Tbh y'all can hate on marina’s fans for “blowing things out of proportion” but marina was going out of her way to make it seem like she was in danger. Posting things saying she needed help and was in danger then deleting them? Liking tweets literally asking her to like them if she is in danger? And I’m real sick of everyone saying that she can’t be at fault because she’s schizophrenic. If all of those things happened as a result of mental illness then she should’ve just said “hey, I posted that during a psychotic episode but I’m actually okay” or something to that effect. She never addressed any of the things she did. And that was shitty. As someone who deals with psychosis, I think it’s important to keep in mind that people still need to take responsibility for their actions.
Plus she denies being schizophrenic so @everyone trying to excuse her actions with that, yikes

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I heard there was a dearth of nsfw BuckyThor! Imagine Bucky topping Thor

There are some things which should happen more than once a century, Thor thinks when Bucky grins and tells him good job, as though they’re in a battlefield and not atop Asgardian sheets.

“That was something,” Bucky says. “I didn’t realize you liked that.”

“It comes up rather less than you would expect,” Thor says. “But I’ve enjoyed it immensely every time.”

“Every time, huh?” Bucky says with a slow smile. “Well, I didn’t mind it either, I’m happy to says. Wanna do it again?”

“Definitely,” Thor says. “Right now.”

And he laughs at Bucky’s horrified expressioh.

“I kid,” he says. “I know your limitations. Someone has to.”

Felicity’s new bf storyline, as trope-y as it is and yes, is there to stall Olicity, but there is a purpose to it actually. 

This is where S4 left us, Olicity broken up but working together as partners as guardians of Star City.  So, during the hiatus one may ask, well what’s stopping them from rebuilding their relationship?  They are working together, everyday, in the lair, just the two of them…alone! 


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There!  That’s it!  That’s what or rather who is keeping them apart.


The writers don’t want the rebuild to happen off-screen.

They want us to see it, to bear witness to it all!

We should appreciate it because the bf-thing happened during the break. So when Felicity met the guy, their first date, first kiss, first sex?, second? third? Well, we don’t know how far they are in the relationship because we haven’t seen anything yet, but all the other things that can happen in having a new relationship has happened already.  If this bf will be anything like that creep Ray Palmer, I’d be pissed, because that means this new guy would have to be in for most of the season.  Felicity now has a fully-functioning relationship with someone else, come start of S5 this storyline is pretty much DONE.  All the writers have to do is to pick which episode Felicity will dump this guy and get back with Oliver. 

The Arrow writers aren’t screwing us over.  They are laying it out for us…a proper Olicity love story. 

It will all lead to a better and stronger Olicity together as a couple and as heroes.

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Hello! Saw your fics on Ao3! :D If you're still taking prompts, would you consider doing a Richelieu/Treville story with a helping of one-sided Athos/Treville (maybe some jealousy over observed affection. Maybe during a risky situation - foiled assassination attempt? - Athos notices something about Richelieu and Treville and wonders at his strong feelings about it). I saw you like both pairings and so you seemed the right person to prompt who'd treat all characters involved with respect. :D

[Thank you for the kind words, Anon! Athos/Treville is one of the pairings I didn’t think I’d ever get a prompt for, so this makes me twice as happy. (Prompts are always open – I’ve only got a couple more to fill right now, so new ideas are very appreciated!)]

Cliché has it that this sort of thing should happen in the blink of an eye, but years as a soldier have trained Athos’ reflexes to the point that the whole scene unfolds clearly under his gaze. They’re walking leisurely under one of the Louvre’s porticoes, Captain Treville one step ahead, side by side with the King and the Cardinal, while Athos follows along with the other Musketeers on guard duty. It’s not uncommon to come across other members of the Court during these walks, so Athos doesn’t spare more than a glance to the two men approaching from the opposite side. One second later, he notices Treville’s head turning to follow the one on the right, closest to the Cardinal. As he imitates his Captain, Athos sees the gleam of an unsheathed blade in the man’s hand.

He’s about to rush forward, but Treville beats him to the punch. As the man suddenly charges at the Cardinal, Treville jumps in between them, shielding Richelieu with his body. The distraction is enough for the other Musketeers to reach the would-be assassin and seize him. As soon as they do, however, the man drops to his knees and starts convulsing on the spot, foaming at the mouth. There’s a bleeding gash on his hand from his own blade.

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Possible scenarios to season 4:
  • *John opens sherlock's bedroom door and finds him asleep shirtless covered in his sheet*:
  • John:Good morning. Somebody slept in.
  • Sherlock:*wakes up* Hmm?... Oh, hello John.
  • John:you're usually up by now.
  • Sherlok:What time is it?
  • John:it's ten. Want me to cook some breakfast?
  • Sherlock:thank you, that would be nice.
  • John:*is about to leave, stops, points at object by the bed* is that a riding crop?
  •'s for an experiment.
  • John:alright... *leaves*
  • Sherlock:*waits until the door is closed. Jumps out of bed*
  • Irene:*opens closet doors and steps out of the closet* Now, do you want me to wait until he leaves or shall I sneak out of the window for old times sake?
  • Sherlock:I'm sorry, John gets insufferably zestful when it comes to me and women, I'd prefer you won't be introduced that way - is that my gown?
  • Irene:*tights gown* I hope you don't mind... Well, if the touch of my skin bothers you that much you shouldn't have been all over it last night
  • Sherlock:hmm... I'm pretty sure you were all over mine.
  • Irene:*Gets closer* maybe. Looks better on me anyway.
  • *Are about to kiss*
  • John:*calling from outside the room* SHERLOCK!!! Do you want some eggs in your breakfast?
  • Sherlock:*impatient* yes that would be fine!!
  • John:would Miss Adler like some too?
  • Irene:
  • Sherlock:dammit.
  • *having the most awkward breakfast in a long time*
  • Sherlock:how did you -
  • John:Mrs Hudson told me.
  • Sherlock:how did she -
  • John:the walls here aren't so thick since you shot them.
  • Irene:*spits drink*

Things that should happen when Shaw returns:

  • Shaw appears out of nowhere like she did at the start of Relevance (or disappears like a goddamned super hero/ambiguous hero).

  • Shaw’s surprise appearance is heralded by awesome music just like in Relevance with Future Starts Slow, and RAM I Might Be Wrong*.

  • She shoots someone point blank in the head.

In fact this is how she should make her reappearance:


It's Princess Week and today's princess is ...

Disney has declared this week “Princess Week” and I am celebrating the princesses of DC Comics. Yesterday, I highlighted Starfire and asked which version of the character you preferred. The answer? Teen Titan animated version. That is my favorite as well. That choice was followed by the pre-52 version and in last place was the new version of Starfire.

Today I’m highlighting a princess that is intensely loved by those who know about her — Amethyst of Gemworld.

The character was introduced by DC in 1983 and appeared in many formats - maxis, minis, one-shots- over the next three years. Originally the book (which was edited at one point by now Vertigo head Karen Berger) was targeted at female readers, particularly younger ones (unfortunately it got darker and grimmer at time went on). And it was a compelling high concept pitch — on Earth Amy Winston is 13 year old girl but on her real world she is older and a princess of a magical world.

Long gone except for cameos in Infinite Crisis and a “alt world” appearance in last year’s Flashpoint which was hyped and hope for by many but unfortunately ended with her dead and not “Flashpointed” into the new 52.

I know from just the notes I get, that Amethyst is beloved by many readers and in particular women. While I don’t think that female readers are particularly a focus for DC these days, it does seem like this book has other elements that would make it a candidate for a new 52 reboot. Magic! Swords! Kingdom and Royalty shenanigans ala Game of Thrones (but tamer). And it has cross promotion! An animated Amethyst is about to appear on DC Nation!

So will DC bring it back? Was the teasing in Flashpoint just that? Or is there someone at DC, perhaps Karen Berger who edited the book so many years ago, who will spearhead bringing Amethyst back? To be fair it’s a tricky property. A girl who becomes a woman through magic has to be handled just right. She is in a lot of ways similar to Billy Batson and look at the challenges DC has had in modernizing that character. And there is the fact that is she isn’t a cape character though she’s been clearly established a part of the DCU in the past. But part of Amethyst’s appeal is that she had her own world and for the book to succeed I think it would have to keep that element.

There is also the issue of the tone of the book. For the book to bring in younger readers, and particularly women, the tone needs to be right. Younger readers aren’t afraid of darker content - Harry Potter,The Hunger Games and Twilight have darker elements and are middle school staples in this neck of the woods - but it can’t be so dark as to alienate readers. And she’s a female lead so she has to be strong but the sexiness needs to kept to a minimum. That rules out some creators.

But those are easy things to overcome. Much of it comes down to the creative team. And I have my dream team.

For writer I pick Gail Simone, who just wrote about the secret Gemworld background of one her character’s Misfit. Simone’s proven her ability to write female characters but she’s also shown in her Wonder Woman run her ability to handle some of the “mystical” elements that the book would require. She also did some nice world building in Welcome to Tranquility. 

And for artist? I pick Renae De Liz the woman who spearheaded Womanthology and who has done quite a bit of artwork of Amethyst including this stunning piece.

I’d also be very happy with Amy Reeder but I’m not sure she’d be available. 

So what do you think? Do you want to see DC reboot Amethyst? What do you consider deal breakers as the elements that have to brought into a reboot? Who is you dream team?


10. Cumbersome (Benedict Cumberbatch as Max) I CANNOT believe this never got funding! Its from 2009! Its 5 yrs old, no funding and ADORABLE AS HELL!!!! Its called The Dark Side of the Earth.

I heard that tree fell down a few years back. the one we tried to climb that one time. all its peaches fell with it, which is obvious I guess. which is still sad. It’s okay though. things like this happen. my heart should be used to this by now. I don’t talk to a lot of the people I thought I’d always tell everything to, which my heart will never get used to. remember your birthday that one year? you know the one I mean. the city was ours. these days, not much belongs to me. I was thinking the other day that I might really never be in love, might never have a better use for this stubborn stupid heart, and I really didn’t want to have to write this poem and I didn’t want to have to lose so much sleep, but how do I rest? how does anyone in this world rest? listen, don’t worry about it. I’ll be okay. I didn’t want to worry you. it’s okay. you don’t call anymore. I forgive that. listen, I just want you to sleep easy. you used to never be able to. I want you to think of the trees that haven’t fallen. there are a lot of them. don’t worry about me. my hands will get over the emptiness. the rest of me will catch up. I’ll write happier poems soon. forgive me my restlessness. my body’s just been looking for somewhere to belong.

ideas to liven up the bbc’s politics coverage:

  • nigel farage is banned but he can be kept in a glass box where he can whine “no-one’s listening to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” at random intervals
  • a liars klaxon
  • a live broadcast of a fight between owen jones and dan hodges
  • anyone who says “that’s not true you fucking prick” wins a medal. at the end of the year the person who says it the most gets a prize
  • a weekly segment where a cabinet minister announces policy through the medium of dance
  • halfway through interviews andrew neil puts on a mask of someone from the only way is essex
Nice and Wholesome™  things that happened in Overwatch tonight..

- Lúcio telling Reinhardt that he should try listening to different kinds of music.

 - Me playing as Reaper and a Soldier 76 walked up to me and we punched each other and said hello until the match started.

- Me playing as Junkrat and another Junkrat stood next to each other and did emotes while our Mercy clapped. 

- Me and a Roadhog stuck together like glue and got separated at one point, but died at the same time and respawned together. 

- A lot of Torbjön’s died from explosives that absolutely didn’t come from me!

- A level 2 got potg and 10 likes, bless this community’s soul. 

- I saw many Pharah/Mercy pairs.

- My whole team punched the flippy-lid bin in Hollywood. 

Please add more if you had some Nice and Wholesome™ experiences recently!