Youtube: Before/After

I’ve been watching Youtube for over 2 years now, I’ve seen some youtubers growing up through the years and I noticed something. 

The first youtubers I’ve ever watched was Smosh, don’t ask me how or why, I have no clue. Later, I discovered that “youtuber” was a thing. I started watching youtube in 2013, everyone looked like they really loved what they were doing and had this true, honest and real connection with us. The last couple of months I decided to stop watching some of them.

Now, I feel like some youtubers make content mostly for money, we all noticed that. Most of the youtubers use BIG titles and thumbnails that make us wanna watch the video, which is fine, but there is a line to not cross. I saw some youtubers uploading because they “had” to, and we feel it as a viewer when they don’t especially wanna make this video. Things shouldn’t be like that. Youtube should be a space to make/watch what we love and share content that make the creator and the viewers both happy. 

Also, they got so many opportunities that they can’t say no. Imagine, if a big company comes up to you with a big amount of money and ask you to make an album, you can’t sing. What would you do ? It’s very tempting right? If you say yes, you get more “famous” and get more money. If you say no, you don’t evolve in anything, don’t get to try new things and let people that always wanted to sing take your chance. 

I see things this way, maybe not everyone do but I wanted to share my point of view.