08 02 2016 • “You’ve been hunting round for treasure, find it all in the simple pleasures. I don’t understand this life you lead.”

Doing some reading and note-taking at Uni ahead of my lecture at 4pm. I went to the gym earlier, and I find that exercising in the morning really helps me maintain focus throughout the rest of the day.

Disclaimer: I in no way dislike Kylo Ren. I love Kylo Ren, I empathize with Kylo Ren, and I pray he has a redemption arc. But we don’t KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM.

Are you kidding me with this post? Aside from the fact that this completely disregards that we know Luke, Han, and Leia, and how much they love Kylo, to say any aspect of Kylo’s situation is one we haven’t seen before is completely short-sighted and unfair to my gd son.

  • “Has been manipulated from a young age and essentially brainwashed”: Anakin Skywalker was born a slave, watched his mother die, and was then groomed and gas-lighted by Palpatine over the series of an entire trilogy. We saw this. 3 movies of it.
  • “Is extremely conflicted over the choices he makes”: Exhibit A- Anakin Skywalker, crying through the entire last 45 minutes of ROTS, this isn’t a revolutionary trait. For any villain.
  • “Feels isolated and alone”: Anakin felt incredibly marginalized/disconnected from/by the Jedi counsel, and with good reason. Vader is completely isolated and alone, literally. Emotionally and by the suit (that he doesn’t CHOOSE TO WEAR)
  • Is unable to control his emotions”: I’m literally not even going to address this. Have you ever seen episodes I-VI? Have you heard of the character Darth Vader?
  • “Doubts the actions of the first order and is tempted by the light instead of the dark”: Anakin Skywalker wasn’t tempted by the light, he was the light. He was a successful Jedi for 10 years. He was SHOVED OVER THE EDGE to the dark side. And, by the way, he was tempted and turned back to the light because of his son in episode VI. Idk if you saw that tho. 

@sexypalpatine I’m calling in the Vader defense squad on this 1 boys!!!!!!!!!!!