, so pardon that. i hope you guys like it! -mod rose 💜

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How I Met Joey Drew

((Okay I know I just gave you a fanfic @ask-joeydrewstudios. But for the day your having. I thought of writing another one for you))

So after seeing the ask about How Henry and Joey met and my ask about if Henry tells Bendy stories. I’ve wondered if Bendy knew the story on how his creator met Henry, and well here is a cute and sweet outcome.

@ask-joeydrewstudios get well soon! 

Also I realized this is my first fanfic to you non-Sammie related. Don’t worry I’ll make another Samsie one for you soon

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Written by: @2violetflower15
Summary: AU. Rick and Michonne run into each other while riding the metro in DC. Could a spark of recognition lead to something more? (Each section is limited to 100 words.)

Rating: T


  1. Do I know you?
  2. Don’t make eye contact. Just keep walking.
  3. I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.
  4. Sit down.
  5. How does this thing work?
  6. Not again.
  7. Don’t be mad.
  8. One question: Why?
  9. Would you do me the honor?
  10. How did this happen?

1.“Do I know you?” (Rick)

Maybe it’s her hair? She kinda looks like that accountant that Daryl brought with him to Glenn’s Fourth of July party last summer. Or was it two summers ago? Lori was nine months pregnant at the time, so it had to have been last summer. He remembered because she had chosen that particular get together to announce to all of their mutual friends that she and Shane were getting married. And he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of the stranger with the enigmatic eyes, and the thick black hair. That has to be her. Shit, she’s looking…


2.“Don’t make eye contact. Just keep walking.” (Michonne)

The blue eyed stranger had been staring since Metro Center. Take a damn picture, sheesh. The train car slowed to a stop and a bell chimed. “Doors opening: Woodley Park.” Finally. She stepped onto the platform, already envisioning the pesto pasta she would order for dinner, when she collided with a solid chest. She looked up into familiar blue eyes.

 “Hi. Have we met?”

She blinked, transfixed. He’s southern. “I don’t think so.” She turned to leave.

“For some reason I feel like you put Doritos in your sandwiches,” he called after her. “Am I right?”

She didn’t answer him.

3.  “I’m sorry. I’ll never do it again.” (Rick)

He’d taken the red line everyday for three days straight, but had yet to see her again. Doritos. He cringed. No wonder she kept walking.

 “Are you stalking me?”

Her voice was deeper than he remembered. Sexy. “No.” He took in her strappy black heels and her long, bare legs. Fancy.

“Maggie’s BBQ. You took the last of the chips.

“If I recall correctly, you yelled at me. Lesson learned.”

“I thought you lived in Georgia.”

The heel of his cowboy boot clicked against the dirty concrete. You can take the boy out of the country.  He smiled. “Not anymore.”

4.  “Sit down.” (Michonne)

Doritos. She tried to write it off as an oddly specific pick up line, but his eyes just wouldn’t let her.

She and Mike had just split, and she was feeling sorry for herself. Daryl, ever a friend, had invited her to Maggie’s BBQ. Old blue eyes here had been a little greedy, and thus incurred her wrath. She’d been hormonal and depressed but he’d just smiled at her with those eyes.

The train arrived and she entered the railcar, sliding into an empty pair of seats. She turned to look at him. “Are you just going to stand there?”

5. “How does this thing work?” (Rick)

They sat together for the short ride to Adams Morgan. The silence between them was awkward, but not entirely uncomfortable.

“Maggie said you’re in DC to be closer to your kids.”

Kid. Singular. He swallowed. “Yeah. My ex wife moved here with her new husband.” She smells like peaches. “I think our stop is next.”

She nodded. Silence. “I could give you my number.”

Thank God. He pulled out his phone. “I don’t really know how to…it’s new. My son made me get it.” Smooth, Grimes.

“Here, let me.”

Their fingers brushed when she took the phone from him.

6. “Not again.” (Michonne)

Her phone beeped.

Hi. It’s Rick. From the train. No work today. Sick kid. Sorry to miss you.

When she hadn’t seen him, her first thought was: I hope he’s ok. Followed immediately by: I hope he’s still interested. She hated feeling insecure.

Ending things with Mike had killed her. She’d spent a lot of time sitting with the ghosts of that relationship. She’d almost become a ghost herself. Fortunately, Andre wouldn’t let her.

She wouldn’t go back to being that woman. Certainly not for some beautiful stranger.

Those eyes.

This isn’t going to work for me.

She hit send.

7.  “Don’t be mad.” (Rick)

He eased into the seat behind her. “Hey.” He wasn’t expecting the wall of silence that greeted him. His hands were sweaty which made it difficult to hold the phone.

I missed seeing your face yesterday.


Is that weird to say?

The few feet between them felt like miles.

Listen, whatever I did. I’m sorry.

 A bell chimed and the throngs of passengers spilled out onto the busy platform. He scanned the crowd for a glimpse of her face, but she was nowhere to be seen.

 And then he smelled peaches.

“It’s not about you. At all. It’s me.”

8. “One question: Why?” (Michonne)

The train screeched its way down the track and the platform cleared, leaving them in their own little bubble. “I’m being intentionally obtuse here.”

He laughed. “I gathered.”

She was surprised. “I don’t have a lot of time for dating. I work, a lot. And I have a young son at home. This, ” she gestured between them with a frantic hand, “is a distraction. ”

“I distract you?”

His face over breakfast with Andre. His voice during a conference call at work. His eyes at night while alone in bed.

“Yes, you do.” That smile. “What do you want from me?”

9. “Would you do me the honor?” (Rick)

“We could start with your name? You didn’t include that tidbit with your number.” He tilted his head and gave her a soft smile.

 She stared at him with narrowed eyes. “Intentionally obtuse, remember?”

“Right,” he joked, “How could I forget?”

“It’s Michonne.”

He scanned her face. “Is that French?”

Her mouth twitched. “At its root, I suppose.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Michonne.” He extended a hand in her direction. She hesitated briefly, then shook it gingerly. “So, I passed a sandwich shop on my way to work today, and they were fully stocked with Doritos. Are you hungry?”


10. “How did this happen?” (Michonne)

She bit into her Italian sub stuffed full of corn chips and smiled at the cheesy crunch. Old blue eyes, Rick, made sure to buy a few extra bags. Now he was telling her a story about his son’s nose, a marble, and the emergency room. He’s funny.

“So, Michonne… I’d like to see you again. What do you think?”

I think I’m standing on the edge of a cliff. She looked up into his eyes and a sense of calm settled over her. He seemed worth the risk. She took a breath, and jumped.

“I think I’d like that.”

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Signs as Melanie Martinez Songs

Aries: Tag You’re It //

Little bit of poison in me
I can taste your skin in my teeth
“I love it when I hear you breathing
I hope to God you’re never leaving" 

Taurus: Sippy Cup //

Blood still stains when the sheets are washed
Sex don’t sleep when the lights are off
Kids are still depressed when you dress them up
And syrup is still syrup in a sippy cup

Gemini: Play Date //

I don’t give a fuck about you anyways

Whoever said I give a shit about you

You never share your toys or communicateI guess 

I’m just a play date to you

Cancer: Milk and Cookies // 

Ashes, ashes, time to go down
Ooh, honey do you want me now?
Can’t take it anymore, need to put you to bed
Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end 

Leo:  Pacify Her // 

 Tired, blue boy walks my way
Holding a girl’s hand
That basic bitch leaves finally
Now I can take her man

Virgo: Teddy Bear //

Stitched you up, put you together

With cotton and feather

Gave you love, put my heart inside you

Oh what could I do

Libra: Mrs.Potato Head //
Kids forever, kids forever
Baby soft skin turns into leather
Don’t be dramatic it’s only some plastic
No one will love you if you’re unattractive

Scorpio: Crybaby //

You seem to replace
Your brain with your heart
You take things so hard
Then you fall apart

Training Wheels //

I love everything you do
When you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do
I wanna ride my bike with you
Fully undressed, no training wheels left for you
I’ll pull them off for you 

Capricorn: Alphabet Boy //

I know my ABC’s, yet you keep teaching me
I say, fuck your degree, alphabet boy
You think you’re smarter than me with all your bad poetry
Fuck all your ABC’s, alphabet boy

Aquarius: Mad Hatter //

My friends don’t walk, they run
Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun
Popping, popping balloons with guns, getting high off helium 

Pisces: Cake // 

 I’m not a piece of cake
For you to just discard
While you walk away
With the frosting of my heart
So I’m taking back
What’s mine, you’ll miss
The slice of heaven that
I gave to you last night

I read about the magic of Thisby in between lectures on genetics and evolutionary models and experimental protocol. All these superstitions, flowers on bridles and curses written backwards and blood poured on stones, fit nicely into the category of things a scientist can dismiss as chance conditioning - people believing things that were coincidentally associated with good luck are the cause of the good luck. I can imagine being a tourist or visitor coming to Thisby in October and being rather charmed and amused by how the riders train their horses, spitting on the sand and hanging them with bells. There are riders like Sean Kendrick, so obviously a brilliant horseman whose mastery of the beautiful capaill uisce you could only dream of attaining, and yet still you might laugh at him behind your hand when he ties knots in his stallion’s mane. It’s not the knots, you’d think; it's his riding technique and ability to read his horse’s body language. But you forgive him for these quaint superstitions, because it doesn’t prevent him from being a better horseman than you. Yes, this “magic” is something that must be forgiven.

And then you see him press holly berries to a capall’s nose and you see it die.

Or on a dark night, you see a band of capaill uisce crash out of the sea across the beach, all muscle and breakers and rippling lines and bloodthirst, and you see them rush back into the sea and vanish, and they take your doubt with them. 

After that, everything looks different and bigger and even though Thisby is a tiny island, it feels like no matter how long you stay you will never understand all its magic. But that’s the beauty of it. If you could pick it apart and analyse it under a microscope, prove to everyone it exists, then you wouldn’t be able to laugh behind your hand at the people who don’t believe. 

Giving One Direction my art

Hiya everyone,

The least I can do for all you after all you’ve done for me is describe what happened when I met One Direction and got to give them my artbooks.

I was lucky, really lucky.

The history
About a year ago, I met Louise at Wembley. Louise is Dan’s, 1D’s guitarist, mom. I’d had my art on me at the time and we’d been talking on Twitter. She said she would try to help.

So, she gave my artbook that I’d made for the Where We Are Tour to Dan.

He then showed it around, and eventually Karen Payne took it, even though Dan had meant to give it to the 1D boys themselves. I didn’t hear about it after. (but there is more on that later)

We kept in touch though, and about a year ago, Louise suggested that I join her for the next tour, which turned out to be On The Road Again. A year is a long time though, so I had plenty of time to put together a new artbook, with new art, even though I was a little discouraged after never hearing what happened to my other book.

Concert week
Fast forward to the week before the concert. You were all helping, reblogging and tweeting to get my art noticed. My concert was supposed to be on Saturday 10/10/2015, but earlier that week, there was a little hick up that had us all worrying I might not be able to go at all. Thankfully, Dan was able to move the tickets to Sunday 11/10/2015. I was able to move my return flight (for a fee), and book an extra night at the hotel that Louise and her family (her daughter Jade and her sister Jude) had picked out, that we were staying in together.

I spent the Saturday with my friend Sam @almost-a-class-act who (very unfortunately) could not be there on the Sunday because like my flight, her train was booked and she couldn’t change her ticket. 

I spent Sunday afternoon with Dan and his family, visiting Cadbury World. That was fun and I ate surprisingly little chocolate. There’s a ride there that we took photos on as well, and Dan has them, I think, but I’m sure they’ll come my way. Here’s a photo of me and some hot chocolate (taken by Dan).

Anyway, let’s move on. We went back to the hotel where there was a wedding that I was half expecting Harry Styles to crash (but he didn’t). Soon we were on the road again (ooooo punny), walking to the stadium and getting our tickets from the box office. They had a blue guest badge with them which I assumed was because we were catching up with Dan at some point.

I sat with Jude in a quite far away yet with a very good view accessible seat while Louise and Jade sat together as well, on regular seats, somewhere else. We watched Jamie Lawson and thought he was great!

When he was done someone from One Direction’s security team came over (I had never seen him before), and asked for our names, so I said Maartje (but they had me written down as Faye). So he took us through the stadium, down a lift to backstage. I at this point still had no clue because I thought we were seeing Dan (which we did, obviously). I saw Ashton Irwin in the hallway. Anyway, we were sat down in a room opposite catering, and Louise and Jade joined us. Then their ‘tour mom’ Sally came in and introduced herself and she was telling me how she’d seen my art and that she’d been following it for a while. You’d think I’d have an inkling by that point, but I think I was just afraid to get my hopes up.

The meet and greet
Next thing she said was “Right, we have to move you all for the meet & greet.” And I just went really quiet and squeaked “Is this what I think it is?” and everyone laughed at me good-naturedly for not figuring it out sooner.

Back to being smiley but really quiet. We moved out of the room and passed Liam in the hall, who got a big hug from Jade and told us “I’ll come meet you in a minute.”

So we moved into the next hall, very near the stage, and Sally let us know that it wasn’t usually like this and that there was usually a room for it but they were late to get on stage so it’d have to be quick. So we put the things we wanted signed out on the table (my mini artbook for me) and we talked a bit. Sally said that they see a lot of the things we post on social networks. So never think they don’t see you. They do. She told me that they knew who I was. I think Sally also tells them things. Meanwhile, Harry was already ready but in the hallway, and waiting for the rest. 

Niall came over first, and I shook his hand because hugging someone in a wheelchair is difficult, haha. I gave him my artbook and he looked at it, flipping through it. When he found a painting of himself, he commented on it “Who’s this good looking guy?” and everyone laughed.

Harry then came over and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me and I very nearly made it awkward because us Dutchies kiss three times on the cheek to say hi so I went to do that but then realised that Harry wasn’t Dutch so we nearly bumped faces (hahaha I’m so dumb) and I apologised about ten times.

I gave him my book and he seemed really humbled (they are seemed to be, to be honest), and asked “Is this for me?” and then he started looking at it and asked me if I’d drawn them on the computer and told me I was very talented (thanks, Harry). Then he just continued looking at all of it and he talked to Jude about it. 

I’m not really clear on the order of what happened next, to be honest, because it was all so quick.

Again, I’m not sure what the order is here but Harry was flipping through my book, apparently looking for something, and then he came back over. He pulled the letter I had stuck on an empty page in my book out - I was really confused because I thought he didn’t want to keep that - handed me the book back and asked me “Can you sign this for me, please?”

I turned into a potato. I swear. I got so dumb. I was like “Really?” in disbelief because I wasn’t expecting him to turn the tables. “Well, what do you want me to write?” Like I’d forgotten anything I’d ever written online, or in my book, or on twitter. I just forgot how to put something nice in a book but then I got my brain back and wrote: 

To Harry,

Thank you for being lovely and such an inspiration.

Lots of love,

Faye (or Maartje)

Then Louis and Liam came in, very chummy, and said hi and signed my booklet. Liam was about to sign the two remaining artbooks on the table but I told them they were for them and he was super nice and surprised. And then, yeah, here it comes… he told me he had seen my other artbook that his mom has. (I also saw Karen and Geoff, they passed us)

I got a photo with him and Louis, who was also a sweetie and complimented me on the art a lot. I got a picture with them and Jade also got one (hilariously telling me to get out of the way first and making us all laugh).

After that it was time for them to go and I’d missed the opportunity to take a photo with Niall. But anyway, Harry came back to hug and kiss me again and then I gave Dan a hug because he’d helped make it happen (With Louise, Jude and Sally) and wished them all a good show and then they were walking off (with Liam and Louis still flipping through the book).

That’s it. It was so fast. But it was everything. My art in their hands, with them being incredibly humble and lovely, and Harry especially making me feel so appreciated. That right there was probably the best moment ever for me as a person and an artist. I was there to see them, and he made it about me (and Jade). They all did, and it was absolutely wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for more.

I am so incredibly grateful to Dan, Louise, Jude, Jade, Sally and the other people who made this happen for me, and all of you! It means a lot to me because as you know, becoming a part of this fandom was the best accident that has ever happened to me and my 1D art is some of the best I’ve done. I’m sure I forgot loads of things, because it’s so hard to absorb everything. I was pretty much on a cloud for the rest of the concert… Best night ever. Thank you boys!

I really hope I’ll hear from the boys (who knows), and I have loads more photos on the way that I will share later but I just couldn’t wait to write this down.

More soon!!

“New things” (Steve x Reader)

Title: “New things”

 Prompt/ Requested by: @pumpkinjuice18  : Hi there 😀 I was wondering if you could do a reader fix with Steve where they meet on a train and he sits with her noticing her sketching and they start to bond over it maybe with rain and coffee and charcoals? Lol thank you so much 😊

MASTERLIST || Prompts to be requested

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem-Reader

Word count: 1056

Warnings: None?

A/N: Oh well, I don’t know how did this turned out (and if you don’t like it tell me and i’ll do my best to make it better!) but heeey here it is!! Hope you guys enjoy it! (And of course let me know! And remember that requests are still open and prompts request too) As usual if there are any misspellings or errors I’ll fix them in the morning. Kisses xx

|| I don’t own Steve Rogers or any of the Avengers, they belong to Marvel. ||

It was really late when Y/N came out of work with her box filled up with her belongings, yes, she did get fired. No, she didn’t deserved it. It wasn’t like she wasn’t the top member of the company that kept her for so many years just to fire her with a simple “Oh well it’s time for you to… try new things.” Like that was going to work.

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empressofthelibrary  asked:

Oh, wait, I just had a thought. Maybe Rowanstar lost his leader-name because he got kicked out for incompetence, Tawny became leader of Shadowclan, and Tigerheart became Tigerstar so he, Dovewing, and their nonsense-babies could go found an entirely different Clan somewhere else. That'd get them out of our hair forever, yeah? ...I mean, I know it's about as likely as Skyclan living in the lake itself as fish-cats, and there's probably something in TS that nixes this, but...

i mean if only but after tigerheart riding a train and dovewing going to church i think we can agree that anything is possible