Berries & Citrus Fruit

Bucky x reader One Shot

You and Bucky have developed a system that lets either of you understand what the other is feeling during e.g. a nightmare and somehow it contains fruit.

warnings: a teeny tiny bit of language and  f l u f f

A/N: it’s currently 10:14 pm as I’m typing this and I am so tired I can’t even remember writing this fic. which means it probably makes no sense what so ever and should not be published but, things happen that don’t even happen. my exhaustion could also be the reason for this fic being based on fruit

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You were pulled out of your sleep by a guttural scream, like most nights.

The scream was followed by a few much quieter one’s, before they slowly changed into mumbled words you would never be able to fully understand. As you pushed his long hair aside to get a look at his face to try to see what kind of dream it had been, you found yourself met with the beautiful facial features of your boyfriend scrunched up in pain, and it broke your heart. You had lost count how many nights like that happened and you wished to be able to determine and end to them.

Once again, your hands softly stroked through the thick curls, this time one hand moving under his chin to turn his face upwards in your direction.

Being met with the sight of you, Bucky seemed almost surprised. The first few times his nightmares had shaken the both of you awake, you had felt hurt. You had thought he was surprised that you were still there with him, as if you had an intention to leave. As if seeing him this defenseless could ever make you leave him, reject him.

“Which fruit, darling?”, you asked, carful to form the words slowly, so that he would be able to understand them more easily. Years ago, the morning after a particularly bad nightmare, you had sat down to determine a system for the both of you to understand. The system was supposed to be simple words that either of you would be able to focus on in difficult situations. And because you had sat down at the dining table were a bowl of fruit had been, you decided to use fruit as your so-called code words.

“Can you tell me a fruit?” You willed your voice to sound as soft as possible, and it sounded silly without context, hell, even with sometimes, but it was the only thing that really helped.

Bucky blinked a couple of times to get rid of the tears in his eyes. “Str-“ He tried to swallow away the heavy lump in his throat. “Strawberry.”

You sighed heavily, closing your eyes. Most nights it was ‘Strawberry’. It meant that, in his dream, he had seen you in danger. Most times he was the one to be the reason. Usually, he didn’t really say what he had seen, which is why he liked the fruit-system. This way, he didn’t need to relive the nightmares by talking about them. It gave him the opportunity to push it aside and focus on reality.

And reality in that moment was being in your arms as you slowly rocked him from side to side, slowly lulling him into relaxation.

“Fruit?”, he asked, mumbling the question tiredly.

“Blueberry,” you replied and suddenly felt him slump beneath your fingers. ‘Blueberry’ was good. ‘Blueberry’ meant you were safe and happy. It was all he ever wanted to hear from you. “You?”

“Orange. Bit Lime.” Bucky’s words were becoming more and more sleepy.

“That’s okay.” You knew that it was just a matter of minutes before he would fall asleep again, hopefully for the whole night this time. “We should go back to sleep. Long day tomorrow.”

He nodded against your chest and let you move him into a laying position.

Your phone rang whilst you were in the middle of shuffling the deck of cards in your hand. It was a night out – or rather in, as you were at one of your friend’s apartment – with your friends after having to decline multiple times for the sake of staying with Bucky. It was not like he kept you away from them, but you simply felt more comfortable when you knew that he had someone who would be there for him when he needed it. On this particular night, Bucky had gone on a mission with Steve and Sam, which gave you the opportunity for a girl’s night.

And the knowledge that Bucky was not one hundred percent safe right now made you excuse yourself and quickly grab your phone. Normally, you would just let it ring, but it could be an emergency.

And you knew that it was one the second you moved your finger across the screen to answer. Because even though it was Bucky’s name that indicated him to be on the other end of the line, it wasn’t his voice who spoke.

“Y/N, it’s me,” Sam said, “We’ve got a bit of a situation here.” Although you instantly recognized him, the familiarity did nothing to help you feel less on edge.

“What happened?”, you rushed out, needing to now how bad it was.

“Bucky, he- I think he had a nightmare.”

“Oh god.” You had prayed that this wouldn’t happen, but of course, it did. Not being able to keep still anymore, you stood up and took a deep breath. “Tell me exactly what happened and what he the situation is right now.”

You heard shuffling on the other end and were about to freak out when Sam’s voice sounded through the speaker again. “He woke up screaming. We tried to calm him down by talking to him, but all he said was some nonsense with your name in it. He’s still doing that now and I think he’s crying, too. He won’t listen to either of us, not even Steve.”

You felt your won tears prickling in the corners of your eyes because you felt helpless. One of your friends came closer to ask you what was wrong, but you brushed her off with a half-assed smile.

“Okay, Sam. Give him the phone.”

Once again, you heard rustling, slightly louder this time, before it stopped and turned into heavy breathing.

“Buck?”, you asked cautiously, hoping to snap him out of his current state. He didn’t answer, so you tried again. “Which fruit, love?”

You didn’t notice your friend exchanging glances, and even if you had, you wouldn’t have cared one bit. All your focus was solely on Bucky, who replied, finally.

“Strawberry.” You could hear the cracking in his voice perfectly clear and your system is flooded with and even stronger desire to be there with him right now. “Lime.”

“Blueberry, Bucky,” you promised him and he, in return, took in a sharp breath.

“You sure?” His voice was small, but sounded clearer now, not anymore like he was being strangled.

“Blueberry,” you simple stated again because you knew it would be easier for him to grasp.

You heard him sigh somewhat contentedly, “Blueberry.”

“Do you think you can go back to sleep or do you need me to talk to you some more?”

“More,” was all he said but understood just fine. You softly rambled to him about your day for a few minutes until you could hear steady breathing that indicated that he had fallen asleep and were handed back to Sam.

“What did you say to him? All he did was name berries and he was calm again.” The astonishment was evident in his voice when he spoke to you again.

“We have a fruit system to that we know how the other is feeling. Mine’s are those his are citrus fruit.” A smile found its was onto your lips as you could practically see the look on Sam’s face.

“Why fruit?”

“Dunno, it just happened that way.” You found yourself chuckling, although it could be because of exhaustion and a bit of adrenalin in some extend.

Sam quietly joined in. “Berries and citrus fruits. You two are weird.”

“You know that strawberries are technically nuts, right?”

You are nuts, Y/N.”

The system explained in amazingly well structured full English sentences:

Blueberry = you safe & happy

Cranberry = you scared

Strawberry = you in danger

Orange = Bucky safe & happy

Lime = Bucky scared

Lemon = Bucky in danger

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"this won't fix the situation" (continuation of the previous ask) But will anything go back in time and prevent the whole thing from happening? No. Does that mean you should do nothing? Fuck no. This situation needs to be talked about.


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I'm almost 19 and I've never been in a relationship. Never kissed anyone or even held hands or anything. What's wrong with me??! It makes me feel like my weight might be the problem and if I could just be skinny than things would be easier. Help

I didn’t have my first relationship until I was nearly 20 and my first kiss when I was 20. I have many friends who were older when it happened for them.

We have a false idea of timelines and when things “should” happen. You’d be surprised how many people are older when these things happen for them.

There is literally nothing wrong with you for these things.

- Trelawney

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X-Men in general?

1. More diverse creators and character focus. Always a thing that should be happening, but most especially for the X-Men.

2. Drop at least 30% of the continuity. Reboot if necessary. It can’t go on like this.

3. Aside from maybe a core X-book or two, most of them should have a somewhat indie sensibility to them, with creators to match; between the social sci-fi aspects and the school setup, it invites an off-kilter approach in a way no other major mainstream superhero setup does.

4. Less mutants fighting other mutants for awhile. Whatever appeal that might have had, the takeaway has become “this disenfranchised group is the main source of all its own problems”, and that is Not Great.

5. Making incredibly sure not to take the focus away from the commitment to diversity and stand against prejudice at the heart of the franchise, it might be time to once again try focusing more on the team as a youth metaphor rather than a racial/LGBT/other discriminated category metaphor. Aside from (as-is) making a bunch of mostly white, mostly-straight rich beautiful people whose disabled leader often sheds his disability minority stand-ins, it’s a setup where the minority actually is as dangerous as the larger culture thinks it is. They really are quietly wielding the power to end society as we know it, building up their arsenals and hiding secretive agendas we don’t know about, and over half of their most prominent figures have actively attempted or participated in an attempt at what can only be described as “global genocide of humanity as a category of sapient species”. Unless they’re rebooted almost beyond recognition or someone comes up with a blisteringly brilliant new spin on it, it just does not work. As the youth of the world though, along with playing into the idea of mutants as the next step of evolution, that they’re dangerous works, because the young are dangerous: they overthrow the old just by existing. That, and iconically Young Vs. Old still spiritually indicates The Future Vs. The Past, Inclusiveness Vs. Tradition, Acceptance Vs. Bitter Hatred, etc. Like I said, it’d still take a commitment to keep inclusiveness and diversity at the heart of the setup where it belongs…but Marvel’s not doing it now anyway under the current setup and hasn’t in awhile, so might as well try a different tack on it.

Probably one of my favourite things that’s happened this year is when these two girls went on the Australian version of ‘The Bachelor’ to win over a guy named Richie..

and as soon as they met on the show they instantly became friends

they both left the show and started hanging out lots

and lots

and lots

and then that friendship

turned into a relationship


I’m gonna cry if Trump really becomes our president. Why? Because he can and will ruin the lives of many people; minorities, LGBT+, women, and really anyone of another race/religion. I’m not scared for myself, i’m scared for others. 

me: wow 2016 was a shitty fucking year I hope 2017 is bette–




Everyday people do everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now, we are a different kind
We can do anything

Possible scenarios to season 4:
  • *John opens sherlock's bedroom door and finds him asleep shirtless covered in his sheet*:
  • John: Good morning. Somebody slept in.
  • Sherlock: *wakes up* Hmm?... Oh, hello John.
  • John: you're usually up by now.
  • Sherlok: What time is it?
  • John: it's ten. Want me to cook some breakfast?
  • Sherlock: thank you, that would be nice.
  • John: *is about to leave, stops, points at object by the bed* is that a riding crop?
  • Sherlock:'s for an experiment.
  • John: alright... *leaves*
  • Sherlock: *waits until the door is closed. Jumps out of bed*
  • Irene: *opens closet doors and steps out of the closet* Now, do you want me to wait until he leaves or shall I sneak out of the window for old times sake?
  • Sherlock: I'm sorry, John gets insufferably zestful when it comes to me and women, I'd prefer you won't be introduced that way - is that my gown?
  • Irene: *tights gown* I hope you don't mind... Well, if the touch of my skin bothers you that much you shouldn't have been all over it last night
  • Sherlock: hmm... I'm pretty sure you were all over mine.
  • Irene: *Gets closer* maybe. Looks better on me anyway.
  • *Are about to kiss*
  • John: *calling from outside the room* SHERLOCK!!! Do you want some eggs in your breakfast?
  • Sherlock: *impatient* yes that would be fine!!
  • John: would Miss Adler like some too?
  • Irene:
  • Sherlock: dammit.
  • *having the most awkward breakfast in a long time*
  • Sherlock: how did you -
  • John: Mrs Hudson told me.
  • Sherlock: how did she -
  • John: the walls here aren't so thick since you shot them.
  • Irene: *spits drink*

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sometimes I remember you drew things for you idea of a second Professor Layton/Ace Attorney game and I get real sad that it isn't real until I remember who you are and therefore how terrifying that game would be

I am very pleased at this reaction but also sad because I’d love to make that game happen

Evan: Should I go full speed?

Brock: oh no

Evan: *doesn’t listen and goes full speed; predictably careens off the path and tumbles down the mountain*



I feel like this should be a thing.