It’s kind of sad that the most unoriginal works are so popular and those that are actually creative and original don’t get nearly as much praise as they deserve… this is why I hate most popular tropes when it comes to fan fiction. I don’t like to read something based on a trope, I like to read based on the content.

Always remember that just because your work isn’t as “popular” as you would like, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t people who love it. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.

So I read STFF last night...

Amazon is freaking amazing. I got my copy a day early and spent all of last night reading it. Despite some poor reviews and negative reactions to the advanced copies, I actually really enjoyed this book. I read a ton of fanfic and books. When I enjoy a story, I get sucked in and will read non-stop to finish it (time/life permitting). Other than dinner and watching Dustin Lance Black’s “When We Rise” last night, I read STFF. I was compelled to take notes throughout. I ended up with three pages of notes.

If you’re the general audience, I think you will enjoy this book. It’s funny, raw, tender, and heartbreaking. Coming from a fandom perspective, you’ll get it. You may see yourselves in it. The character development for the 4 teenagers could have been better, he devoted a chapter to each one and further glimpses into them as the story went on, but for the most part, not enough. I think my fave depiction of one of the kids was the trans kid, Sam - that’s going to help a lot of kids out there. Maybe he was trying to keep the book shorter (it’s 295 pages) to keep the average teens attention span, but tbh, these kids are reading Harry Potter and other much longer novels so I think he could have expanded that more.

If you’re not a Chris Colfer fan who’s paid attention to his life, you may not get any of the autobiographical nature of this book. However, make no mistake, he pulls directly from his life and life experiences and it’s blatant. I definitely have a clearer perspective on Chris and the way he views life, his Glee years, and fandom. He’s screaming to be heard and understood. Please don’t read into this thinking he hates his fans, that’s just not true. He loves and appreciates his fans, however, certain fans and fandom culture scares the hell out of him. He’s never quite understood us. I don’t take it with malicious intent, it just is what it is. Obviously we cannot empathize unless we’ve been in his shoes, but we get a better understanding through this book.

Chris wrote this as an exercise of “plausible deniability” just like when he wrote the Rachel/PR bits into his episode. Of course he’s going to claim this is all fiction and has very little basis in reality, we know better. Definitely go buy it and check it out.

There are many obnoxious things I found within, you may or may not agree with me, but do not come hatin’ into my inbox. I won’t be entertaining you today.

Under the cut (slight spoilers ahead, but I do not mention Cash’s secret) are the things that stood out for me:

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okay, so that new article in entertainment weekly about dd and tl is suspicious timing isn't it? d'you think dd is petty enough to have called the paps and organized this? i mean, since when does them appearing in public together these days indicate they're back together? there haven't been articles suggesting that for years.

Nah, I don’t think David called anyone. He has been pap’d at this location before and with others such as with his son and friend, Maggie Wheeler. So, I doubt he arranged the newest sighting. Are he and Téa aware they are being watched? Sure. But there’s nothing sinister about it. Like you said, they do appear in public together; they share children so it’s expected. The thing that makes me go hmmm is, yes, the timing. Personally, I see it as a ‘classy coincidence’…Take that as you will.

Tbh, I believe what we are witnessing is akin to the media battles of the late 90s between dd + ga…only now it is way more lame and quite honestly obvious. The article is nothing more than click bait. Read it further and it actually states Téa and Tim are dating :)

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Do you have any Jearmin headcanons? :333

hoho, I’m not sure if I’d call them “headcanons” cause I could scrap an idea if it doesn’t work in something/there’s something more fun, but here are some things that make me go hmmm:

- Jean really likes Armin’s hair, and likes to touch it as much as possible, aheh. Armin really likes Jean’s muscles HEeyyyyyyy

- Based on this screenshot, Armin has the most bodacious ass.

- I take this with a grain of salt since it’s just from a track on the drama CD, but based on Armin saying he was allergic to dust and had Eren/Mikasa/his Grandpa do all the cleaning for him, I like the idea that he’s a little spoiled. 8)) And that carries over to other relationships.

- I like the idea of Jean getting easily flustered when around Armin, or even vice versa.  Flustered mess = yes.

- Armin likes sleeping in Jean’s shirts, and he knows full well how much Jean enjoys it.

- Armin is really good at the whole “make someone think the thing you want to do is their idea”. Jean eventually catches on to this and gets better at spotting it, but he finds he doesn’t really mind.

- Both would be willing to throw away a lot for each other, and that scares them.

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Ok what characters CAN we headcanon as ace because every character that someone does someone raises objections?

I mean, I only have objections towards Yuuri because his story is highly revolved around his sexuality and Asian men are so prone to be desexualized (opposite to Latino men who are oversexualized). And while mlm aces do exist, I just think it’s wrong to chose a character like Yuuri to headcanon as ace because here we have a very rare canon interracial mlm couple who have been shown to be sexually attracted to each other on screen. Yuuri skates Eros for Victor once he is confident enough and ditches the katsudon approach.

Plus there’s the whole thing about homophobic people headcanoning gay/bi characters as ace because they’re trying to keep them “pure uwu” because of the stigma around gay sex being “impure” and “dirty”. Now I’m not saying gay characters can’t be headcanoned as being ace, there are just certain things that make me go hmmm when certain characters are headcanoed as such.

Especially when there are tons of other YOI characters you can headcanon as ace. Like it was just confirmed that JJ and Isabella haven’t had premarital sex, sure this could just mean they’re just gonna wait until they’re married, but you could easily headcanon one or both of them being ace from this information.

Now a demisexual Yuuri would be totally fine, because he IS discovering his sexuality and it would make sense that the focus of his Eros routine would change from katsudon to Victor later on in the story once he and Victor have become much closer. 

Are you ever just posting and reblogging along - nothing particularly controversial, nothing particularly offensive - and then you realize that you’ve suddenly lost a handful of followers, and you just keep wondering what drove them away?  It’s like…I make a post about Dick Cheney fellating Rick Santorum and no one bats an eyelash, but then I make a post about cheesecake being delicious and people are just like, “all right, that’s enough - there’s funny and then there’s just tasteless. Peace out, bitch!”

I find it interesting that Klaus only told Marcel thank you for his assistance. He purposely just told it to Marcel. He could have said it to them both but he turned his attention to just Marcel and said thank YOU for your assistance. He ain’t even look at hayley nor did he tell her thank for coming and it didnt’ look like he was gonna say anything to her about it when he spoke up and reminded him that if he died a lot of people die. I wonder why he would not tell her thank you, esp considering he knew that elijah was in danger at the same time so her coming to his aid was pretty significant. 

Why is it that Joe & Eddie (+ Barry) seem to investigate every crime in the city, but no one has ever even brought up Simon Stagg’s murder?

Did Wells just zip the body out of there, dump him in an incinerator, and write some fake emails along the lines of “thought I’d go on a year-long vacation to someplace there are no phones”?

Just a Musing: Drinking Buddies

Did they ever finish that shot at Grannu’s? Why didn’t they? I think I would have liked to see them at least throw back one together. Also, in many other TV scenes or other shows, they would have. I know Henry came in and interrupted them but I feel like the usual thing to do would have been to down the shot, after all they don’t come cheap. Are we to assume that they did drink it or is there some importance that they didn’t?

Yes, this is me probably over-thinking this and picking it apart.


Million Dollar Questions

How can Gazelle cut Lancelot in half without the blood?

Harry didn’t have a concussion or brain trauma, though he was exposed to a substance (Professor Arnold) causing him to be in a sedated state? 

Was Professor Arnold on lots of drugs?

Was Arthur motivation to get into Harry’s stream honorable?

Merlin is quoted as saying Harry’s stream was Encrypted and uncrackable, how can that be? 

Was Merlin hiding the stream or did he really have a file stuck in his servers that he couldn't get into?

The candidates that are let go are they kept and placed in other positions within the Kingsman agency due to their knowledge?

Does Harry really believe that James bond is a fictional character in a film?

I wonder what it’s like to be Emma. Or rather, anyone in Emma’s position.

Yes, you get to see beautiful places and have adventures but you are always at someone else’s mercy.

I would think that would get old after a while.

But then again I’m super independent.