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When I signed on that the end of the journey for Emma would be the happy ending, of course, and you know and with all the battles and trials and things that Emma has faced with her family and friends and Hook and everybody over the years there were moments there where it seems possible that a happy ending wasn’t in her future. I was very pleased that the happy ending involved what seems to be a more peaceful lifestyle with someone who loved and respects her, who she loves and respects back, and the fact that there was life created out of that I think is a really beautiful thing.

Jennifer Morrison on Emma’s happy ending, OUAT NJ Convention, October 21, 2017


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Anything from #9-12 from the new kiss prompts!!!!

Lol I just realised I read this wrong, so I give you 9 (a kiss at a party) and 12 (not remembering the next day):


The party isn’t really a celebration, but the Rebels never did get the chance to blow off any steam after the battle of Yavin. Command have turned a blind eye to what is an open secret: smuggled booze, music, a night of soldiers who know nothing but war just being civilians for a change. The caverns of this dusty moon where they’ve made their temporary base after Yavin are decorated with strings of yellow lights that remind her of the fireflies of Lahmu and the sweet alcohol warms all the way down to her stomach.

Jyn stands at the edges of it all, watching and taking it all in, still unused to being part of something again. Watching Cassian, something she hasn’t been able to stop doing since Scarif. His sleeves are rolled up and his collar is open and he is smiling as he talks to Kes. Her heart flutters hard against her ribs. Home, she thinks, I’m home wherever you are.

Cassian must feel her gaze because he turns and his dark eyes catch the lights, and he doesn’t even react when Kes slaps him on the shoulder and walks off chuckling and shaking his head. Jyn has to chew her lip to keep from smiling as he makes his way towards her, and wonders if this inexplicable and overwhelming happiness is love or lust or both. Whatever it is, she wants more, wants to pull it close with both hands and not let go.

She wants him. The look he is giving her says that it’s mutual, that this wonderful aching tension between them is going to burn them both alive if they don’t move forwards.

He seems shy, suddenly, even as he steps into her space and leans his forearm against the wall beside her, facing her.

He has to lean down a little to talk to her over the noise of the party and his nose bumps against her cheek as he speaks close to her ear.

“Are you alright?” He asks, and Jyn chuckles because he’s always so concerned for her. She can’t help but be honest in response.

“I’m happy,” she presses up close to him so he will hear, finds herself putting her hands on him for balance. “I’m happy I stayed here.” With you. With the cause.

He pulls back, and his smile in response is surprised, but blinding in its joy. He’s beautiful, she thinks, and maybe he’s in love with me too.

Her hands are still on his chest and she can feel his heart beat beneath her palms and his voice rumbles in his chest.

“I’m happy you stayed too, Jyn.”

Maybe it’s the alcohol that makes him brave and her pliant, but she lets him come to her, lets him make the move and she wonders how they can even kiss at all with the smiles on their faces.

A kiss. Soft and sweet and oh she feels like she has waited so long for this; she’s been drowning in the thought of him and now it’s finally real and she can breathe. She’s never had anything sweet or anything hers. His lips are soft, his stubble scratches her chin and his hand winds into her hair to keep her close.

Around them there are whistles, catcalls that make her blush but also make her fist her hands in his shirt to pull him closer to spite them, and then -

- an alarm. Sirens. Shouting, then screaming, and then the entire moon shakes under her feet.

Cassian tears himself from her, his lips red. “It’s an attack,” he says over the chaos. “They’ve found us.”

Glasses and bottles crash to the ground. The music squawks to a stop. The drunk are sobered by what’s happening, and the dancers run for their lives.

They run. Jyn lets the steps of the protocol soothe and focus her. Evacuate. Relocate. Rendezvous. Get to the ships in the hangar at the other end of the base. Getting as many people out alive as possible is the priority. There are people everywhere, and the comms buzz with voices. Attack. Imperials. Stormtroopers. In orbit. West section destroyed. Evacuate.

They’re almost at the hangar when the something hits nearby with a deafening boom and she is thrown backwards off her feet as if a Wookie had grabbed her and slammed her into the wall. All breath explodes out of her body, and the last thing Jyn sees is the ceiling caving in above her, as Cassian shouts her name.

When she wakes, Jyn has no idea how long it’s been. Her ears are ringing, but she knows she isn’t deaf because she can hear something thumping steadily beneath whatever her left ear is pressed against. Beyond that there is the hum of something - a ship? It’s soothing, the thumping noise, and she focuses on it until her other senses kick in.

Smell first, as she burrows closer to the sound she smells sweat and blaster oil and carbon. Cassian, she thinks. It makes her feel safe, but her brain can’t yet process why.

Pain, next. Her head begins to throb in time with the thumping noise - an ache at the back of her skull and something sharp along her forehead. Her body hurts all over, as if she’s been trampled by a herd of wampas. She groans and feels dust and sand in her throat. There’s the faint taste of copper in her mouth.

She’s being held, she realises. Breath ghosts along her forehead, something soft presses against her skin there. A kiss. Warm hands soothe up her arms and back, and there’s a soft rumble beneath her as she hears her name and it vibrates through her.

“Jyn, are you awake?”

Her brain pauses at that. Something warm and soft but firm rests on the side of her face, and her eyes flutter open. She squints against her blurred vision and tries again, lifts her head carefully and sees Cassian looking down at her, and it’s his hand she can feel on her face, his thumb caressing back and forth over her cheekbone.

Oh, she thinks, and it’s a good thing her voice won’t work at that moment. You’re holding me. That’s new.

And then he smiles down at her and she forgets her name for a moment.

“Do you remember what happened?”

There’s dust and loud noises, and music and the taste of something sweet. Music. Sirens.

Jyn looks around, flinching at the pain and stiffness in her neck. Dozens and dozens of people are on the floor of the ship they are on. Some are alone, others are cuddled up together, some are bandaged.

“…an attack?”

“Yeah,” Cassian sighs and cards his fingers through her hair. He looks exhausted, she thinks. “The base was compromised. Most of us got out.”

Most wasn’t all, and she squeezes her eyes shut as the room spins against the thought of the loss of life. She grabs the front of his shirt as if it would stop the room from spinning.

“You have a concussion, but the medics are overwhelmed with the seriously injured. I told them I would watch over you.”

“You always do,” her voice sounds slurred to her ears, and his chuckle vibrates through her. “I’m fine, I think. Just don’t move, ok?”

His lips press softly to her forehead again, and she doesn’t resist the urge to bury her face against his neck and inhale his scent, to feel the warmth and solidness of his body against hers. He feels like home.

“You don’t remember anything else?” His lips move against her hairline and he feels tense beneath her.

Jyn tries against the pounding of her head and it’s like swimming against the tide. Solo and the Princess arguing in front of an audience that whooped and cheered in response as if it were a play. Baze laughing loudly and often, and everyone seeming so surprised by it. Bodhi’s big grin as the X-wing pilots pulled him into their circle. Cassian smiling, and her breath being taken away by the beauty of it.

Cassian standing close to her, his heartbeat beneath her palm. The smell of him as she leaned in close to speak into his ear.

And his lips on hers.

Oh. OH. The memory of his kiss rushes through her hazy brain and her toes curl in happiness despite the pain in her body. How could the Empire almost take this from her, the only sweet and pure moment in her adult life?

She hums against his neck, nuzzles in close before pulling back to look at him, waits for her vision to clear.

“Kiss me again?”

He smiles, and pulls her close and kisses her softly, and it’s just as perfect as the first time.


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Beauty without kindness and bravery is just a pretty empty shell, my dear. And you can find plenty of those on the beach. People use them to decorate their rooms. So I hope you aspire to be so much more than just beautiful. I hope you aspire to be so much more than a pretty little thing that decorates the room you walk into.
—  Nikita Gill, Excerpt From Life Lessons From The Not So Wicked Witch To Dorothy”
Speak softly to yourself, for frustration can often only draw you backwards, and does nothing to change the situation itself. You deserve kind words. You deserve respect. So, give it to yourself.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

don’t you just love it when jungkooks eyes go : ✨🌠💫✨💫🌠✨✨🌠💫✨⭐🌟✨💫🌠🌟✨💫⭐🌠💫🌠✨🌟🌟⭐✨💫🌠⭐⭐💫💫🌠🌟⭐🌠💫✨