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What kind of couple do you think Louis and Harry are?

Based on their tattoos and songs about each other and watching them all this time, I would say they’re madly in love, slightly possessive, mildly obsessive, they’re the kind that tease and bicker and agree to disagree and banter endlessly, they never go to sleep without saying I love you, kisses hello and goodbye are mandatory no matter if it’s in person or over the phone, absence has made their hearts grow fonder and stronger, they hold hands across the table, under the table, walking to bed, just because they can, the tattoos were a way to carry each other with them mentally, the rings made it physical, they are romantic cliches and fates greatest story, they are the song “I want to grow old with you”, they’re two boys who fell in love and still look at each other the same way they did at 16 and 18.

Okay so I was in French class once and this guy was being really annoying and I wanted to flip him off but the teacher was standing right behind him, so I bit my thumb at him and he was like Did you just your thumb at me??? and I just said No sir I do not bit my thumb at you sir but I bit my thumb sir! and then I started cackling madly in the middle of class and to this day I find that exchange to be my greatest accomplishment in life

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do you ever think how often louis tells harry 'you're so beautiful'? like every time harry fixes his hair louis smiles and looks at harry and says 'you're so beautiful babe' :(

there’s early mornings, where Louis is watching Harry sleep and lightly tracing his soft cheeks and nose, whispering to himself how beautiful Harry is, and when he makes a faint little smile, Louis is content enough to snuggle back into him and pull him close to his chest and doze off again.

at mid afternoon when Harry’s puttering around their yard, humming a familiar melody, something Louis was working on the night before when he thought Harry was out for a bit but clearly he was sneakily listening in, Louis calls out from the open patio door, “hey beautiful,” and Harry’s looks back with an arched eyebrow and Louis just smiles and shakes his head, “that’s all.”

and at midnight under the glow of a full moon; when it’s just the beat of their hearts and rustling sheets and yards of heated skin and familiar touches that make them moan each other’s names, Louis pauses for a moment to thumb a bead of sweat off his neck, his fingers tangled in a mess of curls, his eyes roaming everywhere because he doesn’t know where to look, finally panting out, “fuck you’re so beautiful.”

of course he also fits them into every other hour of the day as well. He can’t help himself. That’s his beautiful baby.


So. Air and I got a tattoo tonight!

And I was terrified. let me tell you, it hurt so god damn much. And I’m afraid of needles so just keep that in mind.

Air and I both got these tattoos for multiple reasons. So before I hear any “omg you’ll regret that” “what, omg its just snk omg chk” Let me explain a thing.

The Wings of Freedom are from Attack on Titan. and even if it is technically a fandom tattoo, I really enjoy the meaning behind the wings.

For me, the wings of freedom represent fighting for the right to live. The idea that in order to really love your life and be free to be who you are, you have to struggle. Everything gets better. So this tattoo really reminds me that life wasn’t always as good as it is now. And it helps remind me to be grateful for what i have.

For Air, the wings are a symbol of freedom from the life he was trapped in. Before he moved here he was caged in a toxic environment that he was so desperate to try to find his way out, to freedom. He wanted something to show his fight through the years, his fight for his freedom.

These tattoos were planned for a while now and we’ve really wanted them. So in a way, Air and I getting these tattoos is also kinda representative of us becoming friends and eventually boyfriends.

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ok but do you have an headcanon for the first time they said 'i love you' to each other

Harry was prone to getting stage fright quite a bit, so I imagine before the first live show Louis pulled him aside and held his hands; kissing his palms to soothe him and starts with “remember how I got your autograph? Because I knew you’d make it. You’re a star, Haz, my star, and no matter what happens I’m going to be with you until the end” and Harry is staring at him wide eyed and nodding “Okay, Lou, okay” and he smiles and leans in to place a soft kiss on his lips and whispers “I love you” and Harry laughs with a sniffle “You couldn’t have told me after, I’m going to cry again” but kisses him for a good minute, mumbling “I love you too” into each one.

And that’s why before each concert they make sure to kiss each other.

It’s tradition.

She put our cups of coffee on the table and you started to pour milk and sugar in yours. You both stared at me as I didn’t move. “You drink it black?” You looked surprised.
Yes, I nodded. But I don’t. I was just too anxious to draw the attention to me.
—  Anxiety is not doing things because you’re too scared to do it. Even the small things.

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How do you think is Harry and Louis' morning routine, who goes in the shower first ? Or do they share the shower ?

When they have the time they spend it cuddling in bed, with louis curled around harry, kissing his neck and back and giggling when wispy curls tickle his nose, and the lower louis’ hand gets on harry’s stomach the breathier their laughs get, and soon cuddling turns into slow love making to the same rhythm as the rain beating against their window and after they lay there catching their breath and harry rolls over to kiss a smile into louis’ lips and whispers a request “wash my hair”, so eventually they stumble into the bathroom and fill up the tub because they have the time to linger in a warm bath, and share lazy soapy kisses as louis gently threads his fingers through wet curls and this is how they hope to spend most mornings, as opposed to the ones where they have rushed showers and share a hesitant kiss, and apologize for not having enough time to just enjoy each other.

So, this is their favorite morning routine.

so at school today, there was this teacher me and my friend had never seen before, probably a sub, who looked exactly like the 9th Doctor. My friend approached him and asked him “Have you watched Doctor Who?” and he smiled and chuckled a little, and said “yeah, yeah I know I look like him,” and we stood in shock as he walked away.

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Can u do a bedtime ritual headcannon if u haven't already

The nightly ritual involves a variety of expensive creams and washes as they scrub their faces and bump hips and smile at each other in the mirror and even though Louis has his own sink he budges his way into Harry’s because he wants a minty kiss or two, and after they’re done he squeezes Harry’s hand and pulls him into the bedroom and pushes him onto the plush comforter and just lays on top of him for a minute because it’s quiet and peaceful here in their room with the curtains shut tight and soft music floating around them and those silly candles Harry has such an affection for, and Harry’s stroking his hands up and down his back rhythmically and kissing the top of his head and he just sighs and closes his eyes because in a few minutes they will crawl under the covers and he will spoon Harry like he’s done every night they’ve been together for the last five years and how he will keep doing for 70 more.

Otakon SnK Pool Party

As the only man present, Jean felt obliged to show off for all the 104th ladies and attempted doing handstands.

He completely Kirschsteined it up and forgot he couldn’t breathe under water, and nearly drowned himself in the process.

SnK-Ladies: “You alright there, horse-boy?!”

Jean: [coughing] [thumbs up]

SnK-Ladies: “But are you okay, Jean?”

Jean: [still coughing] “I’m cool. Did you see me do a flip?!”

Sasha: “Seriously though, do you need help?”

Jean: [coughing] “I could use some mouth-to-mouth from Mikasa … ”

Annie: “Jean, I think it’s time for you to get out of the pool and take a time-out." 

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Do you ever think about the first time they cuddled? Like flirty x-factor cuddling on that twin bed. Just talking about how excited they were to be put together as a band, like it was fate or something? Harry's head on Louis' chest, Louis with his fingers in Harry's frizzy curls. 😂😁😢😥😭

All the xfactor cuddling, which obviously started at the bungalow.

The two of them a piling together on a chair by the fire, with harry automatically fitting himself into louis’ lap like he was always meant to be there; sharing stories about the gigs they’ve been to and staring at each other in awe when they figure out they were at the same one. If they hold hands and sneak shy smiles at each other for the rest of the night, well, who can blame them really.

Twin bed make out sessions that they think no one knows about, but their flushed faces and misbuttoned clothes tell a different story. They roll their eyes and wave it off, but later that night climb in bed together anyways, with harry flopping onto louis’ chest because he knows that he’ll get his hair pet at this angle. Sure enough, louis dives right in, petting the curls and looping them around his fingers, which has harry shaking his head with a smile, “you’re obsessed with my hair,” and louis shrugs, looking at him with a soft smile of his own, “more like obsessed with you, love.”

The chorus of, ‘we knows!’ makes them laugh, but doesn’t stop them.

And still hasn’t til this very day.