think about what you're saying

“Oh, so Zimmerman will get off scot free? Damn Casey Anthony and Zimmerman can kill kids but they had no problem sending my homeboy Mike Vick in Jail”….


Why in the hell are people using Michael Vick’s dog fighting case as a comparison? What? You do realize that is the worst thing to compare this to right?

1. Mike Vick DID kill those dogs. Everyone knows it. He knows it, because he pleaded to it.

2. Unlike the Zimmerman trial, there was concrete evidence for what he was convicted of…a lot of it. There were dead dogs, cages, and execution items that were probably covered in blood lol. 

3. You’re acting as if Vick got prison for life or something. he spent a short amount of time in there and continued playing football to make a marvelous comeback. Maybe Zimmerman will find a way to pay it forward one day and change his ways. Who knows? It’s out of our control now

Anyway, don’t be stupid. By all means, be pissed if you want. Say what you want I guess, but at least make sure what you’re saying makes sense smh

Frustrated by my incompetence

I want to - no, I need to - tear apart a sentence.
I want to make every single word matter.
It needs to be real.
The word ‘to’, what the fuck is the word ‘to’?
What does it mean?
This is what I’m talking about;
What I’m thinking about.

The sentence: ‘I want to tear apart a sentence’,
what does that mean?
Why was it written?
It’s not simple.
It’s not just ‘because.’
It’s not anything except what it is.
Whatever that means.
I mean really, what does it mean?

What does ‘it’ mean?
Why do we choose words arbitrarily?
How many do we actually think about?
‘How’, h-o-w, tell me why three letters come together.


Omg Pete Wentz said Black Cards is dead?!?!?!?

And since Patrick’s Soul Punk stuff is already out and he totally doesn’t have intentions of releasing another album


the damned things are on break and that’s the only thing andy and joe had going for them

that means fall out boy is coming back RIGHT?!??!?!?!?

Each one is so special, I couldn’t bear…let me put it to you this way if I had to choose them over saving a life, well I’d kill myself first.
—  Two witchy looking women sitting next to me at the library. one discussing her love for her teapot collection. I never cease to be amused by the people that come in here

honestly before i was out, that whole ‘ally’ thing in GSA/LGBTA(is not only/even is ally, i am well aware) was so, so important for me as a way to be involved with a community of people like myself but without having to be out before i was ready or when i was in a situation that it wouldn’t be safe and i get so mad when i see stuff talking about how allies aren’t queer/shouldn’t be considered part of the community/whatever like that

because you bet your ass there are other kids like that out there and not only are you dismissing such a vitally important support structure-because straight allies are important, don’t be ridiculous-you’re dismissing and ostracizing a very vulnerable part of the queer community-the ones who need that veneer of only supporting, because they can’t/don’t want to be out, especially if they’re in a dangerous situation

they don’t deserve to be shut out of their own community just because someone else decided allies aren’t important 

vivaciouscanophile-deactivated2 asked:

Dear future me,

Dear future me,

So, I end up becoming Hokage, right? Kidding!

But really, what exactly do I end up doing? ANBU stuff? Teaching? A stay-at-home mom?


Please tell me I’ll keep my wits about me and I won’t do something stupid like have kids. PLEASE.

I’m now deeply concerned about my future.


I hate arguements that can go both ways but only one side is highlighted to make it seem like the other side does not do the same thing. Like the “Fake conscious” brother arguement, you mean to tell me there aren’t any “fake conscious sisters” out here?

GTFO with that bullshit

“All women want one thing” o really there aren’t men like that to? y'all trying to step away from blame so much and giving passes away making generalizations to justify your arguement because you don’t know any other way smh try somethign different