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anonymous asked:

Mafia au soriel where sans is a dangerous hit man and yet falls for toriel and he's letting emotions get in the way of his job, mmmm yes, A + au, TELLMEMORE...? !


And Tori, since she’s an ex-boss lady, is not as harmless as she looks, which surprises Sans because he thought she was going to be a pushover and a harmless silly lady and he was going to get the kid and finish the job easy-peasy, but NOOOOPPEEEE TORIEL KNOWS WHAT’S UP AND SHE BEATS HIS ASS THE FIRST ATTEMPT AND FOILS EVERY FOLLOWING PLAN AND SANS IS


and he sees her with a gun at one point and she’s pointing it at him and she’s just, coldly, “You don’t really know who I am, do you?” 

(of course, Sans doesn’t know that she’s the ex-boss lady because she left before he joined, and no one ever suspected that she was the one protecting the kid, so this is all very surprising to him and samdklfjajaja NNGH)

and of course tori is still a cinnamon roll deep down and even though she can play the part, she won’t kill him/hurt him unless it was absolutely necessary (in which case Sans was about to kill the kid, but because of her, he never gets close enough to)

ahem. yes.

commandvrclarke asked:

So I was thinking of a fix it AU in which Thorin and Bilbo rule Erebor together but then when Frodo's parents die they decide it's time to retire, so they hand the reins to Fili and move to the Shire to raise Frodo and when Frodo volunteers to take the ring to Mordor his Uncle Thorin insists on going with him and it's all very familial but then I ruined it b/c I thought what if instead of Boromir dying for Frodo it's Thorin and that's why Bilbo leaves Middle Earth b/c he can't stay w/o Thorin ah


okay so Boromir gets to live for once, i like this aspect. imagine Thorin stumbling upon Boromir and Frodo during their confrontation over the Ring, Thorin flashing back to his behavior towards Bilbo on the wall during his dragon sickness. Thorin letting Frodo go off alone. Thorin protecting Merry and Pippin from the Uruk-hai and defeating their leader, who is so much larger than him and Thorin is already pierced with arrows. Aragorn calling Thorin “my king” as Thorin dies. Gimli weeping, leaning on Legolas. the song they would sing for him. burying Thorin’s body in a shallow grave heaped with stone next to the Anduin. Bilbo taking the ship to Valinor in the hopes that the Valar will look kindly on him and allow them to be together again (and feeling very ready for another adventure if he has to take finding Thorin in the afterlife into his own hands).

how could so few words have taken me on such a wild ride, all my hopes raised and then crushed cruelly, bless

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