Astro’s reaction to you kissing their cheek~

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While waiting for the bus to take you two home you come up behind Jinwoo and kiss him on the cheek.

“What was that for?”

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dogadore asked:

Don't answer if this is too personal a question, but how on earth did you ever in a million years afford so many wolves??! and a soft mount!! WOW *-* So jealous. I'd love one someday....

My soft mount I got a few years ago before the market like jumped up sky high for wolf pelts and mounts, and I was on a payment plan for about 3 months to be able to afford her ;v; 

The rest of the pelts were gifts mostly. My granny, when she was alive, was very supportive of my collection, so during my birthday she’d purchase one for me. My white wolf was a gift from my ex, and the others were underpriced for wolf pelts so they weren’t super expensive in comparison to the market price for wolves. Even then, it took me four years to get the 7 I have, but I paid 100% out of pocket for 3 of them. 

Now I might be wrong, but something tells me that Scutch doesn’t quite know how science works.

  • I’m going to Cape Cod tomorrow morning to walk the windswept dunes, &c., before I wither away from sea-longing.  So I will be very scarce from then (September 1) until Saturday (September 5).
  • Also, not quite relevant, but September 6 is my birthday. 
  • If you live anywhere between Hyannis and Provincetown and want me to drop in on you, send me an ask/fanmail, because I will probably physically be walking past you at some point, it’s that kind of vacation. 
  • Also, if you live in Providence(, RI), I have an hour-plus layover at the bus terminal there on Friday afternoon, so that’s a thing.  
  • Please recommend me a Very Long Book to read during my vacation.  (Actually I am currently thinking of Tristram Shandy, but if you have something else to recommend, go for it!)

Okay, so I just wanted to say, this boy right here, is the love of my life. I love you so much, so fucking much. Endlessly darling. He is the reason that I smile almost 24/7, the reason my laugh came back. And the reason for me to keep moving forward everyday. You literally are the reason that I want to live. I know its not a good idea to put your life in someone else’s hands, but god, I don’t care, I love you. And the more I learn about you and spend time with you, the more I fall in love with you. And the more I start to trust you. I know we have our ups and downs, but god damn, I hope we always pull through our downs and keep pushing forward. I want a future with you, I want you, forever. Always, you and me. Everyday. I dream about the day we will have our own apartment together, and being able to wake up by your side every morning. It seems like its going to be so far away, but damn I am willing to wait for that and work towards that. I want to go through everything with you, I want to get through all the bullshit life throws at us. And I will do everything in my power, to make that happen. I will always give you my 💯 24/7. No matter if we are fighting or falling more in love with each other. I’ll always give my 💯. I love you, endlessly my handsome King. And I will be yours always. I am so in love with you, and I know for sure that I want to be with you forever. Its strange I can feel and know such a huge thing at such a young age, but god damn. I am the luckiest girl on the face of the universe to be able to have a love like this with such an amazing guy like you. I am going to stop now, this is wicked long. But I just want to say I love you, and I will always be doing things to prove it to you darling💕 I hope you wake up with a smile on your face my love. 😊 😘💍 I love you, endlessly darling. theflxwerprincee

Petition to have all my internet friends move closer to me so I can see them everyday

So, this morning I found out that the money missing from my paycheck was not an insurance error, but rather my own error. Because I (and my mother) assumed, based on the wording and numbers in my offer letter, that the amount I was set to receive each month was after taxes - that the number given was an after taxes figure. Which was a mistake. It was the before taxes figure. And taxes suck.

The good news is I can pay my bills every month with a little to spare. The bad news is I won’t be able to save very much money.

Would I have done things differently had I realized all this before the move? Probably.

However, I don’t regret getting an apartment by myself. Having a roommate I don’t know would stress me out, and the process of finding one would’ve also stressed me out too much to be worth it. And I know myself, and living with someone I don’t know wouldn’t go well for me.

I also don’t regret getting the cats. It’s likely I wouldn’t have done so had I known this before, but I think the cats are really good for me. I struggle with self care, especially when I’m in a bad place. Having the cats - not being completely isolated and having to take care of more than myself - that’s good for me. It forces me to get out of my own head and also clean up after myself and whatever. It’s not just me that has to survive, it’s these cats, too. I don’t regret adopting them and even though they’ll cost money (and honestly not even that much), I think it’s worth it.

Bottom line, I made mistakes, and I have to deal with it, and if I wanna save money I’ll have to live more frugally than I’d originally anticipated. Which is also probably good for me.

Anyway. It’s been a long day already.