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Damn I love this shot. The grayscale really works. Funny thing about this cosplay. It should be the easiest to put on and the most comfortable. It’s neither of those. The boots hurt, the knee pads hurt, sometimes the vest makes my back hurt it’s just a pain but I do enjoy suiting up with these guys. That being said I’m giving this cosplay a break until I find better boots.
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I thought I was the only lesbian that had a thing for Sasha! Apparently it's a thing? Lol. Lesbians for Sasha unite!

it’s definitely a thing!! i think we should make a club and get matching shirts or something 😎

I refuse to believe that wash and york are friends tbh like wash shit talks york way too much and york is mean to wash so their relationship is more of a “we work together so being friendly is a thing we should do but I still hate you” relationship

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whats it like to be old in fandom?

ok, settle down cowboy. i’m not old in fandom (i’m 25!), i’m a fandom old (i’ve…been in fandom since i was 9), there’s a difference, god. (i kid. mostly. i’m not old tho, y'all are young)

and. well! its interesting. its particularly interesting being a fandom old in a fandom that’s lots of people’s first experience with fandom? there’s not a ton of people i can chat with and be like “i miss the fourth wall” and they immediately understand what i mean by that and why. and i have to check myself on if i don’t like things that younger members do because its different or because its actually bad.

and i spend a lot of time thinking about whether or not the things i say about/to younger people in fandom are coming off as mean, or if its just a matter of having differing expectations of how to interact. becuase WOW have i seen people do and say and ask some stuff that grinds my gears.

i think the strangest thing about it is knowing that there are websites that would be better for us, having experienced those sites, having current accounts on those sites and…still being forced to interact here because this is where most of fandom happens.

but! its not all bad, not even half bad, its just a new experience. like i looked up one day and suddenly this whole thing was an old hat for me. and i love helping & uplifting younger writers (i’ve been playing with the idea of just putting out random calls for fic to be beta’d since people have been having Feelings about concrit lately) and i’m so excited for you all to get out into other fandoms and read as voraciously as i have/do and have it shape and inform your writing. and i’ve made some really great friends with fellow fandom Olds and we sit on our metaphorical porch and wave our metaphorical canes together all the time

2 Announcements

First off, as many of you know, I’m on hiatus ‘cause my laptop broke some time ago. Luckily, at the rate things are going, I should be able to replace it by the first two weeks of July.

My second announcement is that I’ll be at Anime Expo this weekend for the Lezhin signing event!!! Do I have any other SoCal followers/are any of you going to AX?


Terrence looks legitimately sorry. 

- I’m afraid I don’t know much about fishing. I wouldn’t have done that otherwise. Once again, I’m sorry.

Brook looks away. The fish are gone now, so that’s that. What’s done is done. She still caught quite many before he showed up, so he didn’t completely ruin her outing. 

Terrence: Can I make it up to you somehow?

Brook: You know what, it’s fine. Just think before doing something next time.

He nods.

- So, do you have any plans for tonight? Other than fishing, that is, since I kind of messed it up?

Brook shrugs.

- My friend is giving a show tonight, so I’m going.

An idea hits her: Terrence is having trouble finding inspiration for his writing, isn’t he? Well, a magic show can be quite good for experiencing new things. 

- You should come, actually. It’s at the park.

Terrence: Seriously? How much are the tickets?

Brook: It’s free - the park is hosting it to bring more people in to their fair.

Terrence: I can go, I guess. 

Brook: It’s a magic show, it’ll be fun.

Terrence: Magic show? Eh, I’m not really a believer.

Brook: So? It’s still fun. And when was the last time you’ve seen one?

Terrence: Hmm, I actually haven’t. Ever. Ok, you have a point. I’ll be there.

That 20 questions thing...

Answer 20 questions and tag 20 people.

I was tagged by @nurnielfa and while it is not normally my practice to participate in such a thing, I suppose I should not be a stick in the mud and beside that,  it would go against every fibre of my Canadian politeness which goes without saying (but I just did didn’t I?).

Name: Sharon

Nicknames: A couple being plays on my first and last name – “Sharing” and “Boz” or “Boss”, an occasional kiddo thrown in for good measure and, more recently, the “Flower Whisperer” which is a lovely compliment, i’n’t it??

Zodiac Sign: Libra which is kind of ironic for someone who is totally unbalanced and off her proverbial rocker.

Height: 5 foot 3 inches and feisty.  The feisty bit counts for another two inches at least right??

Orientation: Currently, a couple of steps away from the accounting department but that’s not what you meant by orientation is it?  Straight but I have been known to walk a crooked line on occasion.

Nationality: Canadian eh and proud of it.

Favorite Fruit: Cherries – both Queen Anne and Bing, nectarines, blueberries, Freestone peaches, Pink Lady apples – perhaps I should have said fruit salad?

Favorite Season: Spring and Autumn (you try six months of f*cking winter and see how you like it).

Favorite Book: This one is a trick question right?

Favorite Flower: Two trick questions?  WTF!  I LOVE THEM ALL.

Favorite Scent: Citrus, anything citrus, especially grapefruit and lime.

Favorite Color(s): Blue and yellow.

Favorite Animal: Sloths.

Coffee, tea or hot cocoa:  I have never had coffee in my life.  I am a tea totaller and yes, hot cocoa in the winter is de rigueur.

Average sleep hours: 6-7 hours I expect.

Cat or dog person: Dog.

Favorite fictional character:  What, you mean none of those critters I talk to are real??  Talk about bursting a girl’s bubble.  Okay, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Eeyore.  And Peter Griffin.

Number of blankets you sleep with: One can never have too many blankets in their igloo.

Blog Created: 2011 with various intervals of calm throughout the years.

Number of followers:  Approximately 800 give or take.  

I won’t tag anyone specifically but, instead, invite those who wish to participate in the process to do so and feel free to blame it all on me. Sorry. Sorry.   So, so sorry, eh.

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It's frustrating because!!!! Some random posts will be blocked from random people, including you, but, the things kids actually probably SHOULD be blocked from, and is actually TAGGED, is not blocked. Just innocent gay posts and, honestly, what did we expect. Ugh

i can’t even fathom how the safe mode was supposed to work…like it just…doesn’t make sense


In twelve months’ time,
What will this be?
If you glance back
To you and me,
What sort of memory
Will you see?
What did I leave
For history?

If we then knew
The things we do,
Should we truly
Have seen it through?
Should we have combined
Me and you,
If we had known
What would ensue?

I cannot know;
I cannot hope
Ever to make
This up to you.
I only know that
Where we stand
Is worse than falling
Through quicksand.

Discord due to popular demand

I got one, I started a server. For now, if you want to join in send me an IM or non anonymous ask, and I’ll pass the join link on. Assuming things go well, which they should, I’ll make the link more public and we’ll have it be open.

Discord is a free to use IM/voice chat software, with separate channels possible within one server. Unlike the chatzy, there is no limit to how many people can be there, and the server will not close when I’m offline. For now at least, I require an account to get into the server.

More channels can be added depending on what you guys want, but for now I’ll mostly hang out in the general chat when I’m online. No idea how often that’ll be, I admit. Let’s see how this goes.

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Do you have any tips on improving art? I understand that practice is involved but are there specific things that you should draw? (Ex. hands, legs, hair, face structure) or do you simply just draw what you want? Also how long have you been drawing? Your art is amazing. ❤

i dont really know… most people say that the best thing to improve is doing figure drawings so maybe you could do that. 

please be aware that people improve at a different pace so dont stress yourself too much if you are just starting. too many people wanna be good fast without really trying much and thats not really how it works lol

also thank you very much :)

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jihoon fans are so annoying like they are so defensive like were just stating our opinion and they go all wild stating things that why we should not hate him. i dont hate jihoon. i just dislike his fans

ok…calm down u guys let’s not fight amongst ourselves ;; everyone has annoying fans. there are always going to be people complaining about different things because there’s always going to be something people dislike and there’s never going to be something that people will be completely satisfied with. not every jihoon stan is like that and not every other stan is nice. I get annoyed when some people complain about certain things to do w svt but I don’t let it get to me. it’s really not that deep we’re here to support and love the boys if someone annoys you then just ignore it. if they’re directly targeting you that’s a different story but otherwise just..let’s not say stuff like this about each other ;;


“Right… You are hopeless.”

“More like lucky, Sera.”

The Gaston scene from Beauty and the Beast just screamed Dorian to me and I had to do it.

Adding this to Vax Across Thedas series hehe



With a little help from my friends, of course. I may be biased, but I think it would make a GREAT gift for, like, anyone.

“Where can I buy it,” you say?? Oh! Well, how about:



Look, it’s all illustrated and errythang… s’cute.


{shameless self promotion ended.)

(buy my book tho k thx)