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Do you know what is the best thing about having a terrible memory? I can literally read all of your stories again like its the first time❤❤❤

This is the cutest thing I’ve ever read 😂☺️😘🌸💞

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Idk but they would guilt me into things and by the end of what I guess I would vaguely consider a relationship I was exhausted and made to believe that everything I said or did was wrong and assumed I knew we broke up before telling me about their new relationship I wasn't even allowe d to be upset with them because they played the victim and aaaand they wanted me to try to be friends with this person needless to say I was heartbroken and cried about it for days sorry to dump all this on you...

It’s not a problem m'dude, it’s good to let these things out. That sounds terrible and I’m really sorry you had to go through that. I’m glad that you can acknowledge that it was their fault and not yours though! That’s progress!
My messages are open if you ever want to talk.

Time slows down for you when you are in danger. The greater the danger, the more time you have to work things out. A terrible car accident once gave you almost a minute to react. Time has nearly stopped for you for subjective months now, and you still don’t know why.

It was on the fifth of August when I saw that look in your eyes, the very same look I had been dreaming of for God knows how long. It was pouring when you reached out to pat my hand and hold it, just to tell me that things were not as terrible as they were in my head. It was until I saw the gentle smile on your face, and realized how lonely I was.
—  Lukas W. // 5th of August

Caption: Hey my bruh to whom I do not have any sexual attraction lemme just look at your lips with utmost concentration while you talk dangerously close to me but mofftiss said no homo

Caption : Hey my flatmate whom I just met Lemme look at you like you are the best piece of candy I have ever seen and lemme make a face like I wanna give you a blowjob right here but mofftiss said no homo

Harry Potter Fic Recs

So I heard a call a while back for good Harry Potter fic, which is…kind of murderously difficult to find due to the sheer volume involved.  I can’t say I’ve made any significant dent in searching for the stuff, because it’s fucking exhausting, but I do have some favorites that I cherish dearly. And being an extremely picky reader, hopefully this list will be helpful to others as well.

So. Fic recs.  Yes.

Anything, anything at all, by @copperbadge; he hasn’t been in the fandom for years, but his oldies are definitely goodies.  Stealing Harry is something of a fandom classic and really good for comfort reading, starting as it does on the happy ending and moving from there.  My personal favorite is Cartographer’s Craft, however, which is just full of wonderful things.

Anything, literally anything, by @lullabyknellart.  She has multiple long, chaptered fics in progress, and while it takes a while for her to update when she does it is glorious.  Personal favorites include face death in the hope (time-travel, Regulus Black, and emotional-disaster Harry), and into the arena with your head held high (Harry and genderfluid godkid Teddy time-travel from apocalyptic future to non-apocalyptic past and proceed to fuck shit up).

@deadcatwithaflamethrower, because she is the bomb, delightfully prolific, and produces moving, emotionally and intelluctually rich fic while making it look easy, what the fuck woman.  She also has a “I will take a hammer and fix the canon” approach to just about anything while managing to make it all jive with the original.  Current works in the fandom are Swung By Serafim (complete, gorgeous, with the book-length epilogue that we all deserved) and work-in-progress Of a Linear Circle, which is a beautiful romance and also chock full of interesting medieval facts and “hammer to canon” fixits.

@waspabi has two excellent fics (I have not read the third because it’s rpf, but go check it if that’s your thing) in the fandom: Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run, which is exactly as amazing as it sounds (” ‘You’re a wizard, Harry’ is easier to hear from a half-giant when you’re eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you’re seventeen and late for work ”); and Stately Homes of Wiltshire, a post-canon fic where Harry is an Auror and, as anyone else could see coming, Hates His Job (but won’t admit it).  Also there are poltergeists.  Both are Drarry fics, but even if that’s not your thing I’d give it a go because @waspabi‘s Draco is unlike anyone else’s Draco, ever, and has rendered me nearly incapable of enjoying any other Draco because no one else’s can compare.

Aeturnum’s Leo Inter Serpentes series, which is just…so excellent.  Rewrite of the whole series with Harry being in Slytherin, because Draco is significantly less of a dick.  Narcissa is bomb-ass and divorces Lucius and Hermione is amazing and Snape adopts Harry and is a Good Dad, I cried okay, I cried.  Everyone is so in character and it’s so well done and just.  I inhaled the whole thing in two days, it was terrible.  Only other Drarry I will ever accept.

@ink-splotch (dirgewithoutmusic)’s boy with a scar series.  It’s a collection of stories, mostly au’s, including “Neville/Ron/Hermione are the Boy/Girl-who-lived”, Girl!Harry (once dfab, once trans), “what if Snape made up with Lily”, and many, many more.  All are absolute gems, seriously, beautiful fucking writing, will kill you with so many feels.  So. Many.  Read them all.  You will cry.  You will be happy about it.

esama is an excellent author and writes many, many things, not all of which are everyone’s cup of tea, but each fic is unique unto itself so keep that in mind when scrolling their work.  Just because you don’t like one doesn’t mean you won’t love another.  My personal favorites include D.S.S. Requirement (the Room of Requirement provides a spaceship.  No, really), Undone Wars (excellent crossover with Stargate Atlantis), and Mother May I, a Fantastic Beasts fic in which Newt recognizes Credence as an Obscurial on sight and basically adopts/kidnaps all the Barebone children immediately and forever.

And no Harry Potter fic rec from me would be complete without metisket’s side-splittingly funny There May Be Some Collateral Damage.  It’s a crossover with Bleach, but no knowledge of Bleach is required to thoroughly enjoy this ridiculous piece of perfection.  Seriously, I went into knowing that Bleach existed and what the main character looked like.  Basically, Voldemort is deemed a grim reaper’s problem, Harry Potter becomes designated bait, and chosen for his bodyguard is the most reasonable maniac you will ever meet.  Ichigo crashes through Hogwarts like a wrecking ball, everyone either hates or loves him (or in Harry’s case both), the twin’s perspective is entirely written in the plural and you will laugh every other sentence, I guarantee.  Hate prophecies? Hate Umbridge? Need cheering up?  Want to stab Voldemort with a dinner knife?  This is the fic for you.


So I’ve been trying to complete this one module, and at the beginning theres this town with a tavern. Ive done the beginning with the same dm around three times already, because of various reasons I never gotten far enough to beat the thing because everyone is killed or there isn’t enough of the original players. Every time i started it anew, I made it a joke that every time I go to the tavern I immediately get their best drink. After the first time, my character got stronger feelings of dejavú.
This is what happened the fourth time after we got to the tavern.

Me: I slam my hand down to order their BEST DRINK, but half way, Bronzehart remembers what happened in the past events. He sees Goldhart, the sorcerer, doing the exact same thing, and what terrible things he did in the dungeon.
He sees Silverhart, the Bard, doing the same, and the horrible way he died. He saw Greyhart, the Paladin, and how his faith was lost before he died. He sees himself doing the exact action they took, and looks at his hands in a feeling of helplessness.

Dm: the bartender looks at the cleric and poured his BEST DRINK for the man. He says “You look like you need a drink.”