Obergruppenfuhrer-SS Sepp Dietrich in winter cap

Obergruppenfuhrer-SS Sepp Dietrich in  SS generals cap with Army pattern eagle in gold

Chief of the elite LSSAH, (Hitlers personal guard) Sepp Dietrich, confers with Heinrich Hoffmann (Hitlers personal photographer)

Hoffman had taken, reportedly over 2 MILLION photographs of Hitler! 

Ive been asked to describe Sepp’s awards: As best I can determine:

Dietrich is wearing ribbons of the EK 2 and Eastern Front Medal; NSDAP Badge in Gold; Luftwaffe Pilot’s and Observer’s Badge; WW1 Panzer Assault Badge; Ribbon of the Blood Order (he was an “original” recipient"); RK with Oakleaves and (I think) Swords). Sepp was one of the most impressively decorated soldiers of WW2 - not excluding Patton