What Actually Happened on the Roof at Barts?

Food for thought from John Gardner’s novel, The Return of Moriarty: Sherlock Holmes’ Nemesis Lives Again.

Did Sherlock, Mycroft and Moriarty come to terms? Did Moriarty really die? Who else would have the power to hack into every broadcast network in the UK? Is this Wholock, the rise of the cybermen?! Have John and Sherlock schemed together to bring Moriarty back? How can we miss Moriarty if he won’t go away?


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Sherlock is my only fandom. Almost everyone I follow has posted or/and reblogged Sherlock for months, years even. I’ve only followed a handful of new people since S3 aired. (I need to change my ways.) Buuuut I think we’re possibly approaching a fandom crisis state. Only about one in 7 posts or less on my dash these days is related to Sherlock in any way. :-/ Who’s creating now? I need to follow them!

Are you ever just posting and reblogging along - nothing particularly controversial, nothing particularly offensive - and then you realize that you’ve suddenly lost a handful of followers, and you just keep wondering what drove them away?  It’s like…I make a post about Dick Cheney fellating Rick Santorum and no one bats an eyelash, but then I make a post about cheesecake being delicious and people are just like, “all right, that’s enough - there’s funny and then there’s just tasteless. Peace out, bitch!”

I find it interesting that Klaus only told Marcel thank you for his assistance. He purposely just told it to Marcel. He could have said it to them both but he turned his attention to just Marcel and said thank YOU for your assistance. He ain’t even look at hayley nor did he tell her thank for coming and it didnt’ look like he was gonna say anything to her about it when he spoke up and reminded him that if he died a lot of people die. I wonder why he would not tell her thank you, esp considering he knew that elijah was in danger at the same time so her coming to his aid was pretty significant. 

Just a Musing: Drinking Buddies

Did they ever finish that shot at Grannu’s? Why didn’t they? I think I would have liked to see them at least throw back one together. Also, in many other TV scenes or other shows, they would have. I know Henry came in and interrupted them but I feel like the usual thing to do would have been to down the shot, after all they don’t come cheap. Are we to assume that they did drink it or is there some importance that they didn’t?

Yes, this is me probably over-thinking this and picking it apart.


Million Dollar Questions

How can Gazelle cut Lancelot in half without the blood?

Harry didn’t have a concussion or brain trauma, though he was exposed to a substance (Professor Arnold) causing him to be in a sedated state? 

Was Professor Arnold on lots of drugs?

Was Arthur motivation to get into Harry’s stream honorable?

Merlin is quoted as saying Harry’s stream was Encrypted and uncrackable, how can that be? 

Was Merlin hiding the stream or did he really have a file stuck in his servers that he couldn't get into?

The candidates that are let go are they kept and placed in other positions within the Kingsman agency due to their knowledge?

Does Harry really believe that James bond is a fictional character in a film?

I wonder what it’s like to be Emma. Or rather, anyone in Emma’s position.

Yes, you get to see beautiful places and have adventures but you are always at someone else’s mercy.

I would think that would get old after a while.

But then again I’m super independent.


so i go to drop my nephew off at his summer camp. It is predominantly white.. well he is the only black child there actually. So I walk in there with my Biggie shirt, you know the Ready to Die album art shirt and my hair still wrapped up because I woke up late and was too lazy to take it out. 

Anyway I go to sign him in and I turn to give him a hug and make sure he has his snack, as I walk out this older white lady stops me and says… “ oh i just love your head wrap, what country are you from?”

I quietly and politely respond “This is just to protect my edges sweetie.”

and exit left. 

that was funny…………………

Books are wonderful things. I mean like seriously they tell great stories and they paint these pictures that are different for everyone who reads them and they inspire people and they teach lessons and they have these characters that no matter how weird they are you can still relate to them and they feel good in your hand and they smell nice.  Seriously, the book is a beautiful invention.