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But seriously think about it. It’s become more than a social norm for teenage girls to hate their body. Its become a social obligation. Any girl who admits to loving their own body is narcissistic, big headed, really thinks she’s something. If that’s not proof how how the patriarchy is literary destroying teenage girls’ self confidence I don’t know what is. 


REQUESTED | V quickly understood it despite the oblivious message from Jumin.

Dear Genji mains...

As a Mercy main I believe many of you don’t spam healing. There are many (toxic/trolls) players that don’t specifically use genji to spam healing even if they don’t need it. I realized that most of you Genji mains have a reputation ruined because of memes :’) but I will heal you when I see your hp low or when you tell me to do so once. Also after healing just say “Thank you” (it’s not hard to be thankful) that’s all what healers ask for. ♡

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You can’t imply that the Black Bloc “aren’t” antifa because that seriously hinges on a technicality.

You are antifa if you are opposed to fascists in every form. That’s it. Whether that’s through direct action and mutual aid in underdeveloped communities or through other means is the decision of the individual, according to their circumstances. But you are part of the antifa movement if you are opposed to facists and fascism in every form.

And I get the temptation to water this stuff down sometimes, especially in light of the fact that the media has a definite vested interest on insisting that the antifa are the perpetrators of violence, even when they’re not. But you can’t excise the basic tenets of the movement just to make your argument more comfortable or appealing to other people. I get why you would want to, but you can’t. Because it’s not about that. It’s not about appealing to others, it’s about doing what is right. It’s about opposing fascism, because fascism is morally reprehensible and anyone who supports it or wants to allow it a platform has to know that what they’re supporting is morally reprehensible.

And while there is a conversation that should be had about the intricacies and nuances of the movement and its tactics (a conversation that people constantly have by the way, if you care to actually know about these things for yourself), it’s a conversation that has to be had in its own right, and not as a reaction or a response to another argument that only ever exists as a false equivalency to begin with.

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Hey newt. I was wondering do wizards know about dinosaurs and evolution and all that stuff or not, and if they are why is it never mentioned??

Hello!  Evolution is well known and debated amongst the magical community, with a few undisputed facts of our own.  Such as how some ‘dinosaurs’ could breathe fire, and aren’t quite as extinct as muggles have been led to believe.

As to why it isn’t mentioned- I would discuss that with your professors if I were you.  It really should be in all curriculums.  

another reason to believe vilde will be the one who gets blamed for this and not even: before even gets hurt in the trailer, vilde’s pearl necklace gets ripped off of her. she’s going to be “exposed” for something before the drama hits even.

Ear cropping for aesthetics is not ok.

I don’t care if it’s a breed standard or purely because everyone else does it; it’s unnatural and is completely unnecessary.

The only exemption is cropping pinas for medical reasons.

Your dog isn’t there to please your eyes because you want upright ears. Get a breed with natural upright ears if thats what you desire.