do you ever cry cause Stiles was probably 8 (3rd graders are around 8 right?) when he fell in love with Lydia and he had a freaking 10 year plan AND NOW HE’S ABOUT TO TURN 18 AND LYDIA IS IN LOVE WITH HIM (fight me) AND THEY’RE FINALLY SO CLOSE TO GETTING TOGETHER, SO THEY’LL PROBABLY GET TOGETHER WHEN THEY’RE BOTH 18 AND-


Not cool.. :)

Can I just say something? Like real quick.

“Scott x Kira will never be Scott x Allison.”

“The new cast will never be the old cast.”

“Kira & Lydia (or) Kira & Malia will never be Lydia & Allison.”

Why the hell do you think it’s called a NEW season? With NEW people?

Did you think they would keep the old cast for 8 seasons and play with the same storyline/have the sAME characters with the sAME personality/reactions constANTLY being played on screen so you could get tiRED of IT??


so stooooppppp. STOP THINKING that the show is TRYING to replace old relationships/cast members. tHEY ARE NOT. They are bringing in NEW things for you to see and appreciate and if you don’t like it, seriously why bother because NUMEROUS amounts of people DO like it!

I LIKE Kira. I LIKE Malia. I LIKE new Scott. I LIKE new Stiles. I LIKE new Lydia. I LIKE Liam. I LIKE Mason.

Fuck, I even like Corey!!

But I also MISS old Derek. I MISS Jackson. I MISS Isaac. I MISS Allison. I MISS old Stiles. I MISS old Scott.

But guess what, things change. Now I bet you’re all like

because you forgot that people grow up, and that there isn’t just one soul mate/love of your life–you can have multiple until you find THE ONE, and that friendships are made and broken and that’s what happens.

And honestly okay… Allison is dead. Am I sad?


Allison is never coming back (to stay) and that’s something i am honestly fine with. With the challenges they have faced now, she probably would’ve died another way. Arrows/explosives might not be the best weapon at the moment honestly. So seriously?? I’m NOT hating on Allison– I am JUST being realistic.

k thnks. bye.

People can be mad at the “Stiles saved me” line all they want, but this line is completely, true.

Lydia did say  “ They saved my life, Mom. Stiles saved me”, she knows her friends were ALL that for her, please. But she mentioned Stiles specifically, not only because he was the one she saw the most during this whole escabe, but because he deserved to be mentioned specifically, here’s why:

1- He was the one who knew she was in danger in the first place.

Who was the one visiting her before all this?? FREAKING Stiles.No one else (at least not on canon yet).

The reason why the whole pack decided to go to Eichen in the first place was because Stiles was visiting her and he saw something was wrong and he realized they should rescue her ASAP. Considering that they moved as fast as possible and Lydia was still super close to dying, if Stiles hadn’t visited her, if he hadn’t seen the hole in her head, if he hadn’t worried enough to steal a key card then tell all the pack about it asap, she would have died. End of story.

(it’s a matter of timing tbh)

2- His timing was great twice actually

if he hadn’t been with theo in the tunnels, if he hadn’t told him about the sound travelling thing, theo would have taken longer to find Lydia. They wouldn’t have slammed on the door, valack would have put that mask on her and she would have probably died (yet again).

(parrish, scott and liam arrived after all that, as seen on the episode. He would have arrived after she died. And even when he did arrive, he didn’t save her, he protected the others from her screams. So if you think about it, who ultimately saved her was deaton? anyway, moving on)

3- The whole plan to save her was his? (or at the very least his and Scott’s)

Do we need to rewind to that hilarious scene on 5x15 when everyone (but Stiles and Scott) were doubting every single item of the plan?

Or Stiles line to kira: “ I was the one who put you in the plan.”???

So, yeah, everyone had an important (!) role in saving Lydia (and she acknowledged this), but Stiles is definitely the one who had the most important role (or roles). Item 1 alone is the reason she didn’t die.

A novel about magic, friendship, and child abuse.

Re-reading Harry Potter as an adult is a strange experience. That’s probably not a surprising statement if you’re an adult, or even a teenager, who has ever re-read a favorite book from childhood and found it to be a different book than you remember. I think it’s because adults, teens, and kids see certain things differently, and because adults sometimes have knowledge and experience that a teen or a kid simply hasn’t lived long enough to experience, or at least, to fully understand - and having that adult perspective changes the way you understand things that happen in the book.

For example, we all know that Harry Potter comes from an abusive household. I knew this fact both from reading the series as a young teen and from watching the movies. Yet somehow, I never realized just how bad the abuse had been until I began to re-read the first book, Sorcerer’s Stone, as an adult* and all these red-flag-details started jumping out at me…

Trigger Warning: I will be talking about Child Abuse extensively in this post.

Special Thank You to: @bookwyrmscave, @adventuresoflibrarygirl, and @artificialpace for looking over this for me.

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but the fact that when it comes to lydia, stiles is all soft and his eyes are filled with love and concern and then when he looks at scott he jokingly says “i’m not paying for the windows” tHATS SO BEAUTIFUL THATS PROOF ITSELF THAT STILES SEES LYDIA IN SUCH A DIFFERENT WAY STYDIA IS SO REAL BYE

Forever proud to wear my AKF shirt. 

When Jared relaunched it with Jensen it honestly had a bigger impact on my life than it did the first time around. I took my blades that I had been keeping around for quite some time….just in case and threw them away. I also deleted a very long suicide note I planned on posting here when the date came around.  Because of Jared’s AKF campaign I am still here. I have 3 shirts. Two were gifted to me by two amazing people. And when ever I am having really bad anxiety I wear one of them. When ever I am having a tough time I wear one of them. Because then I can look down at my shirt and know that Jared, Jensen AND Misha and the fandom have my back.  That I should keep fighting and should NOT be ashamed of my self harm, mental illness, or suicidal tendencies. Want to know what I do when I am feeling triggered and want to cut again? I put on one of those shirts because it reminds me that someone out there cares. That Jared, Jensen and Misha care. I can’t hurt myself when I have it on. They are VERY important to me. AKF is important and SO IS YANA! And it is AWFUL how someone is turning it into a negative thing when its saved my life and many other peoples to uplift another campaign.  

I will NEVER be ashamed to wear one of those three shirts because what people have said are lies and I should never be shamed for supporting something that helped me when  I had no one else..