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more things I drew while eating sweets

Minos, the charismatic black horse ridden by Tygh Runyan (Fabien) in Versailles. We’ve seen from behind-the-scenes pictures and intervews just how much Tygh loves working with this horse, and as they’re back together filming series three right now, I thought I’d draw a little solo portrait of Minos looking handsome :)

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(@dailyrocketchu) Wow, a Solgaleo! I once heard a legend that you can cause a solar eclipse at will! Is that true?

Not completely but they still did a pretty good job, right?

They even provided you with some nice viewing shades


Ok so I spent most of my night off watching drum line videos on youtube. Then moving on to listening to my Music Man alum. Which resulted in drawing this and regretting basing off the nations uniforms with their flag color; because omg that’s a lot of red white and blue.  

While I do think this pic is way too busy it’s not as busy as my original sketch which was a drawing of the 5 major allies because with France and Russia I think we all would be wanting to scratch our eyes out lol. But by the time I came to that conclusion I already drew England and American and was like f*** it there too adorable not to post and here we be. 

idk why people are still ~theorizing~ that arya will leave westeros and sail west of westeros cause like she’s back in winterfell and is more calm and confident than she’s been in a long time so like why would she leave lol