I’m always a bit hesitant when I’m asked to write reviews for films from other industries because I’ve always felt like I’ve only really had the authority to write about films in my own language. And I’d rather not insult a whole industry because my perception of cinema is completely different. Nonetheless, I did it anyway because not only is this a Telugu movie, it is very much an ‘Indian’ movie- the Telugu industry has the largest claim on it but it is now part of Indian cinematic history.  It is important to note however, that when I watch a movie produced by another industry I go in with a completely different set of expectations, a completely different mindset. Every industry is wonderfully different, from what their commercial sensibilities are to what they find ‘good acting’. : 

  • That being said, no matter what mindset you’re in, you will find Baahubali an epic. In every sense of the word. You will be in awe of the art design, the cinematography, the CGI, the direction. You will be in awe of Indian cinema’s ability to make something this grand. It truly is a piece of landmark film-making in Indian cinema history. 
  • Only someone like Rajamouli could pull off something like this, so he deserves several rounds of applause. His entire team does. The cast does as well. The Telugu industry surely has a lot to be proud of.
  • I loved it a lot. I wanted to run out of the theatre and watch the next part straight away. Partly because I’m a sap for historical fiction and partly because Rajamouli manages to keep your blood racing throughout.
  • However, there are some things that kept gnawing at me, things that I thought should have have been avoided/changed for a film that is set to represent India on the international stage. Some things that make you shift in your seat a little. 

But yes, everything below is purely my opinion.
P.S: I watched the Tamil dubbed version because  it’s the most available version on screen in Australia for some reason and it’s the version I don’t particularly needs subs for- although they do help. When I talked to a Telugu friend who has seen both Telugu and Tamil she said that the dubbing makes it a completely different movie (’like they didn’t really care when they were dubbing’). Now  I’m not particularly fond of the dubbing either but I didn’t have much of a problem with it. I hope it hasn’t impacted my impression of the movie too much. You can be the judge of that.

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If Windows 10 made it so your backlit keyboard settings can’t be cycled through with the function key, go into your BIOS settings and manually change the keyboard light setting to whatever you prefer. I just suffered two days without my laptop’s beautifully backlit keyboard, and I assure you had I known I wouldn’t be able to turn it on, I would never have disabled it the night before “upgrading.”

But yeah, simple as that, just go into the BIOS settings. Simple. So easy of a solution anyone could think of it without taking multiple hours to try anything else first.


derkhales​ asked: Sterek or Allydia

O R A N G E  &  B L U E,  not a good combination….. 
         Sometimes there’s other things you wouldn’t think would be a good                                                combination, end up turning out to be a    p e r f e c t   c o m b i n a t i o n.
                                                        … you know? Like… two people…  t o g e t h e r .

The signs + terrible things they actually like

Aries: drama
Taurus: foggy days
Gemini: Internet Explorer
Cancer: the smell of gasoline
Leo: strapless bras
Virgo: pantyhose
Libra: knee high socks
Scorpio: garters
Sagittarius: dirty old sneakers
Capricorn: Kendrick Lamar
Aquarius: wearing socks to bed
Pisces: daddy kinks

i LIVE for the pictures of gerard where hes in all black and looks so emo and out of place in a totally normal setting. 2002-mall-goth-teen-forced-to-go-outside-by-his-mom-era gerard is the best.


And this? Ragnar gave me this.