Two cool things that happened to me yesterday:
One of my teachers from last semester contacted me about taking photos for a gala that’s happening next Tuesday for $50. The people in charge asked her if she knew a student interested in photography and journalism and she instantly thought of me. :’)
This guy I know (who’s my friend but I haven’t talked to in a while!) walked up to me and asked if I wanted a Harry Potter poster that the movie store he works at used to advertise Deathly Hallows, because he gets them for free. :’)

… I just like that when some people think of photography, journalism and Harry Potter they think of me okay

Guys, I might be slowing down for a while due to my final year project which when I finally get it started I will have to put my effort into.

I’ll still be around of course, a doodle every now and then most likely and if you up on discussing anything drawing/oc/yogscast related just pop me an ask.

so teaching contracts aren’t ready to be signed yet and I knew first pay was supposed to happen this week but like I don’t have my contract so I figured I would have to go a few weeks without pay and then I’d get it all retroactively

so when I was checking my bank account I wasn’t expecting to see extra money in there but there is??? I got paid I’m making money again aaaaaaa

I’m stupidly (heh) excited for this comeback.

( I don’t know why, but it makes me stupidly happy to know nobody has ‘no.1’ on Fukurodani’s team like?? Their captain has 4 and it just??? feels like it emphasizes that they all work together constantly like?? No one’s ever alone??? iDK I’M sleepy and thought about this like ‘that’s rlly cute if that’s the case’ )

hocrien asked:


ohohoho friend it is like u know me

  • when I started shipping it if I did: y’all drug me into this mess ok i was like pshhh i dont see it and then frickin 3a happened and it was so gay…….
  • my thoughts: ive never seen anyone more stupidly in love seriously
  • What makes me happy about them: the casual CARE they have for one another and their willingness to protect one another no matter what even if they grumble about it
  • What makes me sad about them: derek left and then the frickin stupid name signing bs and i just sat there like u fuckers but idc i’ll take it tbh (also just derek and stiles are rly sad always like pls hug it out)
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: what the fuck is fanfiction (im kidding i rly dont like the mom trope i prefer when theyre both assholes, but assholes in love)
  • things I look for in fanfic: u guys r crazy what is this (au’s fuel me tbh and also stuff that happens in the future bc im not a fan of underage it skeeves me out man)
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Derek: Braeden! they seemed really happy w/ one another and it was refreshing to see such a genuine relationship where derek could be himself Stiles: currently (besides like a casual skittles thing i have) im not rly a fan of stiles w anyone other than derek like idk i just dont rly feel it? maybe like a new character eventually or he meets someone in college but rly all i need in my life is a casually bi/pan stiles
  • My happily ever after for them: derek is happy (finally) and they both find a way to cope w all the shit theyve gone thru by leaning on one another and the pack (d’awwwww)
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: depends on the situation but i feel like honestly derek needs to be spooned 
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: watching rly shitty movies w the pack

send me a ship, character, or 5 characters

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Tag 20 followers you want to know better!

   tagged by @jaegvrr! Thank you friend <3

Name:  Malory/Mal
Zodiac sign:  Aries.
Gender:  Female.
Height:  5′7′’ || 170cm
Favorite colour:  Blue or tan. Or blue and tan together.
Time right now:  1:29 pm
Average hours of sleep:  6-7 on weekdays, 8-10 on weekends uvu
Last thing I googled:  something about depreciation expense because it’s stupidly complicated.
Lucky number:  Uh?
Number of blankets:  3-4

Favorite characters:  Oh god too many to list, so I’ll just list my fave snk characters. Jean Kirstein, Marco Bott, Reiner Braun, Sasha Braus, Connie Springer, and Erwin Smith.

Favorite books:  I love sappy romances with horrible tragedy. Anything by Nicolas Sparks.

Favorite bands/artists:  Today I’m feeling Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, and Imagine Dragons.

Dream job:  Whatever makes me happy, honestly. I’d love to work from home, and thankfully that’s possible in my field.
What am I wearing right now:  Sweatshirt and leggings. Typical lazy college student.

Randoms facts:

  • I’m taking a law class right now and lately I’ve been having weird dreams that my dad gets arrested xD.
  • My roommate’s parents are here and are being SO LOUD kill me now.
  • My friend is bringing me a smoothie as we speak. Bless.
  • I’ve been really into cooking lately. My morning routine has become looking through buzzfeed recipes and bookmarking them for later.
  • I’m weirdly tired yet alert right now???

When did you create your blog: January 2016!

Current amount of followers: 29.

What made you decide to join tumblr: oh god i made that decision years ago. probably because I was bored and wanted to be more social?

Why did I choose my URL: because I like to think Erwin’s an ethical thinker.

What do you post about: eyebrows.

Do I get asks on a daily basis: nah, but I don’t post everyday so that’s fine :’D

People I tag : you, reading this right now. do the thing.

Three weeks ago I wrote that I don’t do casual sex because I put truth and trust above all in it. Well I had casual sex last week and I just wanted to remind myself of how stupidly fickle I am. Also sex is good now. People suck but the sex is good and that makes me happy.

I have a candle lit and a new book to read and texts to masturbate to because I sexted with this dude last night (ugh, whatever) but I feel like I’m stuck in sludge. I’m bored but I’m not. I’m restless. Nothing feels satisfying. The good wholesome things I do to make myself feel better are so boring. I’d rather be smoking and drinking a milkshake and having sex with the dude I sexted. Instead I’m wearing my retainer and hanging on every word this guy is saying. I’m looking for salvation in someone else again. Typical. I’m just bored I’m so bored but that’s not true. We’re shooting the final 7 episodes of the web series this weekend and that is keeping me very busy and I’m tired all the time but here I am itching for some life. HAAAAAAA and as I type that the guy that I had casual sex with last week just texted me. This is a hilarious hilarious joke.  Good one, Universe. I can’t even bring myself to tell him to fuck off because it’s fun to have the attention (is my desperation showing?)

I wonder when I’ll become embarrassed by these posts. Will I? Will I end up deleting the ones that talk about masturbation or my obsession with guys who definitely don’t feel as much about me as I do about them? I don’t know. I have a bit of an oath with myself to not delete shit because I don’t want to feel ashamed of whatever I was feeling in that moment. 

I don’t know what to text back to this guy. I told him I just put my retainers in so..sorry. I’m sure he won’t even fucking laugh at my joke. Well it’s not a joke because my retainer is in but still. He thinks he’s better than me and it’s stupid because he just isn’t. That was rude. Whatever. 

anonymous asked:

I feel terrible?? My sister is probably moving to Hawaii soon for work and I'm really happy for her but she's the only one I can vent to and I really don't want her to leave?? And then I'm really stressed because I want to prove to her that I can do good at school but she's leaving and its making me worried because I feel like she'll leave and pity me like everyone else and that's the last thing I want. Then I have a stupidly huge crush on a boy that i barely talk to. [pt 1/2]

but I have way too much trouble and I try gaining courage but I get so nervous and I chicken back out last second and it’s happened so often that my friends even make bets to see if I’m going to back out?? And then I keep getting embarrassed infront of him because he knows that I like him and his friends tease about it and I can never tell if he likes me and I just really want to know so I can get over him?? everything is falling apart for me this year [pt 2/2]

i wish i could help you more friend but maybe try telling your friends that it really bothers you and can you schedule regular video chats or phone calls with your sister? its not easy but its certainly possible to stay close with people when they aren’t physically close. also if you can tell her how you feel and that you don’t want her pity that could save you from that. is there any way you can contact him not face to face like online or smthn? if not idk what to do bc i can understand not being able to follow thru with that kind of stuff. best of luck to you.

anonymous asked:

When you get this, respond with five things that make you happy! (: Then send it to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously

♐   –   ;;   ahhh, whoever sent this, thank you!! i needed this right now. both fei and i are going to do it. 

  1. my girlfriend
  2. my cats
  3. working with my favorite closing team; it makes even stupidly long shifts easy and fun
  4. feeling like i’ve accomplished something even though i haven’t had any energy
  5. my art & writing (so this blog, really, and when people actually go out of their way to roleplay with me i cry)

∰  –  ;;   …if i must.”  

  1. music; dancing.
  2. overcoming my opponent despite my disadvantage.
  3. proving my worth.
  4. meditating with the force.
  5. spending time with people whose presence i enjoy.