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Name: Emily
Last thing you ate: Lamb stew
Last thing you drank: Cup of water maybe twenty minutes ago
What did you do today: Nothing.., it 9:30 lmao
Favorite Color: Light purple
Favorite Plant: Probably a poppy or a rose tbh
Who was your childhood crush: never had a crush as a child, I only recently got my first crush *_*
What is your favorite brand and flavor of toothpaste: that kids strawberry thingy from Colgate I think.but I just use the generic tesco mint now.
What is your favorite thing to write with: Black ink fountain pen. Seriously blue ink makes me feel ill.
Favorite recipe: oh gosh, lemon meringue pie. In fact I’m going to make that today. Or just lemon curd and meringue separate whatever
Last thing you said to your best friend: bye you nerd.
What are you worried about: Doing well in my GCSEs, my squad thinking im horrible, my friends not liking me anymore, my sexuality and the consequences of whatever it turns out to be. My weight, my best friend becoming depressed recently and self harming. The fact that I’m not strong enough to help her through it. My heart operation in the next few months?My life?
Do you believe in Bigfoot: Uhmmm no?
Did you go apple picking this year: Yep, I made pies :3
Do you like peas? Why or why not?: just not fussy when I eat tbh.
What is your favorite outfit: my skull dress, or skull skirt…. Or m heart shirt.
Favorite smells: Red licorice
If you could have anything to eat right now what would it be: a really soft chocolate cookie.
Favorite type of juice: Orange or watermelon
Hobbies: drawing, sewing, watching videos?
Favorite books: the skullduggery pleasant series
If you drink tea what kind is your favorite: green tea… Ooh I want some now.
Pumpkin spice or caramel apple: I havnt tried either?
Rugs, wood, or tile?: Wood or rugs
Did you drink enough water today: nuu…I’ve had a glass of water.
If you could have any pet what would it be: Another dog.
Big notebooks or small notebooks: Small, easier to hide.
Do you believe in aliens: I don’t really know
Favorite sauce: lemon curd…?
Favorite computer program: Google chrome. It means I can get on the internet.
Favorite fruit: Lemon
Are you afraid of spiders: Only the little ones
Favorite city: I hate London, but it’s the only dirty and be ever been to.
If you could take any class what would it be: Extra french.
If you could teach any class what would it be: Textiles. My teacher annoys me and I feel that I could help the kids more than her.
Do you write letters: no, long distance communication with someone ended quite abruptly and they won’t tell me why…
What kind of refreshment would you bring to a Christmas party: Brownies?
Favorite song to sing: Either something FOB or yogscast
Favorite animated movie: HTTYD2
Do you wear slippers around the house: No
Dream job: designer…
Do you have any pets:2 cats, 5 fish, a hedgehog, a tortoise, 2 snakes and a brother… Wait that’s not a pet?
Do you have any plants: Nope. I can’t even take care of myself, let alone a plant.
Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning? If so what kind: sometimes green tea, most of the time orange squash
Favorite words: new, pastel, cute, happy, adorable
Do you collect anything: Little animal figures called wade whimsies
What are some things you would like to learn: French
The last thing you drew: some rwby themed dresses.
If you had to decorate your house on a theme what would it be: Pastels
What was your favorite band in middle school: Is middle school like junior school? I was never into music
Favorite artist currently: Faith. So good. ( fire squad mystic flux)
What are your favorite socks : I dont really wear socks …
Would you change anything about yourself: Thinner.
Do you have any piercings or tattoos? If so what: just the ” traditional” ear lobe ones
What is your Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw
Can people confide in you: Absolutely but I don’t know how good I am with advice
What was the last thing you bought: Fairy lights :3
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chombiechom answered your questionim actually curious as to what traditional art…

.07 mechanical pencil, staedtler pigment liners, zig brush color brush pens, inkwell pens, ballpoint penz

fountain pens and the ilk are another thing i wanna try to get used to, i used to have a shitty technical pen that fucked its shit up but i have the ink bottle left over. do you use those pens for finishing work or just for sketching?

the zig brushes look kinda cool tho

snowshoveler asked:

:D 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 20, 22, 25, 32, 42, 46?

tumblr should tell me when these asks get sent bc idk what this one is for but i’ll assume it’s the very last ask meme thing I reblogged…i have about 6 unanswered ones from you and megan that I didn’t notice I had HAHA! anyways~

3. I’m still afraid of the dark and sitting too close to the edge of my bed…someone or something might grab me…
I fear failures and not finding what I wanna do with my life (hello college) or losing contact with people I care about (ironic bc I’m the worst in replying to you guys LOL whoops)
4. 3 things I love: I love… my fountain pen you guys bought me ROFL my favorite thing to write with even tho I do get annoyed when I run out of ink and gotta replace it haha
I love docking a perfect or near-perfect dock lul
I love breakfast food and going to diners or brunch places!
7. turn ons: someone who articulates themselves so well omg haha. people who just speak so well without being complicated unf
having nice hands…or shoulder blades…neck…collarbones…if any of those are visible i’ll just stare at them - which makes erg workouts nice when the rowers are wearing tanks LOL
literally it doesn’t even matter the talent, if someone’s good at singing or dancing or some sport or instrument………..hnnng and when people are so passionate about something!!!
finding out you like the same things or having the same opinions about stuff~
more than 4 turn ons rofl but people who are just genuinely nice that they’re always willing to help or listen to you and do selfless things ahh (umm one example is you LOL)
8. turn offs: douchebaggery. that’s it really. i just don’t wanna deal with you if you’re an asshole.
and when you’re a player but you refuse to work your with your team lmao
12. feeling ehh right now. I’ve been better. mondays are the worst for me so I’m not too excited tomorrow. I’m also just tired from never getting enough sleep but I can’t get out of this cycle. answering this is making me think about you guys tho :’(
20. it makes me happy when someone tells me how much they appreciate me or miss me ;; and when I see someone who deserves praises get it! Friends in general make me happy too~
22. are you baiting me? LOL jk but I miss you! :’( I still haven’t replied to your fb msg welp LOL - thank you for the fob link btw - AT LEAST WE WILL SEE EACH OTHER AT MERCER’S LAKE AGAIN OF ALL PLACES!
in addition to you, I also still haven’t seen mugan or ama since grad i miss y’all a lot </3
25. why did you ask so many questions… my favorite holiday is probably christmas. I guess the actual day doesn’t really matter but the christmas season is so fun when everything’s festive and you play christmas songs all month long! plus I associate it with nice things like hot cocoa or spending time with family or lots of food lmfao
32. lying to my parents about 50% of where I go oop
42. it is technically monday, february 23rd now but I’ll still tell you about what I did yesterday as in Saturday - woke up at one of the roommate’s houses bc I celebrated chinese new years with them but had to drive back to school super early because the rowers were having a 2k erg test LOL so had to go ~cox~ that then I went to brunch with some teammates but also went out for brunch with the bro and his gf haha. I hung around for some time doing nothing then played dungeons and dragons for like 4 hours don’t judge me theeen I talked to someone for a while. could’ve gone to a crew party but when the time came I was too lazy welp so it was pretty boring saturday.
46. >:( y u ask me this (your favorite hipster glasses came back)
k this took me like an hour i hope it makes up for your asks that i never got to lololol