Tbh, there needs to be a website where musicians can share fingerings, bowings, etc. for excerpts and solo rep. where you can just go through and find your piece and look at what everyone else has done with their parts. 

I mean, yes, doing your own fingerings is great practice, but sometimes it’s nice to have other ideas to go to. Your way is not always the best way.

Guys I could really use some prayer.

Today included: 

  • Finding out my grandfather is moving to hospice care. He has liver failure, and I suspect may only have a few days left.
  • Trying to finish residency (oh yeah - Graduation was this weekend and tomorrow is the big day!).
  • Getting my new schedule built with my new office, which I am less than thrilled to be working at and only reluctantly signed a contract for 2 weeks ago. 
  • trying to get incompetent lady to call me back about doing moonlighting shifts at urgent care so I can pay my bills in my month without a paycheck before I start said new job.
  • Getting a phone call out of the blue from my favorite physician on earth offering me an awesome job. Now I have to consider breaking my current contract, selling my house, moving, and starting a new job in about 6 months.

Tomorrow will include:

  • Finishing residency (AKA turning in office keys)
  • driving 6 hours to the homeland to see granddaddy. 
  • Mom:*comes into my room* Hey go drive 15 minutes to the nearest minimart and buy me a pop
  • Me:Uh..... no?
  • Mom:Why?
  • Me:Well one, pop's really bad for you-
  • Mom:*chuckling sarcastically* You just don't wanna move!
  • Me:I'm about to run for twenty minutes, you're the one who doesn't wanna move.

Can Vanessa get Ethan to confide in her over their shared darkness? (x)

friendly reminder that dana scully was born in 1964, clarice starling was born in 1963, and both of them attended the FBI academy in Quantico probably around the same time. 

eugeniedanglars replied to your post: that was the worst hour of television …

what did they doooo (I am weak and would not live through watching so)

god i didn’t answer this initially because i was like “i’m inevitably going to write angry and needlessly verbose meta about this in two days” but i think i might actually not

because it’s not super worth it

but anyway they just … realized all their latent potential for wetly befouling stephen’s storyline, and i know that sounds difficult, given how hard they were already leaning on that particular capacity, but it was like in a shounen series, when during the climactic battle the protagonist discovers a whole new dimension to his previously merely outrageous magical powers

of racism. i guess.

hahahaha i’m sorry that’s very slightly hyperbolic and not that helpful. um. they made it so that gilbert norrell had to explain to him that he could use the forces of english magic to kill the gentleman; they had him … be shot by lascelles and then resurrected by the gentleman, for Artistic Parallels To vinculus + john uskglass, because stephen too is obviously someone’s dancing exposition device and best serves the plot as a passive vessel for various other characters’ injections of energy (note that there’s ofc no sequence in which the land offers itself to him, jstrange and norrell just forcibly pump him full of magic like we’re talking the fucking buffy finale or something). also, they may or may not have implied that he was crushed in the collapse of lost-hope that followed on thistledown’s death; when he killed the gentleman he got to excitingly shout “i am the nameless slave AND I ANSWER TO NO MASTER NOW,” wow, empowering, this certainly is what i would write an essay about if life were not finite; the entire scene of the gentleman’s destruction happened in the background of strange kissing the sentience back into his wife

that’s not even touching on the part early on where stephen has to go to adaptation jail, following in the illustrious footsteps of jonathan strange, vinculus, and loras tyrell, because why depict the ubiquitous environmental racism that poisoned stephen’s life when you COULD make it look like he gave up on england because of a set of specific, plot-related misunderstandings between him and other (sympathetic!!) named characters

oh my god i’m still so mad. this was not a clear explanation. which i regret but i’m not sure one can give a clear explanation of The Wash

“I think Hiro would look really cute in the cat-boy waiter outfit my aunt made me wear sometimes on special occasions when I worked at her café.” - Tadashi

Excerpt from “The One Time We Agreed to Fred’s Plan (It was a Crazy Idea)


Please avoid using a few-second GIF of a guard show to downplay the complexity of the entire performance. I see things like “oh I could march this, it’s only a _____” every now and then – even if you are the best performer in the world, it’s still kind of rude. Sometimes the best design option for the moment is just the “easy” way out.

On the other hand, it’s great to see people use the GIFs as inspiration for new skills to learn. Learning is always good! Learn all the things.


I know it’s silly,
but my favorite song 
brings back memories 
of things that never happened, 
but could have, 
and maybe it’s just 
knowing there was potential
for a different outcome 
than the one that drove 
me to drown my sorrow 
in the song in the first place.

On second thought, I’ve accepted that my main emotion is Joy. My mom is insistent in any case and I do dance around and sing far too often for someone whose main emotion is disgust or fear.

And I can be in whatever I choose (“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.”) so I’ll be a Hufflepuff too if I damn well please!!

I can be the happy me I try to be~