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Have I mentioned how much I love danger days’ concept?
Have I mentioned how much I love danger days’ aesthetic?
Have I mentioned how much I love danger days headcanons and theories on this website?
Have I mentioned how much I love all the danger days fanart out there?
Have I mentioned how much I love danger days?

Dream Lord
Justin, Travis and Griffin McElroy
Dream Lord

-I have had control of my dreams for so long that I’m worried if I go in…willy-nilly…the dreams are just gonna run rough-shod over my emotions.

-Yeah, the Dream Lord will be like “Finally, a weak point!”

-”Finally!  Now experience all the emojis you’ve been holding back!”


-“You’ve been holding onto these emojis in this bottle, I’ve been saving them, experience them aaaall~!  Have sex with the teeth that fell out of your head ‘cause you’re naked at school and forgot your lines at the plaaaayyy~!  And you’re falling–”

-”And you’ve forgotten how to run quickly and you feel like you’re moving through molasses!”

-”And also you’re flyyying off a cliff…and you’re on fire and your parents are there and there’s your grandma~!”

-”And you’re trying to punch the dude but you can’t remember how to make a fist!”

-”You can’t remember how to make a fist and your f–hands are bones and teeth~”


-”I am the dream master experience your emojis~”

The first time a shit-bag teenager punched a crow with red dye dripping down his neck, California was split in two. His worn down knuckles collided with the synthetic, rubbery, skin of all that he hated. The passion ran through that motherfucker’s blood until it spilled out his beat-up leather jacket. Just beyond the concrete where he stood, the embodiment of his spirit awoke in the sand. The witch gave a home to the rage and energy that he had released. All that pain and anger and excitement and passion and creativity and courage took the form of the man we all know and love as California’s first killjoy.


@okimi79aka SilentSinger’s Compendium of Sin

  • Fun Ghoul [on Party Poison’s outfit]: I cannot take you seriously while you’re wearing that.
  • Party Poison: What, you don’t think I’m pretty?
  • Fun Ghoul: You’re the prettiest girl on the planet -
  • Kobra Kid and Fun Ghoul [in unison]: of the apes.


  • Jet Star: So no matter how shallow and self-absorbed you pretend to be -
  • Party Poison: Excuse me, there's no pretense here. I happen to be genuinely self-absorbed and deeply shallow.
  • The Director [about the Killjoys]: They are devious and deceitful, and most importantly... stupid.
  • Korse [under breath]: It's a wonder you don't get along with them. You have so much in common.

anonymous asked:

How would young!Gladio react of young!Ignis made the first move when they started dating? Also, what would their first kiss look like?

HHNNNNNGGGGG, young Gladnis is my weakest weakness, Astrals save me, it’s just so adorable and so fluffy and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The gods bless entries like this because they’re some of my absolute favorites to write about, I get so easily triggered, and it always get so bad and long and this is going to be so much fun ahddsjgff <3

 [Edit: Gods, this was absolutely so much fun. The quantity of fluffiness in this post has murdered me and I hope it kills whoever wants to read it too. In a loving way, ofc. Only out of adorableness]

Okay, people, seatbelts on because we’re going straight into a mess of adorable puppy love for the Gladnis. 

Adding a Read More at some point due to length.





Young!Ignis giving the first step into his relationship with young!Gladio, the latter reacting to it, and how their first kiss went:

  • Ignis is fifteen.
  • Young, still not adult-heighted, skinny fifteen year old Ignis because I can and want to make him this young, and you cannot stop me.
  • Fifteen year old Ignis has the most horrible and absurd and terrible of crushes on sixteen year old Gladio.
  • Ignis has literally no idea how to handle this.
  • It’s the first time he ever grows this sort of feelings.
  • Well, at least in these measures and as badly. <3
  • Young Ignis noticed and confirmed to himself what was going on with himself when Gladio lent him one of his hoodies.
  • “Here. It’s raining and you don’t like getting wet, so have my hoodie.”
  • Young Gladio gave excuses and took it very lightly, giving Ignis his own hoodie while he stayed in shirt, but to Ignis it meant so much, because Gladio was giving up not only his comfort but also putting his health to risk so that Ignis could be comfy and safe instead.
  • Ignis, you dramatic human being.
  • Young Ignis was red in the face the entire time heading home (the hoodie really was just necessary from the door of the Citadel to his uncle’s car, but still), and couldn’t stop feeling dinosaurs in the stomach and his head was going crazy repeating Gladio’s beautiful grin and words and actions.
  • Young Ignis couldn’t bring himself to take it off and slept in the damn hoodie.
  • When he woke up and remembered what he was wearing, all he could do was to bury the face in the pillow and whine because
  • ‘From all the people of Eos, I have to be crushing this awfully terrible on Gladiolus…’
  • Why couldn’t it be anybody else
  • Not that Ignis doesn’t like crushing on Gladio because it’s Gladio, it’s just that
  • It’s Gladio
  • Gladiolus The Most Charming The Most Handsome the Most Caring The Most Stunning Amicitia
  • Gladiolus I-Am-So-Attractive-I-Can-Pick-Literally-Anyone-I-Want Amicitia
  • Gladio who could pick anybody else, so if Gladio can pick literally anyone else, he could choose the best
  • ‘Not…myself.’
  • Ignis, you stop that, you’re perfect.
  • Turns out, Ignis tries to deny the feelings.
  • Failed.
  • Eventually, Ignis cannot keep the feelings in any longer.

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Killjoys Headcanon

Horse-riding killjoys? Like, basically motorbike gangs of killjoys roaming around with awesome jackets and stuff, but instead of actual motorbikes they have horses, because let’s face it, horses are hard to keep but you don’t need to spend hundreds of carbons on oil or new parts.