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The thing that amazes me about Seb's acting is that he can play really similar characters but it's a completely different person each time. You don't see the actor because he puts so much effort into making sure that his characters are fleshed out.

Exactly. Like if you just looked at it on paper TJ and Jack are basically the same character (gay son of a politician, family outcast, cries a lot) but when you see him playing them you couldn’t really compare them because he plays them so differently?


When I get 5 points I can have a new lipstick, 10 points is new pens!!
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Destiel AU: Dean Winchester leaves Lawrence on a whim to go to visit his childhood best friend, Castiel Novak, at Stanford. He breaks in, intending to make this a surprise visit. but things don’t quite go as planned when Castiel initially mistakes him for an intruder. [read the ficlet on ao3]

Dean didn’t know what possessed him to get in the Impala and drive across the country. Or maybe he did, but he was too much of a chickenshit to admit it. It certainly hadn’t been an easy trip. Stanford was thousands of miles away from Lawrence. Twenty-six hours of drive-time if you followed the speed limit (which he didn’t). So like it or not, ending up five states away at his best friend’s doorstep at 1am was not something he could brush off as an accident, and that scared him.

It scared him that Cas might look at his presence and know exactly what Dean was scared to say.

It was a good thing he had a lot of practice ignoring his own feelings, because if he’d really let himself appreciate the gravity of what he was doing, he probably wouldn’t have been able to get out of the car. He made his way to the front door, double checking the address on his phone. He could feel his heart rate speeding up in anxious anticipation. He couldn’t believe it had been months since they’d seen each other without the aid of computer screens.

Thinking about the last time he’d seen Cas wasn’t really something he liked to do. He knew he had no one but himself to blame for that day Cas had driven off, his long suffering Pimpmobile full to bursting with clothes and furniture for his new apartment.They’d exchanged goodbyes on the sidewalk. Dean had so many things he wanted to say but he’d swallowed them down so Cas wouldn’t hear the lump that was stuck in his throat.

“I’ll see you at Christmas,” Cas had said, trying to smile at him.

Dean wanted to remind him that he could call anytime he wanted, that they would Facebook message every day, that Dean would be thinking about him…but instead all he’d done was nod solemnly. Cas grinned at him like he understood and opened his arms for a hug.

Dean was usually the one who held back from physical contact but this time he’d surprised himself, pulling Cas in tight, breathing him in for what promised to be the last time in a long time. He’d patted Cas’s back, instead of burying his head against Cas’s shoulder the way he wanted.

After a moment they’d pulled away and Cas had given Dean that look he reserved for the times when he knew Dean wanted to say something but wouldn’t. That look that promised not to judge him, if Dean could only lend himself the same courtesy. But Dean wasn’t that much of a dick. He might have been in love with his best friend, and sure, he might not have admitted it to himself until the worst possible moment, but he certainly wasn’t going to ruin this day for Cas. His friend had a long day of driving ahead of him today, and yet another one tomorrow. He didn’t need to spend it thinking about how Dean was a giant cry baby who didn’t want him to leave. Cas had great opportunities waiting for him at Stanford, with even greater people, of this Dean was sure.

So after they’d said their goodbyes, as Cas was getting into his car, Dean had dropped his hand on Cas’s shoulder. For a moment he searched for the right words that would encompass everything he wanted to tell him.

That Cas was the best friend he’d ever had. That Dean was proud of him. That he was loved. There was nothing that could quite do the job, or at least nothing he could let himself say. But Cas was looking up at him with those big guileless blue eyes and Dean had to say something.

“Don’t ever change,” Dean told him, annoyed by the way his voice grew rough with emotion.

He’d thought about that moment a million times in the months that followed, going over it again and again and wishing he’d done it differently. But now was not the time to dwell on the past, now was the time to remember everything he’d ever read about picking locks.

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Our Son

HIIII!!! Umm could I request a scenario where y/n has Jungkook’s child but he doesn’t want it and leaves y/n and y/n is all alone until Taehyung says he’ll take care of the y/n and the child and you fall in love with Taehyung and Jungkook Regrets it after the child is grown up… Its kinda long sorry!! BUT I LOVE YOUR BLOG❤❤💙💙💙❤💙

For anon

Here it is

Hope you like it


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Yet another test, another result. Unless they were all flawed, they were clearly saying that you were pregnant.
And it was a big deal. You were too young, you would have had to give up the University and mostly you did not know how your boyfriend would react.
Jungkook was as young as much as you are and you were always so careful. You could not figure out how it happened when memories of the night a few weeks before get into your mind.
You were so taken by the passion that you had given up the condom and that was the result; a completely unexpected pregnancy.
“Baby, you’re locked in the bathroom for nearly half an hour. Are you feeling okay?”
Jungkook’s voice jolted you and you quickly threw the tests in the trash near the sink, by covering them with a paper towel so as not to make them visible.
“Sorry, I was removing makeup. You know things for women, Kooks ” You apologized, coming out of the bathroom and smiling at him mildly; “What are you staring at?”
“You look pale. Are you sure you’re okay? ” He asked curiously, coming closer to you and brushed your cheek with your fingertips; “Don’t make me worry.”
“It’s okay, Kooks. Everything is fine. ”
And that was the first lie in a long line.

Your lies were getting too many and it was becoming increasingly hard to hide the truth to Jungkook.
After making up some courage you had decided that that night you’d have said everything, hoping that he would have taken it good and above all being happy.
After initial shock, you had begun to accept that pregnancy more and more until you felt happy to bring one creature in your womb. It was the fruit of your love and what could be wrong with something so pure and beautiful?
“Kooks… Do you have two minutes? I need to talk to you. ” You began, sitting on the bed beside him, busy playing a video game that you didn’t know.
“Sure baby, talk to me.” He smiled and hope kept increasing in you.
“A few weeks ago I discovered something. Of course at first, I was scared… but I mean this is an amazing thing, believe me. ”
“Don’t keep me in suspense, tell me what’s going on, Jagi” He encouraged you, slipping on the mattress as he approached you; “Have you found to be the best of your course? Is your brother getting married? Have you won a vacation? Teeeeeeell me. ”
“I’m pregnant.” Your emotion was palpable in the tone of your voice and your gaze was bright, but Jungkook’s look made you freeze completely.
His smile had vanished, his eyes were wide with shock and his look was totally blank.
You immediately took his hand, stroking the backs with the pad of your thumb, waiting for the news to make way into his mind and the happiness you felt became his own.
“Kooks.. I know we’re you–”
“No, I don’t want it.” He immediately stopped you and those few words were a stab to your heart. There was no happiness in his eyes, only anger and you could feel it on your skin as he stared at you. “What you wanted to tell me, huh? I don’t want that son, Y/N, and you should think about your future, how it will be ruined by this child. ”
“You can’t be serious!”
“Yes, I do. We’re nineteen, we are kids ourselves. How are you going to raise him? Huh? ”
“No, I’m sorry but… It’s not what I want. ” He almost screamed as he rose from the bed, jostling you away and reaching the wardrobe.
You looked right at him while he was taking a duffle bag and started to throw in his clothes, without bothering to fold them and place them.
He was leaving you and just because you were pregnant, the idea itself disgusted you incredibly much and hurt you so much to leave you speechless.
“I’m sorry Y/N; but this is not the life I want. ”
“So you don’t assume your responsibilities?”
“I… I can’t do that, I’m sorry. ” He whispered, turning to look at you. You could understand his fear, but not his actions. You looked into his eyes for a moment and after that little moment he turned back again, taking the bag and leaving the room.
The sound of a door closing, shortly after, made it clear that he was gone. Forever.


“Yah, Y/N … He’s a jerk, I’ve always said that. ” Taehyung said for the umpteenth time, while his arms welcomed you with joy and you were hiding among them.
It was in days you were in those conditions, struggling to eat, to sleep, that everything reminded you of him and it hurt you.
The only relief came from the presence of Taehyung, who tried in every way to help as best he could. He even volunteered to come with you to the check up that you had hoped to do with Jungkook, but all your hopes and dreams were completely blown away.
“How… How do I do it now? ”
“What does it mean? Do you want this baby? ”  
He asked earnestly, looking down at you and shifting a lock of your hair so he can see your eyes.
“Of course, Tae. ”
“All right, then fuck Jungkook. The only thing that you have to think about now is your health and the health of the baby ”
“I’m alone…”
“What am I? A Unicorn? ”
You heaved your face, upset by his attitude. He could not have really understood that if he wanted to help you during those months, he would have had to be close. It was too much to ask him and you did not want to ruin his life, it was the last thing that he deserved.
“Taehyung… I can’t ask you this. ”
“Listen, Y/N, you know me. I love children and you’re one of my dearest friends. Let me help you, I want to take care of both of you. ” He said, then giving you one of his brightest smiles. Tears pinched your eyes  (but not enough to make you cry, just smiling back.
He was there and for the first time in days, you did not feel alone anymore.


“WHAT WHAT?” Taehyung screamed, running out of the kitchen with a fork full of food in his hand, looking upset.
You, as a reply, threw against him the remote control while the umpteenth and violent contraction made you fold in two for the pain.
They had begun that morning but were mild and your gynecologist had made sure they were normal in calving.
“OKAY, OKAY… WE’RE GOING TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU … THE BAG, I GOT IT, ” Yet another scream as he ran to retrieve the bag, ready for days, for the hospital and came back to you. “ I HAVE TO TAKE YOU IN MY ARMS OR CAN YOU WALK? ”
You did not know what to expect, you were afraid that something could go wrong, that your little boy would be likely to hurt himself. A thousand thoughts invaded your mind but when Taehyung, without saying anything, took you into his arms and came running out of the house, all the negative thoughts vanished.
Your guardian angel was with you, nothing could go wrong.


It was the most difficult and painful twelve hours of your life, but in the end, the little Sooyoung had seen the light. He was perfect, with already a bushy little of hair, powerful and clear voice so as to make the nurses laugh when he started to cry.
You were too dazed to figure out anything and you accepted willingly the anesthetic in order to rest for at least a few hours without the slightest pain.

“Sooyoung, you look exactly like your mom. Yes… You’ll become a beautiful little man. How about I wake her up? ”
A deep and full of sweetness voice woke you up and opening your eyes you laid your gaze on Taehyung, sitting in a chair beside you, holding your child in his arms.
“Hey.. Look who’s here. ” He muttered with sweetness, getting up and approaching you. Gently, he put Sooyoung into your arms and a swirl of emotions made you break down and cry, while you kissed and caressed with your lips that perfect and small face.
“He’s beautiful.”
“As his mom… I’ll leave you alone, you need some time to get to know him. ” He rose from his chair but immediately you gripped his wrist, blocking him from leave you alone.
“But… I mean, I think you want to enjoy this time with your son. ”
“O-our son.” You faltered while he stared, caught off guard by your words. “Taehyung.. In these months you never left me alone and … I… Don’t go away. ”
“Why? Let me hear you say, Y/N ”.
“Because I fell in love with you, Tae.”


“Why is my champion screaming like that? What’s going on? ”

You were sitting on the couch, checking out some books to write the next chapter of your thesis, while Sooyoung kept running around the house chasing Taehyung. Their screaming did not bother you, indeed ,somehow, they helped you to stay more focused. After four years you were completely accustomed to their madness.

“Appa I want ice cream!”
“You have to ask mom.” Taehyung gave to you the “problem”, causing you to raise your eyes to heaven in a fake desperate way. Immediately the little Sooyoung jumped on the couch, holding onto your neck and stuffing your face with kisses.
He was a corruptor, just like his father.
“EOMMAAAAA, I WANT ICE CREAM” he screamed, pouting his lips as he always did Taehyung whenever he wanted to get something. “PLEAAAAAASE”.
“All right, let’s go get some ice cream.” You agreed, squeezing him softly in your arms and getting up off the couch completely ignoring your studies; “But when we finish the ice cream, we get back home.”
It was a day in June, the sun was high in the sky and the temperature was perfect. You were holding hands with Taehyung while Sooyoung was two steps ahead of you who hopped, unable to contain the enthusiasm that he was trying at that time.
“Sometimes I wonder if he’ll run out of his energies …” Taehyung whispered into your ear, making you smile and shake your head immediately; “But he’s so bea–”
His break concerned you right away, so your eyes returned to alight in front of you. And the reason why he had stopped was immediately clear to you.
Sooyoung was in front of Jungkook, the last person you wanted to see.  
Jungkook bowed to reach the cap that your son had lost and your looks have met.
“Your cap, kid.”
“Thank you! ” Sooyoung thanked him and you could see his toothless smile even though you were a few steps away from him.
“Sooyoung, come here. Let’s choose our ice cream, come ” Taehyung recalled the child without deigning to glance Jungkook. The little boy immediately turned and ran up taking his hand he was holding out.
They went into the ice-cream parlor, leaving you alone in front of your biggest regret and disappointment.
Jungkook came up to you, his hands in his jacket pocket, and a guilty look drew onto his face. He smiled but you did not smile back, remembering only at that moment how much pain he had inflicted on you.
“You’re looking good.”
“Thank you.” was your answer, totally icy.
“You and Taehyung, huh?”
“It’s none of your business.”
“Already… He… What’s his name? ”
“It’s none of your business, Jungkook.” His smile faded away to your answer, but you did not felt sadness at seeing that look on his face. “Now I’ll go back to my son and my husband if you don’t mind.”
“I regretted my choice every day for the past four years, Y/N”.
“Jungkook… I don’t regret instead. Because I found a person a thousand times better than you, who didn’t leave me. On second thought, I just have to say thank you for abandoning me. Thanks to you, now I know what it’s like to be really happy. ”

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I will continue to support and love you Seán, even when my life seems dim, I will remember how you hugged me and the amazing things you told me and I’ll never forget this. You saved me, you make me so incredibly happy. I love you with all of my silly, geeky lil heart. You mean the entire world to me. You’re such an incredible inspiration, I’ll continue to look up to you. Thank you for everything, thank you for saving my life. @therealjacksepticeye

Oh shit 10,000 followers

I’ll take this chance to address a couple things.

First off, thank you to anyone who enjoys my stuff, and to those that have sent my way the nicest comments and messages. Never have I thought I would have so many people saying so many kind things to me. I’m amazed and humbled that my silly drawings can contribute to your day in any way. 

I have an instagram! HAD, actually. Still havent gotten around to uploading everything up there. And some posts would have to be exclusive to tumblr. So really if you’re on tumblr there’s no reason to go there but. uhm.

Also, I feel like some people have gotten disappointed when I don’t respond to messages and questions. I apologize if I let you down, but the blog is primarily for sharing my original content. Unfortunately I think I will be prone to being very inconsistent when it comes to responding; It takes me anywhere between minutes to weeks to respond. I am trying to make an effort to go back and respond to old messages (some old questions I’d like to respond to privately but for some reason dont give me the option).

Classes are ramping up and I’m feeling busier, but I hope I can make stuff more often.

Quicksilver x Reader

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based on a prompt by @the-modern-typewriter however I cannot find the post rn.


*month ago*

“And that I stole from the fun fair” Peter said pointing at some teddy bear in the corner of the room. You giggled and hugged onto his side on the bed you were laying on.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here, listening to you tell me about all the shit you stole.” You played with his grey locks.

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I made a real-life Andy’s room.

When my friends and I began recreating Toy Story 3 in late 2011, we knew that we would have to create a full scale Andy’s room. I mean, let’s face it. You can’t successfully recreate Toy Story 3 without a realistic looking Andy’s room. It took about 2 years of work, but it was totally worth it. It’s the room that most of us grew up wishing we had. From the hardwood floor to the bright white woodwork, it’s all there.

It may sound a bit obsessive, but we tried incredibly hard to make sure that every little detail was captured. For example, there is a white board next to Andy’s desk that we, for the most part, replicated perfectly. 

His posters were almost perfectly recreated for our room as well. I’ve got to thank my brother for those. The amount of detail he put into those things amazes me. 

One of my favorite aspects of Andy’s room in Toy Story 3 is his door. I just love the dart board, scattered stickers and posters on it. It really gives off the teenager-vibe. With that said, I absolutely loved recreating it for our room. I still can’t believe we managed to find that dart board…and for only $5 at a thrift shop. Score!

A lot of time was spent on Andy’s desk. Before we renovated it, it was an old, broken brown desk. It was really awesome fixing it up for our remake though because it used to belong to my grandmother. 

Some my other favorite details we captured in our real-life Andy’s room can be seen in this still from the film.

The crescent moon bed backboard:

The electric guitar:

And of course, the toy box:

So yeah, a lot of work went into recreating Andy’s room. But you know what? My friends and I enjoyed every single minute of it. The extra work really paid off. We can’t get over how great it looks on film.

The thing that really amaze me is that a bunch of professional writers sat together and said: let’s have japril hook up, then let them not talk for 7 episode, make jackson and maggie get closer and at the end of the season let’s put a love triangle between april, jackson and maggie (who is his step sister) and thought that japril fans would be interested in s14?????????? And shonda agreed and thought it was a good idea?

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Hi, again (?) I think I sent you a submit thingy asking if a certain image was yours… I found the drawing of yours on pinterest (I am assuming is your pinterest) and I wanted to pay homage to it and I sculpted it in my own image? I just wanted to show it to you. I’m not selling it for profit or anything either because I suck at sculpting faces and she looks so derpy -__- I’m going to post it under my blog name/tagged/sergle.. anyways this is what it looks like


Male body positivity.
This is me.
Most know I hated my marathon body because of excess skin.

This is my new body. Building up muscles under the skin to try and prevent the need for surgery.

I am strong, and still getting stronger.

This body has done amazing things go for me, and I shouldn’t hate it as much as I do most days.

Imagine #4 Erik Lehnsherr, Charles Xavier - Part 3 (Request)

Requested by @lostamongstthecosmos: Writing is clearly a talent of yours because once again here I am asking for the continuation of the same imagine! 😂 As long as you feel up for it of course. I’ve read your other work and I just want more Erik stories

Also requested by @lostamongstthecosmos :D: Erik is trying to hold readers hand but gets nervous each time so doesn’t go through with it. One day reader is wearing a metal ring & Erik unintentionally pulls her hand closer. Or you can make it Erik lowkey likes her but has yet to show any signs, then the accidental hand holding ensues. Whichever :)

And kinda by @mm277me

Not my gif

Words: 1302

Warnings: Typos, fem!reader

Part 1  Part 2

You heard a knock on your door and turned around in your office chair, but before you could even say a word, the door opened.

“You know, the point of knocking is waiting to be invited in.”, you explained to Erik, who didn’t seem all too bothered by his faux-pas. “Do you still wanna get that coffee?”, he asked and strolled towards you confidently. You took your time to reply. You didn’t really understand him, not even after having lived under the same roof with him for months, you couldn’t see through his mask. It bothered you a lot and your mutation could only show you so much about a person. You weren’t a telepath after all.

“Yeah, sure.”, you finally replied, being rewarded with Erik’s indefinable kind-of-smile, that seemed to be his alternative to actually looking happy.

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This will be my first Zootopia fanfiction. It’s a AU that takes place in the movie after Nick and Judy get off the cable car and talk about the traffic cams. But instead of going to Bellwether for help they go to Nick’s Family for help. My story will have a few movie references see if can spot them lol. Hope you all like it. Please let me know what you think in the comments.


Nick’s Family.

Chapter 1

“ However, if you didn’t have access to the system before… I doubt Chief Buffalo Butt is gonna let you into it now” Nick said pointing out the realization.
“ No. You’re right Nick.” Judy said sounding disappointed.
“ Wait..a…minute… Maybe we don’t need the cams. I got something even better.” Nick said.
“ WHAT!?!” Judy said with smile and enthusiasm in her voice.
Nick with his chin hailed high and with confidence said “My family”.
Judy felt a little uncomfortable about meeting a family of foxes. Not really sure how they will be. But most of worried that they might be underground cyber criminals or worse.
“ Soooo Nick, where do they live?” Judy asked not wanting to beat around bush.
“ They live in a secret area in the Rainforest District, where only I know where it is.” Nick answering the curious bunny’s question.
Their cable car stop and got off. Judy following the fox’s lead, going wherever this secret place of Nick’s is.
The two continued to walk for awhile. “You see carrots, there is something I should tell you about my parents.” Nick said to Judy breaking the silence.
Upon hearing that Judy started thinking ’ Oh no, what did I get myself into? I’m I way over my head? Will this be worst then Mr.Big? ’ all these questions going on in Judy’s little bunny head. Being a bunny, her emotions and insecurities sometimes cloud her judgement her logic and plain commonsense, just reacting without thinking first. That is one flaw she always tries to overcome. Easier said then done. Must be a bunny thing?
Nick explained to her without looking at her “ Well, you see they can be a little loud and over bearing but they mean well. There like the greatest most nicest, kindest, and most unjudgmental creatures you will ever meet.”
Hearing that gave Judy a little relieve. But realised he said creatures instead of foxes.
“ Are they not foxes?” Judy asked.
Nick let out a sigh and answered “ No there not, they took me in and treated me like family. ”
Judy got a little confused and asked “What about you’re mother?” Nick stopped in his tracks when he heard her question.
“Nick…” Judy spoke worrying about Nick, thanking that was a little too personal.
“ Nick, you can tell me.” Judy reassuring the fox.
Nick took a deep breath and finally spoke. “ Well… I happened after the cub scouts incident. I came home with blood dripping down the sides of my face where they muzzled me and my uniform tore with tears in my eyes. I told her what happened and she was so mad. She wasn’t going to let them get away with it. She took me in her car, we were going back to that cub scouts meeting. She really wanted to give them a piece of her mind. As we were driving…” Nick cut off.
Judy notice Nick wasn’t letting her see his face but she knew this was tough for him to tell her. “ Nick, you don’t have to fin-”
Nick ignored her and continued. “ And a …drunk driver t-boned us. The car flipped over, I was knocked out. But when I woke, my head was hurting and covered in blood. Not my blood but….my mom’s.” Nick voice started choking up. “ I tryed to get her out, but I couldn’t move her. I smelled gas, she told me to save my self. I saw red and blue lights flashing. It was an ambulance and a police car helping the drunk driver in the other car. I ran over for help but they took one look at me, saw that I was a fox and didn’t care to help. I begged them to help my mom but they just spit at me. I grabbed the arm of the tiger police officer begging him to save my mom. But he pushed me to the ground and said ’ Fuck her, let the bitch die. One less fox in the world.’ He gave the most cruel and most hateful face I’d ever seen. Still haunts my dreams to this day. The car exploded, I - I… Heard mom my mom burning alive screaming. They just left us there, they let my mother die, because she was a fox. I was alone, I had to survive any way I can. Nobody cared about a fox. I almost starved to death, I was about to give up and waited for death’s embrace take me. But I woke up in a blanket, clean clothes and a bowl of soup. They saved Me, they home schooled me, showed me amazing things, they gave me a home and a reason to live, love and trust again.”
Judy had tears pouring down her cheeks, never truly knowing how much he has suffered for just being a fox.
“ Since being a fox, I couldn’t get a job or more like wasn’t allowed to. So I started hustling pawsicles to help my family. At least do what ever I can to help them for all they done for me. They have to stay in hiding, so I usually go out for them.” Nick finished with.
Judy felt a pool of guilt, thinking he was just some common criminal, but now knowing he’s only hustling to support his family.
Judy rushed over to him and embraced him with a hug, which was a surprise for Nick.
“What’s this?” Nick asked out of innocent curiosity.
“ Just thought you could use some comfort. Everyone can use a hug.” Judy replied with a heart felt smile.
“ Carrots I-”
* Clink CRASH*
Judy and Nick quickly turned to see were the noise was coming from. Seeing a huge shadow coming closer.
“ Carrots, what the Hell is that? ” Nick asked Judy in a trembling tone.
“ I don’t know?” Judy answered with an equally trembling tone.
Judy was only armed with only her fox repellent which she was about to reach for. But stopped herself, not wanting Nick to see it. Making her feel more guilty for not putting it away. Just grabbed a near by stick.
The big, round shadow came closer and closer till They saw glowing eyes, and heavy breathing.
“ THIS IS IT!!!” they both screamed as they charged at the shadow. Only to back down at the size of the shadow. They both let out a scream. Which caused the shadow to let out a very loud and high pitched scream, as it tripped backwards over some near by trashcans.
Nick and Judy ran over to towards it, to see what it is. It was trying to get a small bucket off it’s head with no luck.
Judy ran up and kicked the off it’s head.
When she looked down at what it was, she quickly looked up and looked back down with overwhelming confusion on her face.
“CLAWHAUSER!????!!” Judy shouted.


WHAT!?! What’s Clawhauser doing here? Who are Nick’s Family or better question what are they? And how CAN they help? We’ll find out next Chapter. Please let me know What you guys think. Thank you all for reading. Your all awesome.😁❤

About a Girl [Epilogue]

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Final 

Ever After.

“Okay,” your make up artist looked back at you to admire her own work. She gave you a big smile. Your bridesmaids crowded around to see the finished product. By the expressions on their faces you knew you didn’t look like a clown. The makeup artist, Eunha, picked up the mirror and clutched it to her chest. “Are you ready to see?”

You took a deep breath as the anxiety in the pit of your stomach grew. “Alright, let’s see it.” Eunha turned the mirror. Seeing your reflection you were surprised just how lovely you looked. It wasn’t overdone, it was tasteful. Your skin looked flawless and your eyes popped thanks to the perfect eyeliner and fake lashes. You touched your cheek lightly, “Wow. This is incredible Eunha, thank you!”

You reached out to bring her in a warm embrace. You didn’t know how to adequately express your gratitude with words so this was the next best thing. She laughed as her arms wrapped around your waist. “I’m so happy you love it.” 

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But the thing that amazes me to no end in ToZ the X is how much the creators of the anime had to make the plot so far-fetched and forced only for Alisha to be relevant.

Like, they changed so much plot for the sake of her having more screen time… They introduced completely new plot device - freaking telepathy… They sacrificed almost all of the character develompent… Changed the time of her becoming a squire… Had to shove Mikleo and Rose away… Ignored Maltran up to this point…
Cut off Mayvin arc… Ignore Heldalf… Add new rule that the squire dies if the Shepard dies…

The story just does not work with Alisha having the role of the heroine (or just secondary character). I don’t know if it’s her fault as a character that the show is so wonky, but her extra time could be used to make the show better.

But, yay, she’s the waifu, right?

Let’s put it this way.

I won’t even try to forget you anymore because along the process of bleeding and picking myself pieces by pieces only to be broken by your memories all over again, I realized one thing. I will never forget you. I will never forget how it felt to be touched by you. Or to be stared at by your dazzling eyes that brings shame to the stars. The pain of loving you is not something that should be forgotten; it should be preserved and sealed in a box inside my memory where I can visit it from time to time. Because, your memories may be painful but those are some of the best I have in my life. God did not put you in my life to be loathed; you were in my life to be learned.

I knew for a fact that I will never win over the battle of unloving you. I love you still, despite how the time passed in front of me so fast that it made me accept, there was never an us. So maybe, the universe lead you to my path just to cross and not to stay. Maybe, you were just an amazing thing for me to experience but not to keep. Maybe, you were the right man in a wrong love story.

I miss you, I hope, on those lonely nights you’ll somehow remember me. Even, just for once. Even not daily. I hope, on those times you are feeling down, you’ll recall how I admire your courage and excellence. I’ll always believe in you.


- Because you’re my friend.

As I wrote a year ago, this battle is my favourite one in “Naruto”.
A few hours ago I was watching the last episode (I rad the last chapter in manga last winter) and I was really inspired. The most amazing thing which makes me like anime more than manga is music. Every soundtrack is full of emotions. I’m so grateful to Yasuharu Takanashi and Toshiro Masuda for their beautiful work. This anime is like a Bible for me because, no matter how silly it sounds, this story taught me so many great and important things. I appreciate it and of course, in the future, I’ll show “Naruto” to my children. This I know for sure XD