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One of the social/political publications on campus is calling for short essays on social justice issues we’re passionate about and I’ve been invited to submit some writing but I don’t think a pro life virulently anti abortion, anti death penalty, anti euthanasia and assisted suicide article on the inherent sexism, racism, ageism, ableism, and classicism of these institutions is what they have in mind…. nor the fact that free speech applies to everyone, including people you don’t like (and arguably to hate speech? Even though it’s shitty and morally wrong? That’s kinda the whole thing about free will and the nature of sin? Though that’s a whole other can of worms I’m just too tired to open rn)

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Hi! Sorry to load this on you. Re: that anon's ask about reducing comments. I know I used to gush over every single chapter of the fics I read. But it reached a point where I think I kind of overwhelmed/annoyed one of my fav authors and now they're avoiding me. Nowadays I only leave short comments or not at all because I'm starting to think I'm being too freaky :( I can speak for everyone but I'm sure some feels this way as well. Maybe anon can mention that they love comments on their fic? (1/2)

(2/2) Also, in reader’s head: !@#$ “who cares about my unworthy opinion” and “omg that other reader leaves such constructive feedback and my vocab is limited to I love this” and “why does he/she reply everyone except me every time? I think annoyed the author I deserve to burn in hell” So not commenting becomes a self protective mechanism to not get hurt. TBH I think chapter kudos would be the best thing ever (/;A;)/

listen… never in my life… have i ever told myself “wow i wish this person didnt comment”

ok wait thats a lie HAHAHAA okokok wait back up 

the only times in my life… that i have ever told myself “wow i wish this person didnt comment” was when all the comment said was ‘OMG WHEN ARE U GONNA UPDATE’ or something along those lines like… ;-; nothing breaks my spirit more… pero!!! i still kinda (???) appreciate the sentiment behind it because obviously the person likes the fic enough 2 be rude about it (i GUES? ? ? lmao) but like im still gonna reply to those people and thank them for reading etc you know. honestly though i think i’ve only ever actually deleted a comment juan (1) time and it was because that person said something SUPER out of pocket about like racism or something which, to me, didnt make sense at all my fic was about marble busts and ice skating i was like uhhhhh what are u doing here U Are Lost and so bam i deleted 


my point is. i know some authors dont respond to comments and that can seem like they dont care about responses/feedback but that is a total lie hunnie. we get emails every time someone writes a comment and i’ll always be reading them whenever i’m waiting for a ride or while i’m brushing my teeth or whatever and it always makes me!!! so happy!!! i do make an effort to respond but sometimes i don’t get to do it right away, but just know!!! that i do read it!!! right away!!! even if i dont respond in that moment. 

every writer has their own style of interacting w readers but lemme tell u a short comment like “omg love this dkfjdkfj” feels GREAT. yeah it feels amazing when people take the time to like paste quotes and point out things they noticed or liked in the writing or whatever but not everyone has that time or can make that sort of effort. i only get to write long-ass comments sometimes OK like i know how it is; fic is supposed to be a relaxing break from Real Life and it can be rlly tiring to write up those long comments and ur def not entitled to comment at all. but it’s still a nice gesture because kudos are so easy to give. ppl been asking me why i look at bookmarks/comments more than kudos and its because kudos are literally just a button that u click. (and hits too!! like??? hits just tell me u opened my fic???? i dont rlly care about hits thats why i have that turned off) so i rlly lov when readers give that effort u know. it feels like “hello u spent 3943894 hours writing this thing let me sacrifice 5 seconds to make a comment about it ily hunnnie xoxoxox.” 

the disparity between X time it took writer to write VS. X time it took reader to read is so big. it throws me outta whack. when i publish something and someone comments in MINUTES on something that took me HOURS/DAYS/WEEKS to write it always shooks me. and thats why any comment makes me so happy, even if its just a bunch of keyboard smashes, one time someone just sent me a link to an image of kermit on fire, liKE THATS GREAT. THAT WAS AWESOME. one time someone told me my fic made me drop their phone into their rice and that was enough.

ur small comments are enough

thank u for coming 2 my ted talk 

Yixing when he reunites with Exo and gets interviewed: There’s no meaning to any of this. I wanted to find the most meaningless thing I could come to and join, and here I am….I don’t believe in personalities. … I believe we’re a field of energy dancing for itself…there’s just things happening… there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together and, uh, I don’t care.

Headcanon in which the Master and the Doctor watch a movie together and the protagonists talk about monsters and that they’re not all out to kill you and the Doctor turns to the Master to make some cheap joke he’d pretend not to like, but before he can say anything, the Master kisses him. The Doctor just stares at him startled and the Master says: ‘I’m still out there to kill you, though!’
And for the rest of the movie they have a serious fight about the definition of the word ‘monster’.

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Hello, I wanted to ask what you thought about a crack theory of mine. When Ishida removes a flashback characters eyes it has been shown to be for a later reveal (ex. Renji's sister being Hikari Kirishima). That being said, both Ukina and Kasuka Mado's faces have not been shown, and they have certain similarities. Their eyes are missing while being in the foreground, they are blonde, wore high-collared shirts, and were important to others' character development. Could Kasuka and Ukina be sisters?

Hello! And sorry, but no I don’t think so, even if I once considered it, to try and link Ukina to something/someone else in the story besides Yoshimura and V. 

I believe that this is just Ishida’s way to show that these two women died a long time ago, to the point that it might be hard for the characters who loved them to remember what they looked like. 
However I’m hoping that, like with Yomo’s sister, we might learn more about them and see their faces at some point. For Kasuka, it’s not hard, we know Akira is almost the spitting image of her mom, but I’d like to see Ukina’s face, as well as know more about them. 

Sorry Anon, for now there is really no hint at all that these two might be related (even if it would be hella cool, if just because that means Eto ate her aunt and #drama) but I can’t blame you for considering it, because I did as well a long time ago. :3

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So posts haven’t been too regular oops but I’ve honestly just got so caught up in freshers week and spending time with my flatmates and coursemates, I’ve just had no time to write and whenever I’ve not been writing, I’ve been sleeping or getting ready for something course related. I feel so bad for slacking but it’s making me realise that I realistically can’t keep this blog running as consistently as I used to. Updates were regular and sometimes even twice a day, but that just isn’t a realistic expectation for me anymore. However, I’m not going to stop writing imagines just yet, since I do love it but I think I might switch to a weekly upload schedule. I think it’d be better for me both timewise and also mental health wise as I don’t want to add any unnecessary stress alongside my uni course even if it hasn’t properly started yet. I hope you guys all can understand and aren’t too disappointed that I’m going to be writing a bit less for you all. I honestly, truly love all of you for how much support you give and it really means the world. Thanks, love ya 

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Dude, Ana is a mess right now (Crystalheartthings). Please, help me send her love. Please! I love her so much. She told me what happened to her in the earthquake and what is happening in Mexico right now. It's horrible.

Omg I didn’t even know that she was from Mexico - @crystalheartsthings are you okay?? D: I saw that you and your family are fine and I really hope that’s also true for your friends and neighbors. My heart goes out to you, please stay safe!

(I can only assume that distractions are welcome so if anyone here wants to help send some love/support/cute distracting messages, you have my blessings)

yikes don’t look down on new fans/people who have been fans shorter than you