list of pranks and gags to take out aggression on men: 

1. tell them that masculinity is only the destruction of all things feminine and can’t be upheld any longer 
2. key their car

Somehow I had literally never noticed until the Rebels panel at SWCE that Hondo’s hat is damned tricorn. 

Well played, Hondo. Well played.

It’s less obvious in his TCW helmet (it’s distinctly more a helmet than a hat, though both are hybrids, really), but those same principal lines are there:

I guess he’s just that much more of a pirate now. Or desperate to give the most piratey impression possible now that he doesn’t have a jazzy fall collar. Which is probably very much the case in reality as the budget is so limited in Rebels that all costumes are fitted and streamlined (except for, y’know, Vader. Thanks Vader.) In TCW Hondo’s entire silhouette screamed pirate with the boots, the high-waisted bell-bottomed trousers and was effectively an armed cutaway frock with the hugest fall collar a pirate could buy. Now, they have to cut that down and find the quickest and most direct visual marker to say ‘pirate’. And so, they took his helmet and flattened it out to create more of an overtly tricorn space hat helmet thing. (Also character appropriate since he’s lost everything. Good job, Hondo. In TCW he was a pirate, but they were almost militaristic in their piracy like, y’know, when he attacked some farmers with a tank.)

Cassandra had an inkling that’s what this evening was leading into. It had been so romantic– a long, candlelit path to a hammock, where she laid against her lover as he read poetry in a quiet, soothing voice. Rose petals were scattered all over the ground, touched by the breeze of the twilight hour. Finally, he opened the page to her favorite poem, and hidden inside the pages was a drawing of a ring. She looked up to him as he pulled it out of his pocket, her cheeks flushing red. Tears slipped down her eyes as she could only squeak out “yes” repeatedly.

Iron Bull shrugged when the Inquisitor suggested marriage. Marriage wasn’t a thing under the Qun, but since he was no longer under it… The hopeful look in his Kadan’s eyes was enough for him to smile and consent, though he wasn’t particularly excited about it. However, come the actual day of the ceremony, he actually cries tears of joy. Bull cries the most out of anyone at the wedding. He hadn’t imagined he’d feel like this, but it was good.

Blackwall sputtered in utter disbelief– she would marry him? After all that he’s done, all that’s happened, and… after asking if they’re sure, it takes every ounce of willpower to not start crying as he accepts their proposal. The man begins imagining their future far more often after that– a log cabin house built by his own hands, a mabari or two, at least two, maybe three, children with scraped knees and happy smiles running about their yard. And he’d finally be happy.

Sera repeatedly calls her lover a loony, in greater and greater glee and excitement, squealing as she accepted. She actually tackles them to the ground with kisses, and as soon as they get back up, she and the Inquisitor giggle all the way up to the tower that the Herald lives in. Later, as Sera lays awake in the middle of the night while her fiancée slumbers, holding up the ring the Herald gave her for her proposal in her fingers, imagining their life together. She means it. She loves her, and Sera’s never been happier in her life.

Solas’s greatest fear is dying alone. His vhenan stood before him, promise ring extended, eyes full of hope, offering to take away that fear. He stares, open-mouthed, in disbelief. The Dalish had cursed their enemies with “May the Dread Wolf take you!” and here his vhenan stood– aware who he was. Never before had he thought anyone would take him. Laughter bubbles up in his chest, tears prickling at the corners of his eyes as he accepts, taking her into his arms, kissing her. May the Dread Wolf take and be taken, he thinks wryly.

Dorian doesn’t know how to respond immediately. So many considerations float in his head– would it put his lover in danger, would it be safe, would it be… He eventually shakes himself back into reality. After staring into his lover’s hopeful eyes, he decides. Fuck it all. Weeping, he says yes in a blustery mess, kissing his lover with no reservations any longer. No matter what happened, so long as they were at each other’s side, they would be okay. Easy? No. But Dorian knows it’s all worth it. It’s all okay.

Cullen chokes when he realizes he’s being proposed to, his cheeks turning red, so red. For a moment, the events of the last ten years spin in his head, how it all led up to now. There was a time when life seemed too much, but he survived, and now she was there, and she loved him enough to marry him. Looking back to the woman before him, who stares up at him, proffering the lucky coin he gave them, now set as a ring. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” he says breathlessly, pulling her in for the tightest hug of her life. When he takes the ring, instead of putting it on his finger, he takes her hand and slips it on her ring finger. The coin still belonged with her.

Josephine squealed in delight, covering her mouth, starting to weep. It had been a romantic date to Val Royeaux, and in a moonlit gondola right through the thoroughfare, they popped the question, catching her completely off-guard. After regaining her senses, she can only squeal yes, over and over again, the details of their wedding already forming in her mind. She kisses them in utter delight, holding them tight, now and forever.

Krem is at a complete loss for words. Never in his life did he ever imagine he’d get married, much less the one proposed to. He isn’t even aware of the fact the Chargers had taken notice, and were watching intensely, silently. The love of his life wanted to marry him. They loved him for him, and he suddenly can’t bear to imagine a life without them. He says yes, and the Chargers erupt into cheers, surrounding the lieutenant and the newest Charger-to-be by marriage. Bull pulls them both into his arms, nearly squeezing the life out of both of them in a hug. Later on, Bull sternly warns the Inquisitor to treat Krem right; he wouldn’t stand for anything less.

My favourite thing about Zionists making the argument that there was no Palestine because it was never a proper nation-state with borders is that they also imply that countries under empirical rule also didn’t exist because they weren’t nation state and didn’t have borders, and this can also be extended to modern-day settler colonial states that weren’t essentially “countries” because they didn’t exist in the form of a modern nation-state. 

Then that brings me to their next argument that “Palestinians don’t exist.” Neither did Israelis before 1948. But here’s the thing. People all over the world embraced an ethnic/religious identity primarily before the emergence of a modern nation-state and national identity. In fact, the concept of national identity came along with colonies seeking independence under colonial rule in the 1500/1600s.

But even if Palestinians have always identified as Arabs or as whatever ethnicity they are, that doesn’t change the fact that Palestinian culture is deeply rooted in Palestine. It may be labelled as ‘Arab/Levantine culture’ because it shares similarities with Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria but it takes root in Palestine and is even dervied from the cultures of previous groups of people who lived on the land before the Arab conquest. for example, dabke apparently is said to be of Phoenician or Canaanite origin. The Palestinian dialect of Arabic shares similar vocabulary and linguistic elements with modern Hebrew because theyre both highly influenced by Aramaic. This isn’t even to mention the DNA that many Palestinians and Jews share. Just like Jewishness developed in diaspora but has its roots in Palestine, Palestinian culture, history, and existence also has its roots in Palestine. The only difference is it has an Arab label on it, but it was never imported.

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Omg you're planning on writing all the way to their retirement?! We're so blessed!! A new cartographer chapter is such a weekly highlight. So glad to here you plan to keep it going. 💜

I’m glad that you’re glad! I think I’ve got about 32 more chapters planned? Hopefully you guys won’t be too sick of me by the end lmao

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Is it just me or is Enjolras growing his hair out

Courfeyrac: You know I hadn’t noticed before, but you’re right. It also looks less messy…what’d you do?

Enjolras: …my mom made me start brushing it…

i. Today you spoke with truth bitten lips of all the ways things no longer felt right between us.

ii. In one sentence, you polluted my organ of love with question laced doubts that I never had to ask myself before. Was I loving you all wrong?

iii. Have I failed you? Was the key that I gave you to my heart flawed? Please don’t walk out that door. What can I do to make you stay?

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I’m getting my massage done in approximately 3 hours, and hopefully that will help my arm and back immensely as I definitely need it.

And if things go well?

I’ll be able to draw for longer periods like I used to.

So I might be able to livestream tonight.

Commissions are still open! Please contact me if you’d like to commission me – all the information can be found right here.

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Salam, please make dua for me. I'm depressed. I no longer have the will to live. Things are hard at home. Someone I love, left me and I feel so alone. I've tried praying but it still feels like allah isn't there. I give up. I'm tired.


May Allah swt make things easy on you, may He grant you sabr and strength. Please try talking to a professional, they may be able to help. Stay strong. <3
Senate Hopeful David Duke: 'Freedom Of Speech Is A White Thing'
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It’s no longer a secret, even if it is a national embarrassment. Ex-KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke, is seeking the vacated Senate seat left by diaper-enthusiast David Vitter. Why not swap out one David for another, what could possibly go wrong? It turns out, it can get worse and without fierce opposition to hate, it will.

Alan Colmes conducted the first interview since Duke proclaimed his candidacy for the U.S. Senate. Not surprisingly, Duke’s disdain for Jews was palpable throughout the roughly half-hour long interview, especially his hatred of Goldman Sachs. He admits they’ve contributed to ‘both sides,’ but he harps on Hillary’s donations on behalf of the Wall Street investment firm, without Republican names being mentioned.

This Louisiana Republican is constantly whining about 'ethnic groups’ like Mexicans and Jews having their own heritage groups, so why can’t Whites of European descent have similar organizations? Duke is convinced he’s gotten terrible billing by the media while Sen. Robert Byrd was forgiven for his racial trespasses. Obviously, the Democratic Senator publicly repented for his obvious racism while Duke owns it proudly.

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Thnx for all the sweet messages; but this is not my cleavage and it’s not my underwear. It ’s a picture of my legs . well of a part of them , they are a bit longer than this and the Grey thing is a part of my dress. .. 😊

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Mun: Has This Become A NatureSwap Blog Now I'm Pretty Sure The M!A Ended A While Ago Unless Your Deciding To Continue It?

It’ll allow questions for a little while longer then things will go back to normal. I know this was only suppose to be 12 questions but I got way more then that so I just decided to roll with it

For those who have been wondering

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I’ve been on hiatus because I recently had surgery.  It’s been about 20 days since and I’m still not up to actually RPing.

NO.  Nothing was wrong.  I’m healthy now and was healthy before.

The surgery was elective.  It was for weight loss because I was unable to lose on my own.

So far, I’m down 28 pounds from the time of surgery.  I’m finally able to eat small bits of food (eggs) and will learn if I can eat more variety of things soon.

I’ll come back when I’m no longer uncomfortable sitting at the computer for long periods.

teeny star

going back to get some more added eventually but I just needed the thing shaved and I was gonna be late if I stayed much longer

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First off I just want to say thank you. This is one of the first thing today that has really genuinely made me smile for longer than 1 second. It makes me happy that you care so much about me and think so positively about me. I dont even know what else to say just thank you so much for this. Also if you ever want to message me again (on anon or not) id love to talk to you, you seem very kind

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night…

Tonight I pray that you will delight in doing the Lord’s will.  That His law will be in your heart.  That you will relate to others through HIS Love rather than your own so that they will; see HIS light shining through you and want what you have.  I pray that you realize that He is training you to be steady as you walk with Him day by day and as you listen to Him continually and trust Him for everything He will lead you where He wants you to be and you will no longer have to make things fit your plans, for you will be in His will and way for your life!!  For it was God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.  As we look to Him for every part of our life, His Spirit will fill us with His great Love and His Peace that passes all understanding. Stand on that faith!!!  In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen and Amen!!  I Love You All!!!  God Bless You!!! ♥♥♥

((Due to the fact that I procrastinate on nearly every facet of my life (askblog included!), I’m going to be doing a marathon of event drawings into the early hours of the morning!

I’d love some asks to keep me company, and there are a lot of loose ends I’ve left in previously answered asks (usually italicized, wink wink!) that offer a deeper look into some of the teachers’ lives. Take a look and shoot the crew a question! The askbox is starving!

Now’s your chance to ask while things are normal too.. I won’t say much, but something really big is coming and it’s gonna change up the dynamic of some characters relationships! Unless if a magic anon changes things in the future for a bit, things won’t be like they are for much longer!

That’s all for now! The askbox awaits your contribution!

-Love ❤️
The Mun))

I think one of my favorite things abt my major is that I no longer have to pander 2/indulge in cis white men’s opinions for the majority of my work n most of my classmates are minorities….it keeps me at peace. But anyways still ban wh*tes from ethnic studies forever 🎌