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At first it could have been accidental, fingers overlapping for no more than a second when Sherlock handed him the graduated cylinder but as the night wore on the touches grew longer and more deliberate. Sherlock’s hand almost enclosing his when he took his drink, Sherlock’s hands firmly grasping his as he hauled Sherlock away from their third bar of the night. By the time they were walking side-by-side back to Baker Street, the backs of their hands were brushing with every step and John’s heart was pounding in his throat as he reached out and gently entwined his fingers with Sherlock’s, emboldened by the light squeeze he felt in return ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Warm reflections [closed with dustoffyourhat]

It was a few hours after the match had end and Shawn was sitting in the shade on the side of a building.  Candy bar in one hand and water bottle in the other.  The scout stared at the clear summer sky as he reflected on what the new sniper, Ethan, had said.

…’We’re alone you can kiss me now’  He thought, reciting the man’s words.  Just thought I was a Spy Eh?  Trying ta catch me off guard.  Suuuuuure. He rolled his eyes as he bit into his candy bar.  Jeeze, what a weirdo.

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destiel and #27


27: “I’m pregnant. “

 “I’m pregnant,” Dean says casually.

He chances a glance over at Castiel and sure enough, the older man is still engulfed in his textbook, eyes skimming the pages and lips moving slightly as he mouths the words he reads. Dean has been talking for the past ten minutes, only just realizing it’s been a one sided conversation.

“Doctor says it’s twins,” he continues, looking down at the pile of books in front of him. They’ve been studying for two hours. Two. Dean’s tired, he’s bored, and he wants his boyfriend to pay attention to him, damn it.

“I also had sex with Gabriel,” he tries again, looking up hopefully.

Nothing. Not even a hint of acknowledgment.

Dean sighs, grabbing one of Cas’ literature books and lifting it up. Edgar Allen Poe is staring back at him. “What do you think, Edgar? What are the chances they’re not Cas’ babies?” he asks.

 He tilts the book to the side and nods in consideration, “Yeah, you’re right. Maybe we won’t be able to tell? They are brothers, after all-“


 Dean gasps dramatically and pulls the book towards his face, “Edgar, is that you? Speak to me Edgar-


 “Wait! Wait Edgar, I think,” Dean peeks over the book and his eyes lock with his boyfriend’s unamused face, “Yes, Edgar look!” Dean turns the book around so it’s facing Castiel, “It’s Cas!”

 Castiel looks at the book and then to Dean, “What are you doing?” he asks in a bored voice.

 “I’m talking to the only thing that will listen to me.” Dean says, sitting the book down on the table and putting a hand over it, definitely not pouting.

 Castiel sighs, “Dean, you know how important this exam is. If I even-“

 Dean holds up a finger to cut him off. He turns the finger around to point at his own chest, “Boyfriend,” he says, “Boyfriend is important too.”

 Castiel sighs again, but there’s a small smile crossing his lips, “You’re needy, you know that?”

 “I’m neglected,” Dean argues.

 Castiel laughs, but it’s cut short. He looks back at Dean, tilting his head and squinting, “What’s this I hear about you and Gabriel?” he asks.

 It’s Dean’s turn to laugh.