think i better change my twitter background

<3 I drew the #breadmom @stefsanjati  I tried drawing her with a magical girl sort of feel to it, I hope it comes across well!

OKAY You guys is this my first time posting my art on this blog?? I don’t think it is but I deleted my animal crossing blog that had my art on it because I don’t play AC anymore.

It’s been months since I could practice my semi realism digital painting since I dropped my pen.

Stef, if you see this, this is Sydney Bethelmy from your YouNow streams. If there are any features I drew incorrectly or if you want me to change anything, please let me know!

{EDIT}: I changed my name from jill–o–lantern to treblecleffairy simply because I can, I like it better, and it matches my new twitter account. 

also I added a background while I changed my watermark because I liked it transparent better- but it still needed a lil somethin’-somethin’.