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FYI, after that there is a cutscene with Pym. So even Janet that used to have a crush on him KNOWS Pym is actually insane. I feel at peace with the universe right now.

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Okay, but Im the only one who remember that flash with a girl and the yellow polo? Because if you dont think she is Beth Greene you are honestly blind

Oh trust me, anon. You aren’t the only one. I was thinking about it this morning while my friend drove us back from the beach. TPTB filmed an original clip solely for the opening credits of Beth, Edwards, and two other people, and then they just kill her? It’s not even a clear shot; it’s slipped in at the beginning.

It all speaks of hiding something in plain sight, and there would be no purpose if Beth were just a throwaway character. I get why most people aren’t talking about it right now, as it’s the middle of the hiatus, and we’ve said all that’s needed to be said, but it never hurts to have a reminder. When Beth is back, and the general audience is still staring at the scene with open mouths, blinking and astounded, the flash is just another thing we can present to them, like, “Yes, this has been here all along.”

You can read more about it here: X.

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Witch!Josh seeing tyler crying and putting his favourite enchanted bracelet in m Ty's hand and says "My positive energy will help you, just picture green flowing through your veins, that's what colour my aura is." Ty feels better after a while and he never takes the bracelet off. His days are just a lil brighter than before when he didn't have it.-👽

this is. so sweet aw j ties it on him n ty gets confused but when j explains it t smiles real big n hugs him “thank you jj, this means a lot” n every day after that when ty thinks of green n looks at the bracelet everything just gets a little brighter n he’s so happy n thankful for his boyfriend

okay so my dream last night my mom, my brother and me were going to stay at this beach condo type thing for the night but since there was only one space available left we had to share it with another family which was cool because the place we were staying at consisted of a living room and two bedrooms so each family got a bedroom. well we had no idea who the other family was but to our surprise it turned out to be Alvin the Chipmunks family. what was weird was the chipmunks were the size of a large 5 year old. 

Anyway we all started watching a movie together when all a sudden we saw a cat on the patio and I think like the green chipmunk wanted to pet it so we went outside but then the cat started attacking him. That’s when my dog Daisy suddenly appear out of nowhere and started to sword fight the cat. 

At first my dog Daisy was winning but little did we know the cat belonged to a mafia boss that was staying in condo next door. And since was from the mafia it had been trained to be an assassin and ended up killing my dog.

So I did what any pet owner would do I went to the front desk along and demanded to speak with the Manager. The dad from Alvin and Chipmunks was with me because he was mad that his son got attacked by an assassin cat. 

While waiting for the manager to appear I overheard some people talking about found out that this whole incident was planned! rather the mafia was after my family or Alvin and Chipmunks I don’t know. Either way I was fucking mad and i was gonna take matters into my own hand. 

So I got an ax and started chopping down the columns of the Condo the mafia boss was in. Since i was too scared to confront him myself I was gonna kill him this way. 

But the boss saw me and set our condo on fire to get back at me for trying to kill him. Thankfully everyone escaped I think I know my mom and brother were find idk about Alvin and them. but unfortunately the Mafia Boss realized his fire thingy failed and sent his men after us. Everyone but me was captured I escaped through this Zip line thing I found out in the woods.

 So after I escaped I found myself in a mall. So naturally I go to security and tell them all what had happened and asked for help. But little did I know that somehow the mafia convinced everyone at the mall to join their mafia and hunt me down rather they ended up catching me idk I woke up before I could find out 

sometimes i wish the voltron cockpits had a breath more personality