Fine line of fame and famine

Family lines
And family lies
Lapping at
The luxury of luxuries
Bide, bide what’s bidden
Hide your good tidings
From all those forbidden

Roll, roll your eyes
At those so despised
Servants and underlings
All of those worker bees
Living lives predisposed

Claim, claim your claims to fame
Feast on their famine
Draw, draw the thinnest lines
That define the narrows
Of thoughtless minds.

litglob © 2015

The purpose of relationship may not be what you think. If you are excited about forming a relationship based on what it looks like you can get, rather than what you can give, you have started off on the wrong foot entirely, and you could be heading for a big disappointment. The purpose of all relationships is to create a sacred context within which you can express the fullness of who you are. And who you are is an experience you have before you enter relationship, not because you did.
—  Neale Donald Walsch