It’s totally possible to plot the entire middle of my book while not wearing glasses if I use big font and sit close to my iPad (I was getting my hair dyed - can’t wear specs during that!). Yes, this photo is spoiler-free. #writing #editing #rewrite #writersofinstagram #plotting #plottwist #glasses #thingshappen #SwoonReads #ipadmini

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Time to move on!!

Wow I can’t believe I’m even writing this. You know that hurt feeling you get when your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you? Yup exactly that one. Glad you get it doesn’t it suck it makes you feel like crap and want to be all emo and depressed in your room for a while but mostly it makes you feel betrayed and angry. My problem is that I didn’t have a boyfriend at all. Ok so I bet your wondering what’s going on. Well let’s start at the beginning of it all. Throughout high school no one really paid attention to me I was like Jenna from Awkward you know the loser girl no one really noticed. The only difference was that no one noticed me at all. It all started when I graduated I was so excited to leave for college and meet new friends and hello new hot guys. This would be the start of a new period of my life yay. But no sadly I stayed and ended up going to IVC the local community college. I was so sure it would suck and I wouldn’t meet anyone. I actually did, but not at IVC I actually met this fantastic guy during the summer a week after I graduated wow right. So here is the story of how we met. My aunt goes to this 3 day campout up in Laguna Mountain and this was the first time I got to go. I was so excited since I knew a bunch of people who would be there. When we arrived everyone was there we talked, setup and messed around. On the first night when we were all around the fire this random guy starts talking to me. Uhh he was so annoying he kept messing with me. He even made me spill my water on myself it was super freaking cold!! I know I should have been nice to him…not I was so mean to him. I didn’t talk to him the next two days. On our way home my phone got service again and decided to send him a friend request. Ya I know I’m dumb. I felt bad for being mean so I send him a message saying hi. For the next 3 months we really got along and became really good friends. Turns out he was also a student at IVC oh my gosh. We hung out actually got close in my opinion. We really opened up to each other mostly him to me. I was really starting to fall for him. Then after a few months he became distant he was coming down of the Ericka high but I was still high on him I was hooked. I made him a big part of my life my family loved him his liked me a lot as well. I was so comfy with him I even slept over I felt so safe and like I could just be myself. I was so understanding to everything he told me. But like everything good things must end and people show their true colors the last day I saw him he told me “See you never”. I didn’t take him serious but what do you know two weeks later he got a girlfriend and bye bye Ericka. I should’ve seen this coming he was never going to want to be more I think I was just trying to blow everything off. I still feel stupid and hurt but what I truly feel is anger. Why right. I feel angry that he couldn’t just tell me I don’t like you like that lets stay friends I mean I asked him am I wasting my time he said no. why couldn’t he just be honest he knew honesty was #1 to me. But in the end time to move on and hold no grudges.