I’m gonna need the entire Arrowverse fandom to stop saying Sara Lance having a crush on Kara Danvers in the crossover is “queerbaiting.”

Queerbaiting is when writers throw queer subtext in as a joke between straight characters without any intention of follow-through. It treats queer sexuality as misappropriated “edginess” at best - as a way of having your diversity cake and eating it too - and as a punchline at worst. It’s there only to bait people who are interested in seeing explicit LGBT representation, but without the intention of ever delivering any.

A bisexual woman crushing on an ostensibly straight woman is not queerbaiting. It’s queer subtext, and it is still valid LGBT representation.

Straight people have unrequited crushes all the time, too. Sometimes you’re attracted to people who don’t feel the same way. That’s just life. This actually happens to Kara all the time - people want to be with her and she isn’t interested back. (See also: Schlott Jr, Winn.)

LGBT characters’ stories are allowed to have hits and misses just like everyone else. That’s still representation. And honestly, just because a lot of people find Sara hot doesn’t mean it’s an insult if Kara doesn’t.

I commissioned some amazing artwork from the one and only @smartchocobear She was a complete delight to work with, If you guys and amazing artwork done by an amazing artist, I highly recommend her. 

Sasuke and Sakura were waiting for Kakashi and Naruto. At first Sasuke was really frustrated because they had been waiting for over 30 minutes so he and Sakura sat under a nearby tree.

 After an hour of waiting  “Sasuke-kun…I’m going to rest my eyes for a bit, wake me up if they show up.” Soon after, she was asleep, Sasuke noticed that she was slumped in a very uncomfortable position. “Tch, Annoying girl” Sasuke said to himself as he repositioned himself behind her so that she can rest on his chest. “She smells so good” he thought, “her hair is so pink, how is this natural?” as he picked up a few strands. Sasuke couple feel his face getting warmer, “Shit, why am I acting this way? Sakura’s just a fan girl…right?” he thought to himself. He began to think about the land of waves, and how she was crying on his chest. He remembered how beautiful she looked with her hair all over the place and with such a look of relief on her face.

“Maybe she’s not just a fan girl…” As he held those strands to his mouth and smiled ever so slightly.

I Am Done For.

angsty fic things

when the character is pining so HARD over their best friend 

who they just KNOW is in love with someone else 

and they’re too blind to see 

that the someone else 

is actually just them

and they waste so much time pining when they could just be in LOVE

If you're new to the classic rock fandom...

…do yourself a favour and retreat at once. Don’t create a blog or talk to anyone before arming yourself with knowledge. Being a fan is not about having fun and liking a thing and meeting others who also like the thing in order to have a great time with them - no. Being a fan, a TRUE fan is hard work. A doctor’s degree? Nothing against being a FAN!!!1!! If you don’t know the blood type of the bassist’s cousin’s friend or the name of the pet goldfish of the singer’s mom’s preschool teacher then you’re not a true fan. You’re unworthy.

…or so it seems lately which makes me feel ashamed to be part of the Zep fandom.
I mean, grow up folks! None of you was born knowing everything about your favourite band. Everyone starts somewhere. I could play the Rain Song before knowing Bonzo’s real name. Bands, music and being a fan is supposed to be fun, not some sick cult with ranks that are determined by useless knowledge about the band. The most popular songs and stories are popular because people like them, so liking them is not a sin, it’s pretty common - but oh, I get it. A true fan is no common person. They’re better.

Minghao takes his giant pup for a walk

 hi guys i saw this a while ago and i really felt like drawing it even though ive never done anything like this before.. 

this is my first comic ever and the art style is different from my usual also im a super beginner at colouring so forgive my mistakes T^T (btw this is my halloween url, i am @seokrneme usually)

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What's a psat?

the PSAT is a test that you’re able to take in highschool that is supposed to prepare you for the SAT that you take in your senior year! sometimes it’s required (like it was for me this year pbbttt) and sometimes it’s optional


(Inktober #7)


Ok It’s 1 am and I am getting VERY NOSTALGIC about this certain day so I’m just going to share a few pictures I took and note how I could only afford the cheapest seats BUT during the encore we managed to sneak in to the most expensive area and we got like THIS CLOSE to David and I am pretty sure I died there and what I am currently perceiving as “the rest of my life” is not real. Also his car drove right past us after the show.

Someone hold me I watched the Conjuring 2 and now I’m just downstairs in the dark while my parents go off to bed. T.T 

i finished stranger things in less than 24 hrs and honestly i would not have survived it without @her-misplaced-wings who let me yell and cry at her while i watched THANK YOU AZ ILYSM 

but really idk what to do with myself now?????
i neeeeed season two
until then… i’m gonna rewatch season one over and over