So like.. Paint. On arm. And art book. I tried to do galaxy-ish things. Yup. Things. (I is amazes @ word-full-ness) +whythebloodyhell didthefirst3picturesturnoutsoblue—I cry tears. Screw you camera. Meh.

i find it so crazy that no matter how nice i am to people, no matter how much good i do, no matter how much shit people put me through, no matter how hard i try, no matter how many times i put others before myself, no matter how many times you cut me and i apologize for bleeding on you, no matter how many times i try and make others smile when i can’t even form a real smile. people will always be cruel

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WORK IT LOKI! (by OnlyLeigh)

If you don’t watch this you will regret it!