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The Dingles kidnapping and being kidnapped since ever™

I love dead things so much and I’m sure some people think I wouldn’t go out of my way to save an animal or care if it died but here I am, desperately trying to care for newborn mice rejected by their mother, so scared they’re not going to make it.

anonymous asked:

Hmm.. I think it's a little dangerous to start writing headcanons and fan theories as if they have truth to them. You have younger fans- both age-wise and in the sense that they're new to the fandom- who might be inclined to believe them. At the end of the day, it is incredibly unlikely that they're involved or have any attraction to one another, as they're married with children and Christians who place importance on monogamy (the girls EB and the Laci green EB.)

Anonymous continued …. I also just think I’d be kinda sad for there to be people who can’t see Randl as having the incredibly strong friendship and brotherhood they have without thinking there’s some kind of ulterior motive, be it sexual or romantic. It’s great what they have and I don’t think it lessens their love for one another one bit even if it’s “just” friendship! :-)

Hello anon, Thank you for stopping by and lending us your thoughts. We          ( @razle-dazle and @withasideofcrazy ) would like to address each of your concerns one at a time. 

First off, a headcanon is interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon. and theory is an interpretation and not a fact. Within the definitions of these words, truth does not have basis. It is all conjecture and supposition.So your accusation of us presenting these ideas as truth holds little water, because imbedded in these words is the assumption of something less than absolute truth. And we believe people are smart enough to disseminate the difference.

Secondly, the purpose of this blog is not to cater to children. In fact we don’t believe Rhink is child appropriate at all. Therefore, children should not be on the blogs at all. It is not our job to police the world’s youth by censoring ourselves. It is the job of the adults at home.  If you want us to censor ourselves for the sake of the children, then you must ask each and every NSFW RandL/ Rhink blog out there to do the same and that is just not realistic.

Thirdly, why must non-shippers constantly remind Rhink shippers of RandL’s marital status, religion or children? We are fans of RandL, too. We already know these things. And yet, we ship anyway. Continuing on this thought, we have already touched upon the reasons why we Rhink in this post, if you are interested.

Furthermore, I would like to spend a bit of time on the “just friendship” comment. We have screamed in the posts about their friendship and to each other and other tumblr people. It is the stuff of dreams. To be together for thirty plus years, to support and love each other through all life’s changes. To start a business. To move across country to chase a wild dream. To plan, hope and create together. To have first hand knowledge of how two little boys who got in trouble in first grade grew and developed together. How their families are as tight knit as they are. RandL is beautiful. Their bond is miraculous. And we do not wish to downplay that. And if you think that we do, than you obviously have not spoken to us or seen our tumblr pages. We are in this for the friendship they share and the bond that is etched in every aspect of their life. So, please do not confuse our creative endeavor, as us ignoring that incredibly strong friendship.

And lastly, while we’re on the subject. Why is the thought of two men loving each other so terrible? We have so many incidences of male friendship. Male friendship lasting until the end of time. But do we have incidences of male soulmates? Of men that have a bond so strong it transcends everything? Time, place, society? Every time a male pairing even so much as look at each other, you have society telling us it’s wrong to see them as in love. Why? Ask yourself why love between men is bad? Maybe we are not the problem….maybe it is society or maybe it is you, who indeed has the problem.

Lovely anon, if you don’t like Rhink, then this analyzingRhink blog is definitely not for you. It would do you well to find another hobby then. Might we suggest hockey or crocheting? Or maybe the many of other non-Rhink blogs out there.  Which is quite a shame, because you’ll find that the rhink fandom is a) super fucking nice and b) we don’t cater to your insecurities about men loving each other and c) your missing out on an amazing bunch of talented people.

But that’s ok. We’re perfectly happy on our own. Have a beautiful existence and be your mythical best.