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Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Bill Skarsgard x Reader



Bill had a bad day and you make him feel better by cooking or goofing around or just talking and cuddling

Warning: None

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You hummed as you typed into your computer writing fanfic and reading others for inspiration. You weren’t surprised some of them were about your boyfriend Bill Skarsgård. He was really handsome and it was a wonder why out of all the woman he could’ve dated he picked out you.

He was a professional actor with a big family of highly well known and recognized actors. He would be a terrifying clown or a Upir or a spy, but at the end of the day he was the man who you loved to cuddle with on the couch and just overall enjoy each other’s companies. Speaking of the devil, your front door opened and your boyfriend came in looking terrible for once.

His gelled back hair was a bit messy like he kept constantly raking his fingers through it and attempted to fix it but only made things worse. You frowned noticing not only that but his mood was off and even his walk. You knew he must’ve had a rough day when he slumped down next to you on the couch.

That wasn’t your usual Bill. He would usually come home happy and excited to tell you about his day kissing your cheek and already babbling about this certain scene he did.

Only today it was clear he was having a bad day.

You already knew he woke up late and spilled his coffee on the counter just as he was leaving. He had texted you once saying his co-stars were being none-to-friendly either and the director was being hard on all of them. Being the good girlfriend you were you gently stroked his hair fixing a few out of place locks back. Bill sighed and just let you do that to help him relax.

“Tough day?” You asked softly.

“Yeah.” He mumbled.

You frowned and continued to stroke his hair and face softly. He moved to rest his head in your lap and you continued to gently pet him like a cat. You even hummed a song which in your opinion you were terrible at, let alone singing but Bill thought you had the voice of an angel. Eventually he was completely lax looking like he was dozing off.

You chucked and leaned down to kiss his head, “I’m trying to make you feel better not to make you fall asleep silly.”

He smiled and sighed, “Well when I have a beautiful girl doing it I can’t help myself.”

You playfully punched his shoulder making him smile. He lifted up his head and you leaned down knowing he wanted a kiss.

“I’m gonna go get a blanket and make some tea. Sounds good?” You asked.

“I kinda like this angle.” He teased making you roll his eyes.

Despite his words Bill sat up and watched as you went to the closet pulling out your “cuddle blanket”. It was really this gigantic fleece blanket you had found that was light pink with red hearts on it that was just about the size of a king sized duvet.

You threw it at Bill who caught it and watched as you went into the kitchen to make the tea. He loved your tea since it was unexplainably good since you got it from an old family recipe your grandmother had gotten from a friend.

Once that was done you poured them into mugs and went back to find Bill was looking through the comedy movies. You plopped down next to him, being careful not to spill the tea of course, and held a mug out for him.

He graciously accepted it as he continued to scroll through the movies until he found the perfect one. You pulled your legs up to sit Indian style and grabbed the blanket to pull half of it over your lap. You took a sip of yours and smiled at how you had added just the perfect amount of honey.

“You gotta teach me your recipe sometime cause every time I drink your tea it’s amazing.” Bill commented.

“Secret recipe can’t tell ya!” You winked teasingly.

He smiled teasingly pouting but didn’t say much after. You both continued to watch the movie occasionally laughing and at one point you had nearly fallen off of the couch from laughing so hard.

You played several movies until the sun came down and the stars came out. By then you and Bill were watching a romantic comedy. He was leaning against you pressing his head cheek to your head with an arm around your shoulders gently brushing his thumb on your arm. He just loved how soft and smooth and silky your skin was.

Another movie passed and you we laying down on the couch with him resting his head on your chest (cuz apparently men like to think boobs as pillows) well your hand continued to stroke his hair. You eventually got bored of the movie Bill had put on and gently poked him in the side making him instinctively jump.

“What was that for?” He asked.

“Just wanted to see if your still awake.” You lied.

“Yeah I’m awake.” He grumbled before laying  back down on your chest. 

A minute later you felt a finger poke your side and you playfully glared down at Bill you looked at you like he was innocent and clueless.

“What?” He asked truly sounding innocent from his years of acting.

You gave him another accusing glare before resting your head back down on his chest. Not even a minute later you squirmed when you felt something like wiggling fingers attack your sides.

You narrowed your eyes and glared at him well he continued to play innocent. Curse him and his acting career that allowed him to have such a good poker face.

“I know it’s you!” You glared.

“I don’t know what your talking about.” He replied.

You once again laid your head back down on his chest. A few minutes later you felt two hands this time grab your sides and tickle them making you squirm and squeak and squeal like a retarded worm.

“Bill stop!” You squealed in between laughter.

Curse him for knowing your tickle spots so well. 

He eventually did stop and you had laughing hiccups for a few seconds before finally being able to calm down. Bill had a shit eating grinning from ear to ear that grew wider when you pouted cutely even though you were trying to make it look like you were angry.

“So that’s how ya wanna play it huh?” You challenged. (cookie to anyone who gets this reference!!! Hint: Inolves a yellow children’s cartoon character!)

You attacked him this time wiggling and poking make him laugh but not squirm as hard as you did. When he was nearly crying out, “Uncle! Uncle!” You stopped and watched him chuckle for a minute.

After the aftershocks were gone he smiled and kissed you for a few seconds which you gladly accepted of course. He was an amazing kisser and his lips were so soft and kind of just pulled you in like a fish to a shiny lure. No wonder why so many fan girls gay pair him.

When he pulled away he still had a smile on his face as he laid his head back down on his chest listening to you steady and melodic heart beat and feeling his head rise and fall when your lungs expand and deflate. He gently ran his fingers through your hair loving how even on his worst days you always made him smile.

“You know I’m in the mood for tacos.” You said ruining the mood. 

Epilogue: Sorry it’s so short but it makes up for it with all the fluffy goodness of cuddling and watching movies and all that teeth rotting goodness. Since you are reading this another hint for the reference is that in the episode they are playing in the snow when ice bergs? Came in. Bonus points if you remember the episodes name! Oh and I’m seeing the IT movie today so no spoilers! Thanx for Reading! =3!

Lightsaber Battle - Pietro Maximoff x Reader

Words: 1358
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: swearing, maybe
Requested by anon
Pietro and the reader having a lightsaber battle in the middle of the toy section
Summary: What happens when you and Pietro are in the toy section and Pietro is pracitcally a toddler in a store? Chaos ensues.
Authors Note: this was so much fun omf

Pietro Maximoff / Full Masterlist


“Target could be my second home,” You marveled as you walked into the doors of the large store.

Pietro laughed. “Well, you do come here a lot.”

“Because I love it!” You squealed and walked to where the one-dollar section was.

With a roll of the eyes, he put his hand on your shoulder. “That, and Tony kicks us out of the base a lot.”

Shrugging, you picked up random things in the one-dollar bins. Tony does kick you two out of the base a lot, mainly because when you don’t have anything to do, you annoy someone until you are entertained and come up with something to do. He’s usually the easiest to annoy, not to mention that he gets annoyed really easily, and his reactions are typically the funniest.

You walked up to the nearest employee, doing like you and Pietro always do. “Excuse me, miss, where are the toasters?” You linked onto Pietro’s arm. “My husband is really worried about the fact that we do not have a toaster and I’m afraid he’s going to break down if he doesn’t see a toaster soon,” You told the girl who seemed to be a bit older.

She quickly directed you to where the toasters would be, and once she was out of sight, the two of you broke into a fit of laughter. “That was a good one. I’m really passionate about toasters,” He laughed. It was almost a tradition after the many times you two have been to Target recently, asking the staff random and strange questions. Sometimes he was your son, sometimes you were a random stranger, and today he was your husband. Of course, you two were only friends, which made it only funnier.

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Things I learnt from that episode

1) Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones are precious souls who need to be protected at all costs

2) Betty Cooper is in fact in love with Jughead Jones and doesn’t care who knows it

3) Jughead Jones is in love with Betty Cooper, he doesn’t even have to say it you can see it in how he acts

4) Varchie need to think before they act on something purely based on instinct which they know could hurt their friends (hell I already knew this)

5) FP is the OG daddy (already knew this too) who in fact looks better with facial hair (new information)

6) Mama cooper is the she devil again (she took a few episodes off)

7) I never want to witness Jughead crying again in my lifetime


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Newt has a big crush on Graves pass it on

Newton Artemis Fido Scamander most certainly did not have a crush on one Percival Graves, the Director of Magical Security - until he did, that is.

Newt hadn’t had a crush on anyone for years, in fact, until a good three months after the Grindelwald incident. A good three months after they found Graves. Newt had been brought in to consult on a trafficking ring that broke out during the chaos of cleaning up Grindelwald’s mess and MACUSA had instantly asked for his return. He had come back, knowing he’d probably end up meeting the man behind the face that Grindelwald had stolen -

Only to find out he was on sick leave, re-cooperating from the trauma of being held prisoner. What trauma specifically, be it psychological or physically, no one could say. Nor could they say how long he’d be gone.

So imagine Newt’s surprise when he’s knee deep in a raid - spells flying, creatures howling from their cages and panicking, lashing out through the bars and suddenly, he appears. He spots Graves entering the chamber from across the chaos and for a heart stopping second, Newt can’t move. His face is so familiar, and every moment he blinks, he can see Grindelwald’s exasperated expression as he sentenced him to death. But every time he opens his eyes, he see Percival Graves. And while the face is the same, nothing else is.

Grindelwald had moved like a peacock, strutting his power and the richness of Graves’ body like a man flaunting a pricey car. Graves moved like a panther; smooth, steadfast, assured of his capabilities but also cautious enough to know that didn’t ensure a painless fight. His eyes were deep and focused. He scanned the chaos at hand with a sheer, calm calculation that set Newt at ease. 

And when he announced his entrance finally to the group at large, it was not flashy or wasteful. He bound and gagged three criminals before the rest even realized he was attacking them at all. 

He attacked not just for himself, but for his flock. He cast spells that assisted those aurors that were struggling the most first - the outnumbered or exhausted or wounded. And once assured of their safety, then moved onto the rest. He wasn’t flashy. He didn’t try to eliminate everyone on his own, although Newt had a small inkling that he could. Instead, he worked with his aurors. He attacked just as much as he defended, moving slow and precisely. It wasn’t a race, after all. The safety of his team was most important.

And so while it was a sluggish fight, it was predominantly a success, with minimal injuries occurring after the fact.

“Well done,” he said, his voice rough like whiskey and warming Newt’s chest just the same. Newt watched as he clapped a strong hand onto Abernathy’s shoulder and squeezed, encouraging, before turning to the room at large. “Everyone, begin transporting these men to headquarters. We’ve a long night of paperwork ahead of us.”


“Of course, sir!”

“Right away!”

And then Graves turned to look at him.

Mr. Scamander, yes? I was informed you were assisting with this case. Are you alright?” Graves asked, approaching him all the while, and Newt couldn’t help but feel pinned beneath the wolfish focus of those eyes. He swallowed, about the speak, when Graves’ gaze slid suddenly over Newt’s shoulder. 

He received no more notice than that. Suddenly, Graves was in front of him, shoving him aside. Newt stumbled into a nearby table, off balance, then whirled to take in what had set Graves off. 

A nundu stood where Newt had once stood, blood on it’s claws. Were it not for the cruel muzzle the criminals had placed upon the creature’s snout, Graves would probably have been struck dead by the creature’s poisons. Newt, too. 

Graves had managed to back away somewhat, but Newt could see where the nundu had struck him - sleeve torn and muddled red at the forearm. Graves had both his hands out, both making him seem large while also giving the nundu sight of both his hands and what they were doing. 

Newt rose to his feet quickly, mouth open to direct Graves, when the man then turned his open palms to him and shook his head - shushing him with his eyes. It was then he realized the man must have already warned back his aurors, too, because they were frozen in a semi-ring around him, wands drawn but frozen as they watched.

The nundu was growling, it’s huge throat swollen in angry and its thorny mane bristling. Newt felt his heart constrict, torn between directing Graves regardless of the man’s request for silence and telling him not to harm the nundu.

But neither predator attacked, nor seemed to attend to - both just staring each other down. It was then, Newt realized, that Graves was gently easing a wandless spell through the air between them. It sunk into the creature gradually, easing it into a calm stupor incrementally instead of all at once lest the spell panic the beast. Newt watched, wide-eyed, as the director calmly eased the creature to the ground - falling into a kneel in time with the moment that the creature laid down, keeping eye contact until it was finally fully slack, eyes closed, restful and at peace. 

“Sir, that was amazing,” one of the aurors whispered, awed. 

“Yes it was,” Newt whispered.

Graves leaned forward, hands searching out the crevices of the muzzle, frowning as though displeased as Newt approached. The man looked up at him once before leaning back on his haunches and turning his attention back to the beast.

“My apologies, Mr. Scamander. I am well aware of your expertise, but I did not think warning you would give you enough time to react - I hope I did not hurt you.”

“N-no, I’m quite alright. You… Thank you for not harming him. Another man might have killed him without another thought if they were staring down a nundu.”

“It’s not the creature’s fault he’s here. A spell must have shattered the door to his cage. Spooked him. We got too close and he was acting on instinct. He didn’t advance any further after the initial swipe - he didn’t want to hurt anyone,” Graves said, eyes on the creature as he spoke. “Can hardly fault him for trying to protect himself. Far from home, surrounded by hostile people and then exposed to the fight that just happened. And then he was muzzled. I don’t strike a man if I have a knife and he doesn’t. Goes the same for creatures. Just doesn’t seem right.”

Newt blinked, stock-still in the face of the last words he had expected to hear.

“I wish we could loosen this,” Graves said, fingers trailing over the places where the muzzle bit cruelly into the creature’s jaws, “But until he’s somewhere more managable, I don’t think that’s an option - for all of our sake’s, his included. I apologize though, Mr. Scamander. I know you’re likely not comfortable with that.”

Newt jerked, shook himself of his daze and said, “N-No, not at all. You’re right, it’s best for all of us, the nundu included, until I can get him somewhere safe.”

And when Graves rose to his feet, they were suddenly so close. Newt felt his breath hitch. He watched as Graves ran a hand over his wound, sewing the ragged mess shut, before looking ever so slightly up to look at Newt.

“Are you sure you’re alright, Mr. Scamander?” Graves asked. “You look a little shell shocked.”

Newt nodded quickly, too quickly to be smooth.

“Good. We should start noting and moving these creatures somewhere safe, then. I’d be happy to lend you a hand, if you need the assistance,” Graves said, clapping Newt on the back as he had done the aurors. “The faster we get them somewhere more like home, the better - right?”

And when Graves smiled at him, Newt felt his breath catch in his lungs. Oh no, he thought. He’s perfect.

The Cuter Stark

(A/N): This is in female pronouns :P

Pairings: Tony x Sister!Reader

Request: Can I request one where Tony Stark’s baby sister is in town but the team doesn’t know what she looks like. So when Tony is seen around the city with a hot younger woman everyone worries about Pepper thinking he’s cheating. Pepper laughs about it when everyone tells her so she clears up the rumors and gets Tony to finally introduce the cuter Stark.

Warnings: None

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @ridingmoxley

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You were the little sister of the famous Tony Stark. You were all Tony had left that he could call family and he wished you would stay at the Avenger compound but you argued, saying you could take care of yourself. You didn’t get to see each other too often because of both of your jobs but any spare moment you had, you’d share with one another. 

The Avengers had heard your name mentioned every once in a while, but no one had ever seen you in person not even a picture. They always teased Tony that he was making it all up since he never brought you around and there was no evidence of your existence but he always brushed it off with a comment that you were busy changing the world or something cheesy like that. 

“So, Tony, how’s your ‘sister’ doing?” Clint teases, putting sister in finger quotations for what seems like the hundredth time as the team lounges around the common area and Tony gives a small groan before rolling his eyes. 

“She’s doing fine.  Tony throws back in annoyance as he downs the rest of his drink.

“We still have yet to meet the mysterious baby Stark. When are you bringing her around?” Natasha pokes further, an amused smirk across her face and now the entire team is chuckling and Tony sends a glare. 

“At this point, none of you are going to meet (Y/N).” Tony growls.

“Don’t stress too much, it would be no surprise to us, Stark.” Sam jokes out and Tony shakes his head when his phone buzzes in his pocket. He pulls it out, reading your name across the screen and his face instantly lights up reading that you were in town for the next week. 

He replies, saying he’d meet you at your favorite café before looking up at his curious teammates. “If you’d excuse me, I have some things to attend to.” Tony smirks out as he stands from his spot on the couch before disappearing down the hallway. 

The team didn’t know where Tony bounced off to after that conversation but since then he seemed to be a bit happier and less sarcastic. They brushed it off at first but as the week continued, the happiness didn’t relent and the team began to become curious on what was making the playboy have a change in attitude. They begin to notice Tony leaving early from his lab instead of staying cooped up in there all day and that’s when they decided to follow him to see what he was up to. 

The majority of the team followed Tony discretely around the city and finds him hanging out with a beautiful, younger female. They spot him eating lunch and dinner with the mystery woman everyday while also shopping around. Tony effortlessly laughs throughout the conversation, obviously enjoying himself while the mystery woman looks the same way. 

The team doesn’t know what to think about the mystery woman but immediately jump to conclusions. Tony had been with Pepper for almost 2 years and their first thought was he was cheating on her. They were going to keep it a secret from Pepper but decided on being honest, telling her the trust about the billionaire’s actions. 

So, they call Pepper to the Avenger’s compound as they wait anxiously for the redhead. They sit in silence before the sound of heels echoes through the air and they look up as Pepper’s form comes into view.

She gives a friendly smile as she holds her usual planner, her Bluetooth in her ear. “I got your call, what can I do for you all?”

The team exchange nervous looks before Steve awkwardly clears his throat causing Pepper’s face to scrunch up in confusion. “We have something to tell you. It’s about Tony.”

Pepper immediately groans, instinctively bringing her hands up to rub her temple. “What did he do now? I’m still cleaning up from that lab incident last week.”

“We-um… we think he’s cheating on you.” Steve pushes past his lips and Pepper’s face drops as she tilts her head to the side.

“Are you sure?” Pepper questions, friendly smile completely gone as she stares at Steve’s apologetic face. 

Natasha pulls out her phone, scrolling through a couple of photos before settling on one and handing it to Pepper. “We noticed him acting different around the compound, leaving early to visit this woman and he’s been spending a lot of time with her for the past week. This is the woman.”

Pepper grabs the phone from Natasha’s hands, locking eyes on the photo before her face softens resulting an amused smile. A small chuckle leaves her lips, leaving the team confused on why Tony cheating was funny. Pepper shakes her head a moment before looking back up at the superhero group.

“I’m very glad you guys are looking after me and trying to keep Tony in check but there is nothing to worry about.” Pepper states, handing the phone back to Natasha. The team speechlessly stares at Pepper, multiple questions popping into their head but before any of them can ask, the elevator dings. 

They all turn their heads as Tony and you walk out, smiles across your faces but they immediately fade when everyone’s eyes are on you. Pepper crosses her arms with an amused smirk as she raises an eyebrow at Tony. “Tony, you really should have introduced (Y/N) when she first got here. Steve and them thought you were cheating on me with (Y/N).”

Tony’s eyebrows crunch together, averting his eyes to his team’s dumbstruck faces before a giddy smile grows on his face as he turns towards you, placing an arm around your shoulder. “Avengers, this is my little sister, (Y/N). She’s a surgeon, forensic pathologist and 10 times smarter than all of you combined.”

There is a small silence with everyone staring at you when Sam breaks it. “You’re Tony’s sister?” Sam questions incredulously mouth slightly agape and you smile, tilting your head to the side. 

“I am.” You return and Sam closes his mouth, sending a look towards Bucky. 

“Damn, Stark, you didn’t mention your sister was cuter than you.” Clint jokes causing the team to snap out of their staring as they begin to laugh over the matter. 

Tony glares at Clint before pointing an defensive finger at him. “Don’t hit on my sister and she is not cuter than me.”

“I’ve always been cuter than you, Tony. Always have and always will be.” You declare with a wide smile as you poke Tony’s side and he gives a small grunt as he pushes your persistent fingers away.  

“Wanna bet, little one?” Tony questions before Bucky’s voice pipes up. 

“Sorry, Stark, I think (Y/N) has this one.” Bucky laughs out as the other nod in agreement causing you to chuckle as you watch Tony folds his arms across his chest, glaring at you. 

“I’m placing you up for adoption.”

“We’ll take her!” Natasha announces happily and Tony groans before throwing his hands up in exasperation as he begins to walk out of the room. 

“I’ve been replaced by my sister.”

“Love you, Tony!”

Redder Than Ever

This is part five of the Good Little Angel series!

Good Little Angel

Good Little Angel part two

Good Little Angel part three

Good Little Angel part four

Word count: 1,082

Warning: smut, riding

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary/Request: Thank you @curlyxtomato for your request! This is a part five.

Your eyes become a subject of wonder and Cas presents you with a pretty shocking question. Not to mention what Lucifer admits…

A/N: Thank you all so much for supporting this series, I will be posting a Dean smut soon but this series is definitely not over yet.

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“You’re lying.”

“Were you lying when you said that you could see my wings?” Lucifer raised an eyebrow, seemingly unbothered.

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BTS reacting when their gf is scared when they’re mad/jealous

anon:Hello, how would bts react to girlfriend being scared of them when they are mad/jealous

Thank you for request! Enjoooy~ Hope that you’ll like it^^


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This fight was nugacity. You fight over who of you should make dinner for your parents. Jin wanted to impress them but you know how to make what they liked. Jin feel aggrieved. It’s hard to make Jin like this but at this time he was mad. When he yell at you and you just flinch, he frooze. He would be mad at himself that he made you scared. Jin would stop this and came to you slowly. Hugging you he whisper that it was last time making you scared becouse of him and that he is sorry.

“I would never hurt you. I don’t know what make you scared but I’m sorry.”


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When Suga arugue with you it would be a real fight. Anyone who was around leaves room, don’t want to be nearby you two. That day was one of the worst in his life and now you pick at him for some stupid reasons. He can’t take a pipe and raise his voice like never before. You can’t control your fear. He lower his voice and leave house-filled with remorse. Even when you two made up, he still remember you scared of him and can’t snap of it.

“Let’s not get into argument again. It’s not good for us and you.”


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I see him crying. Like, how his precious Y/N can be scared of him when he never do anything to you. He know him spending more time with members can annoy you and even make you jelly but being scared? It was too much for him. Hoseok would try everything to never be angry again and if he can’t stand him emotions more, would ask you to leave him alone mostly calmly how he can. You would leave him to back chocolate because “it’s perfect for every time”

"You’re the best jagii. I promise that you won’t feel like this again”


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BTS had tour in Japan. You felt lonely and your old besfriend back to Korea from college.It’s a guy so you don’t want to tell your bf becasue you knew his reaction-jealous.When he had fansign one fan showed him a pic of you with your friend asking if he knows him.Saying that he was mad is to weak. He come back to Seul and argue with you about why you didn’t tell him.You were always scared when he’s angry. Jonnie would try to understand why you feel that way. He’ll try to make you sure that there is nothing to be scared about and that’s his fault that you felt that way. But also he would talk with you in a calm way about your friend.

“Next time just tell me, Y/N. I know that I might be scary but it’s reasons to be scared. You promise me that you’ll try and I’ll promise that I’ll be less jealous”


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His come back will be in few days. He spend a lot of time in practie room. You was mad at him becase of that. You wanted normal realtionship like all your friends. Going to cinema, spending time together walking about-it was your dream. And this is reason of this fight. Jimin defend his view at this situation. He hope that you understand that but now he is dissapointed that you don’t. Career is very important for him, same like you. You never see Jimin acting like this before. He was mad-very mad. You were scared to say anything and give any voice. When Jimin raise his head to see you cringe in fear, he stopped and thinking what he did. You have to prove him  that you’re fine and it was just instinct and that you know that he’s calm person in real.

“You felt awful right? I’ll change my schedule, promise. I won’t hurt you. You know it, right?”


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What can make person like Tae mad or jealous? I think that appreciating one of his members more then him. He knew that hard-working Yoongi make you always admiration him. But he don’t like it. When Suga asks you about one of his songs, V told him to leave you alone and go away. You don’t understang him. He’s his hyung, his older brother and now he’s rude for him. When both of you were alone you asked about this and Tae zoom out. Words are fall from his lipis one by one. Everything would be fine if his voice won’t be that agressive. You just wanted to leave this room. Run away and back when he’ll be calm. But you started to cry from fear. He would be schocked and don’t know what to say.Then he started to crying with you. He let you know that he understands you and thought how to made it up-still crying with you in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. *chlip, chlip* It won’t happen again. But please, give me some attention too.*chlip* I love you..”


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Making his Y/N scared and beacuse of him would be like end of the world for him. This was your first ever argument with eachother. You don’t even know why you fight. He wanted to be calm but he can’t. He loves you but this was enough. His face and eyes changed, tighten his naprapathy. This look can be frightening, don’t you think? He would regret this fight after seeing your reaction. He would begging you for forgivness and when you started to laughing because he extremely change again, he would feel relief.

“I think that this is charm of being in realtionship. But why were you scared, Y/N? I have to know to not do this again. You have to trust me”

It’s All Fun & Games (pt. 5)

( ‘till somebody loses their mind )

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Drabbles

Summary: In which you and Jungkook attempt to fake a relationship for revenge and end up with a lot more than either of you expected.
Genre: Angst/Fluff, Fake Dating!AU
Word Count: 3,466
Author’s Note: I worked on this story nonstop for 3 days, so it’s weird finishing it up. Thank you to everyone who loved reading this as much as I loved writing it. (Eck, I hope this ending is satisfying enough for you!) 


Jungkook takes the stairs up two at a time, the pounding of his sneakers against the steps the only sound echoing off the narrow walls of plaster. His backpack clumps awkwardly against his shoulder from his little hops, but he doesn’t care. He’s just finished up a 2 hour long study session with his professor and to say that he was exhausted beyond belief would be an understatement.

Pausing only momentarily to take a breath upon reaching the landing, Jungkook makes his way down the hallway. He’s been here enough times to know exactly how many steps it takes to reach Namjoon’s apartment, most of his movements done unconsciously now.

He readjusts the earphones in his ear as he fishes out the phone from his back pocket to stroll through music playlist, his feet moving on their own accord.

Jungkook doesn’t know how he knows exactly when he reaches Namjoon’s apartment (given that he doesn’t even remember the exact number corresponding to Namjoon’s living quarters), but he stops in front of a door.

He’s about to knock on the door before a movement flickering out of the corner of his eye catches his attention. He looks up from his phone and feels his heart drop and speed up at the same time at the sight of the figure approaching him.

You freeze just as he does from your own place, just a few feet from where he stands.

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Star Wars ~ Personality Types

- This is my own personal take on the personalities of the most prominent Star Wars characters so far. I spent some time really wanting to perfect it using both MBTI as well as including their predicted Enneagram (predicted for now, more in-depth look at that side of the personality coming in a post very soon). (P.S.) - Characters such as Rey and Luke as well as Anakin and Kylo Ren may have more individual posts concerning this in the future since they are more complex to discuss in a condensed way.

• Luke Skywalker - INFJ

Okay so I’ve seen it around that Luke is an INFP but I don’t think that’s the best assessment. I take him as an INFJ. This goes for his overall character arc so far. INFJ sometimes called “The Advocate” is one of the rarest and very complex. Depending on their temperament they can sometimes come of as extroverted but they need to step back and recharge on their own as well. This applies to Luke. He’s very much a strong group member but is very okay with separating himself from others if that’s what needed for him. INFJ’s are extremely insightful, they can see what lies underneath that may not be as clear to others. This gives them a silent understanding which fuels a passionate nature. They are not ones to back away from what they believe to be right. Luke, particularly in episode 6 shows this with his mercy towards Darth Vader who most importantly is his father. He is able to forgive. INFJ has a talent for seeing past the masks others wear to see the truth beneath. INFJ weaknesses very apparent with Luke as well is an overly sensitive nature seen in some frustrated outbursts he has had in the past. Also with Luke’s present actions in episode 7 we see the INFJ tendency to close off and a need for privacy. Another reason I feel so strongly that Luke is INFJ is mostly due to him having one of the strongest character developments. It’s a subtle development compared to others but strong nonetheless. He goes from an idealistic young man, to a thoughtful and skilled Jedi to a world weary older man. What sets him apart from INFP to being an INFJ is the fact that although he is extremely idealistic he can more easily take these ideas from his mind and actually take the leap to pusue them in a concrete way. For example the fact that he established his own Jedi academy.

Predicted Enneagram - 6w7

• Leia Organa - ENTJ

Leia to me reads as a very strong ENTJ sometimes called “The Commander”. Leia from when we first met her has always been an individualist and very headstrong. She knows what she is capable of and knows very well that she can and will take care of business. Leia also doesn’t come of as introverted, she’s not gregarious but she’s definitely a people person apparent in her successful longstanding position as a public figure. ENTJ can at times be prone to being argumentative but it’s only because they believe so much in what they know to be the right way. And we know very well that Leia doesn’t shy away from confrontation. ENTJ makes for a very strong leader. Leia who has gone from a royal role, to a political one and now to general shows her capability for taking on a leadership role. Her traits are what make her such a good and reliable leader. ENTJ doesn’t care for dancing around a problem, they cut to the chase and like to get things done. Traits of ENTJ - self confident and strong willed, traits ever so present in Leia. Leia is never a damsel in distress in the films. Most of the time she proves herself to be more efficient than of those around her. But ENTJ isn’t only about thought and action they are charismatic and can inspire others and they care a lot towards what’s important to them.

Predicted Enneagram - 8w9

• Han Solo - ESTP

To me Han is very much a textbook ESTP. ESTP often called “The Entrepreneur” fits him like a glove. Charismatic and not afraid of the attention of others is what makes Han who he is. He’s the jokester of the group always offering a biting comment tinged with sarcasm. Not that humor is a basis here but I like to think of ESTP as a light that others can’t help but flit around like moths to a flame. ESTP’s don’t usually bog themselves down in too many details or plodding concepts and instructions. They are the type that can sometimes rely on instinct and leap before they look. But don’t let this fool you ESTP are more perceptive than you may think on first glance. They may be buzzing around life but the pick up on change and aren’t afraid to ask questions. In the films Han always has an idea and if that fails there’s always a plan B. Han has always been the quick on his feet idea man. Now onto ESTP positive traits. Like ESTP Han is bold sometimes acting on things others wouldn’t dare to attempt on their own. He’s direct always calling it as he sees it which sometimes could be a problem sometimes not depending on the situation. Also ESTP has a very practical streak not fooling around with anything that seems arbitrary, for example Han’s initial scoffing of the Force. On the negative side there is a tendency to be insensitive at times. Also a defiant nature where they like their own set of rules and resist being caged in by rules or repetition. Han is one who appreciates his freedom.

Predicted Enneagram - 7w8

Anakin Skywalker - ISFP

I pondered Anakin for awhile till ISFP presented itself as the best choice. At first glance you might assume Anakin has extroverted tendencies but underneath he very much has an introverted nature. ISFP is termed “The Adventurer”. ISFP enjoys mixing up the the traditional way and this can mirror Anakin’s questions towards the Jedi order and if it was actually the right way to do things. ISFP are very spontaneous and experimental, liking to play around with ideas. We mustn’t forget that before going into Jedi training Anakin spent his time tinkering around with metal and machinery getting pleasure out of creating things out of those objects. ISFP also have a knack for spontaneity or at least enjoy pushing the limits of their passions seen in Anakin’s early love of flying that through his own perseverance made him into a talented pilot. ISFP are very charming and most have personalities that make them likable to those they meet. They may be quiet at times but like we saw in Anakin they have a passionate streak which in Anakin’s case may have turned into a negative. ISFP can also struggle with jealousy and low self esteem. Jealousy may stem from their competitive streak causing them to escalate something small into a big ordeal. They also have a tendency to get stressed out easily. Of course we all know that Anakin turned into Darth Vader which could be a result of these negative traits outweighing the positive. Of course in the end it could be argued that the good for example intense feeling and sensitivity towards others gave Anakin his final redemption in the end.

Predicted Enneagram - 8w7

Padme - ESFJ

Padme was another tough one to type but I feel very confident in her being an ESFJ. ESFJ often referred to her as “The Consul” is one that likes to encourage and strengthen others they care about. ESFJ can often come across as extremely popular to those around them which adheres to Padme being a very likable figure to those in the political arena who worked close with her. ESFJ is often attributed to the altruistic trait. Someone who feels a strong need or responsiblity to help in pushing the future in a positive way. This aligns with not only ESFJ’s but Padme’s strong sense of duty. Another important factor is ESFJ and their warm and welcoming nature. Like Padme they enjoy harmony for everyone and work to make that happen. One of ESFJ’s negative traits is a tendency to be too selfless, spreading themselves thin for others and forgetting the good for themselves in the process.

Predicted Enneagram - 2w1

Obi - Wan Kenobi - ISFJ

Obi-Wan is often seen as an INFJ but after pondering it for awhile I really want to type him as an ISFJ. ISFJ called “The Defender” a term that fits Obi-Wan very well. ISFJ is very balanced on their traits as well as with characteristics that may not be as apparent. For example they can be sensitive to things around them but they can be analyzers as well. They are reserved as well but if needed they can quickly and easily be sociable and skilled with public interactions. ISFJ’s can also be perfectionists and are concerned with getting a job done right. This also goes with their hard working and loyal traits both seen in Obi-Wan. As with Obi-Wan they can be quite careful and patient people. Obi-Wan is always seen in this calm and understanding manner. He’s never one to rush too quickly and ponders implication. But this doesn’t mean this is a type that can’t be enthusiastic or imaginative. This helps with their gift of empathy. Sometimes they can be too humble and don’t go out of their way for great public recognition. What’s mainly important to them is doing what’s right and it doesn’t matter to them that they get accolades for it. Negatively they can be quite private and also reluctant towards lots of change.

Predicted Enneagram - 1w9

Rey - ISTP

Rey was very fun to type and I feel she fits ISTP very well. ISTP is sometimes called “The Virtuoso”. ISTP’s are very much explorers at heart brimming with curiosity and imagination. They like to take the buzzing thoughts in their minds and make things. They like making things and getting their hands dirty. Rey being a scavenger fits very well into this. Beyond the traits she had to use on Jakku in finding parts and figuring the details of mechanics she also expresses this after the escape in her talent at tinkering around on the Millennium Falcon. This is another type that shows contradictions, those which Rey show a lot. Very friendly towards others but easily private with their thoughts and emotions which they prefer to keep to themselves. To those close to them they are very bright and energetic. This is also a creatively minded type. Not only with the bits and pieces she’d find on Jakku which she’d turn into something of use but also in times of crisis coming up with ingenuity in new ways. They are also good in crisis. This is fully seen in Rey and Finn’s initial escape, though obviously a bit shaken with the turn of events in an otherwise dull life she doesn’t let it fluster her at all. Negativily they can be stubborn and insensitive to others. For example Rey’s initial refusal to listen to Maz and running away instead. Also very private, Rey is extremely private with her difficult past and sense of loneliness she doesn’t really share with others. This can be a type difficult to get to know fully, really apparent in Rey since she on occasion can contradict herself. For example as mentioned before she doesn’t care to let others know of her more personal struggles or her tendency to let her anger get the best of her. Most obvious is her very bright and energetic personality that acts as a way of shielding the parts of her she doesn’t want known by others.

Predicted Enneagram - 9w8

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo - INFP

Okay hear me out on this but Kylo as an INFP makes a lot of sense at least to me. Kylo at first glance can be a very hard to type character since as we’ve first met him he is in great turmoil and dealing with manipulation from an outside force which has gone on since a young age. INFP is either referred to as “The Diplomat” or “The Idealist”. In my head Kylo is an INFP but a very unhealthy one at this point in time. If you take asservtive and turbulent sides to the types in consideration Kylo is very much on the turbulent end for INFP. More so than any other type INFP has a tendency to revert inward and close themselves off. They feel most comfortable in their own inner world surrounded by their own thoughts. This is a type that relies heavily on their introverted feeling which is immensely seen in Kylo. They go by a code based on their personal ideals and principles and can sometimes become tunnel visioned in the process. INFPs are also a type that never like to fit into a specific mold others want them to fit into. They can be quite contrary on this behalf and get angered and rebel into a different role that to them feels right. But with such an idealistic and busy mind they can easily be conflicted. Speaking as an INFP myself I feel this is a type that struggles the most in settling on an identity. This feels true to Kylo. As a child he was dropped into the role of being the atypical Jedi padiwan under the education of Luke then just as quickly he was lured by Snoke to the dark side all this happening in his most formative years. To me Kylo in his struggles between the dark and undeniable pull to the light just wants to feel comfortable in who he is meant to be. He just doesn’t know what that really is. This plays into the INFP’s tendencies to be too altruistic. In this case Kylo feels a commitment to the dark in the process ignoring his own needs. One striking similarity is the INFP’s intense aversion to criticism which is a negativity of their intense idealism. They take this as a personal attack on themselves and can get riled up instead of taking a step back to reassess the situation. It’s not commonly mentioned but because INFP is so engrossed in it’s personal feelings it’s not uncommon for them to be volatile mostly because they can feel too much. I think INFP explains a lot of why Kylo is such a polarizing figure, because the traits are their they are just shown in unhealthy ways and not as obvious but they are there.

Predicted Enneagram - 4w5

Finn - ESFP

Finn is definitely a ball of energy that really brightens those around him through his interactions. This is why I feel he is an ESFP. Sometimes you may see this type called “The Entertainer”. Above all this is a type that has almost excellent people skills. Finn displays this very well through his interactions with Poe, Rey, and the others he encounters. He’s pretty quick with his social skills which is a good explanation on how likable and how most of his encounters turn into friendships. This is a type that pulls energy from those around them, they get satisfaction from the enjoyment people have with being around them. This is also a Bold type which you can see in Finn. It’s not like we know of any other storm troopers that have gone against protocol and escaped in such a blaze of glory. Also though reluctant at first Finn is immensely fearless especially in the face of battle ultimately picking up the lightsaber on occasion and holding his own in standoffs. This is also balanced with a conflict adverse tendency in this type. Although Finn is extremely fearless he doesn’t go out of his way to get involved in trouble.

Predicted Enneagram - 2w3

Poe Dameron - ENFJ

We haven’t seen a lot of Poe onscreen but so far I see him as a very possible ENFJ. Through what I’ve seen of him he displays quite a few important traits key to this type. ENFJs are excellent in leadership roles and crackle with a passion and charisma that is clear to everyone around them. Since people are drawn to such a personality trait it is no surprise that they are commonly a leader of some sort. Just as Poe is with being an extremely passionate resistance member known for his impeccable flying talent. People are drawn to them but it goes both ways because ENFJ has a truly genuine interest in others. They are also immensely optimistic people. This is a reliable type if you put your faith in them they will go out of their way not to fail you. Example being Poe’s determination in completing his task at hand, putting his own safety at risk for the greater good. Sometimes I have seen Poe typed as a thinker instead of a feeler which I feel is misguided. ENFJ’s dominant trait is extroverted feeling which aligns with some of Poe’s most memorable actions. For example his concern with being reunited with BB8 saying he’ll come back for him and his genuine happiness in Finn’s help and being reunited again.

Predicted Enneagram - 3w2

if you’re bleeding from the heart

words: 8.6k

pairings: none

summary: Keith’s impulsiveness has never had dire consequences before—at least not ones that affect anybody but him. 

So when a split-second decision changes one of his teammate’s lives, he doesn’t know what to do. 


Keith had heard Shiro yelling in his earpiece. He heard Lance and Allura and Pidge and Hunk, too. But he didn’t listen. That’s nothing new. He usually doesn’t.

Shiro’s told him before that he needs to think more before he acts. Instincts are good, and it’s important to rely on them, but you have to use to your head too. He’d kind of written off those lectures, filed them away in the back of his mind. His instincts had never steered him wrong before. And isn’t the Red Lion’s pilot supposed to rely on them? Isn’t he supposed to be impulsive? He’d always thought so.

He’d always thought so.

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Practice Buddy (pt. 4)

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Characters: Jungkook x Y/N, Jimin x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word count: 2.5k

1 | 2 | 3 | 5


You were Jungkook’s best friend-practice buddy for his crush in college, but when you attempt to get into a relationship with someone new, Jungkook can’t help but to feel hurt.

“I loved you up until a few months ago,.. but not anymore.”

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Nyx-Chapter 16

Summary: Nyx and Bucky go on a mission, things go terribly wrong.

Warning: Angst and Groping. No smut, No violence. heavy petting.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Thor x Reader

Word Count: 1001

Standing quietly in the quinjet, holding your breath, you try desperately to sort through your tumultuous emotions. You can feel him walk up behind you, the quiet allure he exudes wrapping around you like a soothing cocoon. Suppressing a shudder, he comes to a stop behind you, a strong hand settling lightly on your waist.

“Are you alrigh’, doll?” he asks quietly, tracing small circles onto your hip bone, an action which serves both to soothe and arouse.

“I am well. It is only that I have not seen battle in many years.  I am merely nervous,” you reply, leaning into the touch, your back plastered against his chest. Closing your eyes, you breathe him in.

He pulls you closer, nuzzling into the crook of your neck, and you allow yourself this one indulgence, this one moment of weakness.

You sigh contently while Bucky’s chest vibrates with silent laughter.

He places a single kiss to your neck, at the junction of your of your shoulder, a place most sensitive, and disengages himself from you.

An embarrassing keen of disappointment escapes your vocal cords, causing red to color your cheeks as you clear your throat, realizing the inappropriateness of the situation.

“You’ll be fine, doll. Jus’ stick close ta me. I’ve got your back,” he says grinning lopsidedly and winking before taking his seat, buckling himself in.

You swallow down the building fear, taking your seat next to him. Balling your hands tightly in your lap as the jet takes off, you ready yourself for the battle to come.


“You have incoming,” Visions accented voice filters over the coms.

Bucky’s head snaps in the direction of the incoming agents. He grabs you lightning fast, dragging you into the only room he can find, which happens to be a storage cupboard, barely big enough to contain his large frame, never mind comfortably holding two people.

You shift uncomfortably, your chest pressed into the wall.

Bucky’s body is wedged tightly behind yours, his hands resting on either side of your head, his attention firmly fixed on the never ending line of agents parading past the door.

You shift again, brushing against him as you do so.

He groans and coughs, his breathing picking up as he realizes the position you both are in. “I’m a gonna need ya to turn around, doll face,” he rasps huskily, his hand straying to your hip. Squeezings tightly, his large thigh is wedged between your parted legs.

You suck in a sharp breath, willing yourself to act like a grown woman and not a hormonal teenager. “I do not think I can. Your leg is preventing me from turning,” you whisper, ignoring the shakiness of your voice.

Bucky grunts, there’s mild movement behind you, his leg disappears from between your legs, and before you can protest your turned roughly around, your back hitting the wall. His face is so close to your own you can see the beads of sweat on his brow. He instinctively ducks his head toward you, his lips parting, his hands straying further up your waist, coming to a stop below your breasts. Swiping his thumb side to side, you stretch toward him, your legs shaking, Bucky hikes a leg around his waist, dragging his free hand up the leather clad appendage. His breathing is coming out in harsh pants, and you aren’t doing any better.

You ache to touch him but dare not.

“I can’t take it anymore”, he whispers. Grabbing your other leg and wrapping it around him, the hand below your ribs travels to the back of your neck. “Please tell me you want this?” he rasps, grinding subtly into your core.

The feeling sets you moaning. You can’t form words,  can’t think. You open your mouth to reply but are cut off as soon as Bucky’s lips meet your own.

It’s desperate and hungry, sloppy and ferocious. It steals your breath and makes your head spin. You kiss him back, equally hungry, all sense is thrown out the window as you let him steer you.

His hands travel to your ass, pulls you impossibly closer. Never once breaking contact, his demeanor shifts from desperate to controlled, his hands roam your body freely, groping and kneading at your flesh, setting you gasping into his mouth.

You can feel the smirk on his face. Opening your eyes to chastise him, to stop this madness, you are met by eyes blacker than midnight.

Darkness pours out of him in waves. He smiles wickedly as he pulls away, his hand traveling into your hair as you stare wide-eyed. “Did you miss me, my love?”  he asks, smiling devilishly down at you.

You gape at him, your mind reeling, hope swelling in your chest accompanied by love and crushing sadness.

He was here, right in front of you, your Erebus was whole. Alive!

And you could not be with him.

Tears form in your eyes as you try to formulate a coherent sentence.

He shushes you, wiping the single tear away, recapturing your lips in a kiss softer, more tender than the previous one.

It breaks your heart all over again. The fragile control you had over the pain, over the internal war which has been waging inside you, snaps. you wrench yourself away from his lips, your own parting in a silent scream, the pain searing a hot path through your veins.

Your vision goes black, your mind foggy, you don’t register the panic in Bucky’s voice. You don’t feel him cradle you tenderly in his arms as he fights his way through hordes of Hydra operatives. You don’t hear him murmur soft words of love as he lays you down in the quinjet. You don’t see him snarl at anyone who dares comes close to you.

You can only stare unseeing into the void, the pain so great you can barely think, barely feel. The grace you had fails you, and the soul bond finally breaks.

There is nothing that can save you now.

Tags: Under the cut

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okay so ive been having a lot of bokuoi thoughts and @natroze is the best kinda enabler so consider with me: 

bokuoi fake dating au where oikawa and bokuto are university roommates and oikawa’s oblivious to his own crush when he asks bokuto to be his fake boyfriend over the holidays (oh, oikawa)

basically i’ve been thinking about faking dating au where oikawa is TIRED of his family asking when he’s gonna get a girlfriend and doesn’t know how to tell them he’s not looking for anyone rn also he’s BI so if he was that person could be male, too and he decides on impulse to invite his cute roommate bokuto to be his fake boyfriend but it backfires bc oikawa’s family LOVES bokuto. they’re proud of oikawa for coming out and they want him to invite bokuto to everything. bokuto’s incredible with kids. oikawa’s suffering. honestly what kinda idiot invites their crush to fake date them for a long weekend and who would have guessed bokuto would be so great with parents

oikawa staring as bokuto gives his young cousin a piggyback ride and oikawa’s mom sighing wistfully like ‘I remember when ur dad used to look at me like that" 

oikawa’s dad is like “?? I still do ur just adorable as u were back then” and oikawa hates his life

and there’s bedsharing bc of COURSE so cuddling happens and bokuto helps oikawa’s parents cook and they show bokuto oikawa’s embarrassing kid photos and bokuto coos over the pictures with them

by the end of the weekend his parents are like PLEASE KEEP THIS ONE TOORU. PLEASE meanwhile oikawa hasn’t gathered up the courage to ask bokuto out yet

they get back to college and they’re still?? lowkey acting domestic and like a couple and they’re so used to being in each other’s space and at one point they’re kidding around and bokuto just casually leans in for a kiss and oikawa kisses him back, for a second, like its instinct before pulling away and demands “uhHH what are you doing?" 

bokuto looks at him in confusion, this pained expression on his face as he says "I thought…I thought that’s what we were doing?” and oikawa just. he doesn’t know what to say BC HE DIDNT THINK HE HAD A CHANCE. so he watches, stares as bokuto straight up leaves their dorm

and he’s miserable bc of course and everyone who knows oikawa knows he’s miserable bc that’s who he is as a person. he’s a complainer. but anyhow all his parents know is that he fucked things up and they’re both like “tooru that boy loves u go get ur man back” so OIKAWA DOES

he finds bokuto (probably through kuroo - he’s been staying at kuroo’s for the past week or so) and blurts out “i can’t do this!’ and bokuto’s face crumbles as he asks "you came all the way over here to tell me you don’t want to be with me?” and oikawa shakes his head, frustrated beyond belie bc bokuto STILL DOESN’T GET IT. “no I mean I don’t want to pretend anymore. I can’t. I want this with you - the family gatherings and the flirting and the casual kisses and the movie dates but I need it to be real bc not having this but being this close to it…it’s killing me” and “i want that too, you idiot. I thought that was obvious” bokuto picks oikawa up and pulls him into a fierce, sweeping kiss. guys,,i’m weak for this please consider

Park Jihoon || Fuckboi

Originally posted by iasmi94

I wanted to try a new way of writing theses imagines and I lowkey hope its good ^^’’’’

I’m also open for request if you have any❤️

*Firstly obviously is probably pretty popular in your whole class, matter of fact whole school

*Legit every guy, girl and teacher knows who the hell Park Jihoon is

*I mean he’s literally part of student council and everything he says goes

*Also is pretty notorious from making girls think they have a chance with him

*But still they can’t hate him so like that matters, just his little jeojang can heal their “Broken hearts”

*He literally thinks every girl has been or is in love with him because of his adorable charms and talents.

*That was till one day he noticed you never reacted to him at all, Like he can literally enter a room and everyones eyes will be on him with the occasionally yell of JIHOON OPPA

*matter of fact your little annoyed face that showed every time he was near you, kind of interested him.

*Cause he’s literally got his head up his ass and thinks it’s weird you haven’t fell for his charms (I’m sorry Jihoon Stan’s he sounds like a douche bag now but I’ll make it better just wait)

*He wanted to get to know you better but he didn’t know how to so he swooned one of your friends again and broke their heart when he realized it wasn’t gonna get him anywhere

*But that was the 5th friend of yours that cried over Jihoon and you had just about enough of this punk

*So one day during lunch you went up to his table and grabbed him by his collar and said

*”Break one more of my friends heart and you can save my fist hitting your face in our heart.” And you left like boss

*Oh and Jihoon he was SHOOK LIKE NEVER IN HIS LIFE WAS HE SO SHOOK, but he couldn’t help but smirk while watching you leave

*And so from that point on he literally made it his MiSsiON to get to know you.

*SO the next day he literally sits next to you in every class he has with you and your like

*UuHHm can you like not and you were annoyed for most of the day but honey this ain’t the end of it.

*he’d start to act super sweet with you since like the whole school is literally in love with the sweet Jihoon

*he’d get a little irritated though that you’re not falling for his charms but he’ll keep going CAUsE WhO KnOW hOW TO QuIT

*He’ll still kept up his sweet tactics and even stopped messing around with girls JuST FoR YoU

*literally helps you in class if he sees you’re struggling to grasp a concept

*Might just even carry your books for you

*Sweetly asks you for some advice with student council but only for “the better of the school”

*He would still be trying to sit next to you in class if he got the chance too he’ll leave you cute little notes. Like legit the CutEST

*”I’m not playing twix when I say you’re perfect for me” Rip at Jihoon if you dislike twist

*”I wanna be a superhero so can I be your man?”

*”I heard you were sick I think you’re lacking vitamin me.”

*lol rip those weren’t even cute

*ANYWAYS to be honest you kinda found them pretty cute but hella cringy at the same time

*You also noticed how he stopped flirting with literally every single girl he saw so you thought your threat finally got to fix his act. Lol nope

*But you weren’t gonna put your guard down just yet not matter how nicely he was treating you

*Oh and Jihoon noticed and was lowkey about to give up on you but decided to bring sexy manly Jihoon to the table to melt away all your second thoughts lmfao what am I saying

*So basically one day you were just walking in the hall like a normal person and like Jihoon’s walking too but like walking towards you but not really cause he got places to be too

*You were gonna just walk pass him but NOOOOO Jihoon gotta be a lil fuck boi

*He kinda like brushes past you and grabs your hand before whispering “Since I just can’t make you mine, I’ll save you in my heart instead”

*And he doesn’t just say it in his normal Jihoon boy voice no it’s his Jihoon hit puberty hello sexy velvety smooth voice

*Afterwards he just kinda leaves you AND yOUR LiKE ShoOKE

*You even looked back at him before shaking it off and heading to class

*Of course that wasn’t the end of it though.

*When you were at your locker and you were about to leave. Jihoon would slam your locker shut and spin you around and pin you against it looking k you straight in the eye

*”There’s just something about you that I can’t figure out.” He’d be mostly saying that to himself but you like hearing his “manlier voice”

*He’d stare at you a bit frustratedly and you couldn’t help but enjoy the visuals cause like “Wowowohaveyouseenjihoon”

*Once he’d notice how much you’re staring he’ll smirk and lean in a little closer.

*”Hey come to one of my practices I wouldn’t wanna miss your pretty face.”

*He’s so close you think he’s going to kiss you but he kisses your forehead and just leaves que shooketh reader pt.2

*so you go out of curiosity and sit the corner with a small group of people also watching them dance.

*your lowkey starting at Jihoon in the mirror and he catches your gaze and smirks and winks at you

*will occasionally look your direction and if he catches you staring he’ll smile or make a silly face at you

*bascially at the end of practice he started teasing the shit out of you but eventually slipped a peice of paper in you hand before leaving with his friends

*btw the a paper had his number on it

*soooo you both start texting each other and Jihoon has named you as his favorite and his baby girl

*honestly he calls you baby girl so much he’ll forget your name sometimes , like what was your name again lmfao

*honestly you knew you started to fall of Jihoon you were just to stubborn to acknowledge it

*but when you became the only girl he’d mess around with it melted away your worries slowly but you were still on that never trust/fall for a fuckboi thing.


*like he honestly cares more about how you think of him than his own grade

*like honestly all this lil fuckboi needed was a girl that just made his thoughts run wild and made him feel like he truely had feeling for them

*whoops I got off topic BUT ANYWAYS one day Jihoon saw Seongwoo trying to flirt with you and once he saw how you were smiling and reacting

*on came the jealous overprotective Jihoon instincts

*he’d honestly be to jealous to think and say something you weren’t meant to hear BUT HE JUST WANTED TO ACT COOL IN FRONT OF HIS BABY GIRL

*”Hey hyung I thought I made it clear she’s mine.”

*seongwoos face would just contort into a little smirk before he looks at you and leaves

*only than would he understand the situation and start to freak out

*”H-hahaahah I didn’t mean that.”is a literal mess please save this boy

*”aw really I though you’d like me back after how hard you’ve been trying.”

*”pshhhh me like you whaaa-WAIT NO NO NO DID YOU JUST CONFESS???”

*”well since you do-“

*honestly He’d be to excited to know you like him and would probably end up cutting you off by kissing you.

*”you honestly have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

*”your so weird

*”I’ll save this moment in my heart”

*”Park Jihoon-“

*”shhh I know I love you too.”

Temptation. [Kurt Wagner Oneshot].

A/n- I worked really hard on this, so any reblogs/likes are really appreciated!

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Title: Temptation.
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Reader.
Words: 1803.
Rating: M(Mild Smut).

The passed few minutes seemed like a giant blur for you. If asked when you tore off your boyfriend’s bright, orange, Thriller inspired jacket, you couldn’t specify, but you could tell them that it was dangling on the lamp, perched on the side table beside his bed. You couldn’t even remember what spurred this sudden make-out session in his bed either. You could have been arguing over something pitiful, something childish, or you could have just been bored.

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{PART 2} Betrayal // Jay Park

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Angst

Summary: You decide what to do about your pregnancy, and then you run into the last person you ever wanted to see again.

A/N: Just a little heads up for you guys that I do plan on writing a final chapter to this scenario, thus making it into 3 parts ^^ Enjoy!

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3: Final}

Please note that this scenario contains mentions of abortion.

A lot had certainly changed since that day Jay had broken the news that he hadn’t been faithful to you – in more ways than one. You recalled being completely inconsolable for around 2 weeks straight, not leaving your apartment and barely eating anything sustainable and being constantly plagued with the most gruesome morning sickness on the face of the earth; a constant reminder of what you had both created together. Filled with so much woe and having no one to turn to, you decided that it would be best to terminate the pregnancy before things got too far on. “What kind of mother would I make? I don’t have a stable job…I have no real savings and I can’t do it all by myself” you often thought as you scrolled through the many abortion clinics listed on the internet in your area.

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Scenario where Keith gets into a heated argument with s/o and breaks up with them, but immediately regrets?

Aggghhhhhh!!! This is going to break me!!!*punches wall* lets do it. And btw there might be a part 2 idk how you guy will like it so. It’s up to you really. Stay classy my loves!

Everyone knew that Keith was someone who acted on instinct, and in the heat of things. He didn’t think before he acted. This resulted in him making hit headed decisions, and him hurting himself or putting others at risk. Keith would go pretty far with his actions but, no one thought he would break up with you. It started with a surprise attack on the Galra by team Voltron. Keith thought it would be best if he went in one of the ships and took it out from the inside. Everyone objected, it was too risky, he could loose his life. You warned him to not do it, he couldn’t do it. Not that you didn’t think he was capable of doing it, it was that he was basically throwing his life away. He didn’t seem to care about leaving you behind, about how shattered you would have been if he died. He. Didn’t. Care. Tears pricked your eyes. “Keith! It’s took risky! Please don’t do this!” Your voice cracking, “I don’t care (y/n)! I have to do this! If you cared about me than you would let me do this!” His words stung like a cut, you let a few tears slip, “I’m not letting you do this because I care!” You fired back, why couldn’t he see that you just wanted him to be safe. He hesitated for a moment, “I don’t care what you say, I’m doing this. Nothings stopping me.” He turned off his comm. Tears fell down your (s/c) cheeks. Keith managed to do as he planned but not with out Shiro saving his butt, twice. Team Voltron came out victorious, but still felt like you had lost. Keith words rang through your ears, “I don’t care what you say!” It played like a broken record, over and over again. The time where he was almost shot down played, you couldn’t get out of your head. You had almost lost him, and he didn’t care. After patching up the boys, everyone decided it would be best if they had a team meeting. “We need to talk about what happened out there.” Shiro looked at Keith, “We are all happy that we won and all but, Keith, that was a really risky move. We could have lost you.” Keith just huffed, “Well no one else was going to do something so I had to.” Hunk spoke up, “But Keith, you almost died. I mean even (y/n) was crying. We thought you were going to die.” His voice was soft yet firm, it was reassuring. Keith just looked even more pissed, “(Y/n) was crying because she’s being selfish!” The statement shocked you, your eyes threatened to let loose the warm tears building up. He looked at you with anger, “You can’t keep me from saving the universe because you would miss me! You have to let go! And I don’t think I can be with someone who won’t do the right thing and let me do what I need to! I don’t think I can be with you!” That’s it, your tears fell, like rain drops on a gloomy day. They fell into your lap and on your hands that were clutching your skirt tightly. Keith just broke it off, your loving relationship, gone. “Keith!!” Shiro looked at him with a look of anger. You took the chance to run out of the room, you couldn’t stay there any longer. You wanted to go home. You found yourself in the training deck. Not being able yo move any further you collapsed down on your knees and started to cry. You sobbed and cried, harder and with more emotion then ever. Keith didn’t love you, even though you gave him your heart, he didn’t love you. With out him you had no reason to stay out here in space, with the paladins, you wanted to go home. Then you remember that Princess Allura offered you a way home any time you needed it. You stood and wiped your tears away. That’s it your going home. Back to Earth.

ATLA characters as VLD Paladins

Ok ok we already have the Bender Paladins AU BUT consider this: Team Avatar as Paladins of Voltron

So Katara is a mom kind of person. She is super protective of her friends and feels great empathy for those in need. Thats why she is a healer. Now you could say that “she puts the need of others before her own. And she has a mighty heart" This is proven in the episode “The painted Lady” when she sabotaged Sokkas Plan and even went so far to destroy a whole factory to save the people from a town. Katara as the yellow paladin had the bulkiest lion, which she couldn’t control at first, because her style is based largely on elegance, but she finds herself enjoying to fight with her lion because of her hotheaded personality part. The weapon that comes out of the beyard is a whip, that can also create strong sonic waves if she whips it fast enough

The blue lion is lead by Aang. Blue needs a kind of person who is adaptive and curious. (Im just assuming this because Allura didnt tell us what a blue paladin needs) As the Avatar he adapted himself to all four elements already and is just naturally curious and willing to explore. Just like Lance Aang is ready to befriend people easily and protect these people. Aangs weapon is his staff that is able to shoot lasers.

(I thought long and hard about Blue, Yellow Katara and Aang. I think its exchangeable but this version suits them better. What do you think? Pls dont just judge them based on their color palette, but rather on their personality)

Sokka. Well well well I think we all know what would suit him. “A pilot of intellect and daring” I mean if this isn’t Sokka what is? As the green paladin he is the most intelligent one. Also he must hold the shield that protects the rest (He configurated the shield of his lion so it can turn into a boomerang don’t fight me on this!) His weapon of well….not choice, but yeah, is a green boomerang that is able to shock like Pidges hook. Also it has a special magnet that connects to his palading suit so it will always come back.

Ok, ok, ok, ok. If we think of the red lion, the first thing that comes to our minds is Zuko. But HEAR ME OUT: TOPH as the red paladin. I mean: “A pilot that relies more on instincts than skill alone.” Toph is THE EMBODIMENT of instinct. As a blind person, she can’t act otherwise. She must rely on her instincts, waiting and listening before she hits, knowing and predicting a hit before it even begins, feeling and jumping away and only relying on her instincts on when to land. I know what you will think now: Toph is blind! She is useless in space because she can neither hear nor feel anything outside of her lion. The solution: She sees through her lions eyes. The first time they bonded and the first time she flew with Red was incredible to her. Cause she felt so whole. She wasn’t earthbound anymore. She could explore the whole world with her lion. Toph still can’t magicaly see though. Its more of a feeling of feeling the whole universe with her feet. Of course she has the best bond with her lion out of all of Team Avatar. Her weapon is a straight up morning star and she just loves hitting her enemies with it.

The black lion is lead by well the only one left: Zuko “A born leader and always in control” Zuko lead the search on Aang and has much experience with being a leader (Also he is the oldest prince so he is indeed a born leader ;)) At the beginning of the series Zuko didnt have control of his emotion but in the end he nearly won against Azula because he was the one controlling the situation. As a weapon he has his doubleswords, but in lightsaber starwars style for more destruction.

Bonus: And guess now who is Zarkon. Who is the one leading an empire, the one obsessed with finding the black lion, the one true ice cold leader that is smart enough to track Team Avatar down every single time, the one who messes with Zukos mind in order to get the Black Lion. Azula

5 Things You Shouldn’t Say to Women Who Don’t Want Children

1. “You’ll regret it when you’re older.”

I’m sorry, do you have a crystal ball that looks into the future?

First of all, insisting that someone’s opinion is invalid because they might hypothetically regret it down the line completely disrespects their agency to make decisions in the present.

We’re not talking about taste in bands or sports teams – this is someone’s body and life.

Not to mention that it’s rude to drag age into the child-rearing argument because it plays on incredibly sexist stereotypes. The implication is that you’ll only realize you want kids after your biological clock runs out.

Such a reductionist perspective totally disregards everything else that might happen in that time period. Maybe you’ll become a CEO. Maybe you’ll take cool vacations. Maybe you’ll adopt a bunch of dogs.

My point is that people need to recognize that women can live a rich and productive life without kids.

When you’re older, you might look back and marvel at all the things you were able to accomplish specifically because you didn’t have to worry about children.

2. “You just haven’t found the right guy yet.”

This one just doesn’t make any sense.

Couples are vilified all the time for rushing into relationships or having kids too soon, so I’m not sure why you would root for someone impulsively change their opinion on a significant life decision just because they’ve met The One.

With that said, if you meet someone that you do want to have kids with, that’s totally your prerogative and you should certainly have the freedom to make that choice.

What’s problematic about the belief that the ideal man will ultimately “convince” you that you want to have children is that it assumes that a woman always wants children by default.

It’s unrealistic and unhealthy for someone to hope that each new relationship will radically alter your views on child rearing. Surely the right man will awaken that maternal instinct!

First off, you wouldn’t be acting on your own desires as much as kowtowing to someone else’s.

Attitudes like these also reinforce the age-old stereotype that women can’t possibly know what’s best for themselves.

We may think we’re happy, but to enable ourselves to feel fully content, we apparently have to shoehorn ourselves into dewy heteronormative fantasies of the nuclear family.

I’ve known people who planned out how many kids they’re going to have years before they met their partners. Conversely, most people I know who don’t want to have kids decided that from a very early age.

It’s a preference rooted in very personal ideologies that probably aren’t going to be the least bit affected by any hypothetical Prince Charming.

3. “Choosing a childfree life is selfish.”

Ah yes. Few things attract more scorn in our society that women who appear selfish, which is often unsurprisingly tied back to her choices around partners, sex, and kids.

Collectively, we tend to be extremely uncomfortable with the possibility that a woman could put herself before someone else – even above people who will most likely never exist!

We continue to associate womanhood with selflessness and self-sacrifice. Children are a fundamental manifestation of this mindset. A woman is expected to prioritize her kids first, but particularly at her own expense.

There’s a definite labor to motherhood in more ways than one: late nights, the responsibility of looking after someone else, and more bodily fluids than you ever wanted to imagine, not to mention the financial burden.

You supposedly can’t be a good mom without some sacrifice. Since the maternal archetype continues to be so closely associated to the core of women’s identities, it follows that the “right” kind of woman is willing to sacrifice other things in favor of her goal of raising of family.

But not everyone wants children, which creates a weird materialism vacuum in the minds of many.

Why do we have to subscribe to the belief that being a good person or good woman automatically means going without?

There’s nothing shameful about indulging yourself or living your life to the fullest on your own.

People try to guilt women with the myth that there is a certain type of happiness or fulfillment that only mothers can know. That might be true, but it’s also true that having kids may prevent you from having tons of experiences that could change your life.

Raising kids is an honorable thing, but that doesn’t mean you should be pressured into it for the sake of conforming to ideals that aren’t even yours.

4 . “You’ll have a harder time finding someone who wants to be with you.”

Gotta love the tendency to warp feminist agency to make it all about the approval of others (read: men).

Kids are going to be a dealbreaker for some people, so that is a reality that you’ll have to consider. However, claiming that not wanting to have children somehow makes you forever undesirable is ridiculous.

The right partner will respect your decision. If they try and change your mind or blame you for denying them children, get out of there.

The importance of your autonomy supersedes that of any relationship. Yeah, you might have to deal with a little bit more nonsense, but it’s more important to find someone who is on the same page.

And hey, shockingly, some people actually prefer to be with people who don’t want kids because it means less pressure as far as putting a timetable on the future.

Additionally, being childfree gives you more time to spend together and strengthen your relationship.

5. “Who’s going to give me grandchildren?”

This is by far one of the most awkward reactions to deal with. It’s one thing to consider how your decisions will impact your own life, but few people want to be accused of negatively impacting their parents’ future…even if it’s only from your parents’ perspective.

Although you may well be a fully independent adult, your parents never really stop having expectations for you, with children frequently chief among them.

You are fully entitled to feel gratitude towards your parents, or maybe you don’t. Either way, you don’t owe them anything and it’s insensitive of them to play the guilt card.

You are not their personal baby factory.

Remember that you aren’t responsible for your parents’ life fulfillment or alleged lack thereof.

If you have siblings who want children, encourage your parents to focus their baby fever elsewhere. Regardless, explain to them that it’s your choice whether or not to have kids and they shouldn’t be trying to influence you.

ML Fluff Month Day 12 - Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur

Rated: G
Pairing: Adrinette

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 13

Marinette was a firm believer that a great superhero always thought with her head. But lately, that had that felt so wrong. The past few months with Chat Noir had been so different. Previously, Marinette had found his flirts and puns obnoxious, but now? She found them endearing. No one had ever cared for her like Chat did. He put his life on the line for her. Would do anything for her. How had she not seen that before?

“Tikki, if I told Chat Noir who I am, would that be a bad thing?”

Her kwami looked up from her computer desk in surprised. “Not necessarily, but I thought telling Chat Noir who you are was out of the question?”

Marinette ignored the reminder, instead chewing on her pencil in frustration. “Why… Why would it be good?”

Humming, Tikki munched on her cookie. “Well, discussing business outside of costumes, first off. Plagg and I could communicate again. If something were to happen to one of you, the other could alert your families. There are a lot of positives.”

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