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Do you have a favorite Harry Potter theory or head cannon? I think mine is the theory that even though his wand was broken and he was expelled, Hagrid continued to learn magic with Dumbledore's help (a theory I found on youtube).

((OOC: I actually reblogged the post with my new favourite theory, as it happens- The theory that, at the time that he was alive, Salazar Slytherin was not actually a huge fanatic, snootily denying that students from muggle families were unworthy of going to Hogwarts.

He was a Viking, a man of a different lifestyle and spiritual path, living at a time of religious persecution when the oncoming Christian tide was looking to purge all non-believers.

He was living in a time where all the muggles around him were converts, and where any time something bad happened, witchcraft was blamed, and a new victim was thrown onto the pyre.

As such, he was exercising extreme caution in an attempt to protect himself, the school, and his friends/co-founders, the three places where he placed his loyalty. But his friends were unwilling to keep out muggleborns for various reasons, so, in an attempt to protect his friends and those in his care in case the worst should happen, he built a big panic room/bomb shelter in the basement, and smuggled in a creature he felt an affinity with, who he could communicate with, and who could easily take out anyone laying siege to the school.

But as the years passed and the threat died down, the societal prejudices in the wizarding world took on a new edge, and those looking for an icon, a symbol to use as a shield in their campaigns, put Salazar on a pedestal and twisted his words to suit their purposes. A bit like the present-day religious extremists who use Jesus as a figure and an excuse as they spread messages of hate, when Jesus, if he existed, preached nothing but love and acceptance.

I just really dig that. I dig the way that history supports that theory, and I dig the idea of this big broody Viking man trying to play mother to his three idiot friends who were out to get themselves killed through reckless behaviour and being FAR too quick to trust.))

Reigen stared at him, his expression stern in the way Serizawa had learned it was when he didn’t have to keep up his customer service pleasantries. He stepped close to him and rested his forehead against his shoulder, hiding his expression. His quiet words, however, Serizawa could hear loud and clear.

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Air Signs - I love the way that your mind works, intricate cogs working tirelessly within your mind, conveying thoughts, concepts, strokes of genius each bigger and brighter than the one before. I admire the determination you hold for social justice, the way that you fight for a seat at the table to discuss your thoughts and ideas no matter who tries to put you down. You can be as strong as a hurricane or as graceful as a butterfly.

Fire Signs - Your warmth can be both gentle or overwhelming. I love that your personality can be comforting like a warm living room fire, or it could almost numb the senses with bonfire-like intensity. Your passion and desire is second to none and inspires a spark in even the coldest person’s heart. You provide warmth to the newborn infant, you strike fire into the heart of the revolutionary.

Earth Signs - How I wish I could see just how deep your roots grow. Your soil is rich and fertile, giving life to revolutionary ideas and setting them in motion every day. You are organised in your chaos, you grit your teeth and bare through where others would call it quits. You have the power tear the world down and the ability to build it back from scratch, don’t let anyone confine you to cheap labels.

Water Signs - Your waters may be murky at times, but when the dust settles and everything becomes clear - oh how beautiful it is to see through your lens. You hold such depth, depths that nobody else can reach. You remain a mystery to everybody else while working in your own intricate way, embracing the chaos in your emotion and loving every ounce. You hold an entire world within you, with the power to drown it out or bring life to the planet.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws get over excited when they talk about things they’re passionate about. It’s they kind of excitement where people either get very annoyed by it very quickly, or become so enraptured by what Ravenclaw is saying that they forget how much time has passed.

Something I want to say about air dominant people, including air signs in general, they tend to have lots of friends but trust me 90% of these friendships are superficial and not deep at all and most than likely they still feel disconnected when they are with their supposed friends and tend to feel lonely. A friend to all is a friend to non, and air signs may lack having few deep and honest connections and relationships which can be a huge problem tbh.


get to know me: favorite female character → the ‘avatar: the last airbender’ girls
“I’m a warrior, but I’m a girl too.”

Ok but it’s so funny to me that the musical portrays the scene where Javert lets Valjean go as this Dramatic Epic Final Showdown when in the Brick that scene is the most dorky thing. It’s one of the most awkward social interactions in the book. And that’s saying something, because this book also features the love life of Marius Pontmercy. 

Like, you’re expecting that the Valjean/Javert relationship is going to an end in an epic climactic  confrontation. But instead you get a scene where these two nerds awkwardly ignore each other in a carriage. It’s literally The Best.

Hello, I have sex with Mark Blackthorn. What about you?
—  Kieran, Prince of Faerie, son of the King, Prince of the Frost Court, Keeper of the Cold Way, Wild Hunter, Sword of the Host and Mark’s lover.

Every fandom needs an avatar crossover amirite

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Day 11: Favorite Quote -  “It’s funny, the day you lose someone isn’t the worst. At least you’ve got something to do. It’s all the days they stay dead.”

so um changkyun spilled some good stuff today at melon radio. He said when he went outside to get some air at the post concert party mx and starship were having he saw wonho and kihyun hugging while crying.

when kihyun told wonho ‘good work’ both started tearing up and was hugging by THEMSELVES  and changkyun saw them IM CRYING 

Do you ever think about how Kit “was sure his father had never loved him like that” when he saw the Blackthorns reunite? Or how Kit savored when his dad ruffled his hair cause Johnny never really showed physical affection? Or how when he was kissing Livvy all he was thinking about was the comfort of having another human close to him? Because I think about how starved Kit is for affection a lot