Tamatoas leg

headcannony, So like I’m wondering about his broken leg that’s half left, my nan had her leg amputated way before I was born and has a stump left that she can still move, so I’m wondering if like he can still move it or was left hollow but still attached by skin or something…. That’s like healed over inside at the root….and if it was hollow but still left at the joint would he have to get sharp pointy objects to clean it out and accidentally poke to far and hurt the root…hmmm I don’t know it’s just one of those moments where you wonder stuff shrugs.

Spring Day

Okay I just watched the MV while pausing and taking in each scene, and this is what I noticed:

-everyone is seen alone at certain places:
V at the trainstation/railway, Jungkook inside the train, Jimin at the beach, Rapmonster at another van inside the train, Jhope on top of the train, Jin at the staircase making a camera shape with his hands and Suga in the pile of clothes
-when Rapmonster was running through the train he passed the van Jungkook was in and ran into a van where there was this scene where they were all having fun but v wasn’t there
-at the end of the mv they all were together at the carriage where Jungkook was seen alone in the beginning
-the train takes them to the field
-they all are lead by jimin to this tree where he hangs the white shoes which he has been carrying everywhere he went through the whole mv

So in conclusion, they all lost a friend and got together to memorize him/her and hung his/her shoes on the tree since it is believed that when a human dies, it’s soul needs to travel all the way to heaven and as high as the shoes are hung, the soul is that much closer to heaven? Idk that’s the feeling I got, with the lyrics being about missing someone and them looking sad through most of the video etc

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1. Where is your cell phone?

Next to me, on the table. I’m guilty of carrying it around with me.

2. Your hair?

Long, straight and dark brown. Thinking of getting a haircut soon.

3. Your mom?

She’s a law graduate. Doing her best to raise four children.

4. Your other half?

Left or right? Both halves of me are hot.

5. Your favorite food?

I don’t know. I like pizza with pineapple?

6. Your dream last night?

I was back in Bergamo with my sister and my friend from uni.

7. Your favorite drink?


8. Fear(s)?

Being unhappy for my entire life.

9. Your home away from home?

I don’t even feel at home at the place that’s supposed to be one. I don’t know.

10. Where were you last night?

In my room.

11. Something that you aren’t?


12. Muffins?


13. Wish list items?

Safety, stability, money.

14. Where you grew up?


15. Last thing you did?

Reblogged a post.

16. What are you wearing right now?

Pyjamas and a robe.

17. Your TV?


18. Your pets?

My cat Mika.

19. Friends?

Living far away from my city.

20. Your life?

So far, a mess and full of disappointments.

21. Missing someone?


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Name: Sarah

Gender: Female

Sexuality: I honestly don’t know lol

Star sign: Taurus

Height: 5'3" maybe

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw :D

Favorite Color: I’d say Purple

Favorite Animal: I like reptiles in general

Current time: 1:30 pm

Cats or Dogs: Dogs i guess (I’ve never had a cat tho)

Favorite Fictional Characters: Castiel, Team Free Will, Charlie Bradbury, did i mention Castiel, Scarlet Benoit, Cardwell Thorne, Castiel, Isak Valtersen, Castiel, The tenth and eleventh doctors, oh and Castiel

Number of blankets I sleep under: Just my comforter, its not that exciting lol

Favorite Singer/Band: Twenty one pilots mostly

Dream Trip: somewhere maybe on a mountain where i can look for miles in any direction and see nothing but wilderness… seems peaceful

Dream Job: Artist, I’d like to film and direct movies and maybe be in a couple, and i’m not that great but i’d like to add writing to that list

When has this blog hit its peak: no clue

Why did you decide to get a tumblr: I wanted to join a platform where I could fangirl and be surrounded by people who understand :D

When was this blog created: I honestly have no clue lol

Why did I pick my URL: dark creatures of the night - I think I wanted to sound cool and things that go bump in the night inspired me 

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Father I’m scared
What will happen on the battlefield?
My soldiers ask me if you will protect us
I can’t answer them truthfully

Father I’m scared
There are so many of them
Of my brothers and sisters
It gives me chills to raise my sword at them

Father I’m scared
Many of my brothers are gone
They are wounded and hurt
Are you protecting us?

Father I’m scared
The bloody singed wings
The piercing cries
They haunt me at night

Father I’m scared
What is inside me?
I’m not in control anymore
I feel helpless

Father I’m scared
What if he escapes?
I caused so much pain
Are you ashamed of your son?

Father I’m scared
Earth is foreign to me
Humans are a riddle
Is this the right choice?

Father I’m scared
I miss my wings
My brothers even more
Do you still love me?

Father I’m scared
I feel as if I’m failing
I cannot guide your sheep
I don’t know what to do

Father I’m scared
I forgot what you looked like
I forgot what your everlasting love felt like
I want to go home