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Truth or Dare... Choose carefully..

Anonymous Request: could you do an imagine where the lost boys play truth or dare and someone dares you to sleep with pan.

 A/N: Y'all wish is my command boo 😂😘! Sorry anon for taking too long to post this but i hope you enjoy it c: and i’m thinking on making this imagine into a series. i hope y’all like it! my requests are open c:

To all my followers sorry if i was on indefinite hiatus before. i just had to deal with my depression issue and it was really hard cause every now and then i had suicidal thoughts and actually trying to end my life but i’m okay now. I’m trying to be happy and live my life to the fullest. If ever you are dealing with the same issue like mine please feel free to talk to me c:

Warnings: Cursing,” the thing” ;), slight harassing 

 P.S ( The gifs aren’t mine c: )


You were staring up at the night sky feeling rather chilly, while the lost boys are dancing by the bonfire. “Hey (Y/N)” Felix. Your best friend, greeted startling you “Oh! Hey Felix.” You said with a nervous smile.

 “So… What are you doing out here alone?” Felix said looking at you with a glint of interest in his eyes. “Not much.. I just like looking at the stars.” You said as you smiled looking back up at the starry night sky. 

 Felix just looks at you as you stare at the stars and noticed him through peripheral vision. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You said half laughing “Nothing.” He said as he stood up. 

“We better head off. Dinner’s almost ready.” He said as he offered you a hand to stand up “Yeah. Sure.” You said with a smile. 

 As you and Felix head off to the dining hall you saw peter making his way to the both of you. “Felix,” Peter said as he reached the both of you, ignoring your presence. "I want to discuss a few things with you.“ Peter said.You liked Peter but it seems that he’s not really interested in you so you just keep all your feelings to yourself not wanting to get hurt. When Peter finally looked directly into your eyes and you can’t help but stare at him.

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 "Do you mind?” Peter said raising one brow “Why is he always like that when I’m with Felix?” you said in your mind as you looked at Peter with a blank stare

“Oh! Sorry, I’ll just be on my way.” You said as you looked at Peter one last time then at Felix. “I’ll just see you at the hut.” You said to Felix “Yeah, sure.” Felix said with a smile and you went on your way to the hut.

The dinner was a blur or maybe it was because you were bored. “Why is Peter and Felix taking so long?” you said in your mind as you looked at your plate with a blank face. 

“(Y/N), you look bored.” Baelfire said with a smile on his face. Bae was your friend in Neverland besides Felix. “Yeah? Well I don’t think i’m just in the mood to eat right now. I don’t know.” You said looking at Bae with a small smile.

“Well if you’ll allow me to keep you company.Then i might be able to change your mood.” Bae said with a big smile on his face “Sure,” you said your face lighting up with happiness.

Time seemed to pass by and as the night goes on you and Bae can’t stop telling each other’s stories but your mind can’t help but think where Peter and Felix were. The talk didn’t seem to end until a one lost boy invited everyone to play a game by the bonfire.

“Do you wanna join?” Bae said with a smile on his face “I-i don’t know.” you said scratching your head with a small smile “Come on it’ll be fun.” Bae said reaching a hand “A little game doesn’t hurt.” you thought to yourself “Fine,” you said with a defeated smile “I’ll join.”

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“Okay! So What game do you guys want? Huh?” The boy said and soon got a lot of answers “Spin the bottle!” “Hide and seek!” the boys screamed with excitement. “Truth or Dare!” you heard Bae said and he soon got a lot of yes’ and everyone seemed to agree with him, you looked at him with a “not bad’ face and he laughed at you.

“Okay Truth or Dare it is then!” 

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Right before the game started you saw Felix and Peter coming from the woods and you immediately rushed to Felix.

“Where were you?” you said with a smile “It’s none of your business.” Felix said with a glare and walked fast and you tried to stop him 

“Felix, What’s the matter?” you said with a worried expression that can be seen all over you face. “Why do you care?” Felix said rather harsh “Because I’m your friend and i’m here to help you.” You said.

“If you want to help me then stay away from me,” He said holding your wrist, his face serious “Felix, you’re hurting me.” You said with a scared look.

He let go of your wrist harshly and continued to walk away from you. You were shocked at Felix “Why is he like this?” you thought as you looked back you saw Peter staring at you. You rushed up to Peter with an angry expression.

“What did you do to him?” you said “What do you mean what i did?” Peter raised his brow with a smirk plastered on his face. “Felix wouldn’t be acting that way if there was no reason and i think i know that the reason why he’s like that is because of you,” you said and Peter just raised his brows at you “Now what did you do to him?”

And out of nowhere he just walked away “Wait! You haven’t even answered my question!” you screamed while Peter just ignored you “Bastard.” you said.

“Whatever, I’m just going back to play with the boys.” you thought to yourself not wanting to ruin your evening.

You rushed back to he group of boys and saw them already having fun.

“Where were you?” Bae said with a worried look “I just went to the… Bathroom.” You said with a smile.”What happened so far?” you asked Bae while looking at the boy eating the eggs. “Well not much, the game just started.”

“Do you all mind if join the party?” you soon heard the voice just behind you and it didn’t took you long to realize that it was just Peter-Fucking-Pan.

“Sure! You can join us!” Said the boy who hosted the game. “Oh great” you said to yourself as you rolled your eyes and then Peter had the urge to sit right between you and Baelfire. Bae soon gave you a ‘What the fuck?’ face and you returned him a ‘I don’t know’ look. You looked away from Bae not wanting to make the situation worse “This night couldn’t get even better” you thought as you exhaled deeply.

The game seemed to pass by and you can’t help but feel like Peter is being weird like one boy was dared to confess that he likes you in front of everyone and you saw Peter giving him the ‘look’ and it scared the poor boy.

it really bothered you seeing Peter act this way. It wasn’t like him and you can’t help but think that Peter likes you “No it’s impossible. Peter Pan doesn’t like me and he never will.” you thought to yourself slightly having the urge to slap yourself in the face for thinking like that.

The next one to play was Baelfire, you looked at him and saw that he’s kind of nervous.

“Baelfire! Truth or Dare?” The boy hosting the game asked “Truth.” Bae said with a smile “Truth it is then,” The boy said “Okay, Baelfire. Is it true that you have a thing for (Y/N).” The boy said with a smirk.

You looked at Baelfire with a shocked face, though you’re trying to hide it. You saw Baelfire look at you with a nervous look “Remember Baelfire, you can’t lie or there will be consequences.” The boy said.

You saw how Peter look at Bae and he seems pretty pissed off “It’s true. I like (Y/N).” Bae said as he looked down obviously embarrassed “Looks like we’ve got two lover boys head-over-heels for (Y/N).” the boy said earning a lot of giggles and laughs.

It then Peter’s turn and he looks pretty confident playing the game “Okay, Peter. Your turn. Truth or Dare? Choose carefully.” the boy said, a smug grin plastered on his face “Dare, of course” Peter said confidently earning a lot of ‘ oooooohh’s ‘

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“A brave decision Peter,” the boy said, his grin wider than before “Well then, Peter. I. DARE.YOU.TO.SLEEP.WITH THE GIRL.NEXT.TO.YOU!” your eyes went big and you were nervous and there were a lot of hollers and noises from the crowd obviously liking the dare Peter got “And to add why don’t you give us a little make out session in front huh?” 

The crowd went wild not believing they are about to witness Peter making out with you. You saw Bae walk out of the group and you immediately stood up from the ground to follow Bae. But before you could even run out to him, Peter took a hold of your wrist and pulled you close to him and started kissing you and soon the lost boys were insane, seeing Peter kissing you in front of them.

You pushed Peter away from you and you looked at him with disbelief and disgust and then all the lost boys were disappointed because the kiss was cut short. Sure you liked peter but you don’t want to be treated like a slut because you aren’t. 

You slapped Peter’s face and looked at him and saw his face in shock, and the crowd of boys were also surprised “How could you.” You said and you saw how hurt he is when he looked at you directly in the eyes.

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“(Y/N) I’m sor-” you walked out before he even finished his sentence and then you started running through the forest and heard all the boys say “Get her!” “Come back!” But you kept on running to take everything in your mind about what just happened at camp. 

As you were running you heard someone chasing you as a result you ran faster because you didn’t want to get caught by someone or something. As you kept on running you slowly ran out of breath and stopped running. You pulled out your dagger to protect yourself from what’s out there.

“Show yourself!” you said but there was no reply instead there were footsteps “Don’t be a coward and show yourself!” You said and someone caught you from behind, his hand on your waist and the other in your mouth.

“(Y/N) it’s me.” You heard Peter’s voice behind you and you trashed your body away from him hoping you can get out of his grip “Please let me explain, I’m really sorry for what i did. I just can’t control myself.” with that he finally let go of you “Can’t control yourself?!” you screamed “It was clear that you did it on purpose! You did the dare!” you screamed at the top of your lungs and looked at Peter with a sad look on your eyes.

“I’m really sorry (Y/N).” Peter said “Why are you even apologizing!? You obviously want to do it. B-be-because you think I’m nothing more than just a-a-a toy to you, huh Peter?! I’m just a toy to you after you do your dares?! Huh?!” you said

“I did it not because i was dared to do it! I did it because i love you!” Peter shouted and you shut up with disbelief and you started to shake your head telling yourself it’s not true “I love you! I love you even before those bastards at camp took an interest in you! I loved you first!” Peter said shouting so you can hear it loud and clear to know it’s true of what he felt towards you.

You looked at him one last time then you started to run away from him again. Peter then started to smirk to himself.

“Don’t run away from me (Y/N)! We both know Peter pan never fails!” you heard Peter yelled from a distance and you kept on running….. away from Peter.

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“The game’s about to change (Y/N), and this game is about to start. I hope you choose to play it carefully. This game is between you and me only, and nobody, not even Baelfire……. or Felix is going to stand in my way.” Peter said with an evil smirk while looking at the direction where you ran.

“Let’s Play.”


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You wanna play along? Scene: Vegeta open the door to Trunkss room and his eyes widen with surprise at what Trunks was doing ... You finish the scene

Vegeta’s eyes widened at the sight of his oldest child sitting on the floor, holding an old photo album in his hands and looking at it with sad, inquisitive eyes.

“Trunks?” He finally said, awkwardly.

Trunks raised his eyes, startled by his father’s unexpected presence.

“Uh, yeah?”

“Your mother sent me to tell you dinner is served. She just finished feeding your sister.”

“Oh, right…” He mumbled, closing the photo album and standing up, holding it tightly against his chest as he stared shyly at the floor. He walked towards his father, who was standing by the door with crossed arms.

“Um, dad?”

“What is it, boy?” The Prince asked, quickly realizing something was bothering his son.

“I… I was just going through this photos of me as a baby and, you know… I saw mom and grandma and grandpa but, uh… Not you… I was just wondering why that is…”

Vegeta’s eyes widened for an instant and he suddenly felt a lump in his throat. He’d known, ever since his wife had announced her second pregnancy, that things would be very different with Bra. What he hadn’t anticipated was his son asking these kinds of questions or, at the very least, not so soon.

He exhaled heavily through his nose, trying to find the right words so as not hurt his child’s feelings.

“Things… Things were different at the time, Trunks. I was a different man back then.”

Trunks’ face fell into a sad frown, and the Prince felt his chest tighten at the sight of the boy’s bright blue eyes filling with disappointment. It was the same look his wife had whenever he’d unintentionally hurt her feelings in the past.

“So… We didn’t do stuff together when I was a baby like you and Bra do now?”

Vegeta shook his head slowly.

“No, Trunks, we did not. It was only when you started to walk and I commenced your training that we started to spend some time together.”

The boy bit his lower lip, feeling his eyes burn with unshed tears. He knew his father detested public displays of sentimentality.

Before he had time to retort, he felt a warm, heavy hand on top of his head, softly ruffling his hair.

“I immediately saw your potential, boy,” his father said solemnly. “And I knew someday you’d become a fine Saiyan warrior and you’d make me proud.”

Trunks eyes brightened at his father’s unusual words of encouragement.

“Really?” He enquired excitedly.

His father grunted.

“You already have, Trunks. Now let’s go have some dinner, boy.”

Vegeta turned around, closely followed by his son, who seemed to be in much better spirits than he was before, but the Prince thought that, perhaps, he could still give him a little additional push.

“Are you done with your homework for the weekend?” He asked while they were entering the large kitchen, where Bulma and the rest of the family were already waiting at the table.

“Yeah, why?“

“If your mother is okay with it, we could do some night training after dinner. There’s no school tomorrow, right?”

“Really, dad? Cool!” Trunks replied enthusiastically. He then walked towards his mom, who was still holding a now very sleepy Bra in her arms and gave them both a big hug.

“Hey, sweetie! Aw, that’s nice!” Bulma said, hugging him back. “Did you wash your hands?”

Trunks rolled his eyes.


“Go wash them then, young man…”

Trunks run out of the kitchen while Vegeta took a sit next to his wife, who leant towards him curiously.

“What did say to him?” She whispered in his ear.

“What are you talking about?”

“I think he was feeling a bit down earlier.”

“Was he?” The Saiyan asked, feigning indifference and already digging into his first steak.

Bulma leant back on the chair, holding baby Bra a little closer and softly patting her back.

“I don’t know what you just said to him, but whatever it was, it worked. He was beaming.”

The Prince shrugged.

“I just told him the truth, woman,” he replied mysteriously.

Bulma smiled, lovingly kissing her newborn’s rosy cheek and whispering against her soft skin.

“You see, baby girl? Your daddy does have a heart…”

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I don't know if you felt the same, but the last chapter gave me the impression that old wants tianshan to progress a bit slower then it was progressing. Like, on chap 199 He Tian and Guan Shan seems to be very comfortable with each other and chap 200 has this awkward atmosphere... And the way He Tian acts in the last chapter leaved me a bit disappointed, it seemed like they gone one step forward and then one step back.

i have a lot of mixed feelings about this chapter tbh, on one hand im really happy that chapter 199 wasn’t just an interlude and that old xian decided to continue it, and the thought of he tian buying an earring for guan shan and going to his house just to give it to him is frankly adorable to me (i bet he even reharsed how to do it, that nerd), but on the other the way old xian decided to portray it did leave me a bit disappointed, and i can’t say that i wasn’t expecting a bit more from he tian after everything that happened

(putting the rest under a cut because it got quite long;;;;;) [so strange, that never happens to me……..]

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Author’s Note: enjoy another Pietro imagine! I adore him and his cockiness. I’m not 100% with how this imagine turned out but I hope you enjoy it!

“Who’s ready for a morning jog?” Tony said as he rubbed his hands together.

You got up excitedly, “Me!”

Natasha rolled her eyes, “When don’t you want to go running?”

“She’s just like Maximoff, always wanting to run out everywhere.” Clint said as he was stretching his arms and legs.

“Hey, hey not my fault I enjoy it.” You said as you flicked Clint’s nose.

Without realizing, a quick flash had went by. You instantly rolled your eyes since you knew who it was; Pietro Maximoff.

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Mr. Jackson (pjohoo Big Bang)

So here it is!!! I’m so excited to finally post this fic! This has been an awesome experience and before anything I want to thank and applaud @percyyoulittleshit for her awesome job organizing this @pjohoobigbang ! I met some really awesome people this time around. @scriptorsapiens was my amazing artist for this and was always around to discuss deep meanings and cool scenes so thank you for keeping up with me. @cherrycolagirl was my beta (thanks for swooping in last minute). Here’s my two cents for the bang, I hope you enjoy it!

It all started when Grover’s head popped out of Percy’s locker. “Percy!” The satyr gasped. “Thank the gods, I’ve been trying to reach you for almost an hour.” Percy, who had tripped over a bench and almost lost the towel around his hip, was about to ask what he was doing inside his locker but Grover seemed to be in a bit of a rush. “I’ve got a small favor to ask, well it’s not just me it’s a camp assignment but-”

“I told Chiron I wasn’t getting involved at camp till after school ended-”

“Yes, but this is important-”

“So is graduating high school, Grover-”

“Could you let me finish?” Grover finally asked clearly exasperated. “We sent Clarisse and one of my satyrs to a school not far from camp. It was a strong scent, Percy, last time I caught something like that we sent Hedge and he came back with Piper, Leo and Jason.” That certainly got Percy’s attention.

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(Translation) Koisuru Henshuusha vol. 1

恋する編集者シリーズ  01 はつ恋。(R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18)

CV. Nakazawa Masatomo

T/N: More like a somewhat-detailed summary rather than a full translation, I guess. As per usual, my Japanese isn’t my first language so don’t hesitate to correct me if I got anything wrong.

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can do a scenario when he feel sad and worry because you are distant and cold with him, but that’s because you’re pregnant! and don’t know how to tell him, you are really scared about how he will react?? thankyou~

Hey kids! Optional bias scenario since no one’s name is written there!

Bias = (_____)
You = _____

You walk around the bathroom then move on to the bedroom, stress was running through your blood. Seeing a pregnancy test that belonged to you and that was positive was a nightmare, especially when you weren’t even married and your mate and you weren’t ready. You didn’t hate children, you just thought it was too early. You’ve been together for about six years but it didn’t mean that you were ready to get a child with your boyfriend from high school.

The sound of the door creaking and opening scared you more than it normally does. You hurry to the bathroom and close the door.

“______—” Your boyfriend started without getting the chance to finish his sentence.

You grab the little stick and throw it back into its box. You hide it in your make up bag that was laying on the counter near the sink. How exactly were you suppose to announce to your boyfriend the news? What if he ran away after you told him?

You hear a knock on the door and get up slowly, your hand shaking as it approaches the doorknob.

“_______? What are you doing?” You hear your boyfriend call you from the other side of the door.

“Nothing! Go away!” You shouted then whispered the word ‘please’.

Tears started to form and your scares were becoming bigger. You waited in the bathroom as long as you could, avoiding (_____) at all cost. There was no way you would tell him the truth, too many reasons that were hurtful to you were running through your mind.

Hunger soon came up, your boyfriend was still out there, waiting for you to come out and talk to you. For your sake and the fetus’s, you unlocked the door and gently opened it, hoping your boyfriend was in the bedroom. He was.

You managed to get your coat and leave the house without him knowing. You got to a restaurant, not a fancy one. You didn’t know what to eat, what kind of food would affect your child. But did you want to keep the kid? What if you didn’t want it? Wouldn’t it be better if you aborted it without him knowing and all your stress over it left but the fact that you aborted it would haunt you at night?

“May I help you?” A young lady asked, getting to your table.

“Uh, can I just get the chicken sandwich and some water?”

She left and came back with your order. After paying and eating, you walked back and forth, wondering if you should get back home. You didn’t have anywhere else to go, your friends were at their honeymoon and you wouldn’t dare tell your parents.

You walked back home, as you enter the living and take your shoes off, you find your boyfriend on the phone with a pale face.

“I’m sorry, she’s back… Thank you…” He ended the call. “Where did you go? Did you eat yet? Are you angry at me? Did you have a bad day? What’s wrong? Are you okay?”

You bite your lip and lift your eyes up at him. Running away was the only thing you wanted to do right now, but you also wanted to admit your pregnancy. He walked closer to you and grabbed your hand.


You turn away and walk to your bedroom. Before he could enter, you close it and lock him out, looking at him was something you just couldn’t do for the moment. You got to your bed and wrapped yourself in your blanket, pushing your coat away and pulling your socks off. He taps on the door several time until you hear him hit on it.

“______! Open up! Please!”

“S-stop! Leave me alone!”

You started to cry again, probably the only thing you could do for the rest of the evening. You needed to shower and he needed to sleep, but you didn’t want to leave the bedroom. You knew he was sitting at the door and didn’t get up.

“Just get a hold of yourself, ______…” You mumbled to yourself.

You twisted the knob and saw him sitting there, his eyes were watery and he was trembling as much as you were. He got up as soon as he saw you looking down at him.

“______…” He whispered as he tangles his hand in your hair.

Without noticing your movement, you hit his arm away and walk to the bathroom, the place you needed to be. You showered pretty slowly then got out. He seemed upset and frustrated, like he was going to go crazy. You move your eyes to the door of the bedroom then get to it.

“Wait.” He tells you as soon as you got there.

You ignored his order and continued walking to bed and wrapping yourself in the blanket. He approached to you and put his arm around your waist, his breath touching your warm cheeks.

“What did I do wrong?” He starts in a warm voice.

“Nothing. It’s normal.” You pushed him away.

“What’s normal?” He asks.

“Just stop talking and go to shower.” You ordered him, feeling a bit angry.

“Did you eat yet?”

You elbow his stomach lightly as a sign that he should just go do whatever he wants to. He gets out of bed and prepares food while you think about different ways to tell him about the unborn person in your belly. He came back with drinks and bowls of rice with meat and vegetables.

“Here, eat.” He hands you chopsticks and a bowl.

“I already ate.” You told him truthfully but felt hungry again.

“Just eat again, I just want to make sure that you really ate.” He pushes them in your hands.

You silently eat with your partner without answering or talking to him. You kept glancing at him, he didn’t look happy like he normally does when he eats. You felt guilty for not telling him that he would possibly become a father, depending on what would happen to the child.

“Could you please talk to me?” He said, grabbing your hand.

“Let go of me. Please.”

“Why are you like this?? What do you want?! I can go buy you chocolate if you want to, or cake, ice cream whatever you want, could you please talk to me??” He asked desperately.

You held your bowl tightly and tried to remain calm. It was only your first day of pregnancy and you were already going crazy over it. “Please stop. It’s nothing.” You tried really hard to convince him and it didn’t seem to work. His worry was growing faster than your child and his hope for you to tell him why you were acting up was really small since he knew you weren’t that easy.

The days passed by quickly and he still hoped for you to tell him your secret and it never happened. No one knew except you and your doctor and you would check each week just to make sure if the baby was still alive. Your stomach grew and it was hard to hide it, so you wore very thick sweaters. You were happy that your boyfriend ignored how big your stomach got, it seemed pretty obvious that you got fat but he didn’t care. He would keep buying you flowers, clothes, sweets and whatnot and it actually relieved you, all the stress was gone.

He was probably already use to you not answering his questions and giving him the cold shoulder.

“______…” Your boyfriend started.


You never actually talked to him since the day you found out you were pregnant. He was upset, it was obvious, you tried hard to be a great girlfriend even if your moods would go up and down.

“I… I think that you…”

Please don’t talk about my weight, please don’t talk about my body, please… you pleaded in your mind.

“… Should become my wife…” He continues, handing you a ring.

At first you were surprised, then you were shocked. You didn’t even know what you were feeling, it was such an intense moment right now, you couldn’t even manage to say a single word. You were gasping and crying and just going through all those emotions like you usually do, but you weren’t crying of pain, you were crying of happiness.

“… Because our relationship should be serious if we’re going to have a child.” He finishes his sentence.

Your eyes widen at his words. He found out? Was it because of your body? Did he ask your doctor?

“How did you know I’m pregnant?” You asked as he inserts the ring.

“Well remember when you were giving me an attitude? I thought it was because you lost something and was very upset so I look through your things and found a positive pregnancy test. Anyways, is it a boy or a girl?” He says with a proud smile.

“When exactly did you find out???”

“A few weeks ago, I was pretty sure that was the reason why you were so mean. So? Is it a mister or a miss?” He pokes your stomach lightly.

“I wasn’t mean…” You tell him as you look down at your belly.

“You were, but it doesn’t matter because I still love you for not giving up on the child.” He kisses your forehead. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

You sat there quietly. “… I was scared of what your reaction would be.”

“Why would you be scared? Did you think I would stab your stomach to kill it?”

“No! I thought you would leave me and… I…” You started to get a blurry vision.

“Why are you crying?? Oh my god, ______! Don’t cry! I would never! I would never leave you, I love you too much to do that! Don’t worry about it, everything is going to be fine, I would never, never, never, never leave you!” He caresses your cheek affectionately and gives you little kisses on every spot of your face.


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If you’re doing on-camera requests, could you point a camera at yourself while doing whatever Goofy request you do next? I think it would be interesting to see what the Goofy voice does to your facial expressions.

Anonymous said:

Can you do a Vegeta voice?

I already did a Goofy on-camera video a while back, so I took a random ask instead and so LET’S VOICE VEGETA.

night watch

Post-Nogitsune, Stiles finds out via camera footage an unlikely person has been keeping watch over him.

[also on the a03]

The first night after they excise the Nogitsune from Stiles’ body, he doesn’t sleep. Stiles shivers fitfully, falling between hazy memories of hurting people, hurting his friends, dark rooms and long hallways, screams, iron bars and fire. John holds his son close, grateful he’s alive, wipes the sweat from Stiles’ brow, clutching him close to his chest until Stiles falls into a restless sleep. Stiles’ eyes still twitch underneath his eyelids, and his body writhes like he’s in pain, but there’s not much John can do aside from hold him. It’s not unlike ten years ago when a seven year old Stiles crawled into his bed after Claudia’s death, trying to keep the nightmares at bay.

Unfortunately a few nights later John is on the night shift again, and he can’t stay, even though he wants to. “I’ll be fine, Dad, just go,” Stiles says. He still looks too pale, drawn, the skin dark around his eyes, but it’s nowhere near that hollow, empty look his body had when he was carrying the Nogitsune inside. Stiles is healing. Slowly.

“Just call me if you need anything, okay?” John says, and after a hug, he leaves in the cruiser.

It’s a quiet night, not a bad patrol, just breaking up some would-be exhibitionist teens at the lookout point near the Preserve; nothing compared to the chaos of the previous weeks. It’s nearing 2 a.m. when John’s cell phone beeps, and his heart suddenly starts pounding when he sees the security system on his home has gone off. Is Stiles sleepwalking again? Worry and fear spike through him, and John quickly clicks to the camera footage. The worry changes to confusion when he spots Stiles sprawled out in his bed, eyes closed in the semblance of the weary thing that passes for sleep nowadays. Stiles is safe. So why did the alarm go off?

John gets his answer when he sees the window opening and a figure stepping through. “Damnnit,” he curses, and turns the engine on the cruiser, intending to hightail it back home, but, wait– is that Derek Hale?

Derek slips into the room quietly, and doesn’t seem to do anything other than watch Stiles sleep for a few moments, a frown lingering on his face as he watches Stiles toss and turn.

John doesn’t know what this is; what Derek is doing in Stiles’ bedroom, watching him sleep, and a fierce wave of protectiveness rushes over him, because this is Stiles, his son, and he only just got him back–

What is he doing? Derek is slowly approaching the bed, like he’s made his mind up about something, and then he cautiously places a hand on Stiles’ arm. Trails of black run slowly up Derek’s arm, from Stiles to him, Derek’s face contorting in a spasm of pain. Stiles’ face goes from tense to relaxed, his whole body sinking back into the bed, the chest that was heaving with erratic breaths before, now slowing to an even, calm pace.

Oh, John thinks.

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Who’re the nice aunties, Big brother?” Hiro said clinging onto Tadashi’s arm.

W-what– Excuse me?!” Of course, there were gasps of disbelief.

Could you help me with my homework?” Hiro clung onto his brother’s arm tighter, trying to get him off his seat, while seemingly trying to pry off his attention from the novel– and the ladies who tried putting up a conversation. “Please?” Hiro tried giving his best “puppy dog eyes.”

All Tadashi can do is play along. Besides, Hiro wasn’t really lying when he called them “aunties.” The lovely ladies seem like they’re older than Aunt Cass.

Let’s go home, already!” Hiro tugged onto his sleeve while walking out of the cafe, glancing at the ladies back in Tadashi’s table. They all looked so upset.

- - - - - - 

They took their time walking back home.

What was that about, you little punk?” Tadashi laughed while ruffling Hiro’s hair. He’s more than thankful for getting away, honestly.

Hiro took a jab at Tadashi’s arm, “What? You think I did that for you? Next thing you know they’ll be pinching my cheeks and we won’t get home in time for dinner. We did promise Aunt Cass we’d try her surprise meal.

Tadashi laughed again in amusement while putting an arm over Hiro’s shoulders. “Whatever you say, ‘little brother.' 

He knows very well how Hiro’s little acting stint comes out when he doesn’t want to “share” his brother.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So I just wanted to draw Hiro being a little sh*t because I know he would be when he gets the chance. HEHE.

I’ve also been thinking of a really clingy Hiro because it amuses me. 

OKAY. Don’t mind me I am getting some Hidashi feels. DON’T LOOK AT ME, PLEASE.

Nothing's fine, I'm torn (part 1)

Okay so here’s the long awaited Harry imagine for the anon. Sorry it took so long… You might kill me for the ending, but it’s a surprise. There’s more to it. ;)


“Harry, stop!” I said laughing. “Harry stop tickling me oh my god.” I scolded at my best friend while laughing hysterically. “Okay, okay. I think you’ve suffered enough.” He finally moves to the other side of the couch.
“So what are we doing today?” I asked sitting cross legged on his couch.
“Whatever you want!” He beamed. “We already did that Harry, come on let’s do something fun.” I playfully punched him on the shoulder. “I’ve got an idea.” He pauses staring into the air.
“Hello, Harold? Come back to Earth.” I wave my hand in front of him. “I’m thinking.” He murmurs.
“You said you had an idea.” I lightly laugh. “That was before I thought of a new one. I got it though, lets go.” He pulls me by arm laughing, to the point where his cute dimples show.


“Harry, what is this? Where are we?” I say as he drives along a line of trees and nothing but a forest. “You’ll see Y/N. I just discovered it the other day when I was exercising up here. It’s really nice. It high up in the city, and no one comes up here. It’s so isolated and I don’t know why. But I’ve claimed it as my spot, it’s mine now.” He turns smiling at me. I shake my head and can’t help the smile that forms on my head. That’s so him, when he wants something its his. There’s no arguing with him, he’s a smooth talker, and I’m sure it’s his thick British accent that wins everyone over. “You’re crazy, Styles.” I laugh at him.
“Little bit. I’m an enthusiast Y/N.” he smiles.
“That you are.”

He finally makes a stop. I have no idea where we are, but it’s beautiful. It’s so secluded, nature everywhere surrounding us. No wonder he finds this place so serene, it’s away from everyone. The city, the fame, all the crazy stuff that happens down there is all forgotten once you’re up here. He turns off the ignition and gets out of the car. Like the gentlemen that he is, he opens my door. “Harry, this place really is nice.” I say as my eyes scan the place.
“It is isn’t it? The moment I discovered it I fell in love with it.” He says it with such emotion. That’s Harry, he could describe the most dull thing and make it the most interesting thing in the world. He views things so differently, he finds the good things in everything. Even people who hate him for no reason.
“So why did you bring me here?” I emphasize the ‘me’.
“Because I wanted to share this with my best friend. You Y/N. I want this to be our runaway spot when shit hits the fan and we come here to just forget about everything.” He says seriously. I give him a small smile and nod. He places his hand on my back, “come. There’s more to see.”
We walk a little bit, trees in sight minimizing as we walk. There’s an opening and he leads us through it.
“This is it!” He says. The view is much more than what I expected, it’s overlooking the city. I figured it’d be something not too astonishing, since to Harry everything is out of this world. You can see everything from up here, it all looks so small, so unimportant.
“So what do you think?” He snaps me out of my thoughts.
“Harry this is beautiful. Really, wow.” I say in amusement. “When I was running here the other day, it reminded me of you. This place brought me peace and sanity, which is something you always do. You never let anything get in way over my head, you remind me that I’m no different than everyone else.” His words leave me a bit taken aback. I mean yeah I always remind him of where he came from because no way would I ever let my best friend grow an ego. He’s too good for all that shit, he’s one of the few people in this world whom stay true to themselves.
“And the main reason I brought you here is because whenever you or I or both of us ever feel like something is too overwhelming, we come here. To forget everything and everyone for a bit and just have a breather.” I never would have thought Harry and I would have our “runaway spot” but the thought is intriguing, and exciting.
“So out of everyone you have as friends, you chose your best friend to share this secret getaway? Aw, how sweet.” I dramatically place my hand over my heart. “There’s no one else I’d choose Y/N.” He smiles, “lets keep exploring.” I nod and he leads the way.

After walking and exploring for a good 20 minutes, we finally return to the car. “Thank you for showing me this place. It really is peaceful.” I noticed Harry hasn’t really made eye contact with me since the walk, and he definitely has something to say, but he’s holding back. And if I didn’t know him any better, something’s wrong. “Alright Harry, what’s wrong?” I finally blurt out.
“What do you mean?” He asks. He knows what I’m talking about. I know him way too good. He sighs deeply, looking down and finally up to my eyes, his beautiful captivating green eyes staring straight at me. “I’m leaving tomorrow to London for 3 or 4 weeks.” Definitely wasn’t expecting that. Why didn’t he tell me before? Did he bring me to this place because since he wouldn’t be here if I felt overwhelmed, I could come here?
“3 weeks? Holy crap, that’s a long time. I mean is it just you or all of the other boys too?” I can’t help but feel a sting of sadness that I won’t see Harry for 3 or 4 whole weeks. Yeah he’s gone most of the time when he’s on tour but this is the longest he’s been home and him leaving for 3 to 4 weeks is the equivalent of him leaving for 10 months.
“No, just me. It’s for a charity event.” He says as he drives through the forest road.
“My birthday is next month, are you going to be back before then?” I don’t want to have my birthday without Harry. Ever since I moved to LA, the boys have basically been my family.
“Of course I’ll be home by then. I wouldn’t dare miss it for anything in the world.” He smiled reassuringly. My heart sighs of relief.
“I’ll miss you.” I pout.
“Me too. And please don’t pout, you’re breaking my heart.” He playfully frowns. It’s going to be a very long 3 or 4 weeks before I see my best friend again. I’m praying time will fly by.


“Guys, help me put this banner up.” I call out. “Coming.” Liam says as he walks over to me. Today Harry finally comes back from London and I thought of putting together a nice little welcome back party at Niall’s place. He ended up staying there for 3 weeks. He wanted to come home early, so I decided to be a little festive. I invited some of his close friends, and of course all of the boys are here too. Sure it was only 3 weeks, but they were longer than I thought. The boys thought I was overreacting with the whole party idea thing, but I want Harry to feel welcomed. “Remind me why were doing this again?” He says.
“Because Liam, we want Harry to feel welcomed home. I texted him to come straight here.” I say finally putting the ‘welcome back’ banner on perfectly.
“Wow Y/N, ya really are doing a great job with the decorations. Going all out.” Niall says as he walks into the room. “I know, and thank you again for letting me have the small party here.” I say giving him a thankful smile.
“Did I have a choice? You begged and gave me the puppy eyes and ya got me there.” Guilty, I am. I would’ve had it at my place, but it’s far too small. And this has to be perfect.

Guests begin to arrive as the minutes pass. I check that everything is set in place, food, drinks and whatever else we bought for this. “His he on his way yet?” Liam asks.
“He is. He got off the plane about half an hour ago. He should be here soon.” And soon indeed. I got a text from Harry saying. “I’m at the driveway. Be in a sec!”

“He’s here.” I beam. “You’re really excited aren’t you Y/N?” He looks at me with a raised brow. “Of course Liam, he’s my best friend.” I know what he means when he says that. People think I’m in love with Harry when I’m not. I love Harry, but not in that way… I think?
No, no I don’t, I can’t. I wouldn’t let my feelings go over than what we have. He’s handsome, adorable, beautiful, sexy… Okay maybe that’s not helping this right now. I’m snapped away from my thoughts as I hear the door crack open. A second later Harry walks in and we all yell “SURPRISE!!!” He definitely looks surprised. Harry wasn’t expecting this. “Harry” I say as I run towards him and wrap my arms around him. “Hey Y/N. What’s all of this?” He says looking around at this fiasco. “I threw you a welcome back party.” I smile at him.
“Why? I was only gone for 3 weeks.” He chuckles lightly.
“Harry?” An unfamiliar female voice comes in through the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone else to come.
“In here.” Harry says to the unfamiliar voice.
There walks in a girl. Not just any girl, it’s Kendall Jenner. What the hell? Harry holds out his hand to her and she walks over to him placing her hand on his, smiling widely. I step back a bit to process what’s going on because I can’t right now.
“Ahem.” Harry clears his throat. “Guys this is Kendall, or as I’d like to say, my girlfriend.” My heart suddenly drops to my stomach from hearing his words. Did I hear right?
I have no idea what’s going on, but before I even realize what I’m doing, I’m storming off the living room. Harry has a girlfriend? And not just any girlfriend, Kendall Jenner. I can’t explain why my heart is aching, but it just is…


If I get at least 5 notes I will post more of the story. I just want to know if it’s good enough and If I should keep going. I’m always self doubting lol or message me if I should keep going please!!!!

Part 2:
An Early Run With Benefits- Part 7

Well, shit is about to go down. Here are the other parts, Enjoy!

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

Part 4-

Part 5-

Part 6-

“Excuse me?” Alex says, obviously pissed. “I don’t repeat myself.” I say, a smirk coming across my face. “Listen bitch, I don’t know who you think you are, but you need to get the hell out of my school.” I give her a fake look of hurt. “I can’t believe you don’t remember the girl who lives behind the door of the note you put on it.” She looks at me, confused.

After a minute of silence, she says,“How in the hell..” “I changed?” I say, laughing. “Yeah, you did.” I almost feel sorry for her. If she wasn’t such a rude ass, I might’ve been her friend. “You can’t have Gilinsky.” “We’ll see about that.” “He won’t love you,  he will just use you like the rest of the girls.” I just look at her, anger starting to rise. “That’s what you like? To be used? No wonder every guy flocks to you. See you around.” I say, smiling as Harley and I start to walk over to go eat lunch with Gilinsky and Johnson. 

When we arrive, Gilinsky and Johnson get up and give us hugs. I see the Jacks stare a little long at me. I almost forgot about what i was wearing. “Hey guys.” I say, a little uncomfortable in my outfit. “Hey (Y/N), hi Harley.” Gilinsky says. I’m starting to get used to this polite nature of his. It’s really nice.

We all order a pizza. “They have amazing pizzas here, I’ve heard.” I say, smiling. “Great. If you like it, then we will like it.” Gilinsky says, grabbing my hand and giving it a squeeze. I smile at his gesture. Johnson and Harley get into their own conversation, so I decide to explain my choice of style to Jack. 

I sit there, playing my thumbs, my nerves kicking in. I honestly don’t know how to tell him that I’m trying to out-slut the school slut. It’s not something you just tell someone. Jack notices I’m nervous, and looks at me. “You alright?” He asks, his eyes full of worry. “I’m okay, Jack. I just…” I gulp, then come out with it. “You know the thing with Alex?” He nods, and I add,“Well, I decided that the best way to get rid of her is to beat her at her own game. So, that’s why I’m wearing this.” I say, wrapping my arms around my stomach.

“Oh.” Jack says, rubbing his neck. “I hope you don’t mind-” I start to say, but I got cut off by the waiter coming between us with the pizza. “Careful, it’s hot.” The waiter says, almost like a robot. “Thank you.” We all say before grabbing a slice. The Jacks each ate four pieces each, while me and Harley ate two a piece. “Where do you put it?” Harley says, poking Johnson. “Right here.” Johnson says, picking up his shirt to reveal his abs. “Holy shit.” I hear Harley say. 

“What about you, Glinsky?” I say, smirking. “You’ve already seen where i put mine.” He says, winking at me. “Whatever, Jack.” We all finish up, and the Jacks pay for lunch. After we chat for a while, we all decide to take a walk on the beach. Jack grabs my hand, holding it softly in his. “Listen, (Y/N), about the Alex thing…” He rubs the back of his neck, which makes me smile. “Yeah?” “Well, I think it’s a great idea. You need to get this bitch.” I look at Jack, surprised. “Did Jack Gilinsky just swear?”

He blushes, embarrassed. “Yeah, i did. And it sure as hell felt good.” He says, his eyes starting to sparkle. “Don’t go crazy there, Jack.” I laugh. After a moment of silence, I speak. “I don’t normally wear this stuff, you know. Don’t get used to it.” Jack just stops and looks at me.

“Honestly, I think you look better in a t shirt and pants, all covered up.” I just smile and hug him tight.

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(disgustingly sappy fluff based on this post)

“Come with me, Dean.”

Dean laughed and took another sip of his champagne. “Not moving, Cas, you gotta come here.”

Cas raised an eyebrow, staring at Dean, sprawled out on the biggest, fluffiest bed he’d ever seen, a tray of chocolate covered strawberries by his side, several empty bottles of champagne lying around the place. He did look very comfortable, and there was plenty of extra room for Cas to lie down next to him, to snuggle into Dean’s side and feed him a strawberry and maybe surreptitiously confiscate Dean’s champagne glass.

“Dean. This is important.”

“Cas, baby. The last eight times you told me to come here because it was important, you just wanted to kiss me. And as much as I looooove your kisses,” he giggled and hiccuped, “I am very drunky and also sleep.”

“I think you got those two the wrong way round,” Castiel frowned. He walked around the bed until he was standing over Dean, and pressed two fingers to Dean’s forehead.

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crystal-catastrophe  asked:

We just put up our tree so Christmas feels! Lol They're not together but get stuck under the misletoe?

“Ok so what do you think?” Zendaya asked stepping a few steps back to gaze at the Christmas tree she’d spent practically the whole day decorating.

“I think i’m going against my religion”, Val joked hanging up the last candy cane.

But even he had to admit the tree added a certain happiness in his apartment. Since Maks had moved in with Meryl it was missing a little homey cheer.

“I think you secretly love it”, Z teased with a grin tilting her head to the side to get a better view.

“I think I was tricked into it, how did going out for lunch turn into Christmas shopping?” Val shook his head. 

The little devil had some type of freaky mind control of him. Whatever she asked he was powerless to say no.

“Yeah yeah, i’m going to grab a water want one?” He asked already inching towards the kitchen.

“Uh-huh”, Z answered distractedly rubbing the middle of Sir Sleep’s round stomach while the fat pug laid back in relaxation.

A few seconds later Val walked back outside but stopped by a fluffy leaf slapping him right in the mouth.

He coughed sputtering at the offending plastic. ” Zendaya what the hell is this?”

“It’s a mistletoe”, She pouted standing up on her feet to scold him. “ You just messed it up”.

“It attacked me ! ” Val complained in disbelief picking a twig out of his mouth.

“Okay maybe I hung it a little low”, Z giggled standing on her tiptoes to readjust the mistletoe.

“It looks like a stale plant”, He continued on his rant like the scrooge he was.

“It’s tradition”, She smiled getting excited all over again. “Its brings  good luck, prosperity, health, and clarity-”

“Sounds like a bunch of -”

Without warning Z gently pressed her fuller lips to Val’s shutting him up with a kiss.

Val touched his tingling lips feeling a mix between surprised, confused, and excited.

“What was that for?” He smiled knowing full and well that his cheeks had to be the color of Rudolph’s nose now.

“If you get caught under the mistletoe together you have to kiss or its bad luck ”, Z shrugged casually. “ I didn’t want to start off the holidays with bad vibes”, she reasoned.

Val smirked ripping the mistletoe off the doorway and held it above his own head.

“One more to be safe?”

Zendaya closed her eyes, leaned forward puckered her lips  and flicked him in the middle of the forehead.

“Focus Val we have so much more to do”, She spoke walking back towards the tree.

“Can’t blame a guy for trying”, Val winked sticking the plant back up.

“There’ll be plenty more time to get caught under the mistletoe”, She winked opening another box of decorations.

“Really?” Val perked his eyebrows up interestedly walking beside her.

“Yeah if you’re lucky”, she teased.

“I got the prettiest girl in the city spending time with me I already am”. 

Ten/Rose AU: Cup of Sugar {3/6}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen. Adult later!
Summary: A series of mysterious parcels continue to be incorrectly delivered to Rose’s new flat - it turns out they belong to her next door neighbour, a constantly absent, much-gossiped-about Detective Inspector. Rose soon befriends the D.I, but their growing attraction to each other is continually interrupted by his work and more.

A/N: There’s a scene where Rose is harrassed in a night club, nothing too extreme but I thought I’d better put a warning here regardless.

Prelude | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | AO3

Chapter Three:

“Hi!” Rose chirped, far too brightly. She bounded towards the D.I, dropping a trail of chips in her haste to put distance between herself and Mickey.

The D.I. gave a curt nod of greeting, his features stiff. There was silence in the hallway as they regarded one another, a triangle of taciturn detachment, forced cheer, and blithe unawareness.

“Hey,” said Mickey.

Rose awkwardly introduced the two men, making it a point to describe Mickey as an old friend. They shook hands, though without much warmth. Rose offered a portion of chips to the D.I., which was politely but firmly declined. With a sinking heart, she watched as he disappeared into his flat.

“Friendly bloke, your neighbor,” Mickey sneered. “Thought he was going to bite my head off for standing in his way!”

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Washing the Dishes

‘Have you noticed how often we mortgage our present moments for some future promise? Take washing the dishes, for instance. When we are in the doing mode, we wash the dishes to get them done as soon as possible so that we can get on to the next activity. Chances are, we are also preoccupied with other things, so that we don’t give washing the dishes our full attention. Perhaps we are hoping to have a moment to ourselves at long last to relax. We may be thinking about having a cup of coffee and how relaxing that will be. If we then come across a dirty pot that we somehow missed (or, even worse, someone else finds a dirty pot that we have missed), we might feel irritated because the offending pot has temporarily thwarted our desire to get finished as quickly as possible. Finally we do finish, and maybe we sit down for a moment to have that cup of coffee. But our mind may still be very much locked into the doing mode, preoccupied with its various plans and goals. So even while drinking the coffee, it is very likely that we are already thinking of the next task we have to do (return some phone calls, catch up on our e-mail, pay the bills, write a letter, run some errands, get back to studying, whatever it may be.)

For a moment, perhaps out of the blue, we come to our senses and are struck by the empty cup in our hand. Did I just drink that? I must have. But I don’t remember drinking it. We’ve actually missed the coffee we have been anticipating sitting down to enjoy while we were doing the dishes, just as we missed the whole range of sensory experience associated with washing the dishes: the feel of the water, the sight of the bubbles, the sound of the scrubber against the plate or bowl.

In this way, little by little, moment by moment, life can slip by without us being fully here for it. Always preoccupied with getting somewhere else, we are hardly ever actually where we are and attentive to what is actually unfolding in this moment. We imagine we’ll be happy only when we get somewhere else, wherever and whenever that might be. Then we will have “time to relax.” So we postpone our happiness, rather than opening to the quality of experience we’re having right now. As a consequence, we may miss the quality of the unfolding moments in our day, just as we missed doing the dishes and drinking the coffee. If we are not careful, we may actually miss most of our life in this way.’

- Jon Kabat-Zinn et al, The Mindful Way through Depression: freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness.

He’s gone (pt 1)

Little Mute walked up the creaking steps of his porch, wiping his eyes with his sleeve as tears continued to stream down his cheeks. He held his soaked barbaloot plush tight against his chest as he opened the door to his house and stepped inside. 

“Paaa,” He sobbed out, brushing aside some wet bangs out of his face, “P-pa, some kids threw water balloons at me…” He walked into the living room, hoping his dad was there sitting in his usual chair while tuning his guitar, ready to comfort him, like he always did whenever the other kids (or Bret and Chett) would pick on him.

Mute’s heart sank when he found the chair empty. His chest began to hurt as more tears began forming in his eyes and he turned around and headed towards the kitchen, hoping his dad was there as he saw the kitchen light on. Surely he was back by now–it’s been three days already since he left to do…whatever it was grownups did. “Pa?” He called out, his little head peaking around the door frame.

Mama Ler was sitting at the kitchen table, painting her nails while talking on the phone. “Of course I told him to scram! If that good for nothin’ smuck thinks he can show his face around here again, I’ll–” 

“Ma?” Mute called out, trying to get her attention.

“Not now, Oncie, mama is on the phone,” Mama Ler quickly hushed him, not even sparing him a glance. “Mhm. I told ‘im I’m callin’ the cops on ‘im next time he–”

“Ma, some kids threw water balloons at me…”

Mama Ler rolled her eyes, “Give me one second, Maggie. No, no, I can still talk, hun, ‘course I can! It’s just someone,” She glanced at Mute, “is being a little chatterbox while mama is on the phone.” Mute coward behind the door frame.

Mama Ler pulled the phone away from her ear and turned to face Mute, forcing a smile as she talked in a sweet voice to him, “Oncie, mama is having her alone time. And remember what mama said about interrupting her alone time?”

“N-not to do it unless it’s important, or aunt Grizzy fell on her back and can’ts get up again…”

“That’s right. And is this important enough to interrupt mama?”

Mute sniffed, biting his lips to stop them from trembling. Maybe he should’ve gone to his room and waited for Pa to come home. He couldn’t even look at his mother, how was he supposed to talk to her? He never knew how to talk to her, she always got angry at him.

Oncie.” Mute flinched. His mother was irritated now, “It’s rude to keep people waitin’, especially when they’re keepin’ someone waitin’ on the phone.”

“I’m s-sorry…” 


He stayed quiet for a long time. Eventually his mother grew tired of waiting and picked up the phone again, “Sorry ‘bout that Maggie. I swear this boy’s goin’ to drive me crazy one day! So, as I was sayin’–”

“Ma, when’s Pa comin’ home?”

Mama Ler slammed the phone on the table. 

(PART 2)