The Final Problem

Ok so I’m reading a lot of complains about TFP and some of them are quite odd, for example I saw someone complaining because they made a portrait of John Locke weep blood in the first scene and sorry but honestly I think that’s nonsense hating. Queerbaiting is awful, it is. All the signs during the whole series did not end in a fucking kiss, it’s absurd, but no excuse to look for any other reasons to hate. We know, neither S4 nor TFP were what we expected: it was confusing, there were things that weren’t explained, the way they treated Molly, the end didn’t even seem to be true to the story itself. They should have done johnlock canon, yes, because Mofftiss surely know that a lot of people really identify, are stronger to be themselves thanks to the characters that ‘come out of the closet’, and because it would have been natural, after all they went through together, wouldn’t they be dating already if they were a man and a woman? But think about the positive: Sherlock and John live together and happy raising Rosie, solving crimes, as in the old days, it all ended as it started (what btw, gives us hope that there can be a S5). All the people Sherlock love and care about (except Mary) are alive. He grew and improved a lot as a person. We have that, that’s what I’ll stick to. Yes, it is a pity that the writers, mainly Gatiss, haven’t taken into account the desire of their fans, knowing that many felt identified and were waiting for johnlock to become canon so they can be stronger somehow. But hey, it is what it is, you know.

What about Ewan McGregor playing Grindelwald instead of Johnny mycareershouldbeover Depp. Ewan McGregor whose smile can go from adorable puppy to psycho in 0.2 sec.

Ewan McGregor playing Gellert Grindelwald.

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