hey. not wanting to date a trans person because they’re trans is actually 100% transphobic. it’s not up for debate. nobody’s saying you have to date every trans person you meet, but let’s say you’re attracted to women, and you meet a cute girl and you hit it off, and you decide not to date her when you find out she’s trans: that’s transphobic! that’s not a preference!!!! you liked her before you found out she was trans!!! the real problem here is you’re not viewing trans women as women (or trans men as men). you’re viewing them as a different gender than their cisgender peers. that’s not okay. trans woman = 100% woman. trans man = 100% man. unlearn your transphobia. trans people are really cool ppl with a neat perspective on life and if you don’t wanna date us because you can’t get over your nasty preconceptions then it’s your loss tbh

reasons thomas sanders is better than ur fave:

  • his pranks are harmless and funny
  • he adds LGBT themes in his vines without making them the punchline
  • he puts his pronouns in his description, despite being cis, to normalize asking for people’s pronouns so people stop assuming gender
  • he’s hilarious
  • he’s the only white boy to come from vine that isn’t a complete asshole
  • he’s super nice to fans
  • he’s as nice irl as he seems