More HB!Hana Nokemon Go Headcanons.

Basically a continuation of this post, as it’s gotten hella freaking long now.

@lilneps mentioned here that Mai starts playing Nokemon Go as well, and well my brain went into overdrive with headcanons about that??

-Mai decides to download Nokemon Go after that lunch date with Hana, in which Hana hatched a Ponyta and named it after her. Mai decides that she wants to return the favour, so downloads the app. Also, she needs to find the perfect nokemon to name after Jared.

-Her starter nokemon is a bulbasaur. Hana’s was a charmander, the charmander in fact that would be called Caddy, but it took her a day or two to work out how to name her nokemons. And by the time she worked it out, she had quite a few nokemons. Her bulbasaur is the first of her nokemons that she calls Jared. Note; I say first.

-Mai isn’t very good at nokemon go, especially at battles or at throwing the balls correctly. Whilst Hana has perfected the curveball and most of the time is rewarded with “Nice” or “Great”, Mai often has to throw three or four balls to catch even a simple, common nokemon with a low CP.

-She’s endlessly frustrated by the amount of pidgeys that are absolutely everywhere and will vocally complain about it.

-Mai is in Valor. MAI IS IN VALOR. I will literally fight you on this. As in meet me behind the bike sheds after class, FITE ME. I don’t care that a simple butterfly would rek me and that I have the self defence skills of a potato, I’ll fight you on it regardless.
…I’m pretty sure I had a point here.

-Mai has about five or six different nokemon, all of them different types, that are all named Jared. Because she can’t find a single *one* nokemon that she thinks fits him best. So to save choosing, she simply names all of them “Jared”.

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Alec times out what happened to the Whitelaws and goes to see Magnus. He tried to comfort Magnus for what he was that night but he is so horrified that !Magnus ends up comfort omg him

Six months into their relationship, Magnus charmed his door to open for Alec whenever he drew near. It took another two months for Alec to stop knocking anyway. So when Magnus felt a tingle against the back of his neck, followed by the heavy steps of booted feet, he only smiled at his vanity mirror.

“In here, darling!” he called, reaching for a container of blue glitter. “I’m just putting my face on.”

It was odd for Alec to be there so early in the morning, come to think of it. His duties at the Institute usually kept him busy all day. Magnus glanced at the clock; his first appointment of the day wasn’t for another hour. There was time, if Alec wanted to—

Then Magnus caught sight of Alec in the mirror. He swirled around in his stool, heart leaping into his throat at the sheer devastation on Alec’s face.

“Alexander?” Magnus started to stand, but Alec was already moving. He crossed the bedroom in three long strides and dropped to his knees before Magnus. His arms encircled Magnus’s waist, and he buried his face in Magnus’s stomach.

Shock froze Magnus, still holding a pinch of glitter between his fingers. He banished it with a gesture so he could slowly comb his fingers through Alec’s hair.

“I’m sorry,” Alec whispered. His voice was hoarse, like he’d been crying—or screaming. “I’m so sorry.”

“For what, precious?” Magnus asked. He kept very still, only moving his hand over Alec’s scalp. Alec sagged into Magnus’s touch, but didn’t (couldn’t?) look at him yet.

“The Whitelaws.”

Magnus froze for a second time.

“How did you…?”

“So it’s true?” Alec finally looked up at him. His eyes were bright, but his face was dry for now. “My parents slaughtered those people? That little girl?”

Magnus closed his eyes. He hadn’t thought of the Whitelaws in years, but now he was back there, in a safe house with walls turned red with blood, and bodies sprawled across the floor like a macabre obstacle course. He didn’t realize he was shaking until Alec tightened his grip, stilling him.

“I’m so sorry,” Alec repeated.

“It wasn’t your doing,” said Magnus. He focused on Alec’s face, and on his pain. Anything to push away the sound a seraph blade made when it punctured a holy heart.

But Alec wasn’t having it. “No, it’s not right. What they did to those werewolves, what they did—do to you…” Shame broke off Alec’s sentence, whittling it down to a quiet, “What I do to Downworlders. I said I loved you while emulating murderers.”

Magnus swallowed, and pressed his forehead against the back of Alec’s skull. Later they would rise and deal with this, but for now they could only bow under the weight of horror and grief.

Untitled WIP: Week one

Good morning all of you lovely people who are currently taking precious time out of your day to read about me and my WIP that has no title yet, Emma here.

This is a series of post that I will post weekly to inform you guys of my progress of my brand new novel. The goal? To keep me on track with writing it and you guys are suppose to be my support. Do not let me stop writing. 

So, let’s get started. 

Obviously, I haven’t been working on this thing for a week. Only about three days. I haven’t started writing it, actually. For the first time in my life, I started an outline! 

I don’t have much done besides my two MC’s that don’t have names yet. This is what I have done:

I have MC1 who identifies as Pansexual. She’s fresh out of high school and holding off on college because, as far as her parents are concerned, she’s taking a leap year to just travel and advance her photography skills. But actually, she just doesn’t have the guts to tell them she doesn’t want to go to college at all. Not that it would really bother them. They’re supportive in everything she does and overall, really great people. Also, MC1 has a little brother in middle school (maybe a Freshmen in high school, don’t know yet) 

MC1 is super outgoing and fun. She’s a die-hard feminist (Sorta like me) and is super vocal about her beliefs (Sorta unlike me) She attends protest and parades and events created to support the things she believes in. She goes to New York for the diversity and, of course, the experience a lot of people crave in big cities. While she’s there, she meets MC2. 

MC2 is a non-binary college freshman minoring in art and majoring in something I haven’t quite figured out yet. They’re more reserved than MC1 which is kind of why they’re drawn to each other. They’re adorable, shy, but incredibly sweet and caring. They moved to New York in order to make a living for themselves because their parents were never as supportive as MC1′s parents. I plan to have them form this tight bond with MC1′s parents because of this because I think that’ll be super sweet. They work in a bookshop (possible meeting spot??) Also, they own a cat because duh

Things I still need to figure out:

1. The title of the book and the names of my MC’s- obviously. 
2. Whether I’m going to write in third or first person. Either way, it’s going to be solely from MC1′s point of view but it’s been a while since I’ve done first person and I struggle with it in OSFOS and I’m leaning more towards third person as of right now because that worked out so well for me in Taking Control. 
3. How MC1 & 2 will first interact and how their relationship will progress from there. 

That’s basically all I have so far but I’m so excited to actually start working on this! I’ll be back next week with more info! I’m going to tag a few people just so they can see it: @cytisuseurydice @elliewants2write @glorious74 @a-sundeen

And that’s all because I don’t want to bother anyone too much. Let me know if it’s okay to tag you guys in things like these from now on, ha… I’m new to Writeblr so I’m not very familiar with how everything works yet.

This post is already longer than I anticipated so I’m going to stop now. Thanks for sticking around! 

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i like you a lot!!! you're a good presence in fandom because youre very. steadfast in the face of Drama? and also your art is gorgeous which helps with the fandom thing. i'd like to talk to u more about rhack but it seems like the fandom has mostly dissipated ??? anyway. youre great and im a fan of your art and you

Never had Windy sworn so much in his head over a damn mannequin. He had gone down to get some coffee to wake himself up and immediately saw it standing there.

Squashing down his first instinct to leap back as far as physically possible, he carefully, quietly, inched around it, even if it wasn’t near him, and fled straight into the kitchen to hide behind one of the counters that obscured him from being seen from the doorway.

Nope. Fuck that. Coffee first, then food, then he’d go back upstairs for the next eternity.

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gabby for the aesthetic please

(it was this that really made me realize that the spelling of your name influences me a lot)

Gabby: swinging converse clad feet back and forth when you’re perched on the edge of something you have no business being on, bubblegum bubbles, playfully popping the bubblegum bubbles of someone else, soft and silky hair, heart shaped sunglasses, teenage rebellion,  dangling necklaces that swing dangerously when you dance, scraped knees and calloused hands, unwavering friendship, kind smiles at strangers, boundless happiness, laughter that echoes from every hill and mountain singing throughout the world, screaming that there is a human being, alive and well and happy, so so happy, tilting your head back and smiling into the sunshine only for it to start raining, running from the rain with your jacket/bag/literally anything lifted over your head in an attempt to protect yourself, quiet winter nights with smiles that reflect the dying embers of a fire, still warm and still there but softer, those hugs where you get picked up and spun around

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First off, I know that kind of uncertainty it can be kind of deep rooted and hard to get rid of, but your work really is fantastic. I mean, I was looking through your art blog recently and I saw that Becky/Carter fusion (pretty sure that's who's in it going off the tags), I really hope you draw more of them because they're great. Your poses have gotten more dynamic. I mean you have a ton of a things to be proud about your art. I do know though how knowing something and feeling it are different

Hey, uhm… I’m just gonna say for anyone here reading this, if you don’t want me to post something that ya sent on anon, please let me know. I understand if you just want to keep it private.

We all have our doubts and uncertainties, and sometimes we just need someone to say something nice to cheer us up. I actually get pretty jealous when i see other artists draw very dynamic poses, so it’s very interesting and surprising to hear that mine are dynamic too. I honestly wish I got more feedback like that. It lets me know what i’m doing right, so thank you for that. (and yeah, that’s becky and carter. I thought it was fairly easy to tell who the fusion was, but if it wasn’t, i’ll be more clear in the future.)

Sometimes It makes me actually depressed, because something i tried so hard on doesn’t get noticed like i think it would. And the few notes I do get just feel like they’re only liking because they always do. Or they feel sorry for me. Or because i’m their friend. It makes me feel like a failure, tbh, because i’m not great at a whole lot of stuff. Nothing that’d be useful in real life, at least.

It’s enough to make me want to quit, and sometimes I do. I say to myself “f*ck it, I’m not gonna draw anymore” and I stop for a while. I go and do something else, like read or crochet, or just watch youtube all day. And it’s okay to take a break to calm down. Because eventually, you’ll feel like drawing again. It might not be the same, but it’s still something you drew. it’s hard to stay positive about yourself, but at least you can trust that someone knows how you feel. I dunno about you, but that thought would make me feel …not good, but at least a bit better, knowing i’m not alone.