The Meaning of Life

I just read someone asking sixpenceee about the weirdest thing that’s happened to her and she mentioned having a dream where she saw a different universe or dimension and I wanted to add mine to it. About a year ago at this point, I dreamt that I was being physically taken from my body - like, I saw myself sleeping in bed next to my boyfriend at the time - and something or someone was lifting me up. I wish I could describe what this thing was or what it looked but I’m not even sure if it was a being or an object or what have you, it never made it clear. Anyway, I was taken all around the world and told so many things. I vividly remember seeing places around the world I’ve never seen and in such detail. After I was shown earth, I was taken above earth and into the universe where there was this intense, calming feeling. I was told by the ‘being’ that was essentially my tour guide, that we all go through stages and levels to reach that place where we were. Even the place that I was at was only like, a foyer of sorts for what was in store after you completed these apparent levels. The tour guide told me that the ultimate goal is to reach something like ascension and becoming “god” with everyone else, and that the most important thing to understand was that we are ALL “god” after we’ve reached this certain point.

I don’t know, everything was so intense and surreal and I haven’t been able to forget the feeling the dream gave me. Thought it was a worth a share!