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The Forgotten Birthday

🌹I wrote my first Sirius Black fic omg. I don’t think anyone will read this or the story, so idk why I write this part of the post but if you read this, please let me know somehow if you liked my writing, ugh I’m talking a lot.

Summary: It’s your birthday today and you notice that everyone forget about you, even your best friend Sirius doesn’t talk to you. You get sad and run away to the Forbidden Forest where later someone finds you and explains everything.

Words: 1117

You woke up in the morning when you heard a strange rumble. It was your stomach. You haven’t had dinner yesterday because of the Potions essay that you had to write. Your professor got angry with the class at the last lesson yesterday when nobody listened to him, so he decided to take revenge and give the hardest homework ever.

It wasn’t the first thing what you wanted to do on your birthay since it took until 1 AM to finish your essay.

Fortunately, now you have nothing to do than have a huge breakfast and enjoy your Saturday with your friends, Lily and the Marauders. But when you looked for your roommates there was nobody, Lily and the rest of the girls were gone.

“They already having breakfast.” – you calmed yourself and after get dressed you went to the Great Hall.

Your friends were at the Gryffindor’s table sitting next to each other, but something was wrong. Nobody looked at you just for one second. After that everyone continued their conversations, James was flirting with Lily as always, Remus and Sirius had an important discussion about the last Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff and Peter quickly started to reading The Daily Prophet.

“Uhm… Good morning!” – you said with a confused look.

They hummed something like “Hi” or “G’morning”, but still didn’t look at you. After you decised to don’t care about their strange behaviour, you set down next to Peter and started eating. Few minutes later Lily and the four boys left you alone.

Did I do something bad? – you asked yourself but couldn’t remember anything wrong what you could do. Remus, Lily and you helped the rest of the Marauders yesterday with the Potions homework and after they finished it, everyone said “Good night!” to you and you stayed alone in the Gryffindor’s common room to finish your own essay.

You were upset and there was nothing what could cheer you up. You grabbed you favourite book and three packs of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans flavours and you went to your secret place in the Forbidden Forest that nobody knew except Sirius. You always went there if you wanted to be alone or together.

You were having a crush on Sirius since your 1st year in Hogwarts but you were too nerveless to told him your feelings. You became best friends and it was enough for you even it broke your heart that you couldn’t have more. You were always together and had fun even during classes. Once you turned Argus Filch’s cat Mrs. Norris purple which made everyone laugh except Filch. He told Professor McGonagall it was “the black haired prankster and the bookworm girl”, but there wasn’t any proof for judge you two.

Every time when Sirius flirted with another girls or had a date, you were extremely sad and couldn’t help but cried in your bed at night. Lily was the only one who knew your feelings and tried to comfort you.

But neither Lily or Sirius was there for you this time so you were left alone with all the sadness what you could have on your birthday. You have been in the Forbidden Forest for 3 hours when you heard a familiar voice near your location.

“(Y/N)” – Sirius shouted when he found you sitting on a tree. – “We have looked for you everywhere!” – he had a worried smile on his face.

“Well, it is not that interest in me that I got in the Great Hall during breakfast.” – you said with scorn in your voice.

“Yes, I know, it was a douche thing from us. But if you go with me, we will explain everything.”

You let a sign, jumped from the tree and followed your best friend. You didn’t talk to each other on the way back to the castle. The only thing what Sirius said was the password in front of the Fat Lady’s portrait.

“Explosive candle.” – Sirius said and the Fat Lady opened the portrait. – “After you!” – he let you enter the common room first.

The room was full of with Gryffindors including your closest friends, Lily, James, Remus and Peter. They were all smiling at you and started to singing the “Happy Birthday!” song. Your heart filled with happiness and you started to cry.

“I thought… I thought you were mad at me…” – you said after you wiped a tear on your face.

“How can we mad at you on your birthday?” – Lily laughed and hugged you. – Happy birthday, (Y/N)!”

“Thank you so much!” – you smiled back.

You had an amazing afternoon. Everyone was celebrating you and did everything to make your mood better. Remus apoligised you “just” twenty times for didn’t take you into consideration even if you told him the first time it’s okay and you don’t mad at him. James and Lily started a little fight which included that James ruffled her hair and Lily hit his shoulder weakly – everyone laughed on them because they know that James and Lily liked each other and they showed their feelings in that weird way like children do. And Peter and another Gryffindors started racing about who can eat more pieces of your gigantic birthday cake.

When the party was over and everyone went back to their rooms, you smiled at the boys and wanted to say good night when Sirius looked at you with a nervous smile.

“(Y/N), can we talk, please?” – he asked you. His body language was different while he walked in front of you and you saw that his hands were shaking.

“Uhm, yeah, of course.” – you answered and saw that Remus gave a slap on Sirius’ back and smiled at him.

“Get her, padfoot!” – James whispered and they left you alone.

“Get her what?” – you didn’t understand anything. What does Sirius want to get?

“Uhm…” – he started diplomatically. – “I…So… What I wanted to say…”

“Yes, go on, Sirius.” – you couldn’t help but laughed on him. – Cat got your tong…”

But before you could finish your sentence, Sirius cupped your face in his hands, pulled you close and pushed his lips againts yours. It took you a few seconds to realise what is just happened. Sirius kissed you! Like hell he did!

“I think I’m in love with you, (Y/N)” – he said gently when you two ended the kiss.

“I think I’m in love with you too, Sirius.” – you smiled at him still surprised but happier than you ever was.

You heard Lily’s “ooohh” and the boys’ “whoo” from the background but you didn’t care about them just laughed. Sirius looked deeply into your eyes:

“Happy birthday, darling.”

He pressed his lips againts yours with more passion and love, and this time you kissed him back.

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okay so as anyone who breathes near me knows, i'm in love with your fic. i wanted to ask, you mentioned you'd planned a buzzfeed article in an early fic draft. did you ever write it? could we see it? speaking of buzzfeed, i keep thinking of the memes about these two (post-)canon. "top 10 nikiforov-katsuki rivalry moments that actually might have just been really really bad flirting"

I never wrote it but it might appear in the companion fic if it fits in well enough! And omg  “top 10 nikiforov-katsuki rivalry moments that actually might have just been really really bad flirting” would be so hilarious like, ‘that moment when Katsuki said something to Nikiforov on the Olympic podium that stunned him, was he insulting him or flirting with him - cast your votes now’

saying that “los losers” was a mistake because they didn’t measure the space they had is a really nice and funny theory and honestly i can see that happening and it’s cute and all but also honestly tbh as a spanish speaker it feels so nice that they wrote los losers as in the losers in spanish (even though it is not 100% correct because they’re all girls and ‘los’ is masculine but whatev it makes sense that they don’t know that lmaoo) and it could be true because eva and noora take spanish and from my pov it’s sososososo nice to see that in spanish idk anyone else feel me?? like i aint tryna fight is just really nice every time i see the van i think omg it’s in my native language and it’s very cool very cute very sweet yay

First Time

I saw that you did a smutty imagine for Supernatural, so I was wondering if you could do a smutty imagine for Spiderman (the Tom Holland version, because he’s bae) where its your first time together? Thanks if you can do it :)

A/N: Ok so the setting of this will be when Peter is 18 or older. And I’m not the one to do much of Peter smut since he is quite young(and is my smol son); however, since this is an imagine for a first time I will let this slide. AND DO TELL ME IF THERES ANYTHING MISSPELLED OR MISUSED WORDS (EX Instead of ‘a’ use ‘an’ or something??) BC I WROTE THIS LATE AT NIGHT WHERE I WAS TIRED AF WOW OMG. HOWEVER, Enjoy! (-:

You were nervous, hell; you would rather speak at the white house in front of thousands of people than do this. You knew it was the right time to tell him. To tell him those three words, eighth letters, three syllables. People would think it’s insane to be this head over heels for someone, but you didn’t. Seven months, seven months with Peter. Never feeling like this with anyone. You knew right that moment the two of you met in those halls, he was the one. Of course neither you two had the guts to tell on another you liked another, or asked one another out on a date. It was killing you so the day of your guys graduation, you asked him out; he was taken back, lost of words. The poor boy had trouble to say ’yes’. These past seven months have been amazing, there was a few ups and downs.

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there were three distinct sides to alec.

there was the side of him that tried to be invisible. his shoulders curled protectively over his chest and his head ducked low, so low he had to peer up through his eyelashes to look at anything. rarely did he meet anyone’s eyes; instead his hands fidgeted in front of his stomach or he kept his arms crossed tight over his chest and he stuck to the shadows, as far back in whatever room he stood in as possible to remain out of the public eye, out of the conversation, out of sight, out of mind.

the second side of him stood tall, his back straight, his chin raised, arms tucked behind his back and he looked you square in the eyes, staring down his nose at you like you could be the scum on the bottom of his shoes. he was defiant, he was confident, he was unwavering in his resolution. he was a leader, tried and true. there was this uncanny ease with which he moved, this lazy sort of gracefulness that felt so at odds with his lanky form, and he quite resembled a cat: always at attention, always watching, always studying, languid but ready to pounce at a moment’s notice.

but when he wasn’t proud and when he wasn’t invisible he was soft, softer than velvet, his eyes warm and nearly always paired with a smile that could make the angels weep in heaven. he moved without a care in the world, with no ulterior motives, no thought at all, only the thought of home and peace in his head. he had no shield in front of himself, no walls behind his eyes, no harsh set of his jaw or anxious twitch of his fingers; he walked freely, his arms casual at his sides, his body language open, calm, tranquil.

and yet he wouldn’t have been alec if he was only the soft alec. he wouldn’t have been himself if he were only proud or only invisible because alec was all of those and more. for all of his facets he was still a man and still half human, too.

PS/ SS - Chapter 5 - Diagon Alley

@alluringcliche @feelsandotps @wearywanderer @xingshining

I’m wondering what personal story I’m going to share today!

Also, I’m sleepy I hope that doesn’t affect (?)/ effect (?)/ change/ manipulate/ twist/ adjust (I am avoiding looking up the difference between the words “affect” and “effect” for the 100th time in my life) my normal chapter liveblog. I was dedicated to writing this tonight, tho. 

  • I forget that they didn’t automatically leave after that tense evening discussion
  • I have a headcanon that the pouches on The Daily Prophet’s owls have a charm that vanishes the money and deposits it into a Gringotts bank account. Otherwise the birds would get so heavy-ladened after a while and I imagine that the Prophet’s bird’s would be frequently stolen from. Imagine working at the Prophet’s owlery. That would be a little fun for a time.
  • Hagrid just trusts Harry with rummaging through his coat to find his money. He’s either really sleepy or far too trusting. 
  • “yeh’d be mad ter try an’ rob [Gringotts].” /// lol Hagrid so had a chat with Harry about this memory later.
  • I’d like to see more of the tense dynamic between Fudge and Dumbledore. I bet Fudge would have been so funny to watch come undone under the weight of being Minister and slowly going from asking DD for help nearly every day to telling the reporters/ editors at the Prophet to slip in snide comments about DD. I want to watch that train wreck. 
  • Hagrid’s reasoning to why the Wizarding World is separate from the Muggle one is kind of odd to me. “everyone’d be wantin’ magic solutions to their problems.” Like honestly the actual result of that would probably be a capitalistic one in which the average magical person would be able to sell their magical “solutions to problems” for money. This would just lead to the magical community becoming very wealthy. That’s not really a bad thing (on the surface/ from a wizard’s POV). I think the most logical answer is: “Our community is so different from the Muggle one that creating rules to enforce for the two societies coinciding would be so difficult that we keep ourselves separate in order that we can both create individual systems that works for each society.Also, we are trying to avoid causing strain with a power imbalance.” 
  • “Harry, panting a bit as he ran to keep up” /// I grew up very short with a very tall dad, so I really can relate haha. I would have to occasionally remind him how my stride was two of his. 
  • I wonder what Hagrid was knitting. 
  • I feel like the HP fandom should have had a running joke by now that any deserted store in a strip mall was the entrance to a wizarding community. Tho it seems like the entrance was not visible or had a like “don’t look at me” charm on it rather than how St. Mungo’s was hidden behind a deserted shop. 
  • “Hagrid, clapping his great hand on Harry’s shoulder and making Harry’s knees buckle.” /// That I can’t relate to lol. 
  • “I’m all of a flutter.” /// What a funny and great way to put that lol.
  • Dedalussssssss!!! One of Harry’s first magical “acquaintances” XD and the truly brave soul who (along with Hestia Jones) watched the Dursley’s for nearly a year. I don’t usually make the joke but… “Rubeus Dedalus Potter you were named for-”
  • “’What sort of magic do you teach, Professor Quirrell?’ [asked Harry] ‘D-Defense Against the D-D-Dark Arts,’ muttered Professor Quirrell, as though he’s rather not think about it.’”/// 1. I died. I forgot about this line! 2. He went on a year-long break from work to do some research. That is so Ravenclaw. 3. What if Quirrell became known for wearing beanies instead of a turban? 4. I forgot how it was possible that Quirrell could shake Harry’s hand right now. 5. I forgot why Harry’s scar didn’t hurt right now. (I’ll probably remember soon enough, but I wouldn’t mind reminders if I don’t.)  6. You know those words that trip you up for no good reason? Yeah, well I’ve got quite the arsenal of those, but one of them happens to be “squirrel” (why? idk?) and this man helped me remember that the word has two “R”s in it.
  • “Harry wished he had about eight more eyes.” /// Harry Spider
  • I wonder what is the cool new broomstick model right now. 
  • Gringotts colors are scarlet and gold and I never noticed before. I think they wore black in the movies or just like nice work clothes. Also, I would like to go to Shell’s Cottage and hear Bill and Fleur tell me all about how Gringotts got started. I am fascinated. 
  • The poem on the door about stealing from Gringotts is so funny to me bc I am just thinking about how cabs have like signs that say that the driver doesn’t carry over a certain amount of money. These are two very different philosophies of deterring a thief. 
  • Three times JKR foreshadowed to us just how stupid it would be to try and rob Gringotts. 
  • Our Muggle banks and safety deposit boxes are so much more efficient and I am grateful. 
  •  Hey there Griphook! Well be seeing you again!
  • So Dumbledore would have told all the professors what they were hiding in Hogwarts, due to asking them for their help to do it right? But did they know why they were hiding the Sorcerer’s Stone? Did they too know that they were trying to suppress Voldemort’s return? I kinda hope they did. It seems to be that Hagrid did.
  • I like to imagine these seemingly perpetually grumpy goblins actually love their twisty roller coaster-ish cart rides under London. 
  • “Harry didn’t know where to run first now that he had a bag full of money.” /// So happy for him!!
  • Hagrid told him to get his uniform first almost like a parent haha. 
  • Reminder that Harry disliked Draco for his awful character right from the very beginning and that Draco set himself up for the foul life he ended up with by never seeing the goodness in others as something that he should want too. (I don’t say this to any of you four Questers bc I think you all would agree, but I just had to say it.)
  • I like how popular and big football is that even wizards know what it is and use it to compare to Quidditch. OMG I’m so stupid I’m just remembering one of the best eras in post-HP publishing history and getting emotional about it. Does anyone remember the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. I obsessed over it that summer and read every word that Ginny wrote and ahhhhh I miss it. I miss Quidditch and Pottermore publishing updates with chapter art and meta and character backgrounds. What a golden era post-DH. 
  • I like that Hagrid said that toads went “out of fashion years ago” so that means that, at one point, toads were vogue and that’s amazing by itself. I bet the professors hated that time. The constant low croaking coming from everyone’s pockets. 
  • “For some reason, the back of his neck prickled. The very dust and silence in [Ollivanders] seemed to tingle with some secret magic.” /// I love that feeling when it happens in real life. Like when you discover a cute little stream on a hike or a beautiful old library. 
  • I sometimes wish I had the memory of Ollivander. 
  • The second “you have your mother’s eyes” drink!
  • Ollivander had some personal space invading issues. (And it irks me.)
  • I know I already said that I want to know about like three things in this liveblog, but I’m desperate to know more about wandlore too. I want more facts.
  • I kind of like that the more difficult it was to find Harry a wand, the happier Ollivander got. That’s a good attitude to have right there. That’s how you know you love your job.
  • Voldemort’s wand was 13 inches and Harry’s was 11 inches. That means that there’s a chance that Voldemort’s phoenix’s core feather was longer than Harry’s and, therefore lower on Fawkes’ tail. 
  • Gosh wands are expensive. 
  • Goodbye, Ollie, see you later. 
  • Why did they not buy a trunk in Diagon Alley? Where did Harry even get a trunk that he carries around with him for 7 years? These are the real plot holes!  jkjkjk
  • That chapter was a little longer than usual. But since this one has less chapters in it, we are actually almost one third through with it. That’s wild!

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God, I love your blog. Could you write a scenario where the GOM and Himuro saw their s/o kisses an other boy ? There's a little fight, but in the end there is fluff! and maybe nsfw :3 Thank you senpai! <3

Thanks darling for this request <3 AND OMG THE SENPAI THING. gets me everytime I swear. Love you xoxo.

(I think this is posted at an irregular time and it’s cause my xkit is wonky. Anyone having problems with xkit? ):)

I apologise for not posting for so long too!!!

I wrote that the s/o just kissed them on the cheek to say farewell cause if it’s straight out cheating kissing on the lips, it’s pree’ much unforgivable??? (And sorry darling, I don’t write NSFW anymore x: )

Generation of Miracles

“It’s not like it meant anything!” you exclaimed, throwing your hands up in frustration.

Akashi glared at you, arms folded across his chest.

“You kissed him. How could you kiss him?”

“It was a goodbye kiss,” you hissed.

“I don’t care about what the intentions were. What I care about is that your lips touched his cheeks,” he gritted.

Rolling your eyes, you began calming yourself down. Nothing good will come out of the fight if you flared up.  Letting out a sigh, you approached him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Fine, I am sorry. Claim back my lips then?” you whispered, nuzzling into the crook of his neck.

You felt his body relax and his arms automatically wounded around you.

“If you kiss other guys again, I will do more than just claim your lips,” he replied, pulling your chin up to kiss you.


“It was an innocent kiss. I just wanted to say bye,” you drawled, leaning against the wall as Aomine started pacing the floor.

“Innocent kiss? How could you kiss him? You are mine!” he growled, towering over you.

You looked up at him, slightly irritated that he is trying to intimidate you.

“Then, what do you want to do?” you huffed.

“This,” he replied before pulling your face roughly to his and kissing you.

You responded quickly, looping your hands around his neck to pull him closer.

“If you kiss another guy again…”

“Just shut up and kiss me, aho.”


Midorima did not shout at you or do anything to show his anger but the silence was proof enough. His usually stoic face was lined with anger and he walked stiffly beside you, not bothering to wait for you the way he usually did.

“Are you angry?” you asked tentatively.

He didn’t reply, simply continuing on his path.

“Shin-chan,” you sang.

His grip on his lucky item tightened as he continued keeping silent. You rolled your eyes before pulling him to a stop. His green eyes glared down at you until you dragged him down to your lips.

“Come on, don’t be angry. I love you,” you teased, loving the flush on his face as he relented and kissed you back.


“I didn’t like that,” Kuroko stated.

“It was just a goodbye kiss,” you defended yourself.

“I don’t like the fact that another guy’s lips touched yours,” he replied.

He was usually calm and unfazed by everything but this time, his tone was tinged with anger.

“Okay, okay, I am sorry,” you pouted, trying to pacify him.

He refused to budge, an upset expression on his face.

“Come on,” you urged, opening your arms.

He let out a sigh before hugging you tightly.

“Am I being irrational?”

“No, this is your way of showing that you love me after all,” you mumbled into his shoulder, relaxing in his embrace.


Murasakibara went forward without hesitation and your friend flew across the hall, slamming into a locker.

“Mukkun?” you gasped, shocked.

He held you back before you could rush to your friend.

“No one touches my _____-chin,” he growled, his grip tightening.

“It was a goodbye kiss, Mukkun!” you wrestled yourself out of his hold and ran to your friend.

“No! No kissing other guys!” he hissed, picking you up and storming out of the school.

You watched helplessly as your friend sat up with help from others, clearly disoriented. After hours of raging and nagging, Murasakibara seemed to understand the severity of his actions. He refused to apologise until you threatened never to kiss him again. The next day, he tried to apologise to your friend but he bolted the moment he saw the mop of purple hair move towards him.

“I tried, _____-chin.”


“_____-cchi, are you cheating on me?” Kise’s loud voice broke through the bustling hallway and you turned to see him looking at you with a downtrodden expression.

You looked at him with a surprised expression until you realized how the entire situation looked.

“No, you idiot. This is my friend, _____-chan, and this is my boyfriend, Kise,” you introduced, pulling the blond closer by his waist.

He came willingly, becoming ecstatic instantly to claim the title of being your boyfriend.

“Yes, yes, I am _____-cchi’s boyfriend!” he exclaimed.

Your friend simply smiled and extended a hand to shake his. Kise took it and leaned close, the same smile on his face.

“If you touch _____-cchi’s face with your lips again, I can promise you that you will be leaving with something more than just an introduction to me ~”



Himuro’s normally gentle gray eyes hardened into shining fires of fury.

“What are you doing?” he inquired stiffly.

“Tat-chan! I was just…”

Before you could finish, his hand closed around your arm and he pulled you behind him quickly.

“How dare you kiss _____-chan,” his voice was low and threatening and you saw your classmate shiver, his face a mask of alarm.

“Tat-chan, it was just a goodbye kiss,” you hissed, grabbing at his sleeve.

He stilled for a moment before turning to you with a frown.

“You willingly kissed him?”

His tone was filled with jealousy and you winced.

“It was a goodbye kiss.”

His eyes narrowed.

“The only one you can kiss goodbye is me,” he announced before grabbing you to him and kissing you.

(Your friend fled in the midst of passion.)

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Girl I just re-read the letter I sent to an inmate and omg, how do I abort mission? What was I thinking? Anyone who reads it, especially that inmate will think I'm coocoo! God, I hope letter doesn't go through the mailroom 😫😫😫😫😫

Haha sorry Girl it’s too late, it’s done… if it makes you feel better I think a few of us felt this way too at some point 😉. The most awkward first letter I wrote was to Alan, so it doesn’t always end badly lol.

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Hey just wanted to say i love the jin scenarios you wrote and even the cute snuggling/making out blurbs. Morning delight had me all 😖😖 and i love how you portrayed jin in Paradox someone that doesn't feel they deserve to be with anyone and has a hard-front on but slowly melts with o/c. Jin with blonde hair is like A++ just thinking about him on a motorcycle omg. Anyways, i hope you have had a good week and i hope you have a lovely weekend! Thank you for your writings~

Adghjdjsj thank you angel!!! Seokjin has always been one of the members that’s hard for me to write for so I’m glad that I was able to portray him in a way that people liked ❤️

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Hey, ;) Gomxkagami "whatever" w Kagamin taking a lewd picture & accidentaly sending it to everyone.

For the meme “Send me a pairing and a prompt”

Whatever: Send me a “Whatever” and I’ll write whatever you ask for. The hell is that idea, omg, I still can’t get over it. I hope you fucking enjoy the hell you’ve created. GomxKagami, +Momoi +Riko +Seirin +Himuro +Alex +Hanamiya. Because it was a send all and I like kagami with everyone. Comedy and a little bit of lewdness. Crossdressing Kagami too!!

It didn’t seemed as a good idea. Even though he had agreed to take the goddamn picture and have actually took it, now that he looked at it, attached to a mail with the message the evil woman had asked him to put –a very disturbing “I’ve been very naughty, will you punish me?”-he regretted agreeing to that. He didn’t wanted to send it. It was too much even for a bet.

Taken from above with his right hand, the picture showed his whole body, as he was sitting over his own bed in a feminine posture, with the legs turned to the sides. He was wearing part of the stupid school-girl uniform Alex had gave him for that photo, with a mini skirt that hardly covered anything, the panties beneath being visible in a little part and big white socks to the knee. Lifting the white shirt with sailor collar with his left hand, the cute white brassier with pink laces could be almost completely seen.

He had trusted too much in his new basketball skills, and getting all cocky, had accepted the embarrassing bet of the woman, which just like an evil older sister with his baby brother, seemed to enjoy the idea of seeing him cross-dressed. The pose, clothes and message were all her demands, and she had said things would be a lot worse if he refused.

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So, as promised I have 500 followers and want to make a rec list. I recommend you heed all tags in the fics before reading. There are many on here you’ve probably read before, but these are the ones I keep going back to <3 

There are more, but we’ll start with these. There are ALL JOHNLOCK

Also, thank you and 1000 Johnlock kisses to @inevitably-johnlocked for making the graphic for me <3

What to Do When Your Flatmate is Homicidal 

I love this fic so much. Some might think it’s cracky, I think it’s spot on! The first is many chapters, which do jump in time, but tell a complete wonderful story. It’s set after the fall, and was written before S3 so no compliant with the show. 

Feel the Tide

This is teenlock with a little bit of angst, slow burn. It’s a boarding school fic, so they are roommates. It’s really sweet and I love it. 

Saving Sherlock Holmes 

Also teenlock. It’s long and wonderful. It’s got a touch of Mystrade as well. Beautifully written by @earlgreytea68. It’s the fist fic I ever bookmarked on AO3. 

Man and Beast 

Sherlock is a werwolf, heed the tags please. I have a feeling a lot of folks have read this one, but I like it a lot. 

Talented People With Interesting Skillsets

I love this series. The gang has psychic and empath abilities.  A really good time from start to finish. 

We Go Anywhere But To The Ground

Post Reichenbach angst fest. Heed the tags. One of my favorite when I want to read something super John!Whumpy. But a happy ending, I promise. 

Missing in Action 

Long, angsty whump!fest. Both Sherlock and John suffer here, but it’s so worth it in the end. I always promise a happy ending. 


Yes this is Omegaverse. Yes there is Mpreg. Don’t judge it till you read it. It’s a porny but with feeling good time. Just a bunch of really enjoyable one-shots. 


Has anyone not read this series yet? It’s so sweet with a touch of angst. I can’t recommend it enough. 

Fade to Black 

Heed the tags! John has split personality disorder. I’ve never read anything like this fic! It’s technically a WIP, but only an epilogue left. This a rough ride, but one of the more creative fics I’ve read. 

Fearful Symmetry / World Without End / Attached

And olde but a goody! Post TGG, but pre ASIB, so not compliment with the show. These two idiots figuring things out. And Harry Watson is in it!


Srsly one of my absolute favorite John Gets Shot fics. @scullyseviltwin writes a contemplative Sherlock so well. I’ve read this fic so many times. 


Okay, has anyone NOT read @itsnotgonnareaditselfpeople amazing, soul mates fic?! I love this one so much, I feel like it has everything you might want in a fic, it’s wonderful. 

This Man’s Heart 

Another older AU fic. A kind of Beauty and the Beast type story. Slow burn and beautiful. 

How to Build a Heart out of Ashes

Another teenlock AU focusing on the boys being Changelings. Oh my god it’s so good!!!! Heed the tags. I srsly love this fic so much <3


John sick fic with a twist. When I want some angst with a happy ending, I come to this fic. It’s a one-shot, so you can read it in one night.

Echoes Through Time

I love this one. They have some old journals, it brings up some feelings. Lots of kissing and sex. So good. 

Water is Another Matter

This is another old one. It’s beautifully written and I love it. 

Dear John

John meets someone online while Sherlock is dead. Guess what, it’s Sherlock ;-) Fic through letters, very enjoyable. 

Eyes Up, Heels Down

Sherlock the rider, John the groom. A dash of angst. Love this one. 

Dear Boy

Retirementlock. Very sweet. John is raising his and Mary’s child just FYI, but she is not around. 

Trapped and Upside Down on the M6

Car accident one-shot. John!whump. I love <3

Hot Dolphin Sex

Has anyone not read @conversationswithbenedict wonderful fic. Lots of text msgs and flirting ahead. This one is not to be missed 

From Six to Ten

@bobenlugares wrote me some John!whump and I love it! A dash of protective Sherlock and a little BAMF from them both! <3


An Omegaverse series. Heed the tags. This is a great series, from before The Fall until after, their lives and their children. OMG it makes my heart hurt just thinking about this fic. 

Once Upon a Beast Becoming

This is @antietamfalls Beauty and Beast AU, but it’s so much more than that. It’s got magical realism, which I can’t get enough of. 

The Guarded Secret 

Secret Garden AU.  Such a slow burn, but so worth it when you get there. 

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of

Hands down my favorite Harry Potter AU series. I’ve re read this one so many times. John is a reluctant wizard, Sherlock is a muggle. It’s amazing. 

Happiness Awaits 

@mssmithlove1 wonderful series of mostly one shots. If you haven’t read it, you should. 

Out of the Darkness

@snogbox1 post HLV angst fest with shot John. It’s still a WIP, but I have high hopes! Snoggy knows how I love John!Whump


@slashscribe post HLV. It’s parentlock, I usual hate parentlock. Ashely made me like it, so go read it. 

Could be Dangerous 

@hectocotylus1 first and so far only fic on AO3. John is a veterinarian, Sherlock has a cat. It’s so sweet <3 

500 Tumblr Followers Giveaway Fics

@consultingpurplepants one shots that are so enjoyable! 

Secrets and Revelations     

Sherlock is a Sentinel and John is a Guide. This is also omgeaverse. BAMF!John and BAMF!Sherlock. This is srsly one of my favorites, I’ve read it so many times. 

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Omg can you put your davekat analysis into it's own post? Since the original post was johndave, I'm not sure how many davekat shippers would get to see it, and that's a shame, cuz it's really good!

ok i’m gonna bulk up my analysis a bit since i wrote the original one fast and if anyone wants me to pull sources for any of this lmk bc i can find the comic pages i’m thinking of i just don’t have the energy right now

(there’s some discussion of abuse, be warned)

putting it under a read more bc its long but ppl are welcome to reblog if they’re so inclined

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OH OMG so while we were at the Schuyler Mansion the tour guide did this thing where she had three of us read off quotes from three different letters Hamilton wrote and we had to guess which one was to Eliza. THE SECOND ONE WAS THE FAMOUS LAURENS ONE THAT’S LIKE COLD IN MY PROFESSIONS, WARM IN MY FRIENDSHIP so when she was done she was like “any guesses?” and I just said “well that one is to John Laurens!” and I don’t think she was expecting anyone to know that ahahaha :’D


(Author’s Note: This is a fic I wrote for Mod Tord’s brainwashing alternate plot line for Edd and the peeps at the house’s confrontation thing. Here’s chapter one. I apologize profusely.)

((dude i am legitimately crying im so happy omg thank you so much I didn’t think anyone would like the idea because it was so dark thank you thank you thank you -mod tord))

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r there any fics you can recommend rn? Like some you are following or sth doesn't matter if they r complete or not your opinion matters,,

*__* i have so many fics i want to rec omg i think i’ll just list the ones i’ve read recently (and god bless you for being open to ongoing fics)

also to anyone who benefits from this list: please support the authors! they’re not gonna know if you enjoyed your fic unless you comment/like/kudos/review!!

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I was thinking about ML today, and I thought, what if Marinette lived in China for most of her life instead, and only moved to Paris recently, so she doesn't know French very well (or at all). Because of this, she's very quiet since she doesn't want to embarrass herself with bad French (or English). At first, Chat worries that she dislikes him, but when he finds out why, he starts speaking to her in Chinese, and helping her learn French.

THIS IS REALLY CUTE!!! OMG!!! i think someone actually wrote something like this??? a chatroom au i think where they met online and marinette eventually moved to paris? DOES ANYONE HAVE THE LINK FOR THAT OMG LOL

Probably Gre/aysexual PoC?

eclecticcreative submitted:

Most of my life has been focused on the visible stuff. Oh, you’re Asian adopted to white parents. (That’s the real definition of transracial, BTW). Oh you’re Jewish (But you’re adopted/Asian….). Oh you’re a woman. Oh, you have a black cousin–I don’t believe you. But your aunt is white— are you *shock* biracial (with a face that says, That’s so wrong)

You were poor?

Why can’t you speak English well? Do you speak English well? You speak English well, but I’m not going to believe you. I’m going to compliment you on your English.

Why are you Asian and horrible at math with a learning disability?

Being this intersectional I didn’t have time to pay attention to the fact that my sexual attraction and romantic attraction was so-called “not normal”. People were on my case for everything else. I was liminal on a bunch of other things, why did I exactly have to pay attention to this too?

I’ve felt physical attraction before. There was a guy in high school I felt physical attraction to. 2 more with no desire to date them. But intense physical attraction wasn’t, OMG, I want a relationship and to sleep with them. And for that time period I thought that was normal and everyone else was kinda strange.

So I came up with the idea of what if I could cut out all attraction to anyone. And I really didn’t think that was a thing. I thought I invented it. I wrote it into a story, tried to trouble shoot it, and then found out it *is* a thing–before opened up.

OK, so it is a thing, but all the asexual people I met were aro ace or sex repulsed ace. (Still trying to write the Phoenix story with a clear PoC female aro ace as a lead. Because Phoenixes are naturally aro ace according to myth, and I couldn’t make the rider *not* aro ace. PoC, ‘cause well, Feng Huang, and other versions of it from East Asia got thrown in and I need to represent the people as much as the mythology.)  I wasn’t that so I didn’t think I was asexual. Besides, when you have people calling you from their cars sexist and racist things, why should I care about it? People are being prejudiced about everything else, so I can afford to ignore it.

Still, I saw people who went to bed on their first dates in movies and I thought, “Well, that’s not real” and one night stands… neither I understand.

It wasn’t until I took a demisexuality test for fun, thinking I would get allosexual, that I scored an impressive 80-something… and people below that score were identifying as demisexual, that I realized something was different. I took it again two more times at different times with the most conservative answers and still got in the 80’s. Took another test and still got a high rating. Did more reading, and it was more instead of a clicking moment, a “!@#$ another interesectionality–I don’t !@#$ing need this.” Let’s be clear that’s not denial, that’s more of this is a pain in the butt because of the other intersectionalities I’m already getting prejudice for.

Still, I think I fit more into the gre/ay area. And I still don’t give a damn, which might be a part of my sexual attraction/romantic identity anyway. I have more pressing things to worry about and most people aren’t going to say acephobic things to me, when they can chase after me for my religion, my mental health status, my race, my ethnicity, my womanhood, how much I do speak or don’t speak English, my learning disability, or say rude things about poor people–which gets to me since I have been poor. They could victim blame me in a number of ways, which I don’t feel like detailing that there is a set script for. And they could say while I’m listing the intersectionalities that I often forget the entire list for that I’m making it up. I mean even *I* think I look like one of those diversity characters you plug into a novel to *badge* prove you aren’t prejudiced in any way. I couldn’t even dare to plug all my intersectionalities into one character because I’d be staring at that character and not believing them and I’d accuse that character of the giant pathetic sob story, which I frankly hate, which is why I don’t usually air all of the intersectionalities at once. But somehow I exist. They have a plethora of crap to chase after me for most of which they know how to apply, versus asexual which is barely known yet, and so of the order of things on my list because of it and because romance and sex aren’t high on my list anyway, I pretty much leave the whole ace identity behind. I can take or leave romance, and I can take or leave sex. And I have restrictions on both that probably leave most men (since I’m heteroromantic.) cold. I need mental and emotional attraction in order to feel anything romantic or sexual, and it might take a while to get there too.

And even if I do get there, I still want to take it slower than the “normal rate” Something like the rate of a Victorian Romance Novel, which was pretty extreme fiction, even for the Victorians.

I think I can sum up my ace-ness this way: I hate dopamine addiction, but love me the oxytocin and serotonin, but to get there, I need certain mental and emotional connections met.

BTW, I still can’t write allosexual people. I DON’T UNDERSTAND. I’ve been working on it since I was a teenager and I still can’t do it. All those stories fizzled. The only way I can remotely do it is if the allosexual people are already married and in love, which, frankly, is cheating. I think I’m stuck writing ace people or ace-ish relationships for life. If I get published in addition to what I’ve already published (Which frankly was cheating on the allosexual), I don’t think I’ll be writing allosexual people. Sorry. I can’t do it. I tried. I failed repeatedly. Will they identify as ace? I have no idea. Maybe I’ll figure out allosexual people some day and then write it in.