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I forgot to share this yesterday, I posted a little comic thingy to sorta share how taz helps me through some stuff with my anxiety, depression and heavy agoraphobia and. I. Never expected this response, I’ve printed it out and put it on the cover of my therapy binder. This meant the world to me and I still tear up reading it


12 days of stydia
    ⤷  day two:
favorite episode (3x11)

anonymous asked:

The hand thingy Taemin does every time he is shy/embarrassed like if u agree

which level of hand thingy are we on about here anon gotta specify

the ‘I thoroughly fucked up and I must disappear from this current plane of existence’ kind of hand thingy

or the ‘my smile is so blindingly endearing I need to cover it with my hand in order to avoid mass damage’ kind of hand thingy

So because @swishyhairbarnes is an evil monster, she’s making me pick my top5 Seb Stan looks (wait was it looks or pics?? I’m going with looks because if this was already hard af picking just 5 Seb pics has got to be impossible). Here you go, Adeline, you jerk <3

In no particular order:

#1 Smol Floofy-haired Seb

#2 The SLCC Look of Sin (plus everything that happened at that glorious con)

Bonus: arm porn.

#3 The Outrageous WS Premiere Black on Black Suit

#4 I don’t even know what to call this one other than ‘RUDE’

#5 The Double-brested suit of Doom

And a few honorable mentions because I just can’t not:

Honorable Mention #1 - The Infamous IM3 Premiere Look

Honorable Mention #2 - The Jacket + Jeans Awesome Combo

Honorable Mention #3 - The ‘The Bronze’ Premiere Black on Black Suit

aaaand there.

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Announcement!! Art Raffle!! 730 Follower special! (CLOSED)

Hi guys! Leni here! I wanna thank you all from the bottom of my heart for 700+ followers! That is an insane number that I thought I would never get to. You all are amazing and just thank you so much, really <3 Anyways! As a small little gift, I will be making an art raffle (is that what you call it??)!!!! There will be 5 winners!


1.) You must already be following me! 

2.) To enter you just reblog this post or like it!

3.) I will not draw nfsw, vore, gore, or furries.

4.) Winners can request any character of their choice!


FIRST PLACE: First place will be able to choose 3 characters they would like and I will draw them full body!

SECOND PLACE:  Second place will be able to choose 1 character and I will draw them full body!

THIRD PLACE: Third place will be able to choose 2 characters and I will draw them half body!

FOURTH PLACE: Fourth place will be able to choose 2 characters and I will draw them chibi style!

FIFTH PLACE: Fifth place will be able to choose 1 character and I will draw them chibi style!


Happy New Years!!!
…well from here in Australia that is~!
have some dorkus Wheatley before all the sappy queued thank you posts publish !!

Missing Letters Meme

I was tagged by @sims3hasstoppedworking​ for the ABC tag. Thanks! I love doing stuff like this. :)

I think most of the people on my dash have done this. If not, I’m tagging YOU. Yes, YOU! Please do this. :)

a / age: 28
b / biggest fear: A lot of things? Probably fear of what’s going to happen in the future (or more specifically not knowing what’s going to happen).
c / current time: 8:47 PM
d / drink you had last: I drinking a beer right now (Fat Tire).
e / everyday starts with: Letting my lab outside as he howls and whines and carries on like a big baby. And every day he steps on my right foot. He weighs 80 pounds because he’s a fatty, so it HURTS, but I never learn to get out of the way before he rushes out the back door.
f / favourite song: Right now, “Philomena” by The Decemberists.
g / ghosts are real?: No. I think people really believe they see them, though (meaning I don’t think they’re a hoax like some paranormal things).
h / hometown: You’re being nosy!
i / in love with: My husband, I guess.
j / jealous of: People who don’t get anxiety.
k / killed someone: If I was a murderer, I wouldn’t put it on Tumblr. Unless…
l / last time you cried: A couple of weeks ago.
m / movie genre: Uhhhh I like action movies.
n / number of siblings: One, my older sister.
o / one wish: More wishes!
p / person you last called/texted: I sent a group text to a couple of friends.
q / questions you’re always asked: Re: my arm tattoo, “so why an octopus?” I also get asked about my name a lot (it isn’t particularly unique, but it is a "boy” name).
r / reasons to smile: I don’t smile. I have resting bitch face. (JK my daughter makes me smile all the time)
s / song last sang: “Baby Shark” with my daughter.
t / Tattoos: Three, with two more planned (this summer, hopefully!)
u / underwear colour: They’ve got Spiderman on them sooooo….
v / vacation destination: I really wanna go to London. Hopefully sometime soon! This summer, though, I have plans to go to California (specifically Catalina Island) so that should be nice.
w / worst habit: I procrastinate. It’s gotten worst over the past couple of years–I used to be really efficient at time management and now I put stuff off all the time.
x / xrays you have had: Not counting dental x-rays, I’ve had a few on my left wrist.
y / your favourite food: Bhindi masala! And goat cheese! And queso! And veggie burgers! And burritos! And korma! And falafel! And hummus! And anything with sriracha in it!
z / zodiac sign: Cancer.


For the 2k16 selfie thingy @metallee tagged me in (I’m a noob who rarely gets a good selfie so these lame snapchat selfies are basically the only good ones I have from this year lmao)

I’m gonna tag all the amazing people 2016 tumblr has introduced me to! @qi-tana for firsts. @drawthelinestoallconstellations and @draw-your-armadas (my little art buds in college), @gummybearsloth (buglesh), @randommusingsofalostmind (A+ roommate. couldn’t have asked for better), @lemonysnipet and @pistachiodelirious (y-you guys >\\<) and @cranbearly / @soodyos (I know you don’t show you face in public, I just wanted to let you know that talking to you made my 2016 👌🏾💯)

cute squad 🌷💌✨

Ok so I had an idea! Who would like to be a part of a really cute group chat with around 10-15 (maybe 20?) other gals!? ✨

It would probably be on iMessage so u’d need some kind of Apple device I guess (if a lot of people don’t have apple though, alternatively we could all download an app for it)..

It would also be cool if we could all be from kind of a similar time zone (i live in Europe) bUt if ur not in that timezone then that’s fine too!! 🌷

In order to “"enter”“ just reblog this post and message me ur Apple ID (for iMessage)!! 💌

[ill be adding people today already, but u can keep “entering” for maybe a week or so until we reach a maximum]

Get rebloggin’, I can’t wait ✨✨


Amber @findawaytoshine tagged me to post a photo of me from before s3 aired vs now (well. this selfie was taken about a month ago. close enough.) Johnlock has cleared my skin, watered my crops, and raised my grades. Bless Johnlock for that gay glo-up. 🏳️‍🌈✌🏻 

I tag @thelyingdetective @propergenius @sherlock @bunsenbees @sapphicvelma @mademoisellesherlockholmes (if you haven’t already done it, and if you want to, of course!) 

RULES: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

Tagged by @may-fire-yana

1. Kirby Squeak Squad - Taking it Easy (Butter Building)

2. Ragnarok Online - Be Nice ‘n Easy

3. Limp Bizkit - My Way


5. Sailor Moon - Transformation Music (First Transformation)

6. Lord of the Rings 1: The Fellowship of the Ring – Concerning Hobbits

7. Sherlock Holmes (2009) - Marital Sabotage

8. Devil May Cry 3 – Mission Start

9. BodyRockers – I Like the Way

10. Carly Rae – Call Me Maybe

Tagging: @notsorryforbeingbizarre (I don’t know 10 people to tag, sorry ^^;)

I thought this would be funny haha So what tells this about me XD Idk lol But I hope it’s interesting nonetheless! New art later this day – yusss! Have a great day! ❤


*points to Haikyuu* this series will be my next victim for my dumb doodles.

Another comic from piyocchi’s idea, who still have more ideas up her sleeves and keep feeding me with prompts. Sort of Valentine-ish thing I guess?

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say you are amazing and your art is beautiful so keep doing what you are doing and I hope you can always be happy and feel loved <3

Anon, thank you from the bottom of my heart ; - ;  i can’t really get the right words to convey how much it means to me that you sent me such encouraging and loving words, but just know that you’re amazing too for being so kind and that you also deserve so much happiness and love <33 you really made me feel 100x better!!!!