On May 27th, a friend of mine got into a very serious car accident. The driver was going 70+ mph in a 25 mph zone when they lost control of the car, struck the curb, and crashed into a utility pole. The impact was so intense that the pole snapped.

The driver is currently safe at home with a sprained wrist, but my friend wasn’t so lucky. My friend is currently at Yale Hospital in New Haven, CT in a coma. She suffers from many injuries, including a fractured pelvis, broken vertebrae, at least one broken rib, two fractures in her skull which have caused bleeding in her brain and swelling, and they’re currently running more tests.

A couple of her friends have created a GoFundMe page to help the family pay for medical expenses. The cost of keeping her on her lifeline is simply too much for the family, and any donations/getting word out would be greatly appreciated.
The link to the GoFundMe page is here.


before you start sending me hate for this, let me just tell you how long it took me to feel okay about wearing a bathing suit. i would skip lunch because all of my friends weighed a lot less than i did. two years ago, i finally accepted that muscle weighed more than fat (i was very active, i ran track, played lacrosse, and danced). i am now at a healthy weight and i feel okay with wearing clothes wear you can see my stomach or my legs. i guess what i’m trying to say is that please love your body and don’t do anything to mess with how you were born. healthy looks different on everyone. 


        This was by an Anonymous request, and after writing this and re-reading the request I realized this story strayed slightly from the prompt and sort of took on a life of it’s own.  If whoever sent the request in wants the story to be more like the original request don’t hesitate to message me and ask me to re-write it!  I feel kind of bad but I didn’t want all this writing to go to waste so I decided to post it anyways and see how you liked it.        

It had been weeks since Stiles had called in the biggest favor he had yet.  In a list ditch attempt to make Lydia jealous he asked you to be his fake girlfriend. Prom season was quickly approaching and Stiles wanted to try to get Lydia to be his date by making her so jealous she would finally say yes to his advances.  At first you hadn’t minded being a pawn in his little game.  You both were close friends and Scott always told you both you acted like a couple anyways.  But recently it had gotten harder to just pretend being a couple with him for you.  Your feelings of friendship were changing into something more and it hurt you to know that Stiles still had his eyes set on Lydia.

        Because of these evolving feelings, you’d tried to distance yourself from the situation as much as possible.  You stopped answering Stiles’s phone calls all the time.  You of course would still act lovey dovey when with him around Lydia, but you were a little less enthusiastic about it.  Your detachment didn’t go unnoticed, either.  Stiles noticed almost right away.  He always knew when you were upset, that’s why he was your best friend. He tried asking you about it but you would just brush it off, trying to minimize your feelings so he wouldn’t realize that you were falling in love with him.

        Prom was a few days away and Lydia still showed no interest in being ‘involved’ with Stiles like how he wanted her to.  Surprisingly, Stiles didn’t seem to be as broken hearted about it, as you had thought he would have been.  In fact he didn’t seem fazed by it at all.  One night you were both at his house, watching movies after your homework had been done when Stiles paused the movie and turned towards you.

        “Do you have a prom dress yet?”  He asked suddenly, making you narrow your eyes slightly in trepidation.

        “Of course I do.”  You answered, wondering where he was going with this.  He remained quiet for another couple of seconds, thinking over whatever was going on in his head.

        “Would you want to maybe go to prom… with me?”  He asked, turning in his seat more to look at you straight on and gauge your reaction. It took you by surprise for a minute, and then you got a little bit angry.  How dare Stiles make you his backup plan after using you to get to Lydia. He had the balls to ask you to be his prom date only days before prom, and when you knew he didn’t actually really want to go with you?!  Your blood started to boil and you crossed your arms, huffing as you slammed backwards into the couch.

        “You know what I’m kind of getting sick of being your fake girlfriend.”  You snapped.

        “I’m not -.”  Stiles started, but you cut him off.

        “It was fun in the beginning sure but I can’t keep watching you fall for a girl and try so hard knowing she won’t ever like you back like that.  It sucks having this pretend relationship with you when you deserve so much better than Lydia blowing you off all the time.  I can’t pretend to have a relationship anymore.  I want a real one.”  You argued, taking Styles by complete surprise with your sudden outburst.

        “Well, would you like a relationship with me?”  He asked, rushing forward before you could argue once again. “I know that at first I wanted you to pretend to be my girlfriend to make Lydia jealous.  But we work so well together.  I’m more comfortable around you than I’ve ever been with Lydia.  I think… I think I’m starting to really fall for you.  So we could go to prom as our first shot at a real relationship.  Not a fake one.”  He offered up quickly, flinching backwards into the couch slightly in anticipation of your reaction.

        You were shocked into silence for a couple minutes, letting his words sink in.  “I…. what?”  You asked, blinking a few times in confusion.  His confession had come completely out of left field to you. Instead of repeating himself however, Stiles took a leap of faith and pressed his lips onto yours in a kiss.

        “Go to prom with me, Y/N.” He repeated once he had pulled away, reaching down and taking hold of your hand.  Mutely you nodded, a wide smile cracking across your face.  What better first real date then prom.


Stiles: Liam,where are you going?

Liam: I’m going to find Y/N . God knows what could happen to her . I need to find her and protect her.