At first it could have been accidental, fingers overlapping for no more than a second when Sherlock handed him the graduated cylinder but as the night wore on the touches grew longer and more deliberate. Sherlock’s hand almost enclosing his when he took his drink, Sherlock’s hands firmly grasping his as he hauled Sherlock away from their third bar of the night. By the time they were walking side-by-side back to Baker Street, the backs of their hands were brushing with every step and John’s heart was pounding in his throat as he reached out and gently entwined his fingers with Sherlock’s, emboldened by the light squeeze he felt in return ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Warm reflections [closed with dustoffyourhat]

It was a few hours after the match had end and Shawn was sitting in the shade on the side of a building.  Candy bar in one hand and water bottle in the other.  The scout stared at the clear summer sky as he reflected on what the new sniper, Ethan, had said.

…‘We’re alone you can kiss me now’  He thought, reciting the man’s words.  Just thought I was a Spy Eh?  Trying ta catch me off guard.  Suuuuuure. He rolled his eyes as he bit into his candy bar.  Jeeze, what a weirdo.

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