There are so many different creations of Allah that we can see around us. Billions of beautiful creations. You might wonder what makes us special? One of the most special things mankind is gifted with is the ability to know our Creator. This blessing of being able to have a connection and relationship with Allah is just such a beautiful gift, Alhamdulillah. Think about it.

— Mobeen Hakeem

tbh i dont get why most people assume that robots are always cold

like have u felt a laptop while its working? its kinda not exactly cold yo

tbh any piece of machinery thats working hard to function is usually not cold, the only time its ever cold is when its turned off

so id like to think while a robot is awake and functioning they could have the potential to be as warm as a human being :0

Take a moment and think. If the Pokemon Go app connects to the core games then your pokemon can now have actual locations on their information card.
“Travelled through time and space from Africa”
“Caught in Dallas, Texas”

And each pokemon can have a REAL LIFE story to it.

“Originally met in Paris”
“I caught this Beldum when me and my family went to Paris for the summer. We were walking to go to the Eiffel Tower when my GoPlus vibrated. I took a detour down this random street and found the Beldum in this little cafe around the corner. My parents made fun of me for getting so distracted but it turned out OK because that cafe actually had the most amazing Cupcakes I’ve ever had in my life. See? Here’s a picture of the cafe and there’s me holding up my GoPlus! That’s why I named my Beldum Garcon”

Here’s a thought, what if Hanzo and McCree ended up in a life and death situation and Hanzo didn’t have his bow and McCree took the stand to defend them both, but Hanzo decided that he’s having none of that sacrificial shit and grabs McCree’s arm launches his dragons through McCree’s gun and McCree feels that power flow through him.

Americans are often proud that they discount the significance of cultural differences: ‘We are all individuals,’ many people boast. Ignoring such issues as gender and ethnicity becomes a source of pride: ‘I treat everyone the same.” But treating people the same is not equal treatment if they are not the same.” - Deborah Tannen 

Okay so I know that the Night Vale secret police members are supposed to be dangerous and feared but I just can’t stop thinking about how after having to watch people for so long, they get attached
Just imagine the secret police members consider these people to be a second family
Secret police members leaving gifts inside other peoples houses on birthdays or holidays because the family can’t afford them
Imagine the officer who has you under surveillance leaves a happy birthday card on your night stand every year
Imagine having no money and coming home to a fully stocked fridge
Imagine exchanging notes with them by leaving them on the window and waking up to a response letter
Imagine how surprised the secret police member would be when someone is brave enough to invite their invisible hero to have dinner because they want to return the favor

I dunno guys i think the Sheriffs Secret Police have more to them and they should be appreciated more