time to be honest....

ok what i’m gonna say it’s going to upset a lot of people and like be aware if you don’t want to read me rambling about liam’s solo career and being a bit true and honest and realistic just don’t read….

but liam is not making songs for one direction fans ok. not like they’re not a part of the target group, they can be but he is not relying on fandom to be successful and that’s been like this for a while now (you could even predict this before std was released). liam has been making songs for the gp and bedroom floor and his whole solo career won’t be different.

liam knows more than anyone in that band (zayn included) how you have to play to be a big solo artist from scratch when you’re not harry styles (bc let’s be honest harry’s got a head start for being harry styles). he and his team knows how to play and when to release and how to strategize.

he doesn’t care if niall’s album is released on the same day. he doesn’t care if you one one direction fan who’s usually mean to liam won’t buy the single (BUY STD AND BF ON ITUNES THO DON’T BE A MEAN BITCH and support that bean) because liam is doing songs for someone else. and he’s building a name for himself apart from that one guy from one direction.

and it’s ok. and it’s fucking working. you know why? because even though you guys were NASTY when strip that down was released, buying other artists singles and low rating it, it’s still the most successful single from a current one direction member. and that’s the truth.

you supporting lima is good? is! and you should! because he deserve it. but it’ll be a hit if you keep being the fucker you are being or not.

why some teens believe everything the light of their internet-capable device touches is their kingdom

(‘what about that shadowy place over there?’

‘that’s pornhub, simba. you must never go there.’)

we all see plenty of posts about how adults on the internet need to remember that ‘kids’ (read: teens) are around and we must bear that in mind. and these posts are not entirely without merit. It’s important to keep conversations being held with teens carefully teen-friendly and appropriately distant. but the entirety of tumblr and twitter aren’t designed to cater to the safety of minors, and all the adult self-policing in the world won’t make all the kid-unfriendly content go away.

not all teens believe the internet should have gutter bumpers for them, either. but those that do have mystified me for a while … until I started to understand just how pervasive ‘helicopter parenting’ is in parts of American (and UK) culture, and how that affects the adolescents and young adults of today.

anonymous asked:

a thing worth noting re anyone who pulls the ‘you can’t blacklist on mobile, minors can still see it’ thing to say even tagged content isn’t okay: even if washboard didn’t exist, the tumblr app is rated 17/18+ in app stores. if people under that age get on the app and see things they shouldn’t, that’s on them and their parents/guardians, because they shouldn’t actually have been using the app in the first place.


Honestly, though, the argument has moved past this in some ways. It’s not so much about whether or not teenagers are allowed to see this thing or that thing; it’s a well-known fact that most teenagers will break rules if it suits them and they can get away with it, and internet time is a prime space wherein they can do so.

What’s happened is that some adolescents - teens with parents that are overly protective and crowd their schedules with supervised activities, usually - have been taught by their life experience that:

  • all adults in their vicinity are there to protect them. and no wonder: the large majority of their contact with adults will have been as supervisors. Teachers, teacher assistants, instructors, daycare employees, and coaches are all adults who are paid to watch their activity and will be held responsible for the teen’s wellbeing by their guardians. when have they ever spent time with adults who aren’t in charge of making sure they’re safe?
  • any space they are in will be designed and maintained with their safety and comfort in mind (no matter how they obtained access). all spaces they enter are specifically meant to revolve around them: schools, sports, playgrounds, etc. The few occasions that they have to enter spaces not meant specifically for them (stores, etc) they are closely watched by adults and any harm they experience will be blamed on adults as a result.
  • if they can get access, it must be a space that’s safe for them. Having spent very little of their lives unsupervised, they have always been actively prevented from entering spaces that are not meant for them. They’ve never had to learn to set boundaries for themselves, so they naturally reason that if a boundary is not actively enforced, it must actually be a space they’re meant to enter.
  • they are not responsible for themselves. adults around them are responsible for them. if they come to harm, it’s because an adult wasn’t doing their job properly.

for teens of this mindset, ‘18+ ONLY’ warnings are merely a suggestion. Nobody is stopping them, after all, and it has never been their job to stop themselves. and if they can get access, the space is now theirs - because all spaces they are in are theirs. they couldn’t get there unless it was meant for them; that’s how it works, right?

This is why some teens are utterly flabbergasted by the idea that adults on the internet want to interact with fellow adults on an adult level in a space the teen can access. They’re here! That means the space is specifically meant to cater to them! The adults are automatically tasked with their safety! If teens do get into trouble, it’s because the adults weren’t responsible enough! that’s how this has always worked.

And when adults say ‘no, I do not take responsibility for your actions, the internet is full of things that may frighten or harm you and you must set your own boundaries,’ it’s distressing and scary all at once.

(no wonder so many people in their late teens/early 20′s want to still be considered as children.)

EDIT (10/9/2017, 4 days after originally posting): if you’re seeing this post in its original form, I hope you’ll read some of the excellent reblogs disagreeing with it. I think that this post kind of misses the point, which is: some of it may be emotionally invaded teens, but some is just that teens who grew up around this kind of behavior from their parents and adults have learned that they can use their minor status as a kind of power play and thus stand up to demand coddling in fandom spaces.

the culprit that I still maintain is the heart of the problem is the structure of sites like tumblr and twitter, which knocked down all barriers and moderation in fandom and made fandom feel chaotic and uncontrollable. we’re all looking for ways to control our experience in an environment of this kind; some find it by demanding others change what they produce, and others do it by curating what what they see of the production of others. this post doesn’t reflect that well, however, and I apologize for talking down to teenagers who have the agency to think for themselves no matter how their parents behaved. 

Okay but if Jem Carstairs can be a good and kind person after being tortured nearly to death and being fatally ill for years after because of that, and hearing his parents scream for him whilst they were being tortured to death and then living in a place with a girl who hated them all, and a boy who tried to get everyone to hate him, then a girl who he is in love with, having the knowledge that he’d die before his time and never be able to live the entirety of his life with her, all whilst helping defeat the antagonists and never, ever complaining, then anyone can be a good and kind person too.


Long post but here it goes. The story here goes:

I was on a vacation in Montenegro with a friend of mine. We were waiting for a bus to take us to the main bus station so that we could reserve bus tickets for the trip back home. Two buses passed us, one empty that didn’t stop for us, and one also empty but didn’t stop where we needed to go. So by that time we were waiting for an hour and a half, and both had to use the restroom, but neither willing to go to the restaurant across the street in case the bus arrives and we weren’t there to get on it. Finally my friend goes bored and says

“I swear if the bus doesn’t arrive in the next minute I might actually die of boredom.”

Now being a huge greek mythology nerd and fan of Percy Jackson, I often joked that I am a child of Hermes; despite my favourite god being Apollo. I turn to my friend and say something like

“I could pray to Hermes?”

and so I did. I said something along the lines like, “Hermes, patron god of travelers and anyone who uses roads, I, your child, need your assistance. I apologise for ever wanting Apollo as a father. My friend and I need a bus to go from point A to point B. Can you please send us a ride. Cause we also need to pee really bad.”


The bus was full but it drove to the destination we needed to be so we got in. We both stood by the door, unable to move foward cause of the crowd. On the next bus stop a woman got off and vacant a seat. None of the passangers that were previously standing wanted to occupy the said seat, and I felt a bit guilty taking it since I just got on the bus. Another woman compelled me to sit down, and when I did I could have sworn that the bus driver winked at me at the rear view mirror. I convinced myself I was imagining it, cause the old man winking at me would cross to the creepy line. There was an old woman standing behind me, so I offered her the seat but she refused saying she was getting off soon. She in fact got off on the same stop I did, about 20ish minutes later.

Meanwhile my friend still stood by the door, in the crowd. 15 minutes into the bus ride two seats next to each other become vacant, so my friend and I occupy them. We both comment how the weird the bus felt. A woman, we now believe is a monster, cursed on the bus driver, saying he didn’t know where he was driving. The driver kept looking at me in the rear view mirror. The bus passed the heard of cows (which isn’t that unusual for that area…but still). So on, and so on. Both of us keep quiet, whispering how the ride felt weird, but not really saying why.

Finally we arrive at our destination. Because when we got on the bus there was a huge crowd inside it we weren’t able to pay for the ride while getting onto the bus, so we had to pay when we got off. The only problem was we didn’t know the price. Bus fairs weren’t consistent. It varied from the destination to destinations and from the bus line to bus line. We had to ask the driver to bill us. I decided I should do it, but was unable because passangers refused to get off until i got off so I couldn’t talk to the driver. My friend stayed behind on the bus to ask the driver for the price and he only responded with “3€”.

That could have ment 3€ for both of us or 3€ for each of us. Since my friend only had paper bills I pulled out 3 coins worth together 6€, in case its 3€ for each of us. I gave 6€ to the driver and go back to my friend, when the driver comes back opens my friends wallet and puts 2 coins in it before handing it back. He gave me a knowing wink, and disappeared into the crowd. My friend opend the wallet and we found that two extra coins worth together 4€. Meaning that no matter how much the actual bus fair was, the driver gave us almost free ride for both of us, or one got a free ride while the other got a discount.

We are still convinced that Hermes himself gave us a ride.

List of things I want to see in Voltron:

  • Ponytail Keith
  • Confirmed last names
  • Hunk gets recognized as more than just the food guy
  • Hunk and Shay reunite and are supportive and wonderful people to each other
  • Shiro gets a fuckin nap
  • Allura and Lance become good friends
  • They actually show Hunk and Lance being best friends
  • Keith gets to talk about his emotions
  • Shiro and Keith let their walls down and goof off with their friends
  • Lance gets a self-esteem boost
  • Nonbinary Pidge
  • Gay Keith (even if never in a relationship - just Gay Keith)
  • Coran is the Supportive Alien Uncle who cares about their emotions
  • Lance and Keith side in an argument against Shiro
  • Kaltenecker comes back
  • Lance does face masks with someone on the team
  • Paladin sleepover
  • Pidge and Lance play video games together
  • Somebody hugs Keith
  • Paladin: *finds Matt* Matt! Thank God! We have to get you back to the ship! Pidge will be dying to see you!
    Matt: Who’s Pidge
    Paladin: Your sister?
    Matt: My sister’s name is Katie
    Paladin: Who the fuck is Katie
  • Somebody else wears their lion slippers
  • Some alien: *positively responds to Lance flirting*
    *Lance.exe has stopped responding*
  • Shiro accidentally references a meme
    Cut to the dawning comprehension on Lance’s face

Adhd/Executive Dysfunction Gothic

- You are standing in the bathroom. How long has it been? 30 seconds? 20 minutes? You turn the handle slowly and go about your day. Try to forget the time you can’t remember.

- You say something. Someone responds, but you don’t know what they’re talking about. They look at you questioningly. You have no memory of what you just said.

- You think you’re going back your old elementary school, but when you walk in, there’s just two recordings playing on repeat. One says “Not working to full potential. Not working to full potential. Not working to full potential.” The other says “Organization needs improvement. Organization needs improvement”. You have been in this room for years.

- You’re sitting in class. It is interesting. The teacher is good. Suddenly you can’t stop fidgeting. You feel like you’re going to scream, but you make no sound. You need to leave. NOW. Before you smash your desk to pieces.

- You are sad. So so so so so so sad. Wait. You are ok. You are happy. You are angry. You are bored. You are so so so so so so sad. You are happy. It’s been half an hour

- You are exhausted. You can barely lift your head, but your leg keeps bouncing. It’s using energy you don’t have. You don’t know where it’s getting it from.

- You think you’re doing well in a class. There’s a nagging thought in the back of your mind. When’s the last time you did homework? You check your grade. It’s a D.

- Everyday, you think to do the same thing when you get home. It’s been weeks. You still haven’t done it. You wonder if your house is messing with your mind. You think to do something about it, but when you walk throuh your front door, you forget.

- It’s 1:45. You need to get on the bus at 2. You check the clock. 1:45. You check the clock. 1:45. You check the clock. 1:46. You stop checking for a few minutes. You check again. It’s 2:01. The bus is gone.

Sooo… I went out for dinner & drinks with my new roommate today, and she only speaks English, so:

me: *talks to her in english*

me: *turns to the bartender and orders in spanish*

bartender: *laughs* whoa, I wasn’t expecting that southern spanish accent from someone speaking english so well, such a contrast *laughs more*

me: *laughs as well* 

and that’s it. roommate and i go sit and have dinner and bartender’s shift ends and we continue eating and don’t think a thing of it.

except then we go out

it’s been at least half an hour

and he’s standing there by the door, waiting for us to come out

and then he smiles shyly and hands me his phone number written on a pink post-it note

he’s very, very cute.