thingy idk what are they called

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do you have a smol birthmark thingy above your eye ?? im asking bv in your self doods i think its there, i have one of em on my middle finger so when i flip people off boom they get an extra lunar too !! //thts what we call em in spanish or just what my fam does idk dhdjdj//

its a mole :0c

Here's some of my headcanon-ish thingies about Keith and his fam because I'm trash

-his mom worked VERY CLOSELY with Zarkon and was basically part of the innermost circle of the Galra Empire
-she came to realize that what the Empire was doing was wrong and she didn’t want to be a part of it, so she escaped in the middle of the night or something. She found a planet that was out of Zarkon’s reach (earth) and settled in there when she met Keith’s dad (who people are calling Eric ??? Idk man)

-now, Keith’s dad was a top pilot at the Garrison, who had grown up in Texas but moved to wherever the Garrison is for his training and later for his work. He took a bit of time off when Keith was born, of course, but he was very serious about his job, and he really loved it.

-now, Keith’s mother dissappeared before Keith was old enough to remember who she was. His father told him stories, but he never really knew her. He came to realize that most of the stories were made up, but he still clung to them because it made him feel like he actually did have a family, at one point.
-she was actually found and called back to the Empire by one of the galra commanders, and she agreed to give herself up, gladly, so long as the Empire left Earth alone. She was an extremely valuable asset to the Empire, and held a lot of important information that she was threatening to give up if they didn’t agree. Needless to say, she got her way. She gave herself up for her family.

-when Keith was around 8 years old, his father left on a space mission, one which the Garrison refused to release information about, and he never came back. Keith was tossed into the system after that, and moved from family to family, never really having a solid place to call “home”.

-when he was around 12 of 13, the Shiroganes took him in, and he and Takashi, their son, who was 8 years older than him, and already a pretty high rank in the Garrison, became close very quickly. The Shiroganes, minus Shiro of course, passed away in a car crash about a year or two later.
Around 3 years after he was first taken in, Keith joins the Garrison after Shiro disappears to try and find his missing brother. That’s three people who have disappeared to the void of space, and five who have left him alone.

-fast forward to team voltron, and the end of season two, where Shiro once again disappears into space. No one else on the team really understands why Keith is as upset as he is. He does have to take on a leadership role, but the others are determined that they will find their old black paladin.
-Keith, on the other hand, isn’t so sure. He’s convinced himself that this time, Shiro is gone for good. And it’s Lance that figures out why he’s suddenly so much more reserved and moody than usual.

-Lance is the one who confronts him, and questions him, and he’s firing questions at Keith non-stop
-and Keith shouts over him “this is the second time he’s dissappeared into space! Hes not coming back this time! He’s left me, just like my mom, and my dad! Everyone I get close to vanishes, one way or another… and eventually, they won’t come back anymore.” Or something super emo and Lance just stands there in awe, and he wants to do something, but Keith leaves before he can and he’s left to sit and think about that.

-Lance starts finding Keith on the observation deck, awake when everyone is asleep. He asks Keith about it again, and Keith tells him to go away. But Lance doesn’t because he wants to help in any way possible, and he bugs Keith until eventually he gets the whole story from start to finish.

-cue the “I don’t want to hurt anyone else, so it’s better if I distance myself. And don’t get close to anyone. I’ll just do what I have to do and that’s all.” Cliché from Keith

-Lance makes it his duty to prove to Keith that he doesn’t hurt everyone he gets close with, because God dammit Lance would not let his teammate suffer like that.

-he doesn’t tell anyone why he’s doing it, but he tries his hardest to be friendlier to Keith, and whenever they do things in pairs, Keith is the one he goes to, and he sits with Keith, and they hang out on the observation deck together when one of them can’t sleep.

-and they find Shiro and Keith essentially has a breakdown in relief and none of them have ever seen the cool, calm and collected guy be so vulnerable and they’re all happy to see Shiro, but like,, Keith bud calm down just a bit until Shiro at least gets inside the castle thanks

-Lance does the whole “see I told you we would find him not everyone you get close to gets hurt” and Keith is like “I hope not otherwise this will be a terrible idea” and kisses Lance and I’m such klance trash you know where this is going

-so they’re on a mission to try and strike down lotor from the inside and they run into some galra lady who disarms Keith of his BoM knife and just stares at him in shock for a moment before she does the “… Keith? Is-is it you?? Are you Keith Kogane??” And Keith is obviously like “?? How tf do you know me??” And she’s like “I’m ur mom bby come here let me hug u”

-turns out she’s gotten back a good inside position with lotor now in power, and she ends up helping them take him down from the inside out

-she gets taken down during the battle and she kinda dies in her sons arms and that messes Keith up for a long time coming.

-Lance wakes up in the middle of the night to find Keith sitting up, just staring at his hands and shaking violently. And it happens often.

-Keith starts getting paranoid and tries to distance himself from everyone again, because he’s afraid that he’ll hurt them.

-spoiler: they don’t let him do that shit again. Shiro and Lance corner him and make him sit down and talk with them and Lance ends up just dragging him back to their room because he’s pretty sure the last time his bf slept was like 3 weeks ago

-let’s skip ahead to earth and the happy ending. Keith doesn’t have his nightmares quite as often anymore and he’s a bit reluctant to let Lance’s family in at first, but he doubts that any of them will dissappear into space, at least, not anytime soon. But he basically becomes overprotective dad/uncle Keith who gets scared when one of the kids climbs up a tree more than two meters

-it’s a lovely happy ending (for the most part) and while Keith’s fears are still there, and he still shuts himself off without realizing it sometimes, he has a big, huge, loving family and he’s so happy now, and he and the other paladins tell crazy stories of intergalactic wars around the campfires that Lance’s family has every Saturday night and yeah
(Just give my children the happy ending they deserve ok)


Summary: It’s late and Dan can’t stop thinking, but Phil doesn’t mind.

TW: none

Word count: 628 lol it’s super short soz

ao3 link

This is my first little writing thingy idk what to call it lol but I hope you enjoy :)

It had been one of those nights for Dan, where everything seemed to be much bigger than it was and the sky threatened to swallow him up. His thoughts felt like static at this point and he needed to clear it out. He pressed his eyes closed as hard as he could and all he could see was more static; though this static was turning into colourful dancing grains across the inside of his eyelids, which made it more bearable at least. He slowly opened his eyes and waited for them to adjust back to the darkness. He didn’t like it. Being surrounded by darkness made Dan feel insignificant, and perpetuated his cycle of existential thoughts. It was dark and Dan needed colour. He slowly melted off his bed and onto his feet. It was late, but Phil wouldn’t mind. Phil was more than used to having his sleep interrupted by Dan’s nightly thoughts, but it never seemed to bother him, which Dan didn’t understand but was eternally grateful for. The low hum that rang in Dan’s ears was interrupted every couple of seconds by the sounds of the carpet squishing underneath is feet as he took steps towards Phil’s room, thankfully, there weren’t many. People joke about how inseparable they are, yet Dan doesn’t know if he would ever be able to get any sleep without knowing Phil was only a few feet away from him at most. Phil was asleep, so Dan walked into his room and cautiously sat on the end of his bed. The dip in the bed from Dan’s weight made Phil stir, ending up with him accidentally kicking Dan.

“Did I just kick you?” Phil said, still half asleep. Dan just laughed through his nose and mumbled,

“It’s fine, sorry I woke you”. Phil sat up to face Dan, trying to find his eyes in the dark.

“What’s up?” Dan sighed,

“Oh just,” He motioned his hands around his head,

“The usual”. Phil understood. He reached out his hand to touch Dan’s cheek and it was met with wetness from a stream of tears. Phil rubbed his thumb along Dan’s cheekbone to dry Dan’s face. Phil then moved his hand to the back of Dan’s neck and pulled him into his chest, which encouraged Dan to snake his arms around Phil’s torso. Dan let out a deep breath and let himself settle into the hug. Neither of them liked to be the one to let go of a hug first, so they didn’t.  Phil soon became more tired, and he lay back down in his bed with Dan’s arms still wrapped around him. Minutes passed and Dan finally began to feel his mind reduce the static to a dull white noise, and he felt sleepy. Though constantly tired, Dan rarely felt like he could ease his mind enough to sleep peacefully on his own. Sleepy was a nice feeling, and Dan didn’t want to let it go.

“Is it alright if I stay here tonight?” Dan whispered into Phil’s shoulder. Dan assumed Phil had fallen back to sleep already, but Phil moved his head closer to Dan’s. He could feel Phil’s hair on his face as Phil leant toward him to press a sleepy kiss to his temple. Thankfully it was dark because a blush crept across Dan’s face and he felt a new warmth in his chest. A small smile tugged at Dan’s lips as he finally closed his eyes. As Dan lay there with Phil, he no longer felt consumed by darkness behind his eyelids. He was relaxed and he didn’t need to see any colours to distract him, because the colour that made him feel safe was now inches away from him, warm in his arms.

hmm… i guess this is called ‘we wake up four in the afternoon and explore random cafes to try their pastries and americanos (or so we planned to)🍰☕️’

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here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!

I might colour this-

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You can't talk about almost getting shot at area 51 without telling the whole story

Okay so I guess I’m sharing this story now. Hopefully I remember everything correctly. It was about 5 years ago. Summer vacation of 2012, my family and I went to Las Vegas. I’m not sure where the rest of my family was on this particular day, but they were doing something else while my older sister and I went to visit Area 51. What I was expecting was some little alien-themed knick-knack shop we would end up at and I could take a selfie with a martian or some touristy shit like that. Maybe I’d get a t-shirt or a hat.

What I got was a whole lot a desert for a while. Not a long time though, because my sister was going 50 mph over the speed limit. A hell of a lot of sand later we slowed down enough for me to read this sign that said “RESTRICTED AREA. NO TRESPASSING BEYOND THIS POINT.” Another sign after a while that talked about explosives, test sites, and blasting zones. Probably a red flag? Nah. I thought it was part of the tourist trap. Turns out it wasn’t because we came up on this little trailer and a fenced off area. More signs: “WARNING! PHOTOGRAPHY OF THIS AREA IS PROHIBITED.” And some shit about the Air Force and military authority. “UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL NOT PERMITTED BEYOND THIS POINT” And what did we do? That’s right. Kept driving. So when we got up to where the little bar thingy was (idk what its called but its that thing that lifts up to let cars through) there was a guy in uniform. I couldn’t tell you what branch of military because I’m not well-versed in that and also I was more concerned that he had some kind of rifle.

He proceeded to tell us we were trespassing on government property. My sister tried the “we’re not from around here” thing (which didn’t work) and told him that we were lost. He said “You didn’t see the signs? There’s a lot of them. I don’t know if you noticed.” My sister tried explaining that we were looking for Area 51. The guy just pulled his gun up high enough to be in plain sight and said “I’m going to have to ask you ladies to leave. Turn your car and go.” 

So pros of the trip: I wasn’t shot or arrested or fined.

Cons: My sister got a speeding ticked for going 90 in a 45 by a Nevada police officer (who was frankly impressed) and we didn’t get to see any aliens.

Does Mona know?

Going back to 6B we see Mona constantly trying to connect with Spencer but suddenly Mona stops trying to connect with Spencer. Maybe she just gave up trying to be friends with Spencer but I don’t think it’s just a coincidence she stopped talking with Spencer - Because there is no such thing as coincidences in Rosewood….

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Remember when Veronica was doing that political thingy (sorry idk what to call it) and The Phillips revealed that Veronica had cancer, and Mona was working for the Phillips? What if they found out more than that. What If they found out Spencer has a twin. And Mona found out about the twin? And for Mona’s own safety she stopped talking to Spencer because she couldn’t be sure that it was ´the real´ Spencer she was talking to?

Soulmate au

I was thinking about doing the “social media version ” (idk how to call it ok lol) of the soulmate au tattoo thingy until I write the proper fanfic ^^ what do you guys think?
My exam is on the 3rd of July so I can’t write before that BUT I can do this little thing 👆🏻

*jimin’s high note* : let me knoooooww



Everley: How do we pay for these again?

Bea: I think over there with the slot machine thingy.

Everley: Okay, I’ll be right back then.

Everley jogs toward the ATM (idk whats it called) to pay for the bike rent…

Bea: Okay, as you do that, I’ll head to the parking lot.

Everley: Hey, what about your half?!

Bea: I’ll pay for breakfast.

Everley: Fine, but you’re lucky I like pancakes.

Baths with Newt

This has probably been done before but oh well. My first lil blurb thingy (idk what these are called ah)

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How Newt would be in the bath with you:

- He would always want to have a bath after a long tiring day
    • he’d ask you to join him

- Newt would love bath bombs
    • like his eyes would light up whenever you brought some home,                          immediately drawing a bath and taking your clothes off, giggling

- Most of the time they weren’t even sexual
    • he just loved the feeling of having you in his arms while the warm water            soothed his aching muscles
    • you’d lay on top of him, rubbing small circles into his shoulders 
    • you ran your fingers over the many scars and freckles, giving some of               them sweet little kisses
    • he’d then plant chaste kisses on your shoulder, smiling softly

- However, when they were sexual… hooo boyyy
    • he’d kiss you all the way to the tub, pulling you down into the water with             him
    • he was always gentle in the tub, running his hands over your body as               your quiet moans echoed off the bathroom tiles
    • just two bodies, both utterly in love, moving slowly together, the water               cascading and making soft splashes

- Afterwards, he would gently caress shampoo into your hair as you sat facing     him
   • shampoo mohawks ensued

- He would definitely be a splasher
   • like you’d say something cheeky and BAM a face full of soapy water 
   • adorable tired chuckling would follow

- When your fingers went all pruney he you would tease you
   • “I hope we both grow old together so I can tease you all the time about your       pruney fingers”
   • that earned a splash in retaliation

- He’d beckon you to come sit in his lap
  • pulling your face to his, rubbing his nose against yours
  • whispering “you’re so beautiful” and “how’d I ever get so lucky?”

- When you were done, Newt would hop out first, helping you out so you don’t     slip
   • him wrapping you in a towel and then a warm hug
   • he so appreciates the little heavenly moments he shares with you

i always suck at posting stuff here on tumblr (cuz im always on twitter hi) sorry akjghf BUT i want to post more here in 2017 and what better way to start than to post the first drawing of my daily doodle series thingie idk what im gonna call it but essentially im planning to at least draw once every day this year! i rambled enough about why im doing it on my instagram post tho so ill spare yall the pain of reading thru it! hopefully i wont forget to post here ever again lol (1/365)

Astro as Other World Kinds

Anon asked: would you be willing to do an ASTRO version of your other world au thingies? (idk what they’re called, sorry)

I have actually been meaning to do this for a while, so of course I can do this for you. Tagging my girl @themaddykinz because… she was basically the one who pushed me off the cliff into this fandom.

Okay here we go!

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List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on: writing, art, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @nightwriterescapingreality (it won’t let me tag you :(( I’m sorry). I’m tagging some of my wonderfully talented friends @flannelandsarcasm @mjolll @alekzandermorozova @thewinedarksea @illuminosity @archistratego @maddwinter

Alright, buckle in…

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I was tagged by @loveittodeath for an ask thingy!

Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people

Name: Carina

Nicknames: Carrie, Wendy, Annabel, Water (I have a lot XD)

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Height: Like 5'5" I think…idk what that is in centimeters

Orientation: heterosexual

Nationality: Parts Romanian, Polish, Irish and British

Favorite Fruit: Watermelonnnnnnn

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Book: ehhhhhh there are too many maybe The Hobbit or this other book I love called Down the Mysterly River

Favorite Flower: A flower?! Normally I would say a rose, but I feel more like a daisy! (wink wink nudge nudge)

Favorite Scent: I could go in so many weird directions with this, but I’ll be serious and go with spice cookies, I love the smell of those

Favorite Color: purple in case you couldn’t tell from my blog

Favorite Animal: I’m gonna have to channel my inner Steve Hackett and say wolf

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: I prefer hot cocoa but I drink tea every day

Average sleep hours: Like 8 I guess I’m getting more sleep now that school’s over

Cat or dog person: dog

Favorite fictional character: probably Hermione Granger or maybe Winston Smith from 1984

Number of blankets you sleep with: 3 even though it’s summer lmao

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