thingy ma bobby


It has come to my attention that I accidentally may have appeared to have had a spoiled brat moment. I didn’t mean to and I feel the need to clarify.

I am very, very grateful for my parents.

My mother has sacrificed a lot to make sure that I can do want; coming to Tasmania and keeping my scholarship. She hasn’t complained when they had little money for spare fun things or when she went back to full time work. She hasn’t complained because she wants to make sure that I have what I want and I don’t want it to seem like she has sacrificed everything for me to turn around and be like ‘oh that’s not what I want anymore.’

And I fully understand the sacrifices that she’s made and I want her to know that I appreciate those and her and all the effort she has put into making sure I have what I want.  There have been whole weeks when I have only had 50 cents in my bank and not asked for money because I know how much they were already spending and how much they were already putting out and refused to ask for more. I constantly worried about how much money they were putting out and planned fervently for repayment and working out how to make sure that I am not in any way relying on my parents financially in the coming years.

I don’t want my mother to feel like I am throwing anything back in her face should I decide not to continue with law and change into another degree (something which I am still undecided on). I love my mother and I appreciate all of the effort she has put in to making sure I have everything I want and need so that I can achieve whatever I need to achieve. She has taught me immeasurable life lessons, granted me incredible control over my life when I was younger, never attempted to restrain me and shown nothing but pride in my success.  I can only hope to be as hard-working and dedicated in my future and in my children’s future as she has been in mine and I feel terrible about any distress I may have caused her by having a momentary flaunt of superiority.

Obviously typing this is a little strange but while I can be fluent with my words on the page or keyboard, I struggle horribly when it comes to talking and speaking in real life, so I have chosen to type rather than speak.