Artfeels: Guardian Automaton

Guardian Automaton art by Vincent Proce

This is one of my favorite pieces from Magic Origins. I think about this little girl often, this child of a well-off family who ventures out into the streets of Ghirapur with her mechanical guardian at her side. She’s surrounded by the busy inventors and noisy colors of the city, but she has threaded one of her flowers into the automaton’s chest, signifying her trust. I hope that by the time the automaton is forced to leave her side, she’s ready to face the world on her own.

things about Hufflepuffs #469

Most Hufflepuffs are unaware of their own ability to sweet talk anyone into anything. They come across as very honest and sincere, so most people want to please them. The majority of ‘puffs have no clue they could get their way so easily, but the ones that realize this often put it to use in service of a friend, such as talking a teacher out of giving their friend a bad grade.


So I know this app has been around for a little while, and spoken about a lot here on Tumblr already, but I’ve only just gotten around to downloading it now and it’s amazing. Like other dating apps you can meet girls in your area, but it’s exclusively for girls who like girls so no men trying to hit on you! On top of that it also has a bunch of really great features;

  • Meet - basically where it lists girls in your area that like the same things that you do or are even going to the same events/parties/bars in your area
  • Chat - the IM section on the app where you can chat to the girls you’ve matched with in the meet section (and unlike other dating apps, you can go back to profiles you skipped over previously!)
  • Feed - share popular lgbtq news/articles/questions. Need a new web series to watch? Someone probably posted about it! So you can stop asking me to recommend them!
  • Notifications - are freaking great. You can see who’s liked your profile/link posts and decide whether or not you want to chat with them.
  • Me - is your profile. You can upload pictures of yourself or photos from your day (basically like instagram,) type text about yourself, basically anything that you think relates/represents who you are and what you like.

I’ve had the app for 10 minutes and I’ve already met some awesome girls on there that actually live nearby!


(and then come find me on there because I’d love to meet some of you!)

my brain: hey, what if in addition to quark/odo you also started shipping quark/odo/kira? 

me: what? why would - no.

my brain: kira is not involved with quark, but odo is dating both of them, and it’s completely baffling to everyone involved. imagine the arguments. imagine the disastrous joint dates.

me: *climbs into the back of a garbage truck, sobbing* / / @jaded_culture