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I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


All the bright places quotes for the signs
  • Aries: "What if life could be this way? Only the happy parts, none of the terrible, not even the mildly unpleasant. What if we could just cut out the bad and keep the good?"
  • Taurus: "We are all alone, trapped in this bodies and our own minds, and whatever company we have in this life is only fleeting and superficial."
  • Gemini: "The great thing about this life of ours is that you can be someone different to everybody."
  • Cancer: "Because it's not a lie if it's how you feel."
  • Leo: "You're all the colours at once, at full brightness."
  • Virgo: "The problem with people is they forget that most of the time it's the small things that count."
  • Libra: "All I know is what I wonder: Which of my feelings are real? Which of the mes is me?"
  • Scorpio: "But I can't promise I won't pick you apart, piece by piece, until you're in a thousand pieces, just like me. You should know what you're getting into before getting involved."
  • Sagittarius: "Drive anywhere and everywhere, even if there's nowhere to go. (Note: There's always somewhere to go.)"
  • Capricorn: "I've learned the hard way that the best thing to do is say nothing about what you're really thinking. If you say nothing, they'll assume you're thinking nothing, only what you let them see."
  • Aquarius: "I've always been different, but to me different is normal. I decide on a version of the truth."
  • Pisces: "I have this feeling like I'm waiting for something. But I have no idea what."
What your favorite great comet/war and peace character says about you
  • Pierre Bezukhov: awkward and nerdy emo kid from 2006. Probably had a napoleon phase (or a french rev phase at least).
  • Anatole Kuragin: Probably has a crush on Lucas Steele
  • Sonya Rostova, Marya Bolkonsky: A kind and beautiful baby
  • Nikolai Rostov: Gay and loves to complain
  • Hélène Kuragina Bezukhova: Uses terms like "slay" and "queen" a lot probably
  • Andrei Bolkonsky: Has read War and Peace and cries a lot
  • Natasha Rostova: You're lovable but also probably a complete mess
  • Fedya Dolokhov: You are a very dedicated shipper probably are most attached to the musical (over the miniseries or book)
  • Boris Drubetskoy: a) You're Anna Mikhailovna or b) crush on Aneurin Barnard
  • Vaska Denisov: You probably have a very pure heart and are a rare wonderful person however no one knows because you're too busy on your 45th reread of war and peace.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: You're Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy. Sir if you just wanted to write one long Napoleon fanfiction why didn't you?
  • Marya Dmitrievna Akhrosimova: You're a docile nerd who dreams of being or being around a Dragon Lady like Marya. You love her as much as you fear her.
  • Ippolit Kuragin, Balaga: You're fucking weird.
  • Anna Pavlovna: Wine mom
  • Prince Bolkonsky, Prince Vassily: I don't believe you're real I think you're just curious what this says about someone.

Even isn’t telling Isak about Bakka, not because he doesn’t trust him or he doesn’t love him. He’s not lying. He’s not telling Isak about Bakka because it’s something that’s difficult for him to talk about, and he’s probably ashamed.

There are things I have done that I look back on and I cringe. I am disgusted with myself, and the idea of telling anyone makes me sick. I’ve been getting better at telling my mom about my depression, and she’s asked me if there was anything else I wanted to tell her. And as much as that thing has happened, I don’t want to talk about it. I’m not ready. That doesn’t mean I don’t love my mom. That doesn’t mean I’m lying. It just means I’m not ready.

Even’s not ready. Respect that.

I love Stephenie Meyer’s writing. It’s so realistic. Bella mentioning small, insignificant details about her life makes her speech so relatable. She mentions how drinking a glass of water that was on her bedside table all night tastes funny. When she wakes up at 5:30 in the morning she just groans, falls back and rolls over onto her face, and when she finally sits up after a bad night’s sleep her head spuns for a minute as the blood flows downward. When she argues with Edward she means to sweep dramatically out of the room, but naturally she catches the toe of her boot on the door jamb. Eating hot food just makes her tongue burn. When she wants to rescue Jacob from Sam’s bad influence she just mentions she once saw a PBS show on deprogramming the brainwashed. She only feels like herself again when she smells her shampoo while taking a shower. She is so real, and the way she tells us about her daily life in a world full of mythological creatures trying to kill her is so vivid. It’s not just that she is awkward and shy and therefore relatable to many young girls out there. The way she describes her own life is so explicit and genuine. I’ve never read a book that feels so personal. You will never convince me that Stephenie’s writing shouldn’t be praised.

you know when your friend is having a breakdown and you’re tryna be there for them but you literally dunno wtf to say without sounding useless / cliche ??

Do you guys think Joyce will tell Lonnie about Will coming back? I personally would love if she does not, and someday that piece of moldy bread hears about it and goes, fuming, to her house, demanding explanation as to why she didn’t immediately tell him his son was alive and when he gets there, he sees another car parked outside

And honestly, it just happens that Hopper is there that day, can you imagine the kind of things Lonnie will think and/or say?

Can you imagine the interaction? Between not only Lonnie and Joyce, but Lonnie and Hopper, and Lonnie and the boys?

Because I can and man, if that happens somehow in season 2 I will SCREAM

wanna one as things i've said
  • Daniel: my sweater smells really good right now but i know if i wear it for the day it won't smell as good and i'm afraid that i'll never be able to get this smell again.
  • Jihoon: i look so cute right now but no one wants to go out but you know what? fuck them i deserve to show the world my beauty.
  • Daehwi: yesterday i cried while making toaster strudel. i didn't cry because of the toaster strudel i cried because i saw a stray cat and he looked so lonely.
  • Jaehwan: i am so talented in so many ways but people can't seem to see it? sure, i almost set my kitchen on fire making noodles and lost my dog while walking it but doesn't everyone?
  • Seongwoo: sometimes i wish i wasn't as loud and extra but then i realize that that's my brand, my gimmick it's what people are gonna remember me for.
  • Woojin: it's 3:55 am and i just heard a loud noise i'm not sure if it's a murderer or a tree but either way i'm still not going to be able to sleep.
  • Guanlin: i hate and love when people tell me what to do because on one hand i like being independent and strong but on the other i forget how to tie my own shoelaces
  • Jisung: some days i feel like i'm 80 and other days i feel like i'm 4, like one second i want to sleep for nine years and others i just wanna yell about everything.
  • Minhyun: i think i could be a better person. not in this life but maybe another. i could be reincarnated into the nicest fucking bird in the world and everyone would love me.
  • Jinyoung: i'm tired of people thinking i'm depressed because i don't smile. like i'm not sad it's just i don't care about what you're saying and i'm thinking about ducks.
  • Sungwoon: i wish it wasn't weird for people my age to go trick-or-treating because now if i want candy i actually have to buy it with my money. i wish i could still dress up as a furry and not be judged.

Reasons the Jedi Should End 11/?

Obi-Wan(’s inability to communicate in emotional terms makes it sound as if he) cares more about lightsabers than people.

One of the most liberating feelings in the world is realizing you don’t owe anyone shit

You don’t have to be friends with someone who treats you like crap even if you’ve known them your whole life. You don’t even owe them an explanation either. You get to choose who gets to be in your life. It’s a privilege, not a birth given right. 

If someone is hurting you or just flat out annoying, you don’t have to give them the time of day. Please cut the shitty people out of your life and surround yourself with awesome ones who make you happy. You deserve nothing but happiness and anyone who brings you down doesn’t deserve to be in it. 

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Ran’s crying in Gosho’s poster for M22. Again. She really does serve no other purpose than being the main romantic interest and constantly crying. I still don’t understand your defense of her. If Ran was taken out of the story completely then nothing would change. She’s basically window dressing that distracts from characters who serve an actual purpose and should be more in focus.

The movies shouldn’t be relevant to any of my view of her in canon. And, even if you didn’t mention it, neither should the openings, which also put Ran in a useless and damsel role.

If Ran were removed from the story, the story wouldn’t have happened, for one. It was her winning a Karate tournament that drove the plot of going to Tropical Land and noticing Gin and Vodka and setting the entire situation off. It’s because her dad is useless and she’s the one who takes care of him that she’s in the position to chose to take in some random kid whose parents aren’t around. It’s because of her role in taking care of her dad that she has a voice in the house. Shinichi wouldn’t be staying with Kogoro had it not been for Ran, and Kogoro as the character he is also wouldn’t exist if Ran didn’t. No Sonoko, because, she’s Ran’s friend. No connection to school. No mundane reasons to be out and about and happen to come across random murders.

I really couldn’t care less if you chose to dislike her for arbitrary reasons and ignore any positives she’s shown, especially when the animated material doesn’t help her. But whether you like it or not, her and her overall character traits are what hold the setting and story together. It’s not in a major way, it’s subtle, and I’m fairly certain that regardless of what I say, you’d only be able to see her in a negative light.

But without her, the very idea of a teenager getting poisoned and shrunk to look like a child wouldn’t be the DC we have today. Without Ran, there’s a good chunk of the cast that wouldn’t have any reason for coming into contact with Shinichi, information that was never learned, and motivations that don’t exist.

um actually Popular Show had a joke in season one that could be interpreted as transphobic so anybody who watches it is a transphobe sorry :/

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This is getting way out of hand. You guys are missing the point! It's not like cami or hawk said to you "oh you're a r word" or anything like that. Ya'll need to calm down and like drink a glass of water or something (idk) and really think about what you're saying to her or what she did before jumping to conclusions.

Especially when that shit happened MONTHS ago like, what gives?