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well, legend of korra was also a kid show aired on nickelodeon (a very homophobe channel tbh) and korrasami happened. vld is a remake that's true and maybe they will stuck to the original plot but they have changed some things already so... i don't want to have my hopes up either but it's a possibility that could happen!

*prays to Voltron gods*

I will give you my money and my soul and my happiness, please give me a beach episode and please make Klance happen. Especially Klance. Thank you.

me: get the hell off Tumblr, me. you’re not going to get that next thing written if you keep scrolling down looking for something you might have possibly perhaps missed eight hours ago.

me: but… but… it could be amazing! it could be the most amazing thing ever and i’ll never find it if I don’t keep digging!

me: *pinches bridge of nose* look, if you don’t want to write this fic, just admit it already. go have a responsibility-dodging nap or something.

me: …fine, OKAY. i’ll go write. but when i actually finish this hamfisted hack job, i’m going to expect an apology and maybe some nice flowers. 

Voltron Merchandise Headcanons

Because I’ve been inspired by the post I wrote about stuffed animals and I’m gonna keep going down this road, if anyone wants to join me!

  • Like I said, people would have to be stupid not to jump on the bandwagon to make Voltron merchandise. These guys are the biggest things since sliced bread; everyone talks about them. Voltron changes the whole game when they get back to Earth.
  • Suddenly, it’s everywhere you look: Voltron cat hats, Voltron cupholders, Voltron handbags, Voltron shoes, Voltron food. Their faces are on the sides of buses and plastered across every newspaper you could possibly find. The whole world goes cat-crazy on a new level.
  • The “V” shape on their armor and on Voltron’s chassis becomes a huge fashion icon; everyone seems to have something on with it. It’s on necklaces and shirts and earrings and tattoos and headbands and anything else you can wear. Most often, it’s coupled with “We Stand With Voltron”, especially when the Galra and Zarkon set their sights on Earth and the battle for the paladins’ homeworld happens.
  • Another popular motto is “Keep Calm and Form Voltron”. Lance gets everyone a coffee cup with that on it, even Coran and Allura.
    • Those two mottos become trending subjects all over the world; #westandwithvoltron and #formvoltron.
  • Places like American Girl, Build-A-Bear, Pillowpets, Barbie, etc. are suddenly releasing the option to have your favorite paladins in toy form. They quickly run out because the demand becomes so high.
  • Toy stores everywhere also have plastic version of the bayards, both in resting form and in weapon form, for everyone to use so they too can pretend to be their favorite paladin! It’s not uncommon to see little kids running around brandishing red swords or green blades or blue and yellow guns.
    • Fake ears and wigs for Allura and Coran fans are extremely popular too.
  • Every show somewhere in their new season lineup has a reference to Voltron. Doesn’t matter if it’s a kids show, animated, live-action, late night; everyone makes reference to “the cat alien robots” in some way, shape or form.
  • People start shaving the V or the symbols of the cat’s head into their hair. The hair dye colors for red, blue, yellow, green and black/purple disappear off the shelves in days. White also becomes difficult to find and suddenly everyone’s walking around with a white streak in their hair.
  • The huge food franchises offer Voltron burgers, pizzas, coffee, etc. Anything you can think of, they’ve some how made it into Voltron. 
  • Cosplaying Voltron suddenly becomes the number one thing to do. Go to any fan convention and there are at least a hundred Voltrons/paladins/lions in your area at any given time. Costume stores always have a Voltron or paladin costume on hand, even if it’s not Halloween. Beauty places immediately start marketing Voltron-themed makeup and tutorials for “Voltron makeup” pop up overnight.
  • Don’t tell me people wouldn’t make cars that look catlike to cash in on the craze too. I bet you can guess what colors are the most popular.
  • Little kids everywhere are suddenly interested in space again. NASA has their hands full dealing with the sudden influx of interest in space and the Galaxy Garrison has more applicants than ever.

Just a thought before going to bed. 

I also want Bellamy to find a reason within himself to survive past season 4. I want him to LIVE for himself and not for Octavia, or for Clarke, or for his people. I want him to LIVE because he WANTS to live. 

And, I hope, part of the reason he WANTS to live is the possibility that he and Clarke might have a future together. 

So, If I ever say something about Clarke convincing him to live, I don’t mean that I want him to live for HER. I want him to realize that he WANTS to have a life WITH her and knowing she might want one with him too might be part of what convinces him to live. 

idk. This is a shipper want though, keep that in mind. Not a prediction. 

I hope Bellamy finds self-worth and love before he embraces a possible relationship with Clarke. That would be best for both of them. It would be nice, though, if those two things could be interlinked somehow. 

idk. it’s too late and I need to go to bed. My thoughts are a bit jumbled. 

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Over the course of Season 2/3, I started falling in love with the idea of Zay and Maya. Bear just confirmed that for me, when Zay thought of Maya's feelings first and asked her to go to the movies with him when they're with RiLucas. Do you see any possibility of them becoming a couple vs Lucaya? Not that I wouldn't mind Lucaya, but I want Maya to be a first choice and I don't think either of the girls have that title with Lucas, whereas Zay has proven in my mind that he really cares for her.

They totally could’ve jumped off from there into romantic development, but they don’t. I don’t think romance was even remotely the point of Zay/Maya in Bear, tbh.

And since you mentioned it…this whole first choice/second choice thing is weird and I have to admit that I do NOT understand why so many people in the fandom are so hung up on it. Most people date more than one person over their lifetimes. By the way some people talk, no one should ever have a second bf/gf or spouse because they weren’t “first choice.” The ORDER things go in shouldn’t be what’s most important. First or second choice isn’t really important at all in the grand scheme of things.

What’s important is HOW you make your choices, and whether those choices are wrong or right—regardless of what comes first or second or third or even twenty seventh.

Truth Be Told (Hunter!Cas AU Series) Part 11

Summary: TIME FOR A WEDDING. Cas also learns that his relationship with Y/N is even more significant than he thought.

Pairing: Hunter!Cas x hunter!reader

Word Count: 3.5k+

Warnings: slight angst in the beginning, heartbreaking fluff (is that a thing? I’m making it a thing), SO FUCKING CHEESY.

A/N: tbh, my writing of this chapter is mediocre at best bc I’m so tired and college classes just started up again but I REALLY WANTED TO GET THIS OUT FOR YALL. I hope you guys like it, I really do. ps I really like pamela so i made her the wedding planner hahah. tada!

 Truth Be Told Series Masterlist

x, x

You and Cas didn’t sleep at all after Crowley left. Instead, you held each other as tight as you possibly could, knowing that soon, you’d have to let go. Needless to say, you wept in his arms off and on all night. You knew he was trying to be strong for you, but every so often a stray tear from his watery eyes would land on your cheek, making your heart ache even more. The things Crowley said, the fact that the only chance you had to save the man you loved had slipped out of your fingers, it was too much. How were you supposed to comfort him?

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It’s been months since the day you added up all the reasons you possibly could to have a reason to leave. Just days before you looked into my eyes and told me I was permanent to you. And days later you walked away. Our mutual friends have all relayed to me your reasons of leaving. What I did “wrong”. All of them proven now to be untrue. Every single one. I wanted to send it to you. But the thing I tell myself everyday is that if you wanted me, truly ever loved me, you would have let me explain everything, which was so easy, before you ever walked away from what you claimed was the “love of your life”
I remember just staring at you. Knowing that there was nothing I could say to change what you were doing. You had already left. Your things already packed, your heart was already shut down. Cold. I was too late. In front of me was the cold person that you warned me of, when you get scared and leave. I could do nothing except walk away. I love you. A part of me always will. I don’t know how you got over me so fast. I have to believe you didn’t love me the way I loved you.
Maybe you never did.
You don’t know this but a part of you was left with me. A part of you that I will cherish and love forever. I hope you realize what you are losing, and contact Me. You have lost so much and so many in your life to your ego and pride. You dont have to again. I still love you.

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👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 So I guess I'm flowey. could we have Frisk? theme: control by halsey (if possible. thank you!)

TW: Intense Body Horror. Putting it under a read-more cut to refrain from causing anyone discomfort.


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I’ve been in a triad for about 8 months, and I’m having issues with it lately. I know this is the only way I can be with him, but it’s been tearing me apart. I wish I could be introduced as his girlfriend. And I want to be his only girlfriend. What do I do? I don’t want to lose him.

This is one of those tough situations where it’s not possible to get everything you want. Sometimes relationships just don’t work because of things like this - it’s a frustrating reality of life. If the only way to be with this guy is to be in a triad, and you don’t want to be in a triad, then you may not be able to be with him.

If you met someone you liked and then 8 months in, they told you they were moving to a remote, freezing village above the Arctic Circle, and the only way to be with them was to live there, it would be totally reasonable for you to say I do really like you, but I just can’t be with you on these terms. Or if someone you liked only dates people who are vegan, and you can’t or don’t want to make such drastic changes to your diet. Or if he only gets off by having sex in a day-glo yellow full body latex suit, and that’s just not your thing.

Not wanting to lose someone doesn’t mean you’re obligated to put up with something that’s not making you happy. Think about it the other way: if being monogamous was, for him, the only way he can be with you, would he do it? You don’t have to accept someone else’s terms just because they won’t budge. If an unstoppable mono meets an immovable poly, neither is obligated to compromise - it just may not work out. 

If a relationship is tearing you apart and not giving you what you want, it’s probably not the right relationship for you. There are plenty of monogamous people in the world who will treat you as their one and only girlfriend, and it sounds like you deserve to be in that kind of arrangement. 

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Ok so two things: One. HOLY CRAP THIS BLOG IS BLOODY AMAZING. <333 I love FATAL_ERROR and, when I can figure out how, might even draw the cinnamon roll at some point. <3 Two: I wanted to know if I could possibly please have a link to your wallpaper? :D

Gahhh thank you, you’re so kind!!! I’m glad you like the little nugget :D If you decide to draw him you let me know and I will flail happily :)

And I’m afraid that I don’t actually have a link for you dear, since the wallpaper I currently have was a Patreon tier reward from no other than the wonderful Crayon Queen! So if you’re interested in being surprised with a mega cool wallpaper from CQ from time to time, I’d highly encourage you to consider donating to her Patreon, if you can. :)

(seriously they’re super cool and wonderful and so is she so go for it if you can buddy!)

When will those ship wars will ever finish, like why people are fighting over irrelevant thing and bring members down to make your ship look real, wake up and get in that head of yours, that your ship doesn’t even have a 10 percent chance to be a real couple, I am seeing horrible things, shipping was made to be something funny, a sort of bromance, they have some cute moment that looks possibly like what a couple could do, but no, some fans take it too seriously like they will be real or something, it’s even gone as far as you want to kill a member, I don’t care if it’s a joke, but it’s not remotely close to being funny, it’s disgusting, because at the end your “oppa” won’t date his fellow member, he will end up with a female either you accept or not. Hah, I got a bit angry because of some posts I saw, and I wanted to give my opinion.

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can you do the S boys reacting if their frail/sickly lover told them she was pregnant and she wasn't sure she could survive giving birth but wanted to try? uvu (i hope you have fun in france btw!!! you definitely deserve a break from everything c:)

((Thank you very much~~ :D))

Shu - *frowns softly* “Don’t be troublesome…” *holds you close* “It’s fine… I… rather have you.”

Reiji - *frowns disapprovingly* “You know as well as I that it is not reasonable to risk such a thing. I desire children as you do, but unfortunately, it is not a feasible possibility. Do not suggest this again.”

Ayato - *looks at you, perhaps a twinge of sorrow in his eyes before hugging you close* “Tch, I don’t need an Ayato Jr. You have no right to leave me pancakes.”

Laito - *smiles awkwardly* “Bitch-chan… we don’t really need one… It’s okay. I prefer it this way, okay?”

Kanato - *frowns* “No. Why would you suggest such a thing, do you want to leave me with that vile creature if you would die-?!”

Subaru - *sighs softly, kissing the your head softly* “Tch, baka. I… don’t want to lose you.” *huffs softly* “I love you and am happy like this.”

Kino - *hums* “I knew you would see it my way darling~ Okay, let’s get started~” *wink wonks*

I would like to use this Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day to give a little shout out to some of the writers in this fandom who never fail to inspire and amaze me. 

@snogfairy -

Writing is what brought us together. It’s what made it possible for us to meet in real life. I’m so grateful for that. Your drive and passion will always inspire me to improve and try new things. Your friendship is invaluable to me and is the one thing I could never in a million years hope to describe in words. But Lord help me, as long as I live, I will try. 

@toxineena -

While you were stalking me, I was stalking you. I’m so glad we were able to become friends. Your writing touches me in ways I can never explain. You’ve been there for me during my rough patches – you’ve reassured and praised me when I needed that boost. Thank you. 

@mslead -

You’re a multi-talented cutie who needs to simmer down before I melt. You’re such a creative person, I’d be jealous if I didn’t love you so much. You’re like the Queen of alternate universe fics and I’m so glad I can sign into tumblr and steal feed off your creativity.


You already know how badass I think you are for writing in a tense that I suck at. I think you’ve got a lot of talent bottled up inside you and there are many times when it goes unnoticed. But even when you’re not writing for fandoms I know, or when you aren’t getting the notes you want or deserve, know that I’m rooting for you and that I admire you greatly. 

@shir0usagi -

You may not know this, but I’ve often admired you from afar. You blossom as a writer each time you post something and I identify with you in a lot of ways. I’m always very happy to see something of yours on my dash and to see you working so hard at what you do.


You have a lot of talent and energy bubbling inside you. You’re such a pleasant person to have on my dashboard and it was an absolute honour meeting you this year – even if the moment was brief. It would be wonderful to have a longer meeting next time, especially since we live in the same country. Keep on doing you, because the you I’ve come to know is wonderful. 

There’s not a whole lot to talk about this time, but I have some things to say, like

HOW THE FUCK DID THOSE TWO SURVIVE?! And Why does Monaca look like she was the only one who actually aged?

…I guess they could’ve just gotten beaten up? But then disappeared somehow?

What the actually FUCK, TOKO?!

Monaca’s motivation to become a fucking NEET in space was basically “I didn’t want to become like Nagito Komaeda. Fuck that shit I’M OUT!” FUCKING YES!

‘Dunno what to think about 

But most importantly,

She didn’t specifically say Hope’s Peak, they’re just assuming it. It’s possible that they’re counting both killing games!

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"It’s a good springboard to explore whether sex between a Jedi and a clone is possible without being considered coercion" see THIS is also something I want to explore, especially within the context of Rexobi- which I didn't ship but you're SUCKING ME IN- after they discover what the fuck Krell is up to, how much guilt are they gonna feel about this Thing they have? if it's already happened they'd want to stop, and if it hasn't yet then maybe it never will- or it could spark a real conversation.


They really don’t have a Thing pre-Umbara. They both very obviously want to (Anakin is especially insistent that they just DO IT already, and he’s constantly giving Rex pointers), but they don’t really get a chance.

When they do though (because hell yes it’s gonna happen), there’s definitely a discussion.

Here’s a snippet!:

(Warning for weenies and being very unedited. Mostly the latter.)

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May I request a scenario in where Aizawa's s/o surprises him with a box of kittens?

Sure thing! I hope I could write it well enough =)

“I have a surprise for you.” Is how Aizawa is greeted when he steps into his partner’s home. He pauses and raises an eyebrow.

“A surprise?” What could it be? He has no idea, since he can’t remember his partner hinting at getting something or asking him if he prefers certain things or colors or smells that could clue him in on what they got.

His partner looks a little nervous but also excited. “I mean, I don’t have a surprise in the sense that you keep the whole thing, or rather, both of us, it’s just my friend asked me to watch over the possible present for a day and if we want to, we get to pick one. Or maybe two.”

Aizawa shakes his head. “You completely confused me. What is it?”

His partner takes his hand and leads him into the living room. The first thing Aizawa sees is the big plastic box that’s clearly used to transport cats. He gets the picture right away, while his partner lets go of him and opens the little door of the box.

“Look.” They quietly say and he joins them, sitting on his haunches to look inside the box.

Five little kittens are inside, sleeping peacefully and one is cuter than the other. Aizawa glances at his partner who smiles at him, looking a bit expectantly.

“So, should we keep one? My friend had to take their mother to the vet and I offered to watch over the kittens until they come back tonight.”

“You really would keep one?” He repeats to make sure he didn’t misunderstand them.

They nod. “Yeah, we could even keep two, my flat is big enough and my landlord is okay with it. So, what do you say?”

Carefully, Aizawa reaches inside and his fingertips brush over the nearest kitten. The little thing opens one eye to seize him up, before it snuggles back down against its sibling and purrs a little. Swallowing, Aizawa feels his smile widening and he knows he’s already getting ready to give his heart away to the little fluff balls.

“I think that it might be impossible for me to decide which one to keep.” He puts his other arm around his partner and pulls them against his side, kissing their cheek. “You’ll have to pick one and I pick the other one.”

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My brother started listening to the podcast and he really identified with Caleb. It really let him know that it was okay to question his sexuality without labeling himself. Thank you.

Oh my gosh, this has made me SO happy. Labels are great and helpful and I would never want to take them away from anyone, but I also want society to move towards a place where we don’t rely on them.

Sexuality is such a fluid thing and I am all for people discovering what they like and don’t like and not worrying about fitting into a specific box. If the thing I wrote has encouraged someone to do that, then that is the best possible thing I could have hoped for.

About the chocolate war.

I started this first, as a joke. 

But then I said: “Hey… this is perfect!” 

Why it is perfect? Well, here is the answer: People I know and hold dear are dealing with pain, depression and losts lately.

I wanted to make this little joke so we could forget the drama, so we all could get along, without thinking about the past or the future, just about the now. 

Guys, have fun! really, open new wars, candy, suggar… EVERYTHING. Even antisuggar teams cause suggar is unhealtyh. I don’t mind!

I want EVERYONE to be as happy as possible with this silly thing!

Just took a stroll down fanfic-memory lane. Talk about happy times, man.

I haven’t watched OUaT since the one with the bear. Well, I saw a few here and there after but that’s the last one I remember. But I still try to keep up on fanfic, especially recently (for some reason). After rereading some old favorites that I had completely forgotten about, I poked into my own masterlist and was shocked to see how many things I had completely forgotten about. Those things were so important to me, how could I possibly have let them go? Time is so strange and memory is so fickle. 

I really do want to get back into writing. I’m crazy busy all the time with real life stuff but I would love to try. I’ve probably lost all of you by now and I apologize. I miss my Tumblr family.