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Rowling treats her mentally ill characters like crap. Draco Malfoy is one of the only characters to be very explicitly shown to have depression and she treated him like complete trash. Characters who suffer from paranoia are just a punchline to her. Characters who go “crazy” are clearly just evil, because only crazy people do bad things!!!!

Unless, of course, it’s her favourite characters, who somehow manage to go through some ridiculous things (12 years in Azkaban, having to kill the person you love, having all your friends die, literally dying yourself, living with a piece of someone’s soul inside of you, literally being mind controlled by someone) and they all somehow end up as perfectly balanced adults because they’re too strong and pure and kind and perfect to let anything affect them. Silly me. Of course only evil people can be mentally ill. 

A First Time For Everything

What’s that? It’s a ridiculous hour of the night and I have to get up early tomorrow? Time for some self-indulgent Marichat based off this post I made in a feverish delirium last month! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


“We did not make out.”

Marinette, sprawled on her back with her arms tucked behind her head, arched an eyebrow at Chat Noir, who sat crossed-legged against the wall. “We didn’t?”

The bed was a little crowded with the two of them on it, but comfortably so. The cube-shaped lamp on Marinette’s shelf provided the only light in the room. Chat Noir absently scratched her stuffed cat behind the ears. “We kissed, but we weren’t making out,” he said. 

“How were we not making out?” Marinette recalled the kisses they exchanged in the rain. She wondered why her stomach thought it necessary to let loose the butterflies every stinking time—she was dating him, for crying out loud.

Chat lifted a clawed finger as if preparing himself to make a very important point. “It’s my understanding that in order for it to be considered making out, there has to be tongue.”

Marinette pursed her lips. “Huh. I guess that makes some sense.”

“Yup,” Chat said.

She turned her head towards him. A devious smile worked itself up and she bit her bottom lip to subdue it. “Wanna make out?”

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Do you have any advice to make my cat less scared of everything? He gets frightened by the most ridiculous things (ex. the pet sitter we've used since he was a kitten, the remote control, my wallet, his tail, etc.). It doesn't have anything to do with how he was raised because I adopted him with his biological brother who is super outgoing and fearless

Does anyone have any advice for this anon? 

Please reply directly to this question instead of sending me asks with advice, thanks! 

anyway i know tumblr is probably going to do that ridiculous thing w/ tyler posey that happens every time a fave does something remotely Not Cool, where nobody is allowed to like him anymore and anyone still enjoying his content is immediately labeled a Homophobe so this is just a reminder that your faves are allowed to fuck up! It’s ok if you can’t see him the same way anymore and it’s ok if you decide not to interact with his content anymore but its also ok if you ignore this-especially because I have seen so many latinx people excited about a mainstream latinx actor, y’all have no obligation to “cancel” him just because he fucked up. You’re fine.

I usually stray away from conflict, but today, I’m just ashamed by how some people can attack a person online (esp. on anon). What is wrong with a girl shipping herself with an idol? It’s not like she’s being serious, stalking him, or sending him inappropriate messages. I mean, literally no fan is going to actually date him/her in the end + fandoms are supposed to be fun. I’m 100% against bullying, and it’s even more ridiculous when it’s over trivial things like celebs. 

@taevhyung is a kind girl that deserves love just like anyone else. Hurting her behind a monitor doesn’t make someone any better. To be honest, we’re not even close, but I just want to remind everyone to please try and be nice to one another (anon who bashed her: you know who you are - reflect and grow up). 


Listen, as the resident Oldest Living Larrie in this fandom, I have to speak up against these (mostly) young women who stalk the members of One Direction, but especially Harry, and demand and think they’re owed attention for their actions.

NO ONE is asking you or forcing you to spend countless hours and presumably money to follow these guys and wait around outside of sets, stage doors, restaurants, coffee shops, studios, dentist offices, or their spin class.

YOU are responsible for your own poor and delusional decision making.

Unless you paid for a concert ticket and are expecting to hear some lovely singing, the members of One Direction do not owe you anything!

When you demand ridiculous things from celebrities that you stalk, and then throw fits when you are rightly ignored and don’t get your way, you give a bad name to the thousands of loyal, decent fans out there who are loving and respectful.

I absolutely hate that I can and will be associated with deplorable behavior like this from ‘fans’ who absolutely do not and will never represent me or my place in this fandom.

“Chelsea” and all of the rest of these irrational and daft stalkers really need a dose of reality and a swift kick in the ass! Stop making this fandom look ridiculous and senseless! PLEASE.

Also, yeah - Spark is the only guy of the three Team Leaders.

But you know what he also is? 

He’s a guy whose main characteristics, if you look at him and what he values and what he researches, are being kind and nurturing.

Why are we teasing him, infantilising him, and making him out to be some irresponsible person, constantly doing stunts and getting into trouble?

He’s far more likely to be constantly rushed off his feet trying to take care of all these baby Pokemon he’s just hatched, and trying to ensure that there’s a good example for them to follow.

Remember - Candela is the Team Leader of Valor, which is seen as the ‘let’s rush in screaming because we got the POWER YEAHHH’ lot. Why isn’t she seen as doing ridiculous stunts? I’d certainly like to see that. 

Even if she and Spark are doing ridiculous things together, at least that would mean there’s more balance to the teams’ dynamic, and it’s less as though Spark would, if fanon is what’s actually going on, feel like he’s not wanted.

Not in jail - a patient success story

In rural Ontario, many people are arrested for ridiculous things, simply they are a part of (for example) “that Wendt family”. Think being guilty of “walking while black” only it’s because they are poor. 

One of these guys came to me fresh from jail. He was an alcoholic. I asked him why he drank so much when it made him cranky and gave the police another excuse to throw him in jail. He told me it was that he was in a lot of pain, hated his sister in law (was having to live with his brother), and it made him feel normal. I asked which of those was the biggest issue - it was the pain. 

Brought him back in for a pain assessment. Thought a shoulder and knee injection might help. There was so much dense scar tissue over the joints that my needle kept bending. No surgeon would touch either because they were such a disaster. He was happy that someone finally believed that he was in pain. I worked with him every other week to get his pain under control. 

I asked one of our social workers to help him with disability funding. With that he was able to get his own apartment out of town (no one would rent to a Wendt in town). He was ecstatic. Started telling me dirty jokes. Maybe too happy.

Once he was beginning to trust us, I did a psych eval and sent him on to a psychiatrist. His PTSD was recognized and he began being treated appropriately for that. 


He stopped drinking. For more than a year, he stopped. He has a safe place to live. He hasn’t ended up back in jail since I met him. He trusts the medical system - something that he has never experienced before. He feels that he deserves to be treated with respect and has begun to treat others with respect too. 

He is absolutely one of my biggest success stories. Truly, even if it only lasts for a year, a year of good recovery and self respect lays a strong foundation for future success as well. He cried when I left my practice. I cried when I said goodbye to him. 

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I see a lot of people didn't like this week's Boueibu

But between the Italian twins’ horrid accents, the Beppus being extra salty, the ridiculous chest hair thing, the nice animation, and En’s general En-ness the whole episode, I really enjoyed it. I will say I miss a lot of the shippiness, but I also feel like I’d be missing out a bit if they started it up again, since most of my favorite ships involve the Student Council.

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It's just sad man :( why whenever a marvel movie comes out (or about to come out) their fanbase is allowed to celebrate and have a good time? We just want a cinematic universe to ourselves, is that too much to ask for? What have we done to them that we don't have the "right" to have a DC cinematic universe? Even though DC STILL did this idea before marvel with the dcau. Literally like a million other things, DC DID IT BEFORE MARVEL. Smh this whole thing is just ridiculous man.

This whole website is a mess in every fandom. It is annoying.

(Every time I see a post about The Ship That Shall Not Be Named it only fuels my Finnrey fire so have this ridiculously fluffy Modern AU thing)

Rey rests her hands lightly on the metal bar keeping her safely in her seat and cranes her neck to glance down below. Underneath her feet dangling high in the air is a symphony of lights and noises - a variety of bright, eye-popping colors and spunky, bubbly music accompanying the many carnivalesque games scattered below on the wooden pier.

The best sight, however, is not that, nor the vast, immensely dark ocean gleaming under the moonlight. The best sight is Finn, sitting next to her, with a genuine grin plastered onto his face.

He glances over at her, and their eyes lock. His grin grows. “It’s beautiful up here,” He remarks.

Rey leans back into her seat as the Ferris wheel slowly but surely spins. “It is,” she says, but isn’t quite sure whether she’s talking about their surroundings or him.

Finn smiles - the one that does things to her, that makes her stomach flutter and tingle. His attention is diverted, however, when they finally reach the top of the wheel.

“Wow,” they mumble simultaneously, both taken aback by the sheer magnificence of the stars and the moon and the many buildings in the distance.

“Everything looks so…small.” She remarks, studying the sky, soaking in its sheer size and endlessness and beauty.

Finn nods in agreement, but suddenly turns to face her, a little too quickly. He looks nervous, she notes, but before she can ask what’s going on, he’s leaning in, and her heart immediately picks up its pace -

And she leans in eagerly, and now they’re kissing, and wow, it’s warm and gentle and everything she thought it would be, and it’s a little bit clumsy, but she doesn’t care, and she draws her arms around his neck (albeit a bit awkwardly due to the positioning of the safety bar) and pulls him closer because even though they’re sitting leg to leg it still feels like he’s too far away -

She can feel Finn start to smile and it’s contagious, and she starts grinning, and when they finally part, they can’t help staring at each other.

“I was hoping that would be okay,” Finn chuckles breathlessly. “I mean, I probably should’ve asked first, but - ”

Rey rolls her eyes playfully. “Please. That was much more than okay.” Her smile is genuine and appreciative. She squeezes his neck lightly. “I’m glad you did it.”

“Trust me - me too,” Finn says.

This time it’s Rey who leans in - she can’t help herself, he’s intoxicating in an all-too delightful way, with his lips and his smile and the brief whiff of cologne she can smell and - she could go on all night.

He reciprocates eagerly, hands moving to gently stroke her face, and she loves it, much more than she thought she would, not being too fond of physical contact, but with Finn, it’s so different. In a good way. A fantastic way.

When they finally pull apart again, Rey smiles. A soft smile - a gentle smile. “That was nice, too.”

Finn hums his agreement, too busy reveling in her and what just happened to articulate himself.

Rey suddenly pulls away. She furrows her brow and glances back at the ground. They aren’t moving. Ferris wheels typically do pause when carts reach the top, but a pause this lengthy doesn’t seem normal.

“What?” Finn queries.

“Don’t freak out, but…” Rey studies the people beginning to gather at the base of the wheel. “I think we’re stuck.”

Finn blinks. “Are we?” He looks around, genuinely surprised. “I didn’t notice.”

Rey laughs. She’s not too bothered or worried, to be completely honest. “I wonder why,” she teases him, complete with a gentle nudge.

Finn grins, but doesn’t deny it.

Rey watches him watch the people below and swallows the brief swell of nerves. “Say, Finn.”

He looks back at her, face open and bright and delightful.

“Um.” She shakes her head. “I was wondering - I mean, earlier you asked me if I had a cute boyfriend, and I didn’t then, but -”

“Are you asking me to be your cute boyfriend?” Finn interrupted eagerly and excitedly, yet another huge grin blossoming on his face.

Rey shoots him a slightly embarrassed look. “Maybe.”

“Well, if so, then my answer is definitely yes.” He smirks playfully. “I’ll be your cute boyfriend.”

Rey groans. “You’re never going to let that ‘cute’ part go, huh?”

“Nope,” Finn grins.

Rey shakes her head again, but she’s smiling, and she can’t hide it. She can’t hide her enthusiasm and excitement and just all around happiness.

“Since I’m your cute boyfriend and you’re my cute girlfriend - ”

Finn doesn’t get to finish his sentence and is abruptly cut off when Rey crushes her lips to his again. He hums instead and curls his fingers in her hair.

“I’m starting to think that’s the only way I’ll get you to shut up about it,” Rey says breathlessly and lightheartedly when they pull apart yet again.

“Probably,” Finn admits with a laugh, and slowly draws an arm around her, not quite wanting to overstep his boundaries - but is immensely pleased when she props her head against his shoulder.

And they stay this way for approximately an hour, but truth be told, neither mind.

Not one bit.

(( things I’ve learned to be ashamed of through teasing, ridicule, and being ignored.

My toy collecting, vulture culture, my mental health, furry culture, my passion for animals, my passion for biology, gaming, writing, music, singing, my own OCs))

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that poor fucking anon who thinks that a prosecutor bringing a bird with him is the most ridiculous thing in an AA game

i love aa so much literally everything about this franchise is all over the place yet all of it makes sense in the end. it sure is a piece of work

im really glad we got so far technology-wise that i get to witness a hesitant fictional lawyer throwing pink cloth over another bubbly fictional lawyer while a depressive fictional prosecutor chinhands and tries not to kill himself in this wicked murder trial that could honestly be filed under “rejected sitcom pilots”.

this game truly captures the dark age of law.

things the roomie has done tonight that are wholly ridiculous:

1) listed off a great idea for a cooked dinner… then told me i had to make it bc it was shabbat for her so she’s not allowed
2) brought two sodas out of the fridge, dropped one on the floor right in front of me, and then gives me THAT one instead of the undropped one, because she’s a punk
3) ok admittedly a third thing hasn’t happened yet but something WILL happen, i know it, so consider this a placeholder

The disgusting, vile monstrosity that happened from some Larries on Tom’s IG is another reason why “anyone but Louis” is so fucking toxic because THAT should never have happened. At all. I can’t even… I can’t even process what leads someone to do something so vile. I could go on a rant about human decency but… I know I’m preaching to the choir here. I’m so embarrassed for Tom, Harry, Louis, everyone. The whole thing was so fucking unnecessary, embarrassing, and ridiculous. Apologies don’t mean shit when it never should’ve happened in the first place and it’ll probably happen again whenever the fandom picks the next “not Louis” to obsess over.

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Red vs Blue and Transformers

And so this has to be done. I am so excited

The war for Cybertron has been fought for many millennia and across many galaxies, but when two groups of soldiers from opposing sides accidentally land on Earth, they continue their war without any realization that it’s long been ended. The Reds and Blues are low on energy, weapons, and strategic combat but they’re good at insults and petty squabbles that end up with them traveling the little blue planet a lot and fighting in a lot of rock quarries (Power Rangers style bby)

Things get so ridiculous and there’s so much incidental property damage that Earth’s forces unite and put together a task force to help combat the giant alien robots, Project Freelancer, only for the majority of the agents to fall flat on their faces and the top agents accidentally befriending the Reds and Blues and putting an end to their conflict and helping them hide on Earth instead as Robots in Disguise. 

While defunct agents Carolina and Washington hide with the Reds and Blues, Charon Industries CEO and former Freelancer liason, Malcolm Hargrove, uses the now illegal Freelancer technology to make a new task force to hunt down the Transformers and their human friends as well as create an army of retrofitted robots for his own uses.