I love this picture of Shawn because it seems so real to me, you know? This could literally be a picture taken by his girlfriend after a night out with friends. They would be sitting on the sidewalk together, holding hands and sharing drunk kisses as they wait for their Uber to arrive and she would look at him and suddenly realize just how lovely his drunken smile looked tonight and she would pull out her phone to take a photo of him and he would turn his head away and say “please don’t, I’m such a mess” “liar” and she would try to take a picture but Shawn would teasingly push away her hand or hide his face from her but in the end, she would lean closer to him and plant a sweet kiss on his soft lips and whisper “just one, please baby” and he would roll his beautiful eyes at her - because just like always - he couldn’t resist her pouty face or those cute, little poppy eyes. And then he would look up at her while sending her a loving but slurred smile. “Look at me and say cheese, baby” “Just take the damn photo, honey.” And this would be the photo she would go back and look at, whenever Shawn was away and she missed those drunken, late night adventures with him.  



Study set up for today!
Studied for an exam I have tomorrow. I am enjoying having my notes on Pages, far quicker, convenient, and efficient. I can go back to add or change things, I have all of my module assignments and study material in the same document.