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How about ... Person A hears a knock on their door and opens it to find their neighbor (Person B or accomplice to their meeting) needing to borrow a cup of sugar. (Literally the laziest au ever but I want to see what you'll do with it)

OKAY (this is probably a no-powers au bc nobody lives in the tower)

1. Natasha is taking care of the Barton children while Laura and Clint take a much-needed vacation someplace sunny. Unfortunately, Lila fails to mention that she’s supposed to bring in something for the bake sale tomorrow until Nat is putting her to bed.

2. She can’t very well leave the building to go buy supplies and leave the kids alone because Cooper is fascinated by the fire escape and has already tried to crawl out the kitchen window twice to see the pigeons, so she decides to go next door because her neighbor Darcy bakes, and will surely have ingredients on hand for something.

3. Darcy bakes a lot, and Natasha can always smell whatever she makes because the apartment walls are thin. She is about to go over and knock on her neighbor’s door and ask for a cup of sugar like some cliche only because she bakes a lot and not because Darcy has an easy smile and an enthusiastic laugh and has complimented Natasha no less than eight times in the elevator since she moved in.

4. So Natasha goes over and knocks and explains and Darcy immediately volunteers to bring supplies over for her grandmother’s shortbread cookies and help Nat make them, even though Darcy looks all soft and cozy and ready for bed in her snowflake pajama pants and her glasses.

5. And Darcy learns that although Natasha is very precise when given instructions, that she has absolutely no idea how to cook or bake beyond the absolute essentials and clearly mostly lives on salads and oatmeal and take-out. Darcy manages to come up with the idea of making her famous baked french toast for Natasha and the Barton kids that weekend, and Natasha of course has to insist on taking Darcy out to dinner to pay her back once Lila and Cooper go home, obviously.
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[12:22] Iwaizumi: shittykawa

[12:22] why: Iwa-chan! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

There are lines you just don’t cross with your best friend. Someone probably should have told them that.

CHAPTER SIXXX (there is no XXX action here sorry)


If you check out David LaBrava’s Instagram it’s like…the man worships his wife, like, he updates pictures of her regularly and always post amazing things like “Partners in crime” “love of my life” and things and things and, how much of a plot twist would be that Happy Lowman was the same kind of guy, huh? Always snapping pictures of you and saying sweet yet cool things.

…I need to lay down,now

Planner Sticker Haul

I have a thing for stickers since grade school but now, I just really really need planner stickers in my life. I don’t use planner at all but I’ve been using calendars since college so I can easily see the days and meet deadlines on time. I have always been an organized person and I’m never late.

My planner stickers are usually from Divisoria and National Bookstores but I tested my patience by ordering from eBay. Yes, I had to wait for a month or more. But hey, everything is pretty and I have no regrets at all. To see all the stickers, please watch my video.

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Hi friend. I'm sorry about the test scores. I know you must feel terrible about it. If it helps, i failed an AP class, barely passed the others, and made 200-400 points lpower on the SAT than all my friends, but now I'm in college and everything is going fine. Things will sorts themselves out. And you're totally valid in being upset about it. Taking such high level classes is a lot of pressure and it sucks to feel like a failure. I believe in you. Sending you good vibes.

Literally the thing I needed right now

ive seen a lot of people’s posts about their specific hopes and expectations for voltron s2 but for now all i need is two things:

1. keith’s backstory so we can know what the up is fuck with him and how did he know shiro from before

like. just give me this. and i’ll be satisfied

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POSTIVE POST- What is the best thing you have going on in your life right now?

Need some positivity!!

The best thing I have going on in my life would be family. It’s just amazing to see how things change over time, but they’ll always be there.


dil proposes! (about time, tbh)