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    I uh

I did a thinnngg.

 Art made by me, on 9/26/16 ( I barely post this stuff What do I do )

Spent about 3 hours? Maybe?  Do not repost!!! Reblogs yAs but no reposting you guys know that tho. I hope you guys like!


I’m deeply disappointed. 

ok istg the moment Wook was like “I promise-”  I already decided that dude is not keeping ANY promise whatsoever. Court Lady Oh gave some serious foreshadowing from her own experiences, not to mention the fact that Soo already has a past of unfaithful men, and let’s not forget how Wook was so quick to hit bullseye with his arrow after Yo told him how he does it, and tbh that entire scene was just foreshadowing of how Wook will be taking Yo’s place since Yo had to leave. 

This entire time tbh, anything that Wook has claimed he will do, he’s never done any of it, so why the fuck would he keep his promise to HaeSoo? He won’t, because, just like every other time he will miss the opportunity - because that’s what he is - a man of lost opportunities. 

I finished Everything Leads to You and it was great and then I cried because it ended and I don’t know what to do with my life. :) 

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Before I watch the video, what is the trigger? If you're comfortable talking about it of course!

I’m not quite sure myself. It’s just very, very dark. I’ve blocked most of it out of my mind tbh. There’s fake blood(I’m assuming?), bondage, screaming, struggling, nothing good, everything’s wrong, nothing’s okay, might make you feel claustrophobic/panic. I'mma be honest, I’m not often genuinely bothered by fake things such as acting, but his acting is very realistic.

It’s like watching him being tortured, and to me that was triggering.

Trying to put it out of my mind for now as I’m personally not good with this stuff at all but if you’re not sensitive then you’ll be fine! And the song is very good!! So as always, it’ll be worth anticipating the full thing, I’m positive. ^__^

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59 - “wow”

(i’m totally going to expand on this at some point for More Messy Moments)


Joyce was bad at a lot of traditionally domestic tasks but wrapping gifts wasn’t one of those things. When the store started offering a gift wrap service at Christmas time, she took on extra hours. It was an easy way to keep her hands busy and keep herself centered. Sharp corners, clean lines, beautiful ribbon. 

But when she handed Hopper the package, she doubted every minute she’d spent on the bright red paper with white christmas trees. 

It was late on Christmas Eve. The boys had long gone to bed. It was the first Christmas he was part of here. He’d go to work tomorrow which is why she wanted to give this to him tonight. 

“We’re doing presents right now?’ he asked, a little flushed from the egg nog. 

(Even she’d had some, she didn’t drink much but it seemed festive and she felt safe enough, happy enough to indulge a little.) 

“This one is special,” Joyce whispered. 

He nodded his understanding and started to delicately unwrapped the paper, pulling the ribbons off carefully and sliding his finger under the taped tabs. It was making her anxious. The boys never did this. 

“Oh rip it for fuck’s sake.” 

“The wrapping is nice!” he snapped, a half smile telling her he knew exactly what he was doing, making her wait like this. 

“I know it’s nice, I wrapped it, I wrap everything like that, open the damn thing!” 

“I could go slower, you know,” Hopper raised an eyebrow and she almost snatched the package out of his hands. 

“This isn’t foreplay, asshole.” She glared and he slowed his pace even more until she threw up her hands. “I’m never getting you another gift again. Never.” 

“I hope this is lingerie.” 

“Give me that,” she said, reaching for it but he swiftly moved it behind him so she couldn’t reach.

Then he latched onto her shoulders, pushing her back gently, using the motion to kiss her, the package left behind him on the couch. 

“This isn’t fair,” she said as he settled himself above her. “And you still haven’t opened the goddamn gift.”

“You’re the one that mentioned foreplay, where was I supposed to go after that?”

Joyce rolled her eyes but kissed him again, and again, and again, until he was panting. Then she shoved him aside, sat up, and grabbed the gift. 

“Please,” she said, breathy, with a grin. “Just open the thing.” 

He groaned, but took the gift. Not bothering to move from his spot now, lying on his side on the couch, Joyce in front of him, leaning on his stomach as if it were the back of the couch. She turned and rested her arm on his side, moving her fingers back and forth and watched him.

Hopper ripped the paper now. Joyce held her breath as he turned over the picture frame. 

But he didn’t do anything. His face didn’t change as he stared at the picture in the frame. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go at all. She imagined this going very differently. Joyce thought he’d be happy but now she worried it had only upset him. 

“I thought since you’re here now and selling the trailer and the land, I figured you’d want that somewhere close to you, I didn’t mean to-”

“When did you do this?” he asked, finally looking at her but then immediately back at the frame, his fingers running along the edges of it. 

“I…I went by last week and got it. You gave me a spare key so I…” she stuttered over her words and she hated that she’d upset him like this. “I’m sorry, I should have asked.” 

“Wow.” But he wasn’t upset, he was awed. “Wow.”

Hopper took her hand from his side and pulled it to his lips. 

“Can I hang it up here?” he asked, his voice thick. 

She smiled now, and felt a lump in her own throat that wouldn’t allow her to answer with anything but an enthusiastic nod. 

“Thank you,” he said, kissing her hand again, never taking his eyes off the frame. 

The frame with Sarah’s art, the simple drawing that hung by his door in the trailer, it hung by the door of Joyce’s house, their house from that moment forward. 

done with angsty mini fics! Now taking ‘ways to say i love you’ ones!


– finally get around to writing out some hc i’ve been meaning to get too ( including why she lists “flight” as her ability, the fact her powers over barriers is growing significantly stronger, and a few other miscellaneous things which have been floating in my mind for quite some time

– write about reimu’s now dead / missing parents cuz lmao

– post reimu’s official persona because thank you @ based michael and sera 

– maybe write about genjii and yukari / their relationship with reimu ? also maybe some general reimari childhood hcs because lmao  

– finish updating my tags 

– update my relationships / verses / mains pages 


– drafts at some point im sure  

“The Thing That Should Not Be” by Metallica

Top Metal Albums of the 80′s - #14

Not dead, which eternal lie
Stranger eons death may die

Drain you of your sanity
Face the thing that should not be

Originally, this song got a lot of play on my cassette because it was sandwiched between the two biggest songs on the album. Through sheer repetition, I came to really appreciate, even like, this song, and now I find that it’s the song that makes me want to listen to the album. 

Of course, basing the song on an H.P. Lovecraft song doesn’t hurt.


Some doodles from the last couple days. The first one is a thing I made while doing something else. He’s a dinosaur.. farmer?? idk I just like making random characters.