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What do you think of fountain pens? Could you use them for IB?

I bought my very first fountain pen just two weeks ago, so the only thing I have to say about fountain pens at the moment is that they aren’t easy to use. Perhaps it’s just me, but I find it hard to hold the pen correctly (not to mention that I haven’t figured out what “correctly” is in this case) and write as neatly as I do when using a ballpoint pen or a fineliner. Still, my fountain pen writes much smoother and quicker than any other writing utensil I’ve ever used. This is why I bought it in the first place - since ink in fountain pens flows very easily, they are considered the best and most comfortable kind of pen. In addition, they look sophisticated and old-fashioned in the good sense, reminiding of ladies and writers of bygone eras. I am determined to learn how to use my pen, and when I do, I’ll probably write a huge post about it!

As for using them for IB - why not? I hope they’re allowed on exams and I can’t think of any good reason why they wouldn’t be. I’ll probably ask my coordinator about it though, just to make sure.

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Admission Region: Eastern Wisconsin

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Alma Maters: Marquette University (BA) and University of Illinois at Chicago (MA)

Austin’s favorite things to do in MKE: “Take in an author reading at Boswell Book Company and bike up to Kopp’s for a custard.”

What Austin loves about working at Marquette: “I’m surrounded by good people every day; it’s a great outcome of working for a Jesuit institution.”

Important facts about Austin: He loves fountain pens and typewriters, his favorite sport is hockey, and his hobbies include camping, biking, and creating zombie contingency plans. Despite his picture, skydiving is not one of Austin’s hobbies, that was a one time adventure with Marquette’s Army ROTC program.

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