Been playing with my fountain pens this evening, seeing how things look through the lens. I film a lot of my work in progress but it’s usually illustration, rather than the simple handwriting and lettering I still get asked to do a lot of.  

This is one of my favourite poems, ever since reading Outsiders aged 14. What a book. I once created this really large on a wall inside an ad agency, but I prefer this simple version with my old fountain pen.
I didn’t realise I wrote quite so fast. If I closed down, it might be neater!
And yes, my hands often do have that much ink on them…

Look who got a Pilot Parallel pen. I have no idea what I’m doing. This is going to be fun!

I got this sketchbook to record my fun at the upcoming Creators Market. I’m not sure what I want to do with it, but I will be bringing my Parallel and my fountain pen and my colored pencils and my glue tape. And maybe some masking tape. And other things. This is going to be fun.


“ So… wanna ditch some queen duties today?” Anna smirked as she raised her brow. 

Elsa let out a long sigh, twirling the fountain pen in her fingers. 

“Anna, you know I can’t just stop what I’m doing and do that sort of thing.”