Hello everyone so I’m bored so I thought doing some ships would be fun

So here’s what you gotta do:

  • mbf me (pls don’t unfollow after)
  • like / reblog this post
  • have a face page / about me page
  • ask me anything (weird, personal, or you could go here for some ideas)
  • be kind to others

What you will receive in return:

  • ship (+reason)
  • cuddle buddy
  • couple picture
  • tattoo I see you getting
  • compliment
  • song on shuffle
  • my friendship

all their personalities in 6 seconds

at the circus

Aries: the one that juggles chainsaws 
Taurus: the knife thrower
Gemini: the magician
Cancer: the puppets master
Leo: the ringmaster 
Virgo: the acrobat
Libra: the tightrope walker
Scorpio: the fire breather
Sagittarius: the clown
Capricorn: the contortionist 
Aquarius: the flying trapeze artist
Pisces: the ribbon dancer


this is so pretty…. so soft and :))))