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A Fantastic Beasts theory

So I have now seen the film twice. The first time I was utterly convinced by the seemingly popular Ariana was an Obscurial theory. I’m glad everyone is on this bandwagon. Anyway, during my second viewing I’ve expanded this theory a bit and come up with an idea for how it knits into Newt’s story. 

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fantastic beasts theory *spoilers*


this might have been suggested before but all the way through the film i couldn’t stop thinking about the obscurus in Newt’s case. Everyone knows how much JK loves to tie her characters to one another - and I have a hunch that this could be the case with this scenario. 

so, the obscurus in the case we know was formerly attached to a child - and the obscurus and the child cannot be separated or the child dies. But what if this wasn’t exactly what happened - what if the BODY of the child had been killed while the obscurus was outside of her - what if this obscurus belonged to ariana dumbledore?

think about it, newt said that this obscurus was 8 years old. Now, the timelines don’t match up - but what if he meant it had grown for 8 years inside a child, and then been torn apart and fled? Ariana was 6 when she was attacked by muggles - and 8 years later she was killed during a fight between albus, aberforth, and gellert grindlewald which turned nasty and chaotic.

In the words of Aberforth Dumbledore “She was never right again. She wouldn’t use magic, but she couldn’t get rid of it; it turned inward and drove her mad, it exploded out of her when she couldn’t control it, and at times she was strange and dangerous”

It exploded out of her, turned inward - I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that even if she isn’t this specific obscurus (although i think it is) ariana dumbledore definitely was/had an obscurus when she was alive and that was what killed her mother, like credence killed his adopted mother, and that was what caused the chaos during the fight between the albus, his friend, and his brother. 

Leading on from this - I think Grindlewald saw Ariana’s power that day, and began to hunt for other obscuri across the world - it makes sense, he was determined to go after this one after witnessing the power that they can hold.

it would explain why dumbledore is so fond of newt, why he fought so hard for his case. I think that after losing and getting thrown out of hogwarts, Newt was encouraged by dumbledore to find more obscuri - maybe even to find his long lost sister’s obscurus.

anyway, that’s just my theory. 


Today Yemeni bodega and restaurant owners across the five boroughs closed up shop in protest. My little corner of Brooklyn has many Arab and Muslim-owned businesses—especially Syrian, Lebanese, and Yemeni (shout-out to my beloved Damascus Bakery!)—so I wasn’t surprised to see several of them shut today, including the one I go to most frequently.

But the streets in my neighborhood were bustling this afternoon: I passed big groups of people holding flags and signs and heading towards Borough Hall, where a solidarity rally would be held this evening. I showed up before the official start time and hundreds of people were already there, packing the steps of Borough Hall and waving American flags. I saw someone say later that they’d never seen so many American flags at a protest, and I’d say the same. It was an endless sea of red, white, and blue.

I’ve always had the privilege to scoff at flag-waving patriotism. Two generations removed from immigration to this country, it’s something I could always take for granted. But I’m hard-pressed to remember a moment where I’ve watched people chant “USA! USA!” and wave American flags and felt so moved. It doesn’t take much for me to cry these days, but still. To embrace a country whose government is actively trying to reject you—to cheer for it wholeheartedly—takes an extraordinary amount of courage.

A man held a sign that said: “Brooklyn my home. Brooklynites my family. United we stand.” Fellow New Yorkers: let’s make sure we fight like hell to let him know that we feel the same way about him.

Back in high school there was this one day when we had a substitute in Honors English. Our regular teacher would let us leave a few minutes early for lunch, but the sub refused to, so this one weird kid just straight up jumped out the window. 

Anyway, now this kid works for Trump and I just keep thinking ‘God, it’s actually possible he’ll be jumping out of White House windows soon.’



eunwoo’s a big fan of moonbin, who posts singing and dancing covers on youtube + tumblr. they’re mutuals. eunwoo finally gathers up the courage to message moonbin, they talk, and eventually agree to meet up and do a collab.

if Neil had Instagram he’d just post loads of videos of the cats climbing on him and giving him high-5s and opening doors and I’m sure Andrew’s voice would be in the background insulting all three of them

So as a writer I get a ‘feel’ for characters. Certain characters ‘feel’ right to me. Over the last few years I’ve been reading various blogs about writing with color and let me tell you this. 

DO NOT EVER, as a white writer go for what ‘feels’ natural when it comes to creating a character of color. Want to know why? No matter how much of an ally or open minded person you think you are, those tropes and instant reactions for things that seem to fit are probably stereotypes based in racism. Not to mention a straight stereotype is bad writing. If it’s a minor character, this is even more important to avoid.

So if something is a common trope for the POC character you’re creating, go and look at why. Really dig deep. Examine your reasoning. And most of all, do something different. 

When in doubt, google. Google a lot. Look at multiple sources. Examine where these sources are coming from. Ask people who are the ethnicity you want to portray – but ONLY if they’ve made themselves open for questions.

Another “pearl”: after the fact that some people made jokes about “Nerdanel isn’t oh-so-fair”, today have read another of these “pearls”: in a “serious” (or sort of) website about Tolkien I had read an article about the history of Aredhel, Eol and Maeglin, and the author at one point said “Aredhel showed a strong personality, so it demonstrated that the accusations of sexism about the Tolkien’s works are senseless” (the quote isn’t literal, but it’s the general sense) and, two lines after: “And here Aredhel demonstrated of being selfish and that she didn’t care about the consequences of her action” and I was like “?????????????????? Can you are more incoherent?”. Rtfl, I could imagine that for  this guy saying at one point "oh, but Tolkien isn’t sexist at all, the strong personality of Aredhel demonstrated it!“ and at another point that "oh, but the fact that Aredhel wanted freedom for herself and run away from a sort of ‘Golden cage’ makes her a selfish person” it’s perfectly coherent and reasonable *sarcasm*

Let’s face it: nothing in this universe is quite as cute as a Belgian Shepherd puppy. 🚀

One of Noah’s sons, about a year ago. 🌈

I promise to look for some puppy pictures of Khali to post next.