I try not to be mad about stuff too much but few things bother me quite as much as “it’s not that deep”

It just feels very dismissive, carrying with it a heavily implied “why do you care about this so much? It’s just a stupid small thing that you should just look at and then not think about” which I’m sort of reflexively sensitive to as an autistic person and why the hell is it any of your damage if other people are caring about harmless things, but that all aside:

Like okay, my pretty much main central hobby is stories and storytelling. I’ve spent pretty much most of my life consuming stories, thinking about them, thinking about why things make me feel the way that I do and how this ties into the complex world of fiction and fantasy.

Someone who spends a lot of time thinking about food and cooking techniques and taste and texture and the qualities therein, and trains their tongue, doesn’t shut their taste buds off when they eat a McDonald’s burger. And if they bring any of their culinary expertise to bear talking or thinking about the burger, it’s not proof that somehow they’ve become convinced that this is actually a 5-star restaurant.

Part of it is just reflex.

The other part of it is: I enjoy depth. As a writer myself, I enjoy reading depth in things. Sometimes, the depth was not there originally, but I can see potentials- see, if you paired this, with that, you could tie these inconsequential little plot threads together! It heightens my enjoyment in a different way- when you have a writer who does put that kinda depth into something, it’s really rewarding to poke at the depth and see if I can’t figure out where they’re going for this.

But I have a whole other relationship where sometimes a thing just feels, very underutilized to me, and because of that my fanwork and meta actively becomes less speculation and more wishful thinking- and there’s a place for that too. Hell, I have a VLD icon right now. VLD is arguably a canon production of the wishful thinking and desire to read depth into a show that didn’t have depth in many of those areas- DotU.

Every successful adaptation that puts greater thought into the canon it originally came from is the product of someone who was faced with “it’s not that deep” by rolling up their sleeves and going “not yet it isn’t.”


they literally changed the original movie bcs they had their own agenda of how things should go, I don’t have any other words for this other than “ugly” bcs they didn’t resepct Zack’s vision for the movie but went with their own thing, altered HIS work how THEY think it’s right and tried to sell that as a “movie”. I can’t even call it a movie, it’s a compliation of scenes, pardon, unnecessary reshots, where you can clearly see what is Zack’s and what is from the backstabbing duo. If they wanted to change the direction of the universe, they should’ve done that with the next movie in line. And robbing us of all those scenes? It’s just vile in my eyes what they did.

Out of all directors. Wb and Geoff brings Joss. Fucking. Wheadon. WB wanted jokes? You entire movie is a joke now, congratulations! I’m so happy it’s flopping.

Zack deserves better than having his name as the director on that atrocity.

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You should do whatever you feel like doing. The people who follow you and love you will love the next thing you do and the thing after that. No matter if it's the Burns or another family. The big thing is that you should be doing something that's fun for you... if you're having fun, the rest of us will see it and love it.

i have fun with my burns i really do but it’s just been so aggravating lately but thank u!!

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I don’t know if this makes sense or is a thing? I know my chest should be flat and when I have a sports bra and a shirt on and it is flat, that’s the most comfortable I can feel about it right now and it makes me feel relieved. But when I imagine myself without a shirt on I hit like this block where I can’t imagine it being flat and I end up panicking and feeling really disgusted because I can’t get past that. Is that normal or????

Hey there! That is totally normal. Before top surgery i could not imagine my chest flat shirtless. I absolutly could not do it. Which made preparing for surger y really hard because i just couldnt picture it. But in the end it was all okay. Its okay if you cant picture it. A lot of people experience it


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HELP! It's literally only 3 pm for me and I already ate waaaay to much! I've never purged cause I don't know how to properly do it,what should I do?? I'm literally freaking out!

The first thing you should do is breathe, deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. The second thing you need to do is remind yourself that bad days happen to everyone, but that one bad day doesn’t mess up your progress. And the third thing you should do is drink some water and take care of yourself. You’ll be okay love please stay safe 🌸💜


Left for work this morning and it was +2 Celsius so I put on a warm but not overly heavy coat. Left work to -13 but feels like -29 Celsius with the wind chill factor. I was not prepared for that.

I hurt everywhere because the weather is changing. It makes my joints ache so badly and my fibromyalgia flare up. Even so I went to the gym and spent an hour with my trainer doing back and lower body. She could see I was struggling and she did ask if I needed to ease up a bit. I told her no way and that although things should not be so painful you are hurting you body, there is still some truth to the “no pain no gain” when it comes to someone like me and all of my physical issues. I promised her that I would tell her if things were to much. I am seeing so many advances and pluses from working with the trainer. Today I put my full weight on my right leg for the first time in 6yrs. I stood on one leg for and that is huge for me. Since my knee surgery I have always put the majority of my weight on my left side. I would certainly never dare to put all of my weight to my right knee. This is 5 weeks of working with the trainer folks. I’m so excited and happy.

Hubby found out today that we have to empty our hot tub and replace a circulation pump. Not fun in this weather and we still haven’t figured out the logistics but it has to be done.

I’ve been really stressed about work as my director of care is gone now. I knew that meant double the workload for me until someone was hired. My administrator knows I won’t move out of scope permanently and I was worried he would just sit on things and let it ride until after the new year. Today he shocked me though. He came and asked to speak with me and told me he would like to do a temporary out of scope secondment. Which would move me into the DOC job without the loss of my seniority or benefits. He would then move someone into my job temporarily. He is planning to advertise the job next week with the hope to get someone into the position by the end of January at the latest. Although my workload would be bigger than it is in my current job, it is not anything I have not handled before and I wouldn’t have to carry my current workload on top of it. I would also receive a substantial pay increase for the time I am in the position. I decided that I would rather do this than try and carry both jobs or deal with someone who doesn’t have the experience needed to do the DOC job. So I guess I have 1 week to clean my desk and then as of next Monday I will become acting DOC for my facility.

Things change rapidly in my world 😳.


“A few rare individuals refuse to live limited lives. They drive through tremendous amounts of pain - from rejections and failures to shorter moments of embarrassment and anxiety. They also handle small, tedious pain required for personal discipline, forcing themselves to do things we all know we should do but don’t - like exercising, eating right, and staying organized.”

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I've had sex at least a dozen times now but every time it still hurts just as bad and it's not getting better, I think my skin might actually be tearing each time because afterwards it hurts for days and sometimes bleeds. My boyfriend feels really bad about it and tries to help me but nothing seems to work. Help please

Oh honey bunny, That’s no good at all!

I would strongly suggest investing in a silicone based lube. Even if you start out with enough natural lubricant, it can dry out and that counts double for when you’re nervous or worried (which I can imagine is the case if you’ve been repeatedly hurt during a thing that should be causing nothing but joy).

I would also suggest trying out a non-latex condom, as many people have latex allergies that they aren’t aware of, and a mild latex allergy can cause a few days of skin irritation, and general discomfort (I know because I myself have a mild allergy to latex). I personally use Lifestyles Skyn condoms, which are a latex free poly blend, can be found almost everywhere condoms are sold, and feel great.

Finally, if it hurts WHILE you’re having sex, even if your boyfriend is obviously having a good time, please stop having sex at that time. You can take a break and resume later, but don’t keep going because it will just be longer before you can heal properly.

xoxo, Shannon



With a little help from my friends, of course. I may be biased, but I think it would make a GREAT gift for, like, anyone.

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“Right… You are hopeless.”

“More like lucky, Sera.”

The Gaston scene from Beauty and the Beast just screamed Dorian to me and I had to do it.

Adding this to Vax Across Thedas series hehe

I’m terrified you’ll see me the way I see myself.